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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade gets tattoo of ‘Way of Wade’ logo on knee

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade spent most of his NBA career as one of the few stars in the league without any tattoos, but that’s changed recently.

Wade actually got his first tattoo last summer before his final season in the league. He got his daughter’s name Kaavia James tattooed on his shoulders.

He has since added tattoos this on his left leg. His left thigh has some personal art that includes his quote “My belief is stronger than your doubt” and has some street signs referencing important locations in his life. He appeared to get that tattoo in April.

Then on Monday he shared a photo that showed his new knee tattoo. The tattoo on his knee features Wade’s “Way of Wade” logo that appears on his gear through Chinese brand Li-Ning.

Wade joked when he got the tattoo done that he couldn’t change his logo moving forward.

Last year, Wade announced a lifetime partnership with Li-Ning. Now he has the ink to prove his commitment.

Watch: Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley break out the dance moves

Dwyane Wade really face

Dwyane Wade sure seems to be enjoying retirement, and he’s spending part of it with Pat Riley.

Wade shared a video on his Instagram account Sunday that showed him and Riley dancing in funny Aladdin-like outfits.

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Wade and wife Gabrielle Union appear to be celebrating their fifth anniversary on a yacht in Europe. These videos appear to have been taken on the yacht. The two tagged their location as Saint-Tropez, which is on the French Riviera.

Here are Wade and Union dancing:

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13 years after showing off his dance moves at the Miami Heat’s championship parade, Riley is still showing he can groove.

What a life.

Dwyane Wade says he has lifetime invitation to LeBron’s Taco Tuesday

LeBron James Dwyane Wade

LeBron James has shown us in recent months that Taco Tuesday is one of his favorite things in life, and he clearly enjoys sharing it with others. Dwyane Wade has yet to have the pleasure of partaking in Taco Tuesday in the James household, but he says he has gotten the invite.

Wade recently spoke with Khobi Price of the Chicago Sun-Times about retired life, and one of the questions he was asked is if he has ever experienced Taco Tuesday with LeBron. He said he hasn’t, but he knows he is welcome to anytime.

“Yeah. I’ll go one day,” Wade said with a laugh. “I got a standing invitation. I got a lifetime invitation.”

It’s probably safe to assume LeBron’s Taco Tuesday has every topping you could imagine, but Wade says he likes his “simple” with just lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes and cheese.

LeBron recently had a very special guest over for Taco Tuesday, and it makes sense that Wade has also gotten the invite. The duo won two championships together and are best friends. Doing up Taco Tuesday together only makes sense.

Bobby Portis reportedly called out Dwyane Wade during time on Bulls

Bobby Portis

Dwyane Wade’s homecoming to Chicago never worked out the way he and the Bulls envisioned.

After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, Wade signed with his hometown team on a 2-year deal. He was excited about playing for Chicago, and they were thrilled to get a perennial All-Star. But Wade’s tenure with the team was brief and did not go well.

Wade was said to be at odds with many of his younger teammates, with the young guys upset over Wade’s practice habits. Now we’re learning that one of those players was Bobby Portis.

The New York Post’s Marc Berman wrote a feature on Portis, who has joined the Knicks in free agency. In the article, Berman says that the Bulls had a meeting after a loss in which Wade said the team didn’t play hard enough. Berman says Portis challenged Wade in response, saying that Wade wasn’t practicing hard enough.

That fills in a big blank.

Back in January 2017, Wade and Jimmy Butler called out their young teammates after a loss to the Hawks. They had a meeting after that and Taj Gibson revealed young players wanted Wade to practice harder. Rajon Rondo even seemed to call Wade and/or Jimmy Butler out on Instagram. Now we know Portis was one of the young players who challenged Wade on the point.

It was actually that friction that led to Wade’s buyout before the next season. A report later that summer said the Bulls’ younger players hated Wade.

Of course, on the other side, Portis did hospitalize Nikola Mirotic from their practice fight, so he hasn’t exactly been a model teammate either.

Dwyane Wade stumps for Jeff Green after latest contract

Dwyane Wade Heat

Jeff Green found a new team this week when he agreed to a one-year deal with the Utah Jazz.

The former No. 5 overall pick in the 2007 draft will be playing on a one-year contract for the minimum for the third year in a row, and that bothers Dwyane Wade.

Wade, who played with Green for a season on the 2017-2018 Cleveland Cavaliers, tweeted Tuesday night that he could not understand the lack of a market for Green.

Green will be 33 when the season starts and is not that good of a 3-point shooter (33.3 percent for his career), contrary to what Wade believes. Green is older, not that valuable, and teams would rather have guys who have more upside. That is the reason he keeps having one-year deals for the minimum. But the fact that he keeps getting these deals proves the other points Wade brought up, and that is that Green is still good enough where you want him if you need to fill a roster spot.

Maybe this is the sort of commentary we can expect from Wade now that he’s retired.

Dwyane Wade joked about unretiring to play with Jimmy Butler on Heat

Dwyane Wade Heat

Jimmy Butler got his wish and was traded to the Miami Heat, which makes a Twitter exchange he had with Dwyane Wade over the weekend that much more interesting.

Wade was answering some questions on Twitter from fans on Friday night and was asked whether he would come out of retirement to team with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers. He said he wouldn’t but joked that the situation he would come out of retirement for would be to team with Butler on the Heat.

He said that on Friday night, mind you. By Sunday night, the Heat had acquired Butler in a sign-and-trade with the Philadelphia 76ers. Oh, and let’s remind you that Butler was all about that possibility, sending a flirtatious response to Wade.

Wade was probably messing around, but Butler coming to the Heat is clearly a move that will reinvigorate the fanbase.

Wade retired after last season, his 17th in the league. He is 37 and averaged 15.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game last season with the Heat.

Dwyane Wade shoots down rumor of teaming with LeBron James on Lakers

Dwyane Wade Heat

Bronny James and Zaire Wade are already teaming up together at Sierra Canyon for high school. Might their fathers team up once again for a Los Angeles basketball team too? Dwyane Wade says no.

Wade spent some time responding to fan tweets on Friday night. One fan told him he should come out of retirement to team with LeBron James on the Lakers next season. Wade shot down that rumor but suggested he would consider a return to the Miami Heat if they landed Jimmy Butler.

Butler has long reportedly had interest in joining the Heat. Miami even was very close to acquiring him in a trade with Minnesota last year before the Timberwolves seemingly backed out.

The Heat are capped out and can’t sign him, but like Houston, they would have interest in adding him in a sign-and-trade if such a move were possible. Such an addition seems like it might give Wade reason to reconsider retirement.

However, after an entire retirement tour that included gifts, honors and recognition at each stop, it might be hard for Wade to return to basketball once again. He proved last season he could still play in the right situation — like for the Heat — but being a bench guy on a LeBron team doesn’t seem to be best for him.