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#pounditSaturday, October 16, 2021

Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron responds to job speculation after upset win

Ed Orgeron

LSU coach Ed Orgeron had a typically curt response when asked about his job security on Saturday.

The Tigers upset Florida in a 49-42 shootout on Saturday, temporarily taking some of the heat off Orgeron. It didn’t completely save him from job speculation, however.

Orgeron was asked about his job, but the coach deflected attention to his players and said he was taking the situation one day at a time.

There’s not much Orgeron can say at this point. On Saturday alone, there were rumors about his potential replacement. Some inexplicable play during the Florida game probably won’t help either.

That said, Orgeron can’t have hurt himself with LSU’s win. In fact, he may have put his counterpart on the hot seat, too.

Dan Mullen lost to Ed Orgeron and everyone made the same hot seat joke

Dan Mullen with a headset on

Dan Mullen’s Florida Gators lost 49-42 to Ed Orgeron’s LSU Tigers on Saturday, leading to many of the same jokes.

Orgeron has been taking some heat from fans and the media regarding his job security amid a 3-3 season. Apparently going 15-0 and putting together the best season in college football history in 2019 wasn’t enough for some. Between the 5-5 year last season and being 3-3 this season, there was already talk about Orgeron replacements.

Mullen is in his fourth season at Florida and seems to have good security following consecutive double-digit win seasons to begin his tenure with the Gators. But after Saturday’s loss, his team is 4-3 this season.

Orgeron entered Saturday on the hot seat and Mullen secure, but after the game, fans ironically joked that things should be flipped.

Being 4-3 isn’t where Mullen wants to be, but anyone talking about either coach getting fired is crazy. Orgeron easily should get another three seasons. The guy went 15-0 and beat everyone that season. He earned way more time. And Mullen was accomplished at Mississippi State and has done well at Florida. Firing either of these guys won’t help their programs.

The funny thing is ESPN’s announcers shared Mullen’s comments about the hot seat talk. Mullen apparently acknowledged it’s a week-to-week league in the SEC, but he thought talk of Orgeron being on the hot seat was crazy. He also joked that if he lost the game, he could end up on the hot seat too. Guess what happened?

Ed Orgeron in danger of losing job at LSU?

Ed Orgeron

Less than two years after leading LSU to a championship, Ed Orgeron’s seat appears to be growing hotter by the day.

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic took a look at various college football coaches under pressure to keep their jobs, and Orgeron is one of them. The LSU head coach is apparently under growing scrutiny, and there is no guarantee he keeps his job for 2022.

One major factor, according to Feldman, is athletic director Scott Woodward. Woodward joined LSU in 2019, and was not responsible for hiring Orgeron. Industry sources believe Woodward and other LSU brass are eager to make a coaching change and have been for a while. Woodward also has a history of flashy, big-name hires, as he was responsible for bringing Chris Petersen to Washington and Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M.

Orgeron is also a victim of LSU’s high expectations. The Tigers are 8-7 since winning the national title, and are coming off a worrying loss to Auburn. With the likes of Florida, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Alabama still to come on the schedule, it’s an open question whether Orgeron can post a good enough record to assure himself of a job next season.

The LSU coach has made some bad staff moves and hasn’t exactly defended them well. Some of his other remarks backfired on him spectacularly, too. Orgeron will always be beloved for his role in LSU’s championship, but if things don’t turn around, he might not have a chance to win another.

UCLA fan reveals what prompted Ed Orgeron trash talk before LSU game

Ed Orgeron

The UCLA fan in the “sissy blue shirt” who riled up LSU coach Ed Orgeron is explaining what exactly happened to prompt Orgeron’s response.

David Witzling is the UCLA fan who Orgeron talked back to ahead of Saturday’s game between the Bruins and Tigers at the Rose Bowl. Video of Orgeron’s comments went viral online before the game, which ultimately ended in a 38-27 UCLA win.

Witzling told Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that he interpreted Orgeron’s words as a shot at the entire UCLA fandom, since the shirt Witzling was wearing was actually black. Witzling also shared video shot by his wife Ana of the exchange, showing what got Orgeron so fired up.

The video shows Witzling referencing comments Orgeron had made as the interim coach of USC in 2013. At that time, Orgeron said the Trojans were going to “let those little boys from across town into our stadium and we’re gonna lock the gates” ahead of the rivalry game against UCLA. The Bruins won that game 35-14, and Orgeron was eliminated as a candidate for the permanent job two days later.

“Coach Orgeron, how are you doing?” Witzling told Orgeron on Saturday. “We’re going to lock those gates and we’re going to beat you down. Remember ‘SC?”

Witzling laughed off the exchange as Orgeron walked away, and told Bolch that he had just been having fun and interpreted Orgeron’s response as a signal that he’d gotten under the LSU coach’s skin.

“He uses his own slang and he’s original to Louisiana, so he speaks in his own way,” Witzling said. “But my interpretation, and if you look at what he said, he’s basically telling me to fight him right there and then. So it’s nice that you can get under their skin as a fan.

“I said something to get under his skin, nothing derogatory. I told him exactly what he told us years ago, and that led to his downfall then and I wanted to remind him.”

Whatever the case, UCLA is having a blast making the most of the comments Orgeron made. That will probably just frustrate the LSU coach even more in light of the team’s loss.

UCLA is having a blast trolling Ed Orgeron after Saturday’s win

Ed Orgeron

LSU coach Ed Orgeron talked a big game Saturday as his Tigers faced UCLA, but the Bruins are taking full advantage after winning the game.

UCLA beat LSU at the Rose Bowl 38-27 on Saturday, a huge win for Chip Kelly’s team. It came after Orgeron was spotted in a viral video humorously trading shots with a UCLA fan prior to the game.

Naturally, the Bruins are having a blast taking advantage of that viral video after the win. Their football recruiting account made a video out of it.

Just in case there’s any doubt, the official UCLA football Twitter account retweeted the video, too.

Orgeron hasn’t shied away from big proclamations in the past, and he’s come to regret it at times. Maybe he didn’t learn it as broadly as he needed to.

Ed Orgeron sends message to LSU fans amid Hurricane Ida

Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron sent a message on Twitter Monday to fans in Louisiana amid Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 storm, has caused damage in Louisiana and surrounding states over the last few days. There have been at least two reported deaths related to the storm, lost power, and there is “catastrophic” damage being projected.

Athletic programs have moved locations amid the storm, including LSU’s football team, which is in Houston. Tigers head football coach Ed Orgeron shared this message of gratitude to Houston. He also expressed his thoughts for all the fans in Louisiana.

LSU is set to play its season opener at UCLA on Saturday. They are scheduled to host McNeese State and then Central Michigan, both at Tiger Stadium, in the following two weeks.

Ed Orgeron makes admission about hiring of ex-DC Bo Pelini

Ed Orgeron

LSU’s hire of Bo Pelini as defensive coordinator went very poorly in 2020. On Monday, coach Ed Orgeron dropped a hint as to why it didn’t work out.

Orgeron admitted at LSU’s media day that he hadn’t even personally interviewed Pelini before hiring the former Nebraska coach as his defensive coordinator. Despite that, Orgeron said he’d have still hired Pelini even if he had interviewed him.

It’s an odd quote, and not a great look. Defensive coordinator is a hugely important position on a coaching staff, and even though Pelini came in with a solid reputation, LSU should have been doing its due diligence here. The hire didn’t work at all, as LSU’s defense gave up 492 yards per game in 2020, the fourth-worst mark in the entire FBS.

It’s not exactly a reassuring take from Orgeron considering he’s had issues with hiring assistants before. Hopefully for Tigers fans, new defensive coordinator Daronte Jones is a better fit for the program.

Ed Orgeron says he has learned his lesson about infamous defense quote

Ed Orgeron

LSU coach Ed Orgeron is shying away from bold proclamations about his team this season.

Orgeron memorably said last September that the Tigers’ defense was “so much better” than it had been at any point of the team’s 15-0 championship season in 2019. That comment aged terribly, as the Tigers surrendered 492 yards per game, the fourth-worst mark in the entire FBS. The defense’s performance was so bad, it ultimately cost Bo Pelini his job as LSU’s defensive coordinator.

On Wednesday, Orgeron said he felt the defense was improving from 2020, but alluded to his previous comments in noting why he was being a bit more conservative with his praise.

“You know, I’m going to be careful what I say about last year to this year, because last year I said something and it come back to bite me,” Orgeron said, via John Brice of FootballScoop. “So I’m going to be guarded in what I say.

“I do see a difference. I see our guys with their cleats in the grass. I see communication being better. I see the defense simpler. I see our guys attacking and playing football. But I’m going to hold judgment to the season. Lesson learned.”

It would be hard for the defense to be worse, but Orgeron’s note of caution is smart. He was definitely flying high ahead of last season as the coach of the reigning national champions, and it seems he just got a bit carried away. There’s no way the guy wants to be trolled all season again, so he’ll let the team’s play do the talking this time.

Ed Orgeron reacts to Joe Burrow season-ending injury

Ed Orgeron

Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury was hard for many to watch. It was especially difficult for his college coach.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron said he has texted Burrow, admitting that he was sad to see his former quarterback hurt as badly as he was on Sunday.

“It was tough to watch. We felt bad for him,” Orgeron said Monday, via Jake Rill of Saturday Down South. “Joe’s a competitor. I texted him today. I know he’s going to be back. I know his attitude. I thought he was having a Rookie of the Year season. We are very proud of him.”

Burrow won the Heisman Trophy for Orgeron and the Tigers last season en route to a national championship. He’s rightly considered an LSU legend, so they’ll be pained to see this happen to him.

Unfortunately, it was revealed Monday that Burrow’s injury was even worse than initially feared.

Ed Orgeron has an intense new fitness regime

Ed Orgeron

LSU coach Ed Orgeron has some extra time on his hands these days, and he’s found a pretty constructive way to use it.

Orgeron told Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” that his new pastime is weekend running. Not just a little bit, either — we’re talking two hours a day three days a week.

“During the COVID, we had a lot of time off — and I’m single now so I have a lot of time,” Orgeron said, via TMZ Sports. “So I decided to start running 2 hours a day on the weekends — 2 hours on Friday, 2 hours on Saturday, 2 hours on Sunday … in the sun at 12 o’clock.”

Orgeron said he’s lost 25 pounds as a result. He also said running gives him “clarity” and he comes up with ideas for work and recruiting while doing it. And yes, he knows he’s not the fastest, but he doesn’t care.

“It’s a slow man’s run. I’ve been ridiculed for that,” Orgeron admitted. “But, you know what I told ’em? When you’re 59, you run like you walk!”

Orgeron’s got a point. He’s clearly happy and healthy, so who can judge? The guy’s been making the most of his free time lately, and it seems to be doing him good.