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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Zion Williamson

Richard Jefferson had hilarious reaction to talk of Zion Williamson returning to Duke

Even if Zion Williamson was initially disappointed that the New York Knicks did not land the top overall pick in the NBA Draft, it seems crazy to think he would potentially return to Duke for his sophomore season to avoid playing for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Just ask Richard Jefferson.

Jefferson, who played 17 seasons in the NBA and now works as an analyst for ESPN, had a hilarious reaction on “The Jump” this week when reporter Brian Windhorst began talking about Williamson’s “options” for boycotting New Orleans. We’ll let Jefferson’s facial expressions speak for themselves.

Jefferson also mocked the narrative on Twitter.

During an appearance on ESPN Radio Thursday, Williamson’s stepfather Lee Anderson said returning to Duke is “nothing that we have even considered.” A report also stated that Williamson had a positive meeting with the Pelicans and spoke highly of New Orleans prior to the draft lottery.

There was endless talk during the college basketball season last year about the risk Williamson was taking by not sitting out. Now that he is healthy and a lock to go first overall, playing another season of college ball would just be absurd. It’s not going to happen.

Sean Payton wastes no time recruiting Zion Williamson to Saints

Sean Payton

Like LeBron James, Zion Williamson is the type of freak athlete who could probably excel at just about any sport he tried to play. He certainly has the body type to match up with opponents on the football field, and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has taken note of that.

When the Pelicans landed the top spot in the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night, it seemed like only a matter of time before someone began recruiting Williamson to play two sports in New Orleans. Payton got in on the fun on Wednesday.

Williamson is listed at 6-foot-7, 285 pounds. For comparison, Rob Gronkowski is 6-foot-6 and weighed about 265 pounds when he was playing for the New England Patriots. There is obviously a lot more to excelling at a professional sport than physical makeup, but you get the point.

If you remember, one former Saints player said years ago that he believes LeBron would break records in the New Orleans offense. Payton was in charge of that offense then and still is now. What do you say, Zion?

Newspaper perfectly sums up Knicks’ disappointing draft lottery with back cover

Knicks logo

A New York newspaper perfectly summed up the reaction to the outcome of the NBA draft lottery for the New York Knicks.

The Knicks entered the lottery as one of three teams with a 14 percent chance of landing the top pick in this year’s draft, which meant the opportunity to select Zion Williamson. Needless to say, Knicks fans weren’t happy to find out that New York would be picking third.

As a result of the Knicks’ recent stretch of bad luck continuing, the New York Daily News will run a back page headline that encapsulates how many Knicks fans felt after Tuesday’s lottery.

The No. 3 pick could still be used to select Ja Morant or R.J. Barrett, both of who are projected to have bright futures. However, the No. 1 pick and dreams of Zion Williamson playing home games in Madison Square Garden are what Knicks fans hoped for. It’s something he also reportedly was hoping for too. Unfortunately for them, that will not be happening.

Report: Zion Williamson was hoping for Knicks to win draft lottery

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson has been great in his dealings with the media about not tipping his hand regarding his preference of which NBA team he wanted to play for. But one report says he had a preference, and it did not come through the way he had hoped.

According to ESPN’s Marc J. Spears, Williamson was hoping the New York Knicks would win the draft lottery.

Instead, the Knicks ended up with the No. 3 overall pick, while the New Orleans Pelicans won the top pick.

Any team that won the lottery has been expected to take Williamson with the top pick, as he’s believed to be the best player in the draft class. He’s also a huge ticket draw, just like this video could tell you.

Even if he had his preference, it probably won’t take long for Williamson to get used to the idea of playing for the Pelicans. Now that they have a new front office person in charge in David Griffin, they should be on a much better path moving forward. Williamson is a great starting point.

Zion Williamson hoping to get drafted by Atlanta Hawks?

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is an extremely polished young player, deft with handling the media and answering difficult questions. And while he’s already professional in interviews and with reporters, he may have inadvertently tipped his preference about what NBA team he would like to play for.

Williamson was in Chicago for the NBA draft lottery and walked across the line of podiums set up for the teams in the lottery. He did something notable upon seeing the Atlanta Hawks logo, giving it a double tap.

That didn’t seem to be accidental. He was looking at each one as he walked by and gave the tap specifically for the Hawks.

Atlanta had the 5th-worst record in the league and a 10.5 percent chance of winning the top pick, where they would be able to get Williamson. They have John Collins and Trae Young, and Williamson, the former Duke star from South Carolina, would fit in perfectly with them.

Blue Jays pitcher compares Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to Zion Williamson

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s MLB debut Friday night was a huge event in Toronto, and one Blue Jay had a rather apt comparison for it.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman, who started the game and pitched seven outstanding innings, compared it to playing with future NBA phenom Zion Williamson.

“It’s like having Zion Williamson on your team; it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of talent,” Stroman said, via ESPN. “So just to have the opportunity to play with him, it’s amazing to look out there and see him behind me at third base. I think he’s gonna give us a huge little edge, and just, like I said, just carry this momentum from this win into every other start.”

Guerrero paid tribute to his father on arrival, then set up a walk-off homer with his first MLB hit, a double in the ninth. The hype generated by his debut is certainly comparable to Zion-mania, and there’s a lot of excitement to see what kind of numbers Guerrero can put up.

Watch: Zion Williamson dunks for couple’s baby gender reveal

Zion Williamson gender reveal

When it comes to baby gender reveals, this one may top them all.

Nolan Burg works for Duke athletics and used his connections to orchestrate a great gender reveal. He and his wife Danielle got Blue Devils star Zion Williamson to dunk a ball that was coordinated with the mascot releasing blue and white confetti to show they were having a boy.

If you ask me, everything in life is better with Zion Williamson involved, and that includes gender reveals. Maybe he can offer that service to others.

That was probably our favorite sports-related gender reveal since Joey Logano’s awesome one.