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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

LeBron James

Child who threw food at LeBron James’ son Bronny apologizes in video

LeBron Bronny James

LeBron James called attention to a young boy who threw an object at LeBron’s son Bronny during a youth basketball tournament on Monday, and the child who was responsible has issued an apology.

In a video he posted on YouTube, the young Los Angeles Lakers fan apologized to Bronny and the James family for what he did. He showed off some of his Lakers and LeBron gear and said in the description of the video that he was “just trying to get Bronnys attention (and) didn’t want to hurt anyone.” The boy admitted he threw an orange peel at Bronny when the younger James was going to inbound the ball, and the child said his mother actually made him leave the game even after security was unable to identify who threw the item.

Here’s the full description that accompanied the video:

“I’m sorry @james family for what I did , I’m a huge fan and I was just trying to get bronnys attention I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I was actually there at Springfield college during hoophall I’m not lying or trying to “get clout “ I was in the front area seats the people around me were not my parents my parents were sitting a couple seats away because I wanted to sit closer , I was calling out bronnys name and just wanted him to see me the security never threw me out they never knew it was me but my mom still took me home we knew I was wrong and it not a good thing to do , believe me or not I want to send out an apology to bronny because me and my family discussed it and knew it was the right thing to do.”

LeBron called the boy out on Twitter on and said “hating has no age limit.” James also made it clear after the Lakers’ loss to the Boston Celtics on Monday night that he thought the act was “disrespectful” regardless of the child’s age.

“It’s just disrespectful, and it was a little kid too. I don’t know how old that little kid was, so I don’t know if he learned that on his own or if he learned it at home,” LeBron told reporters, according to ESPN’s Jeff Borzello. “Whatever the case may be, it’s disrespectful. I wonder how old that kid is, if he is the age around Bronny’s age [15] or [James’ son] Bryce’s age [12]. I’d like to see them try that while they’re paying attention.”

We’re talking about a young child here that doesn’t look like he could be any older than 10. Had an adult thrown something at Bronny, you could understand LeBron being so upset. We know how animated LeBron can be when supporting his family, but a global icon trying to hold a child accountable for a childish act seems like a bit much. Kudos to the kid and his parents for the apology in a situation where a lesson was obviously learned.

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Jaylen Brown says he is proud of his dunk on LeBron James

Jaylen Brown LeBron James

Jaylen Brown had one of the best plays of the game in the Boston Celtics’ blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night, and the swingman admits it was one of the highlights of his career as well.

With the Celtics leading 79-63 early in the third quarter, Brown beat his man and drove to the basket, where LeBron was standing after coming over to help. The King was no match for Brown on this particular play.

Brown picked up a taunting penalty for hanging on the rim, but he expressed no regret over that. He told reporters after the game that he always feels “a little extra boost” when going up against LeBron and that dunking on James was on his bucket list.

Brown admitted that teammate Jayson Tatum’s dunk on LeBron during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018 was better, and those who have seen that play would agree. James told reporters after the game that he did not take the Brown dunk personally.

LeBron has done his fair share of dunking on opponents during his career, and even the best players to ever play get posterized once in a while. When you’ve played in as many games as LeBron has, it is bound to happen.

Video: Jaylen Brown dunks on LeBron James, gets technical for taunting

Jaylen Brown LeBron James

Jaylen Brown dunked on LeBron James Monday night, and he picked up a technical foul for hanging on the rim afterwards.

During the third quarter of the Boston Celtics’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Brown drove to the basket and jammed over James.

Brown hung on the rim after the dunk and got called for a technical foul for taunting. TNT announcer Chris Webber pointed out how similar Brown looked to Prince hanging on the rim in the famous Dave Chappelle skit:

I definitely see it.

The technical foul gave the Lakers an extra point, but if you ask Brown, he’d probably say it was worthwhile.

LeBron James comments after young child throws object towards son Bronny

LeBron Bronny James

LeBron James commented on Twitter Monday about a video that showed a fan throwing an object towards his son Bronny.

Bronny was getting ready to inbound a ball during one of his recent games when a tossed object landed near the 15-year-old. The item appeared to be thrown by a young kid in the stands, so LeBron commented on the video, saying “hating has no age limit!”

James seemed to take things seriously, though it’s unclear whether the young kid who threw the object was actually targeting Bronny or just throwing something because he’s young and didn’t know what he was doing.

Given how ardently James defends his family, it’s no surprise he also commented on this.

LeBron James loved Chris Paul’s nutmeg of Isaiah Hartenstein

Chris Paul

Chris Paul broke out a sick move during Thursday night’s 113-92 win over the Houston Rockets, and his buddy LeBron James loved it.

During the fourth quarter of the game, CP3 decided to defeat Isaiah Hartenstein by going through him. He nutmegged Hartenstein and finished off the sweet move with a layup. The pretty display will leave you impressed:

LeBron, whose Los Angeles Lakers had the night off, was watching the game and loved the move.

CP3 may be 34, but he is showing he still can play at a high level and lead a successful team. He has OKC 22-16 so far, which is one of the most surprising records of the season.

Kawhi Leonard thinks LeBron James is ‘scared’ to guard him?

Kawhi Leonard

The rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers may be intensifying a bit more.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith claimed on Wednesday’s edition of “First Take” that a “very reliable source” said that Leonard has said “somebody tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me.”

This should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, there are NBA players who have previously had some negative things to say about Smith’s reporting. If true, though, it does reflect a certain level of disrespect from Leonard to James, who is being outright accused of fearing Leonard too much to guard the Clippers forward. It’s even more barbed considering Leonard has dominated the Lakers in two meetings, scoring 35 and 30 points in those games.

Regardless of whether Smith is right or not, there are definitely people close to the game who are thinking similar thoughts. James is used to being questioned, though, and he may feel personally challenged the next time the two meet.

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Video: Shaq says without hesitation he and Kobe would beat LeBron and Anthony Davis

Shaq TNT

Shaquille O’Neal was a guest on “Fallon Tonight” Monday and offered a convincing opinion about how he and former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant would stack up against current Lakers duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Jimmy Fallon asked Shaq if the big man thought he and Kobe could beat LeBron and AD. Shaq answered without hesitation and stated his answer as if it were fact.

He’s absolutely right: who would guard him? LeBron or Davis couldn’t stop him.

During his prime, it took a rotation of three big men who could offer 18 combined fouls to send Shaq to the free throw line as the only way to slow down the center. The only time I would go against Shaq would be if you’re matching a young version of him up against Hakeem, because Olajuwon won that.

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