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Friday, April 28, 2017


Conor McGregor expects to make over $100 million in Floyd Mayweather fight

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

UFC president Dana White said this week that he is working toward getting Conor McGregor into the ring with Floyd Mayweather, and White expects the Irishman to take home somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 million for the fight. Not surprisingly, McGregor thinks that number is a bit low.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, McGregor wrote that he expects to make more than $100 million for the Mayweather fight.

“…happy Thursday everyone how’s that 75milli make your stomach feel? It’s actually 100+ milli if we go by the non conservative numbers the fight will actually do and that’s not including my endorsements and business ventures. 28 years of age. Fresh (expletive). Doubt me now.”

As White mentioned on Wednesday, Mayweather is unlikely to agree to a 50-50 split.

“It depends on how much the fight sells,” White told Colin Cowherd, via Shaun Al-Shatti of “And if the fight sells as well as I think it can, Floyd makes a little north of $100 (million) and Conor makes $75 (million). He (Mayweather) feels like he’s the A-side and he should get more of it. We haven’t really gotten into that negotiation yet. I wanted to get McGregor locked in first, because McGregor is under contract with me.”

White has expressed confidence that the fight will eventually happen, which is important because McGregor is under contract with the UFC. He’ll need permission from White in order for the fight to take place.

All signs — including some recent big news from the Nevada State Athletic Commission — point to Mayweather vs. McGregor going down. With this much money involved, there’s simply no way either side can pass it up.

Director: Conor McGregor would be approved for Nevada boxing license

Conor McGregor

As Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continue to talk about a potential boxing fight between them, there is one thing that we know: the state of Nevada will not stand in the way of such a match. In fact, they will help facilitate it.

Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Bob Bennett told the Daily Star that McGregor would be approved for a boxing license despite not having boxed professionally.

“We would be willing to give him a license,” Bennett told Starsport. “He will be approved for a license.”

Why would Bennett approve McGregor for a boxing license? He says it’s due to McGregor’s prowess as an all-around fighter, from kickboxing, to youth boxing, to McGregor’s success as a striker in the UFC.

“As a youngster, as a young man, at the age of 12, he took up kickboxing,” he continued. “And Conor later became an All-Ireland boxing champion at a very young age. And if you fast forward to his UFC career, I think he’s 21-3, 17 (18) of his fights he’s won by KO or TKO from strikes. So he obviously has the striking ability in the mixed martial arts world.

“I’ve also seen some video of him training and sparring with a competitive boxer with gloves and head gear and he obviously has the skill set to be a boxer.”

That all led to Bennett saying McGregor “clearly qualifies” for a license.

The bottom line is that if McGregor and Mayweather are going to fight, Nevada wants it to take place in their state and bring in all the revenue that comes from holding such an event. Plus, once they saw McGregor was already approved to box in another state, they probably figured they had to answer.

Boxer Robbie Barrett has chest tattoo of Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight

Boxer Robbie Barrett is paying tribute to a couple of other well known boxers with some permanent ink.

Ahead of his bout Saturday against Scott Cardle, Barrett (14-2-1, 1 KO) showed off his chest tattoo that captures an image of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez going against each other in the ring.

Pacquiao and Marquez had one of the most memorable fight histories. They fought four times, with Pacquiao going 2-1-1 in the fights. However, the loss was significant, as Pacquiao suffered one of the biggest knockouts of the year.

According to the Daily Mail, the image Barrett has inked on his chest comes from the third fight between Pac-Man and JMM. Pacquiao won that 2011 fight by decision.

Manny Pacquiao signs contract to fight Jeff Horn

Manny Pacquiao

Bob Arum is getting his way when it comes to Manny Pacquiao’s next fight.

The Top Rank promoter told the LA Times on Tuesday that Pac-Man has signed a contract to fight Jeff Horn in July. Arum initially pushed for Pacquiao to fight Horn, but there appeared to be little public interest in that fight. After voters on a Twitter poll overwhelmingly said they wanted Pacquiao to face Amir Khan instead, Pac’s manager began working on a deal with Khan. The money for that deal reportedly fell through, leading Arum to go back to Horn.

Though details are still being finalized, the fight is set to take place on July 1 at SunCorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia. The stadium typically hosts rugby matches and has a capacity of over 52,000.

This will be Pacquiao’s first time fighting in Australia. Most big fights typically are held in Las Vegas, although Pacquiao has also fought in Macau and at Cowboys Stadium this decade.

Arum says a fight with Khan could still take place in November. Pacquiao, 38, is 59-6-2 and has won two in a row. Horn, 29, is 16-0-1. He is a Brisbane native.

Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor reportedly set to announce fight

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor have cleared all of the obstacles standing in the way of a fight, according to one report.

Barry Moran of The Sun wrote over the weekend that Mayweather and McGregor are set to announce their fight in a matter of days. The two sides have reportedly agreed to a date and venue after negotiating for months. Morgan goes on to note that McGregor’s contract with the UFC was standing in the way of a deal, but UFC president Dana White is willing to let McGregor fight Mayweather while the Irishman is still under contract.

Here’s more:

An announcement would also mean any issues with the Nevada Athletic Commission had been resolved.

A source revealed: “Both sides have agreed a fee, date and venue. It’s all ready to be announced early next week.”

After initially describing it as “the stupidest move he has ever made”, White conceded there was too much money at stake for it not to happen.

The Sun reported over a month ago that McGregor and Mayweather had come to a financial agreement, which was a bit surprising given the outlandish demands McGregor was making at one point. However, it was noteworthy that White recently said he believes the fight is going to happen. If McGregor and Mayweather worked out all the details, White’s signature would be the last one they need.

GGG, Canelo Alvarez reportedly resume fight talks

Gennady Golovkin GGG

The most anticipated boxing fight this side of Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor would be between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez. And the two sides apparently are back in talks again about a potential fight.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reported on Thursday that the promoters for both fighters began talking Wednesday about a fight. Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, said he feels “there’s no reason the fight shouldn’t happen.”

Canelo’s side, Golden Boy Promotions, may not want to get the cart in front of the horse. Canelo has a fight in May against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. that he must win first. GGG just beat Daniel Jacobs last weekend in what was his closest fight in years. But Golden Boy also wants to make the fight happen and is targeting September.

GGG’s side also wants Golovkin to fight in June in his native Kazakhstan at the World Expo. But that could be posturing to sway negotiations.

One other issue is that Alvarez is more of a proven draw than Golovkin. Golden Boy reportedly prefers to pay GGG a flat fee for the fight, while GGG wants a cut of the pay-per-view.

Golovkin and Alvarez are considered two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Alvarez is 48-1-1 with 34 KOs, while GGG is 37-0 with 33 KOs. Alvarez’s only loss came to Floyd Mayweather when he was 22 years old.

Another area where they would have to figure things out would be the weight of the fight. Canelo fights at 154 pounds, while GGG is a class above at 160.

Dana White believes Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight will happen

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight believes the bout will eventually happen.

During an appearance on “Conan” Wednesday night, UFC president Dana White was asked if he believes McGregor and Mayweather will eventually square off.

“I do,” White said, according to “I think it’s going to be a tough deal, because obviously [there are] a lot of egos involved in this deal and a lot of people, so that always makes it tougher. On the flip side, there’s so much money involved. I just don’t see how it doesn’t happen.”

The egos are certainly a factor, but White is downplaying his own role in the negotiations. Even if McGregor and Mayweather agree to financial terms, no fight is happening without White’s approval. McGregor has an exclusive contract with the UFC, so White would need to sign off on any fight the Irishman has outside of the organization.

Of course, White wants the UFC to somehow profit from the fight if it happens. That’s why he already made an offer to both fighters, but Mayweather understandably laughed it off.

In addition to the financial and contractual obstacles, White said there is a size difference between the two fighters that very few people have mentioned.

“Conor McGregor is huge,” White said. “He’s 27 years old. He’s in the prime of his career. Floyd is 40. Floyd has always had a problem with southpaws. Conor is a southpaw. And Conor hits hard. When he hits people, they go. Floyd’s definitely not knocking him out — that’s for sure. I’m not saying that Conor would win this boxing match, but it sure makes it interesting.”

As White said, there’s simply too much money at stake for the fight to not happen — assuming both fighters genuinely want it. Even if the quality of the bout itself winds up being a joke, Mayweather recently gave a great reason for why McGregor should want to box him.

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