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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson files motion to block legal inquiry into his Duke eligibility

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson’s attorneys have filed a motion to try blocking a legal inquiry into the former Duke star’s college eligibility.

Williamson is involved in a lawsuit with his former marketing agent. Williamson originally signed with Gina Ford’s Prime Sports Marketing but allegedly breached that deal to sign with Creative Artists Agency. She is suing him for breaking the deal.

Ford is fighting back by accusing Williamson of taking illegal benefits while at Duke. She is trying to prove Williamson was ineligible for the NCAA and therefore he is not protected by North Carolina’s Uniform Athlete Agent Act, which is the grounds his legal team is claiming for breaking the contract with her.

Williamson’s team has now filed a protective order to try blocking an inquiry into Zion’s college eligibility.

Williamson’s family has previously been accused of taking improper benefits.

Not only would such a legal probe reflect poorly upon Zion in the eyes of some, but it could also expose some illegal behavior by the Duke program. CAA and Williamson should be motivated to settle this lawsuit to protect damaging information from becoming public.

NBA trying to expand playoffs to get Zion Williamson in?

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson seems to be basketball’s next big star, and the NBA may be trying to maximize his exposure.

Speaking Thursday on “The Hoop Collective,” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said that some around the league believe the NBA’s proposed plan for an expanded postseason is designed to get Williamson and his New Orleans Pelicans in.

“I’ve already heard people in this league say this is an elaborate game to get Zion Williamson into this bubble,” said Windorst, per Real GM. “I’ll tell you one thing: that scenario gets Zion Williamson in. Look, I’ve just heard.

“I’m not saying the NBA is going this route, I’m just saying I’ve already heard this scenario that no matter what happens, the cutoff line will be the Pelicans,” Windhorst added. “They’ll be in. It will be the first time in the history of the NBA that the league kicked the ball into the fairway for New Orleans.”

Recent reports suggested that the NBA was considering a World Cup-style group stage format for the playoffs (which you can read more about here). ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski also reported that such a format would include the 16 playoff teams, plus those on the cusp such as Williamson’s Pelicans.

The Pelicans were tenth in the West and 18th in the league overall at 28-36 before the season was suspended. New Orleans coach Alvin Gentry said earlier this month that Williamson may have certain restrictions if play does resume, but having the No. 1 overall pick present in any way would obviously increase the buzz surrounding the playoffs even further.