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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh bristles at question about talent or coaching gap with Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh

Saturday’s 56-27 loss to Ohio State forced the Michigan Wolverines to answer more difficult questions. One of them, though, was not to coach Jim Harbaugh’s liking.

Harbaugh told off a questioner who suggested that there is a talent or coaching gap between the Wolverines and Buckeyes. Harbaugh called the question an insult and acknowledging that the Buckeyes outplayed Michigan.

The question is leading and a shot at Harbaugh by saying there’s a coaching gap.

Harbaugh will point to the fact that Michigan could have played a more competitive game if not for some silly individual mistakes, and he’d be correct. He has a talented team, but there’s a reason Michigan wasn’t expected to win. The Wolverines do not have a Chase Young on defense or a J.K. Dobbins on offense, and Justin Fields is a better quarterback than Shea Patterson. Michigan is talented. Ohio State is exceptionally talented. You can understand why Harbaugh won’t want to acknowledge that, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Jim Harbaugh has a plan for expanding College Football Playoff to 11 teams

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is one of several college football coaches who believe the College Football Playoff needs to be expanded to include more teams, but it sounds like he has given the idea a lot more thought than some of his counterparts. While Harbaugh said previously that he wants the playoff to expand to 16 teams, he has since come up with a more complicated idea.

ESPN’s Heather Dinich polled 62 college head coaches and asked whether or not they believe the CFB Playoff should expand, and 30 are in favor of it. A lot of them think eight teams would be sufficient, but Harbaugh would like to see 11. He explained how he came up with that number.

With Harbaugh’s plan, each Power 5 conference champion would automatically get one of the top five spots. He would eliminate conference title games, however, and determine the champion through regular-season record and tiebreakers, essentially treating them like the NFL treats divisions. Harbaugh then wants to use the BCS system to rank the top six teams in the playoff, which would consist of the Power 5 champions and leave room for one non-Power 5 team. Of those six, five would get a first-round bye. In other words, every Power 5 champion would not be guaranteed a bye and one non-Power 5 team would still have a chance at the bye if its BCS ranking was higher than one of the Power 5 champions. The Power 5 champions are all guaranteed a playoff spot, but they would all need to be ranked 1-5 in the BCS system to get a bye. If a non-Power 5 team ends up ranked higher than one of the Power 5 conference champions, that team would get one of the five first-round byes.

From there, the BCS system would determine the remainder of the field.

Harbaugh believes his plan would be a way to expand the playoff without having certain teams play too many games. His suggestion is to have the playoff begin on the first Saturday of December, which is when conference title games are currently held. The six playoff teams that did not get a bye would play that weekend, leaving eight with the three winners and the five teams that had a bye. The losing teams would still be able to play in bowl games.

“You’d still have the same bowl structure that you have now, and teams that lost on Dec. 1, it’s like they would’ve been in a championship game and then they play in a bowl game,” Harbaugh explained. “Nobody would play 16 games.”

It may not work out exactly how Harbaugh envisions, however. As Aaron McMann of MLive.com noted, if a team played a 12-game regular season, did not get a bye in Harbaugh’s playoff system, and went on to reach the championship game, that team would have played in 16 games.

While complicated, Harbaugh’s system does not sound all that bad. Fans would probably be skeptical of eliminating conference championship games, but no one seems to think they are needed to determine postseason berths in other sports. While an expanded system might strip Dabo Swinney of some of the motivational tactics he will have the pleasure of using down the stretch, there are plenty of people in favor of it.

Report: Jim Harbaugh exploring potential NFL return

Jim Harbaugh

Year five of the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan is set to see them once again miss the College Football Playoff and fail to even make the Big Ten Championship, and according to one report, the coach is exploring ways out.

According to Zach Barnett of Football Scoop, Harbaugh’s representatives are reaching out to NFL teams to gauge interest in a return to the pros. It is expected he would find significant interest, given his 44-19 record with the San Francisco 49ers.

Harbaugh has turned Michigan into a highly-ranked program again, but has been unable to find the breakthrough into the conference title game and beyond. It’s put both him and the school in a situation where he has been too successful to get rid of, especially coupled with his status as a favorite son, but still hasn’t done what he was brought to Ann Arbor to do. A departure for the NFL would free both sides up to move on amicably.

Harbaugh’s contract runs through the end of the 2021 season. He’s 43-16 as Michigan’s head coach, a significant improvement on predecessors Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke but still in the wake of Ohio State. He also has a mediocre record against other top programs, as he’s failed to beat the Buckeyes during his tenure and will not be favored to this year, either.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Harbaugh lose another big game on the road and make some strange decisions in the process. That is illustrative of why everyone may be fine with it if his tenure ends after 2019 by mutual agreement.

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Jim Harbaugh gets crushed for baffling 58-yard field goal attempt

Jim Harbaugh

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is 0-7 as an underdog as the head coach of the Wolverines. Saturday’s game at Penn State was following the trend, and he did himself no favors with a key decision late in the first half.

Stalled at the Penn State 41 and facing a 4th and 6 with 51 seconds left, Harbaugh inexplicably sent out his field goal team to try a 58-yarder. Michigan was already down two touchdowns at this point. Though kicker Jake Moody had missed only one attempt on the season, his longest make was from 43 yards.

Predictably, Moody missed, giving Penn State the ball at their own 41 with 51 seconds left and all three timeouts. Twitter immediately went in on Harbaugh for his bizarre decision.

College kickers aren’t going to be trusted to make 58-yard field goals. If Harbaugh didn’t care about field position, he should have gone for it. Better yet, he probably should’ve punted, gone into the half down 21-7, and tried to pull it together at the break. Fortunately for him, Penn State didn’t score on the ensuing drive, so it didn’t actually cost him.

Harbaugh will need a big second half rally to avoid dropping to 0-8 as an underdog with the Wolverines. It’s pretty clear that his job is safe, but decisions like this aren’t going to help his standing among fans.

Urban Meyer has funny reaction to question about taking Michigan job

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer had a funny reaction to a question about potentially taking the Michigan Wolverines head coach job.

Meyer was on set for FOX’s college football coverage on Saturday and was asked what he thought about Michigan this year. Meyer said he thought the Wolverines would win at least nine games. He credited them for having very good players and a good coaching staff.

Then Brady Quinn asked Meyer whether he would contemplate taking the job if it ever came open.

Meyer just smiled and said “next” as he tried to wave off the question.

Where did some of the talk tying Meyer to the Michigan job come from? A sportsbook offered odds on who might be the Michigan coach at the start of next season. The odds did not have Jim Harbaugh favored to return. One name on the list of potential replacements was Meyer, which has led to a few questions this week about him taking the job.

Here’s the thing: Meyer just got done coaching at Ohio State and teaches there. There is no chance he is going to Michigan. He couldn’t stand them and it would go against everything he has represented since 2012. Frankly, the only reason the sportsbook included his name in the odds was for this exact reason: to get people talking about it, even if it’s not realistic. Job well done, because they sparked a conversation as they wanted.

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Why Michigan firing Jim Harbaugh would be idiotic

Jim Harbaugh

The Michigan Wolverines were flattened by the Wisconsin Badgers 35-14 on Saturday in Madison, and they were dominated so thoroughly that the biggest talking point in college football since then has been about Jim Harbaugh’s latest flop and whether he should be fired.

While Harbaugh has disappointed relative to the hype and expectations, firing him would be idiotic. I will explain why.

Harbaugh has underperformed so far

First, let’s get this out of the way: Harbaugh has underperformed at Michigan based on expectations and hype he helped generate. He is paid to win big games, to get Michigan into conference championship games, and to fight for College Football Playoff spots and national championships. He hasn’t achieved any of that yet. The Wolverines got smoked by Ohio State last year, rolled in their bowl game by Florida, squeaked past Army, and thrashed by Wisconsin. None of that looks good, and it has left Michigan fans feeling like the program is regressing, that Harbaugh has lost his touch, and like he should be fired. But that is all incorrect and the product of the cancel coaches culture we live in.

Harbaugh is an easy target and undeserved victim of the cancel coaches culture


Watch: Jim Harbaugh corrals his team with a whistle after avoiding upset

It’s no secret that Jim Harbaugh is an unusual guy. That goes right down to his mannerisms on the field, as he demonstrated again on Saturday.

Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines narrowly avoided disaster, beating Army 24-21 in double overtime. As his team celebrated, Harbaugh charged onto the field with his whistle to try to corral them, presumably to stand in respect for the Army fight song.

Regardless of the reason, there are few things more quintessentially Harbaugh than charging around a field looking unhappy while blowing a whistle to try to get the attention of his celebrating players. That said, if you think this is unusual, wait until you read his thoughts on eating chicken.