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Thursday, November 21, 2019

College Basketball

Jerry Stackhouse confronted by Austin Peay assistant coach in handshake line

Jerry Stackhouse Sergio Ruoco

Jerry Stackhouse was confronted by Austin Peay assistant coach Sergio Rouco in the handshake line after Vanderbilt’s 90-72 win over the Governors on Wednesday night.

Commodores guard Saben Lee dunked the ball with seven seconds left instead of dribbling out the clock as Stackhouse wanted. That was the final basket of the game and gave Vandy the 18-point win.

Rouco took issue with the dunk and held onto Stackhouse’s hand extra long in the handshake line so he could say something to the coach:

Stackhouse, who had to forcibly pry his hand away, said he told Rouco “I’ll coach my team and you coach yours.”

Stackhouse also said after the game that he doesn’t want that type of play from his guys.

“(Lee’s dunk) is not a play that we want to have happen. We want to be a team of class and a team of dignity,” Stackhouse said after the game, via The Tennesseean. “Saben just had a lapse right there. But that’s something I’ll correct with my team, not something that anyone else is going to correct with my team.”

Stackhouse had a great answer for Rouco, who apparently wants to play the role of sportsmanship police. Rouco may have gone overboard with the extended handshake though.

Vandy is in its first season under Stackhouse, a former North Carolina star and NBA All-Star. So far he seems to be handling his team well.

Report: NCAA to target Memphis with ‘major infractions case’ for playing James Wiseman

James Wiseman

The Memphis Tigers took a risk and defied the NCAA by playing James Wiseman even after he had been ruled ineligible, and may pay the price for it.

According to Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated, sources familiar with NCAA enforcement procedures said that Memphis is likely to face a “major infractions case” for playing Wiseman despite repeated warnings from the NCAA about eligibility issues.

This stems from the Tigers openly flouted NCAA rulings relating to Wiseman. The NCAA had notified Memphis before their season opener that Wiseman could have an eligibility problem, but played him anyway. Wiseman was then ruled ineligible on Nov. 8 because his family received money from coach Penny Hardaway to move, but Memphis went to court and obtained a temporary restraining order against that NCAA ruling. Wiseman proceeded to play two more games before ultimately dropping the lawsuit and sitting out.

Wiseman was ultimately suspended until January, but that won’t clear the Tigers of potential wrongdoing. Memphis knew the risks of playing Wiseman, a potential No. 1 draft pick, despite those warnings. If the NCAA’s enforcement process isn’t respected, they’re a significantly weaker organization, so this is something they will not take lightly.

James Wiseman suspended 12 games by NCAA, must pay back money to charity

The NCAA has made its ruling on the James Wiseman situation.

Wiseman has been suspended 12 games and must donate the amount of money ($11,500) his family received from Penny Hardaway to move to Memphis to a charity of his choice.

Wiseman, a top recruit by Memphis and candidate to go No. 1 in the NBA Draft, was initially cleared by the NCAA regarding his eligibility. However, they later ruled that because Penny had previously donated to Memphis — where he played — that made Hardaway a “booster.” So when Hardaway gave money to Wiseman’s family to move, the NCAA decided that was an example of Wiseman receiving money from a booster, which is against NCAA rules.

Memphis initially received a temporary restraining order against the NCAA’s ruling and defiantly played Wiseman the first three games of the season before the big man decided to drop his lawsuit against the NCAA and sit out.

The Tigers’ most recent game, which Wiseman sat out, will count towards the 12-game suspension, meaning he will be eligible to return to play on January 12 against South Florida.

The 12-game suspension seems excessive to many for a guy whose family accepted $11,500 to move in high school. The NCAA likely issued a harsher penalty than they originally would have levied due to Memphis flaunting the NCAA’s eligibility ruling by playing Wiseman to start the season.

Cassius Winston thanks fans for their support after brother’s death in heartfelt speech

Cassius Winston

Cassius Winston spoke to Michigan State fans on Monday for the first time since his brother’s death, and he thanked them in a heartfelt speech.

The senior guard had 11 points and eight assists in the Spartans’ 94-46 win over Charleston Southern on Monday night. After the game, Winston spoke to the fans at the Breslin Center and thanked them for their support.

“Thank you, thank all of Spartan Nation. It’s been a really tough time for me and my family. Just all the support, all the love, all the flowers, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart — me and my family,” Winston said. “There’s no better place than this and how you guys showed how much you care. My teammates and coaches — everybody in this building — I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I lost a piece of my heart, but you guys keep me going. I love everything about this place, and I really appreciate you guys, so thank you.”

Winston’s brother, Zachary, died on Saturday, November 9 after being hit by a train — police believe the 19-year-old stepped in front of the train intentionally. He was a reserve on Albion College’s basketball team.

Here is video of Cassius’ speech:

Winston has played in all four of Michigan State’s games this season. The Spartans have gone 3-0 since Zachary’s death.

Memphis star James Wiseman drops lawsuit against NCAA, will sit out

Potential top overall NBA Draft pick James Wiseman has dropped his fight against the NCAA, meaning the Memphis star will be sitting out games for at least the near future.

Wiseman was recently ruled ineligible by the NCAA because Tigers coach Penny Hardaway has a history with him and helped finance his family’s move to Memphis from Nashville in 2018. The NCAA ruled that this was against rules because they viewed Hardaway, a previous Memphis donor, as a booster for the program, meaning Wiseman received an improper benefit. A court then granted a temporary restraining order against the NCAA’s decision, so Memphis decided to play Wiseman anyway.

On Thursday, Wiseman announced that he has dropped his lawsuit and Memphis said he will sit out for now.

It could be that the lawsuit only made the issue more complicated and would have potentially resulted in more sanctions against Wiseman and/or Memphis, especially if the Tigers kept playing him while he was ruled ineligible.

Wiseman is one of the best players in the country and could be a No. 1 overall pick, so it is in the interest of both Memphis and the NCAA to have him on the court. This could be a step toward resolving the situation.

Walter McCarty promised his Evansville team a party if they beat No. 1 Kentucky

Walter McCarty Evansville

Walter McCarty may have to step up to deliver a party for his players.

McCarty’s Evansville Purple Aces beat No. 1 Kentucky 67-64 at Rupp Arena on Tuesday night despite being 25-point underdogs entering the game. McCarty, who played for Kentucky for three seasons in the mid-90s and won a championship with the team, said after the game that he promised his team a party if they won.

McCarty sounds like he wants to go back on that offer, but after his team knocked off Kentucky, how can he really deny his guys?

Kentucky had a cold shooting night, going 20-54 (37 percent) from the field and 4-17 (23.5 percent) on threes. Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones called the loss “historic” and the worst of the John Calipari era.

The loss snapped Kentucky’s 52-game winning streak over unranked non-league opponents inside Rupp Arena.

Cassius Winston posts heartfelt message to late brother on Instagram

Cassius Winston and his family are dealing with an unthinkable tragedy after the Michigan State star’s younger brother Zachary died over the weekend, and Winston shared some of his emotions on social media following Sunday’s game.

After the Spartans defeated Binghamton, Winston posted a lengthy message about his late brother on Instagram. He hinted that the 19-year-old was struggling with depression.

View this post on Instagram

Ima put this on here cause I need you to read it, and I feel like this the best way for it to get to you. I love you bro, w everything I have in my entire body. I love you so much, if I could carry yo pain I would wear it on my shoulders just to see you happy and wouldn’t think twice. I understand it was to much, I understand I really do and yo story won’t end here. I can promise you that, the next time I run into someone in your situation ima save them, cause that’s wha you would want me to do. I wish it was a term that goes deeper then brother, cause that’s what’s you are to me, 1/3 of my heart. And I’m struggling because there is nothing that can replace that Smoothie. I need you, I miss you. But I’m so proud of you, bro you fought every demon w everything you had in you. You went to war w yourself every single day not knowing if you could win that battle. And you won time after time. You stood tall and you let your family love you, you gave me everything I asked for, just one day you didn’t have enough strength. And that’s ok man, that’s really ok, ppl can’t go through wha you went through, you are the strongest, wisest, kindest, most caring person. The best brother/ gang member I could ever ask for. And I wouldn’t replace you or change any single thing about you. Not one. I don’t like doing these cause I feel like they for show, but I need to you to read this Smoothie and I need you to know, that I love you and I care for you. And the only reason I can sit here and still stand is because I know you not in no more pain. The only reason I’m still standing. After that bro we really got beef, and when I see you again I’m beating yo ass. Cause it’s no way you got me out here trying to adjust to life w out you bro. This shit so deep bro we suppose to see all this out together. But we’ll have that convo the next time I see you Smoothie Bean. Rest up my baby and keep watching over us, save me a seat. And when it’s all said and done ima have so much to tell you. You gone already know but ima tell you anyway. Love you Gang member wish your story coulda had a diff ending, it’s ok tho enjoy it up there. Ima see you soon enough #LuvSmoothie

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“You went to war w yourself every single day not knowing if you could win that battle. And you won time after time,” Winston wrote. “You stood tall and you let your family love you, you gave me everything I asked for, just one day you didn’t have enough strength. And that’s ok man, that’s really ok, ppl can’t go through wha you went through, you are the strongest, wisest, kindest, most caring person. The best brother/ gang member I could ever ask for.”

Remarkably, Winston was able to play in Sunday’s game just a day after his brother passed. The senior played 26 minutes and registered a double-double with 17 points and 11 assists.

Zachary Winston, the middle of three sons, was a reserve on Albion College’s basketball team. He was struck and killed by a moving Amtrak in Albion on Saturday night, and investigators believe he stepped in front of the train intentionally.