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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Kevin Durant

Report: Knicks would not offer Kevin Durant max contract

James Dolan

The New York Knicks were not prepared to offer Kevin Durant a full max contract offer, according to one report.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Sunday that the Knicks were not going to offer Durant a full max contract over his injury.

The big question here is whether the Knicks decided they weren’t going to offer Durant the full max and that’s why he chose Brooklyn, or whether the Knicks were turned down and are trying to convince everyone “we didn’t want him anyway.”

This seems like the type of line a team that is getting clowned for striking out in free agency would try to say to save face. When you’re the Knicks and you traded away Kristaps Porzingis and your last real frenzy was “Linsanity,” you take Durant Achilles injury or not, no hesitation.

Chris Broussard rigged his Kevin Durant reporting to not be wrong

Chris Broussard

For all those looking to get into the blossoming profession of sports reporting, please take note of Chris Broussard for guidance on how to operate. You see, the secret to reporting is to say every scenario is possible, that way you can never be wrong!

That’s essentially what Broussard did on Twitter Sunday when he reported five minutes apart that he was hearing Kevin Durant was going to the Brooklyn Nets and also heading back to the Golden State Warriors.

Minutes later, the word came out that Durant was choosing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Good thing Broussard had all his bases covered with that one. Maybe this is the lesson he learned from his dealings with Mark Cuban.

Kyle Kuzma laughs at Knicks over Kevin Durant decision

Kyle Kuzma

Things could not have gotten any more embarrassing for the New York Knicks than the result of this year’s free agency.

The Brooklyn Nets are landing Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan in free agency, making them officially the team in New York rather than the Knicks. The Knicks cleared all sorts of salary cap space to prepare for this summer, even trading away Kristaps Porzingis to make room for a second max contract slot. And they end up with nothing, while in a most embarrassing fashion, the newcomer in the town gets the two players they wanted.

Kyle Kuzma, who is on the Los Angeles Lakers, laughed at the Knicks’ misfortune via Twitter:

It’s not really about the Knicks not catching breaks. This is their own undoing. They have an awful owner who constantly embarrasses himself publicly and makes the team look horrible. They’ve been mismanaged for years. Maybe this might be somewhat of a wake-up call for the franchise.

Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan will join Kyrie Irving on Nets

Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets have pulled off the signings of the summer.

Free agent forward Kevin Durant announced on Instagram that he will join the Nets in free agency.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski added that DeAndre Jordan will be joining Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

Durant will almost certainly miss all of next season, but the move will still lead to a huge power shift in the NBA. The Nets are already adding Kyrie Irving to the mix, and pairing him with Durant will make them an instant title contender once they’re able to play together.

Durant is set to receive a four-year, $164 million deal from Brooklyn, while Irving will get $141 million.

Nets believe they are getting Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan

Kevin Durant Warriors

The Brooklyn Nets are confident they are about to have a huge offseason.

It has been widely reported that Kyrie Irving already has a handshake agreement in place and will sign with the Nets as soon as free agency begins on Sunday. According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, they have no intention of stopping there. The Nets are confident they are going to sign Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan in addition to Irving.

Durant is not going to leave fans hanging, as he is planning to announce his decision via his own sports business TV show on instagram Sunday night. The Golden State Warriors are reportedly planning to offer him a five-year, supermax contract worth $221 million, but there has been increasing talk that Durant will turn the massive deal down.

Many believe Durant’s decision will come down to returning to the Warriors or signing with the New York Knicks. Durant has also reportedly discussed playing with another top free agent on the market, though that seems somewhat unlikely.

Kevin Durant making free agency announcement on The Boardroom Instagram page

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant announced on the Instagram page for The Boardroom Sunday night that he is joining the Brooklyn Nets in free agency. Here is the video, which includes a Notorious BIG track.

Below is our previous story on the announcement.

Kevin Durant has already made his free agency decision and will make the announcement on Sunday night, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. What’s also pretty interesting is the means he will use for the announcement.

Durant’s announcement will come on the Instagram page for “The Boardroom,” which is the name of Durant’s sports business TV show on ESPN+.

The show is a six-episode series produced by Thirty Five Media, which is the creative arm of Durant and his agent Rich Kleiman. In addition to the show on ESPN+, Thirty Five Media has projects at YouTube, Apple, and Fox Sports Films.

Woj’s tweet about the announcement coming on “The Boardroom” led the Instagram account to more than double its following within an hour.

Durant was reportedly planning to communicate with four teams in free agency: the Warriors, Knicks, Nets and Clippers. His decision is probably coming down to a return to the Warriors on a five-year, $221 million max offer, the Knicks, the team he long was rumored to be joining, and a partnership with Kyrie Irving on the Nets.

Report: ‘All indications’ suggest Warriors will offer max contract to Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors are ready to do everything they can to retain their superstar free agents.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, all signs point to the Warriors offering Durant a five-year, $221 million max contract once free agency opens on Sunday.

Durant is expected to miss all of next season with an Achilles tear, so it’s no small thing that the Warriors are eagerly willing to offer him the max. That said, if Durant wants to team up with a different top player, it’s going to have to be on a different team, setting up a very interesting recruitment process.

One thing is clear: the Warriors are ready to spend to keep their core together. They already look set to dole out one max deal this offseason.