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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin sends funny tweet about record Sebastian Janikowski field goal attempt

Lane Kiffin

Having Sebastian Janikowski attempt a 76-yard field goal was not one of Lane Kiffin’s most sane moments as Oakland Raiders head coach. At least the current FAU head man can have a laugh about it now.

On the 11th anniversary of the play, a Twitter account shared video Saturday of the infamous 76-yard field goal attempt Kiffin had Janikowski try in a 2008 game against the Chargers. The missed attempt preceded Kiffin’s firing two days later.

When tagged in the tweet, Kiffin simply gave the fans what they wanted and said “Happy anniversary Seabass” to the kicker.

In what seems like ages ago, Kiffin was the head coach of the Raiders from 2007-2008. He was fired after starting the 2008 season 1-3, which included the Janikowski stunt. Late Raiders owner Al Davis accused Kiffin of being a liar.

After a brief stint at Tennessee, Kiffin left to become USC’s head coach. He was fired during his fourth season. He’s now in his third year at FAU.

Lane Kiffin wants viral blocking girl to play for FAU

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin continues to dazzle on social media.

An old video showing a stout woman pushing around a man inside a fast food restaurant recirculated on Twitter Tuesday. The video made its way to Kiffin, who recruited the woman to play guard for him at Florida Atlantic.

There is no doubt that this woman has talent. The scouting report would note her sturdy base and how she generates leverage from a powerful lower half. Her high motor and ability to finish blocks are other strong points in her game.

Is she interested in playing? Does she have any eligibility? If anyone could get to the bottom of the matter, it would be Kiffin, who looks everywhere for his talent.

Lane Kiffin has brutally honest explanation for scheduling Ohio State

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic Owls open their regular season at Ohio State next Saturday, a game in which they’ll be significant underdogs. It certainly doesn’t seem as though the coach has any regrets about it, though.

When asked Friday by 640 The Hurricane’s Andy Slater about the benefits of a team like FAU opening the season at Ohio State, Kiffin was his typical brutally honest self.

Games like this one usually mean a pretty big paycheck for the smaller team. Kiffin will clearly take it, though he could’ve said something about testing his team against the nation’s best and seeing where they stand.

Kiffin has remained his usual trolling self this year. It remains to be seen if the Owls can keep it close against the Buckeyes, but as long as FAU gets that paycheck, he seems fine with the outcome.

Lane Kiffin: Questions about Jalen Hurts are ‘ridiculous’

Jalen Hurts

Lane Kiffin may no longer be coaching Jalen Hurts, but he still has his former quarterback’s back.

Kiffin was quoted in a story published by The Athletic’s Jason Kersey on Monday regarding Oklahoma’s decision to name Hurts their starting quarterback for the season (Kiffin was Hurts’ offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2016).

The last two Heisman Trophy winners have come from the Sooners’ program, which means Hurts is walking into a great situation. However, there is a belief based on what he did at Alabama that Hurts is not as good of a passer as Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

“Not to sound disrespectful, but I think those questions are ridiculous,” Kiffin told Kersey regarding questions about Hurts as a passer. “For people to ask if he can throw the ball well enough to be efficient … well, look at his freshman year. Coming out of high school, this was not a kid who they had in quarterback camps ever since he was little. This was an old-school quarterback that hadn’t had a ton of coaching. He wasn’t in all those camps and had quarterback coaches his whole life. As a freshman, he had a lot of explosive pass plays.”

Hurts passed for 2,780 yards, 23 touchdowns and 9 interceptions as a freshman in 2016. He led Alabama to the championship game, where they lost to Clemson. He threw for 17 touchdowns and just one interception the following season but was benched in the national title game for Tua Tagovailoa, who kept the starting job last year, leading to Hurts’ transfer.

Expecting Hurts to match what Murray and Mayfield did is unrealistic, but maybe there’s more to him than what he was able to show at Alabama the past three years. If anyone can bring the most out of him, it’s probably Oklahoma and Lincoln Riley.

Lane Kiffin’s music choices at Florida Atlantic fall camp are hilarious

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is one of the biggest trolls in all of sports, and he continues to prove it every chance he gets.

The Florida Atlantic coach opened Sunday’s session of fall camp with a pair of inspired music choices, both referencing his former employers. First, he broke out “Sweet Home, Alabama” as a reference to his time as the Crimson Tide offensive coordinator, and then he played “Rocky Top,” which is, of course, famously associated with Tennessee.

No sign of the USC fight song, unfortunately, to complete the trolling trifecta.

The Alabama reference might get a chuckle in Tuscaloosa, but given the mutual hostility between Kiffin and the Vols, this probably won’t go over well in Knoxville. For Kiffin, that’s almost certainly the point.

Lane Kiffin shows love for ‘GOAT’ Nick Saban on Twitter

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban have had a complicated relationship over the years, but it’s fair to say that there’s some respect for the Alabama coach’s skills.

Kiffin, currently the head coach at Florida Atlantic, replied to a Twitter post Wednesday with the belief that Saban would outlast every other SEC coach — because the “GOAT” will never retire.

Kiffin served as Saban’s offensive coordinator for three years. For a lengthy period following his departure, Kiffin seemingly delighted in taking shots at his former boss, but seems to have been a bit warmer to him lately. This is further evidence of that — for their differing styles, Kiffin at least has some respect for Saban.

Lane Kiffin visits high school recruit in maternity ward

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin is back at work on the recruiting trail following a disappointing 5-7 second season at FAU, and it looks like he is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to land the players he wants.

On Wednesday, Lake Weir (Fla.) High School coach Knox Robinson shared a photo on Twitter of Kiffin visiting one of his players at a hospital maternity ward. The player, whom Robinson chose not to name, welcomed a child earlier this week, and Robinson says Kiffin talked to the young man about “real life stuff” rather than football.

We all know how Kiffin thinks his social media activity helps him attract recruits, but visiting a young man who just became a father probably resonates more. Kiffin’s looking to turn things around at FAU, and working that hard on recruiting should certainly help.