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#pounditSaturday, October 31, 2020

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather interested in promoting, not fighting Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao may be interested in a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr, but it sounds like “Money” is interested in something else.

Mayweather spoke with and expressed interest in promoting the Filipino fighter.

“Actually, I’m gonna get on the phone with Pacquiao after I get off this call and get in touch. And we can put him in position and get him some…[there’s] a lot of good competition out there that he could fight,” Mayweather said.

Following his victory over Lucas Matthysse last month, Pac-Man said he was open to a rematch with Mayweather. Floyd hasn’t fought since beating Conor McGregor last year and probably has no interest in putting himself against a dangerous opponent like Manny. Instead he’s focusing on his promotional career.

Pacquiao probably would have little interest in having Floyd promote him; Manny recently split with Top Rank and is promoting himself, perhaps as part of his cost-cutting measures. What would he gain from letting Floyd promote him?

Manny Pacquiao interested in rematch against Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

It has been more than three years since Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally squared off in a match that seemed like it would never actually take place, and Pacquiao is ready to do it all over again.

Pacquiao picked up his 60th career win and captured the WBA welterweight title when he defeated Lucas Matthysse by TKO on Sunday, and he said he is very open to defending the belt against Mayweather.

“Mayweather? If he decides to go back to boxing then that is the time we are going to call the shots,” Pacquiao told reporters when asked about a possible rematch, according to ESPN 5. “I have the belt, so it’s up to him. If he wants to come back in boxing let’s do a second one.”

Pacquiao is 39, but he insists the way he trained for the Matthysse is sustainable. He looked like his old self in the fight and threw threw punches in flurries, so it makes sense that he is willing to keep going. If Mayweather — who is 41 and has not fought since his mega-bout against Conor McGregor last summer — isn’t up for it, there has been talk of Pacquiao possibly fighting Amir Khan.

“Yes that’s a potential opponent; Amir Khan,” he said. “There’s a lot of potential opponents there, like Lomachenko, there are so many fighters that have potential to be my opponent next.”

While there were some questions about how much effort Matthysse was putting forth, there’s no denying Pacquiao is still in great shape. Mayweather has seemingly kept in top physical condition as well, but a rematch between the two seems highly unlikely.

Floyd Mayweather being sued by Nigerian company for $2 million

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be done with his boxing career, but the 15-time champion still collects plenty of money from endorsement deals and public appearances. The latter only work if Mayweather shows up, and one overseas company claims he took money from them without holding up his end of the bargain.

According to a report from TMZ, Mayweather is being sued by a Nigerian media company that claims it paid Mayweather $210,000 as a deposit for five appearances he was supposed to make in Ghana and Nigeria in 2017. The company, Zinni Media, claims it was going to pay Mayweather a total of $375,000 for the appearances and that he recorded a video to confirm them, but he bailed days before the first event.

Mayweather’s representatives apparently offered to reschedule, so they added more appearances and raised the price to $510,000. He still never showed, and Zinni is now suing Floyd for $2 million. Here’s more:

In the suit, Zinni claims Floyd’s reps offered to reschedule for Dec. 2017 — and added more appearances to the list — but, he also raised the price to $550,000. Zinni claims they were told they could use the $210k toward the new booking price.

Zinni says they ACCEPTED the new deal — but, when they asked Floyd to make a new video confirming the new dates, he bailed again … and never returned the original $210,000.

Now, Zinni is taking legal action in federal court in California — claiming Floyd damaged their reputation and defrauded them. Zinni wants at least $2 MILLION to make things right.

When you take into consideration all the money Mayweather has made and the big purchase he is reportedly looking into, it’s obvious $2 million or any type of settlement he might be forced to pay would not set him back much. Still, that’s not a great look if the allegations in the lawsuit are true.

Floyd Mayweather condemns Conor McGregor’s actions with ironic comment

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor deserves every bit of criticism thrown his way over his involvement in the insane bus attack outside the Barclays Center earlier this week, but should Floyd Mayweather Jr. really be passing judgment on anyone’s character?

Mayweather attended Saturday night’s Showtime boxing event headlined by Erislandy Lara and Jarrett Hurd, and he was asked about McGregor getting arrested. You could say his response was a bit hypocritical.

While Mayweather and his friends have never smashed up a bus that was carrying other fighters, Floyd hasn’t exactly been a role model outside of the ring. He has been accused of domestic violence numerous times and pleaded guilty to the charges twice, spending time in jail in 2010 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault and harassment.

In fact, McGregor has trolled Mayweather over his domestic violence history, so perhaps this is Floyd’s way of returning the favor. To put it bluntly, no parent should want their son looking up to either fighter.

Floyd Mayweather indicates his next fight will be in MMA

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr seems to be making it pretty clear that there is a lot more than just talk behind the possibility of him stepping into the octagon.

Mayweather was interviewed by Showtime’s Jim Gray on Saturday night during the boxing show headlined by Erislandy Lara and Jarrett Hurd. In his interview, Mayweather talked heavily about what’s in store for him, and he indicated he will fight in MMA.

“Is it possible that I come back? Yes, but if I do comeback, it has to be in the octagon,” Mayweather said.

Then Mayweather didn’t equivocate about whether he would fight in MMA.

“When I do go to the octagon, I look forward to going to 145 (pounds),” he said.

Note how Mayweather said “when” and not “if”.

Gray noticed that and pointed it out. Mayweather also said he was confident he would get the amount of money he wants for the fight.

“Only if the money is right. The money will always be right. Of course the numbers is going to be crazy.”

There has been plenty of talk about Mayweather stepping into the octagon and fighting in the UFC. Mayweather’s father has said that Floyd Jr is training for MMA. As for whom he would fight, well Dana White seemed to hint at it last week.

Dana White still not ruling out Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

It still seems highly unlikely that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will ever have a professional fight in a mixed martial arts setting, but Dana White refuses to rule out it.

TMZ caught up with White over the weekend, and the UFC boss was asked if there is anything new to report with Mayweather’s MMA career or a potential rematch — this time in the octagon — with Conor McGregor.

“I’m interested and obviously he’s interested,” White said. “The last time we were both interested you saw what happened. … I know Conor wants it.”

White continues to leave the possibility open by noting how far-fetched everyone thought the Mayweather-McGregor boxing match was, which is a good point. However, a 41-year-old boxer trying to transition to MMA seems like a very tall task, and White alluded to that.

“Obviously he’s a very talented guy, but as far as the wrestling — nobody’s gonna learn wrestling in six to eight weeks,” White said. “It takes years of wrestling, martial arts and combat sports training to be a mixed martial artist.”

With the amount of money that would be made if Mayweather and McGregor fought again, it would be unwise to completely rule it out. The two fighters have continued to trade shots on social media, so they clearly want the buzz to continue.

Floyd Mayweather looking to buy soccer club Newcastle United, sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s post-boxing escapades may be taking him into the world of soccer next.

In a recent print interview with British newspaper The Daily Star Sunday, the retired five-division champion expressed interest in buying Newcastle United of the Premier League.

“I love Newcastle. Those guys like to party as hard as any city I have been to anywhere in the world,” said Mayweather, according to Brian Campbell of CBS Sports. “I met some of the players last year and they are good guys. I am always open to new business opportunities and I love all sports, but I invest with my head not my heart.

“Investing with your heart is the quickest way to lose money,” Mayweather added. “But if somebody put together a business plan and my people looked over it and went ‘Floyd, that can make money,’ then I would invest. Soccer might not be my game but I’ve got connections everywhere.”

Mayweather then turned his attention to a well-known Real Madrid star.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has been a long-time supporter and buddy of mine, so I might even be able to get him to finish his career off at Newcastle,” he said.

Newcastle currently sits at 13th this season in the Premier League, England’s top soccer league. This is their first season back in the PL after an 18th place-finish in 2015-16 got them relegated to the lower-level EFL Championship.

Current Newcastle owner Mike Ashley announced back in October that the club was being put up for sale. Meanwhile, Ronaldo, 33, is signed with Real Madrid through 2021 but has recently been said to want out over their perceived delay in extending him a new contract offer.

As for Mayweather himself, he definitely has the means to swing a purchase of Newcastle with his net worth estimated at nearly $1 billion. But he may have his sights set on another sporting venture first.

Floyd Mayweather, ex-fiancée’s legal battle over alleged abuse, theft headed for trial

Floyd Mayweather Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson have been wrapped up in a legal war for several years, and the case is finally headed for a trial.

In September 2014, Jackson filed a lawsuit against Mayweather claiming he physically assaulted her and threatened her with a gun. She also said the undefeated boxer caused harm to her by publicly accusing her of aborting the former couple’s unborn twins. According to Nancy Dillon of the New York Daily News, a seemingly irritated judge sent the case to trial on Tuesday.

“I’d like to set this for trial. I understand it’s complicated,” Judge Monica Bachner said during a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Mayweather recently filed a lawsuit of his own against Jackson, claiming she stole money from him an an elaborate manner when the two were together. There has been talk that Mayweather became so angry with Jackson because he was jealous of her relationship with a well-known hip-hop artist.

In addition to the lawsuit, Jackson is also still pursuing assault and battery claims against Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. indicates Floyd Mayweather Jr. is training for UFC

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has given several hints that he is considering at least one mixed martial arts fight, and the undefeated boxer’s father believes things are heading in that direction.

In a recent interview with Amer Abdallah for Mayweather’s YouTube channel, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was asked if the hype surrounding his son fighting in the UFC is real.

“The way I see it, I have to believe that this is where it’s going,” Mayweather Sr. said. “The way it looks, I think so.”

For what it’s worth, Floyd Sr. said he would not advise his son to pursue a career in MMA neither as a trainer nor a father. However, he said he will still do the best he can to make sure Floyd Jr. never loses a fight even if he does decide to fight in the octagon.

“I don’t know what the (motivation is). As of now, he’s got enough money,” Mayweather Sr. added. “He’s got enough to live his life out.

“I think he could win a few fights, but I think it’s best to leave it alone. You can do your own thing, man. But you go in somebody else’s playground, and it’s … you just can’t do that, man. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he can beat some of those fighters like he did with the other guys, but it ain’t worth it. There ain’t no other way he can go right now besides backwards.”

Floyd Jr. has never been shy in admitting that money is his biggest motivator, and it’s obvious how much he could make if he fought Conor McGregor in the UFC. The question is whether or not it would be worth it, as Floyd is 40 and will almost certainly lose. If he wants several more ping pong tables like the one he recently bought, he just might decide climbing into the octagon is worthwhile.

Floyd Mayweather has a $30,000 crystal ping pong table

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has taken to showing off some of his expensive assets lately, but one item in particular caught our eye.

On Friday night, Mayweather shared a photo and video of his $30,000 crystal glass ping pong table, made by impatia. He was even playing on it:

I’d probably be too scared about damaging it to play on it. But there’s Mayweather, getting his game on.

As sweet as that item is, you buy enough things like that and you end up needing to keep up that cash flow. Maybe that’s why Mayweather’s been flirting with the idea of facing Conor McGregor again.