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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

LeBron James

Video: LeBron James snacks on Red Vines licorice at end of win

LeBron James Red Vines

LeBron James scored a season-high 40 points in his Los Angeles Lakers’ 118-109 win over the New Orleans Pelicans at home on Tuesday night, and he treated himself at the end of the game.

TNT showed James snacking on a piece of Red Vines licorice while resting on the bench at the end of the win.

There was a question debated by the TNT studio crew after the game about whether James was eating Red Vines or Twizzlers. Shaq maintained that all licorice is Twizzlers, while others said it was a Red Vine. Based on what the women next to him were having, it was probably a Red Vine.

Also, none of this should surprise you after we learned about James’ junk diet.

Zion Williamson does not feel LeBron James gets the respect he deserves

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson has a high opinion of LeBron James.

Williamson spoke about facing LeBron James and the Lakers ahead of Tuesday’s game in Los Angeles. The New Orleans Pelicans rookie spoke highly about LeBron.

“Sometimes I feel he doesn’t get the respect he deserves but it’s not for me to decide,” James said, via Omnisport.

James definitely has his share of haters, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He has been widely regarded as the best basketball player in the world for most of the past decade. You can poke holes at his resume if you want to and take shots at him here or there, but he has immense respect from most sports fans.

It won’t take long for Zion to be in a similar category either. People already like to bring up one thing regarding the Pelicans rookie.

Diana Taurasi takes funny shot at LeBron during Kobe Bryant memorial

Diana Taurasi brought a bit of levity to the Kobe Bryant memorial in Los Angeles on Monday with a hilarious shot at LeBron James.

Taurasi, who is a 3-time WNBA champion and the league’s all-time scoring leader, was discussing the skill level of Bryant’s daughter Gigi Bryant at a young age, remarking how amazing it was that she had a turnaround fadeaway jumper at the age of 11. Then she zeroed in on LeBron with the funniest line of the day to that point, remarking that he doesn’t even have it now.

Taurasi knew Bryant well, and he was a big fan of hers, even giving her a nickname inspired by his own. Now she even gets to take a friendly shot at LeBron in his own building at Bryant’s memorial service with a very memorable line.

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Diana Taurasi takes funny shot at LeBron during Kobe Bryant memorial
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LeBron James’ camp responds to lawsuit from youth organization over slogan

LeBron James

A lawsuit was filed against LeBron James’ media company Uninterrupted this week claiming the brand stole its slogan from a Maryland youth organization, but Uninterrupted says there is no truth to the claim.

Game Plan, a Maryland-based nonprofit that works with young athletes to help them achieve success in all phases of life, says Uninterrupted stole the slogan “I Am More Than an Athlete” and has been profiting from it. According to TMZ, court documents filed by Game Plan allege that LeBron got the idea to use the phrase for Uninterrupted when he saw Game Plan staffers wearing shirts that said “I Am More Than an Athlete” at a 2017 game between the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers.

“The attendance at the game gave Game Plan tremendous exposure, as it was able to gain attention from John Wall in front of his peers including the (arguably) most famous athlete in the world, as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, at the time, LeBron James,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit claims LeBron began using the phrase as a response to FOX News host Laura Ingraham infamously telling him to “shut up and dribble.” James shared an Instagram post that featured the phrase right after the incident.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Game Plan says they obtained the trademark to the phrase “I Am More Than an Athlete” in 2018, and they are seeking at least $33 million to recoup money LeBron and Uninterrupted have made from the phrase through deals with Nike, ESPN and more. On Thursday, Uninterrupted issued a response.

“The complaint filed by Game Plan today is meritless and contains numerous factual inaccuracies,” LeBron’s company said in a statement, via TMZ. “Uninterrupted owns prior rights in and to the ‘More Than An Athlete’ trademark.”

The incident between LeBron and Ingraham became a huge story, but that doesn’t mean the phrase was stolen. That will now be up for the courts to decide.

Tristan Thompson says LeBron James has the ‘worst f—ing diet ever’

LeBron James

LeBron James has worked countless hours throughout his life and career to become one of the greatest athletes the sports world has ever seen, but apparently he worries a lot more about what he does at the gym than the dinner table.

Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic put together a collection of untold LeBron stories from people who know the four-time NBA MVP, and some of the best info they got came from Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson. Thompson said he doesn’t understand how LeBron stays in such great shape considering he has the “worst f—ing diet ever.”

“Ask him what he eats for breakfast,” Thompson said. “He has like five french toast, drowns it in syrup with strawberries and bananas. Then he has like a four-egg omelette and then he goes and just f—ng dunks on somebody. It doesn’t make sense.”

That sounds an awful lot like the diet Michael Phelps supposedly adhered to when he was training for the Olympics, though the swimmer said that was all a myth. Even if LeBron is just trying to keep his calorie count up, it sounds like the only diet he’s on is the “see food and eat it” diet.

“He eats desserts with every meal. He’ll come with his one-week diet, vegan crap, but he literally eats like it doesn’t make sense. He’s really a specimen,” Thompson added. “He eats like s—. I remember one year I tried to eat like he ate and it just didn’t work out. I started gaining weight and said, ‘F— this.’ I mean it works for him. He loves sweets. He loves sweets. He eats desserts and French toast. It’s crazy how his body just burns it.”

LeBron has confirmed in the past that he loves sweets. When he randomly lost a bunch of weight one summer to the point where he looked strange, he said giving up pancakes, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream was the toughest part of his diet.

Whatever LeBron is doing, he shouldn’t change a thing. He’s 35 and still playing at an MVP-caliber level, and he looks like he could do it for another five years at least. If eating dessert after every meal is the secret for him, so be it.

Incredible LeBron James reverse dunk photo goes viral

LeBron James

LeBron James will turn 36 later this year, but the four-time NBA MVP proved on Thursday night that he is still capable of electrifying a crowd — and a camera lens — with his freak athleticism.

LeBron had a rough night in a 121-11 loss to the Houston Rockets, as he scored just 18 points and went 1-for-8 from three-point range. However, he did spring free for a breakaway dunk at one point, and he did not disappoint. LeBron threw down a reverse jam that led to one of the best in-game photos you will ever see.

That’s about as close to walking on air as it gets. Here are a couple angles of the dunk itself:

Best of all, the dunk actually was a recreation of a past one by Kobe.

LeBron prides himself on remaining in tremendous shape, and he has reminded us of that on multiple occasions with his thoughts on load management. The fact that he is still playing at such a high level at his age is probably one of the most underrated parts of his legacy, but that photo from Thursday’s game is a nice refresher.

LeBron James explains why he chose for his All-Star team to wear No. 2

LeBron James speech

There will be numerous tributes to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna at the NBA All-Star Game this month, and one of them involves the jersey numbers each team will wear. LeBron James was given the choice of whether he wanted his team to wear No. 2 or No. 24, and he had a great reason for choosing No. 2.

Gianna Bryant wore No. 2 for her youth basketball teams, and LeBron was asked on Monday why he opted for his team to wear her number and not Kobe’s. James simply said “Zhuri,” which is his daughter’s name.

LeBron has three kids — Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri. Zhuri is 5 years old and the youngest. Like many others, LeBron likely cannot fathom the pain of losing a child, and it makes sense that he chose to honor Gianna. The other All-Star team is captained by Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is 25 and does not have any children.

The NBA has made a major format change to the All-Star Game that includes a tribute to Kobe, and the night will surely be another emotional one. It’s very fitting that LeBron — who gave a touching speech about Kobe, Gianna and the others who lost their lives in the helicopter crash last week — is captaining one of the squads.

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