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Thursday, April 18, 2019


Iowa senator mistakenly tweets congratulations to Hawkeyes for win after loss


Iowa senator Joni Ernst will likely be having a word with whoever runs her Twitter account after a tweet went out congratulating the Iowa Hawkeyes on the Big Ten Championship win just moments after the Hawkeyes lost to Michigan State.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but as usual, the internet never forgets.

Perhaps the tweet was pre-scheduled like this one, or perhaps Senator Ernst simply has no excuse, much like Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Be careful what you tweet.

Blake Bortles keeps forgetting where the line of scrimmage is (Video)


Blake Bortles is certainly a talented quarterback, but at least on Sunday, his field awareness was severely lacking.

In the second quarter of Jacksonville’s game against San Diego with the Jaguars inside the Chargers ten, Bortles tucked, ran, and pointed at his receiver before throwing for a touchdown. The only problem was that Bortles was a good two yards past the line of scrimmage when he uncorked the pass.

This is amusing enough on its own, but it becomes even better when you discover the Bortles did the same thing again later in the game in virtually the same situation.

On the bright side, he was only about a yard past the line that time. Baby steps.

Gene Steratore explains inadvertent whistle that cost Patriots


An inadvertent whistle may have taken a touchdown away from the New England Patriots Monday night, and there’s really only one way to describe how it happened.

People make mistakes.

After New England’s 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills, referee Gene Steratore explained what happened on the play.

“I think as the quarterback started to get near the sideline and press the line judge [Gary Arthur], who was the official right near the quarterback … Tom [Brady] released the football, the line judge lost track of maybe where the ball was at that point and almost by its own definition, inadvertently blew the whistle,” he told a pool reporter, per Mike Reiss of ESPN.com. “What we do from that point onward is find out where the football was at the time the whistle was blown. We deemed it to be, in our judgment, received by the receiver, as we stated, at the 45-yard line, I believe. And then by rule, what you do with that, or once you determine in your judgment where the ball was at the time of the whistle, if it’s in a possession of a player, which we deemed it to be, you take all fouls then that would have been on that play and you enforce them from that spot of where the ball would be declared dead by the inadvertent whistle.”

Rex Ryan was called for a 15-yard penalty on the play for obstructing an official’s view, and that could explain why the whistle was blown prematurely.

“We had a bench-area obstruction foul then, that we actually tacked on to the spot of, I believe we went from the 45 to the 40-yard line, because we tacked on the 15-yard foul from that spot,” Steratore added. “So that’s what you do with the play, as it goes by rule.”

Again, people make mistakes. But did the officials know they had cost the Patriots a huge play and reward them the reception because of that? As Steratore noted, the crew deemed that the ball was in possession of a player when the whistle blew. If you watch the video of the play, you can clearly see that the whistle blew before Danny Amendola had secured the catch.

There are plenty of people who believe the NFL is out to get the Patriots, and there has certainly been evidence to support that. But in this case, the league has to be relieved that New England won. Had the Patriots lost their first game of the season on a night in which an inadvertent whistle may have cost them a touchdown, the NFL would have another PR nightmare on its hands.

Patriots screwed by inadvertent whistle against Bills (Video)


The New England Patriots were on the wrong end of an inadvertent whistle during their game against the Buffalo Bills Monday night, and it may have cost them a huge play.

Tom Brady scrambled out of the pocket to keep a play alive early in the third quarter when, for no apparent reason, a member of the officiating crew blew his whistle. Brady never stepped out of bounds and completed a pass to Danny Amendola, who had nothing but open space ahead of him and might have even be able to score a touchdown.

After gathering to discuss the play, the officials ruled that an inadvertent whistle was blown and awarded the Patriots the catch. Since play stopped because of the whistle, the ball was downed at the spot where Amendola caught it.

Rex Ryan was assessed a 15-yard penalty for getting in the way of an official during the play, which may explain the whistle. ESPN rules analyst Gerry Austin noted that the play should not have counted, as the whistle blew before Amendola caught the ball. When that happens, the play is supposed to be nullified and done over. Only when the whistle blows after a player catches the ball should the play count.

Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski ended up missing a field goal on the drive, and the Patriots came away with no points.

If Tom Brady was angry before that inexplicable play (you can see a video of him cursing out teammates here), he had to have been seeing red afterword. That was a major blunder that cost the Patriots a huge play at least and possibly a touchdown.

Wisconsin Twitter’s scheduled tweet celebrates basketball win after losing


Whoever handles tweeting from the Wisconsin athletics account got a lesson in the perils of scheduled tweets on Saturday.

The UWBadgers account sent out a pre-scheduled tweet on Saturday about how the women’s basketball team looked to emulate the men’s after the big season-opening victory Friday night. There was just one problem: the men’s team lost in a huge upset to lowly Western Illinois, 69-67.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but the internet never forgets.

It’s tough to blame them for being confident in the 17th-ranked Badgers to pull off a win over a team picked to finish last in the Summit League. Once it didn’t happen, though, somebody probably should have done something about that tweet before it went out to the amused masses…or asked Governor Greg Abbott what happens when you get too far ahead of yourself on social media.

H/T SB Nation

Reporter Sarah Davis makes classic herniated disk screwup

Sarah Davis

Reporter Sarah Davis fell victim to one of the most common broadcasting slip-ups we see.

While doing a report during Thursday’s Boston Bruins-Colorado Avalanche game for NESN, Davis tried to say herniated disk, but you can guess what she ended up saying instead:

David wasn’t the first, nor will she be the last to make that mistake. It’s certainly understandable for one to make it while on-air, but we’ve seen it in other more surprising forms before.

When it comes to on-air screwups during hockey games, nothing will ever top this one though, which is my favorite.

Nationals calendar had picture of Fenway Park on front


An official 2016 Washington Nationals calendar was sent out to retailers recently, but there was just one problem – the wrong ballpark was on the cover.

The team calendar displayed a panoramic photo of Boston’s Fenway Park on the cover, even billing it as Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

This isn’t the team’s fault, as Turner Licensing manufactures the calendars. The Nationals did play their season opener in Boston last year, but Fenway Park and Nationals Park look nothing alike, so it’s hard to understand the error.

The calendars are being recalled and corrected. Hopefully the manufacturer is more careful this time and gets the picture right.

H/T Hardball Talk