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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin gets blocked on Twitter by impersonator

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is learning an important lesson about the mean streets of Twitter.

The Florida Atlantic head coach posted a hilarious tweet on Friday, revealing that he had gotten blocked by an account that was impersonating him.

Kiffin’s A-plus use of the monocle emoji aside, the impersonator account was created in December 2016 (the same month that Kiffin accepted his current position). It also reads “Head Coach of the Florida Atlantic University Owls Football Team” in its bio. Sporting nearly 5,000 followers, the account can sometimes make it seem convincing with generic coachspeak tweets that are tagged with a location of Boca Raton, Florida.

It is especially difficult to tell the difference between real life and parody when it comes to Kiffin since he has proven to be quite fond of posting troll tweets.

Lane Kiffin expects Nick Saban to continue coaching for next decade

Nick Saban

There has been a lot of conjecture lately over a possible Nick Saban retirement, but count Lane Kiffin as one who doesn’t see the Alabama head coach calling it quits anytime soon.

Kiffin — a former Saban offensive coordinator — thinks that Saban will be coaching another decade at Alabama.

“I really think it could be a record-type thing, this could be another 10 years,” Kiffin told 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge, via Brad Crawford of Scout.com. “Coach (Saban) is extremely healthy, he takes care of himself and you know, people are supposed to lose things as they get up there in age but he doesn’t at all. He doesn’t slow down. He drives himself — he works harder than anyone in the building, regardless of whether it’s a 25-year-old or not.

“I think him stopping would only be because… by choice he wanted, not for any other reason. He ain’t going to slow down.”

Saban is 66, but Kiffin’s comments sound a lot like another coach’s when it comes to retirement talk. He’s signed through 2025, and it sounds like everyone expects him to be there at least that long.

Lane Kiffin appears to troll Alabama yet again

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin’s Twitter bravado knows no bounds.

Kiffin appeared to troll the Alabama football program yet again when he responded to a tweet. During Friday night’s Virginia-UMBC game, sports personality Clay Travis asked if there was a top team that was as boring to watch as Virginia.

Kiffin responded to the tweet on Saturday, saying “Hmmmm” along with a crying laughing face.

Kiffin spent three seasons at Alabama as an offensive coach. He complained about his time there on multiple occasions, saying it was a “miserable” atmosphere. He also would have loved to open things up more offensively while with the Tide, so it’s pretty obvious he was talking about Alabama.

Kiffin sure has shown time and time and time again that he just loves to troll Bama.

Lane Kiffin critical of Alabama offensive gameplan at halftime

Lane Kiffin

Despite his beef with Nick Saban, former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is still rooting on the Crimson Tide in the National Championship.

Kiffin is, however, not particularly happy with Alabama’s defensive gameplan, logging on to Twitter at halftime to suggest that the Tide throw the ball downfield.

Kiffin also retweeted a Florida Atlantic fan account praising Kiffin’s offensive mind — and pointing out how badly Alabama was struggling without him.

Alabama’s halftime response was to bench their quarterback. We’ll see if that helps — or perhaps they’ll still embrace Kiffin’s suggested tweak.

Lane Kiffin calls Nick Saban a liar for quote about assistants

Lane Kiffin Nick Saban

There remains no love lost between Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban.

After Saban said in an interview that he doesn’t believe he yells at his assistants very often, Kiffin, his former offensive coordinator, made clear that he felt Saban was not telling the truth while linking to the story.

The Pinocchio face says it all. Kiffin, now the coach at Florida Atlantic, has made clear what he thought of his time at Alabama, and it definitely paints a very different picture than the one Saban offers up. He even goes so far as to more or less accuse Saban of holding himself to a double standard with regard to keeping his emotions in check. It’s transparently obvious that Kiffin doesn’t think much of some of Saban’s methods — and his perceived denial of them.

Lane Kiffin talks about ‘miserable’ atmosphere at Alabama

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin has made it abundantly clear that coaching at Alabama was not something he enjoyed, and he gets more and more candid about his time in Tuscaloosa by the day.

In an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show” this week, Kiffin said his departure from Alabama has reminded him that football is supposed to be fun.

“It doesn’t have to be miserable,” Kiffin said, as transcribed by Sam Hellman of 247 Sports. “I used to laugh when I’d walk down the Alabama hallway and see all the national championship pictures. Look at the faces on the coaches. It looks like they’re at a funeral.”

Kiffin said the only thing he looked forward to at Alabama was gameday, but even then he grew tired of getting chewed out by Nick Saban when the Tide were blowing opponents out.

“I like gameday, but it’s only three hours and 15 minutes,” he said. “You have the best players, so you know you’re going to win. And you’re out there and you’re scoring a million points and a million yards. But the last 15 minutes of the game when you’re up by 30 and you hand the ball off left instead of right, so you get your a– ripped.”

Saban demands perfection, and you could argue that the great ones always do. Bill Belichick never seems satisfied after a win no matter how dominant the New England Patriots look. But Belichick is never seen berating his assistants on the sideline.

“He’s just mad to get mad,” Kiffin said. “He’s feeling like everyone’s too comfortable. I don’t know where he gets it from. It’s just like, ‘I need to rip somebody.’ I never understood it. I don’t do it. Someone used to joke that he’d get a memo in the fourth quarter that they showed me on TV more than him, so he was going to make sure that he ripped me to humble me. So I don’t really know why he does it.”

Kiffin has trolled Saban every chance he gets since he left Alabama, so his comments are not exactly a surprise. He seems to genuinely hate his former boss, though he admitted Saban is a better coach than him. Still, Kiffin may never get tired of trying to prove how horrible Saban is to work for.

Lane Kiffin explains why he ran up score on Akron

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin showed no mercy during FAU’s 50-3 thumping of Akron in the Boca Raton Bowl on Tuesday night.

Not only did Kiffin’s squad win by 47 points, but the Owls head coach was doing things like going for two while up 35-3 in the third quarter, and throwing passes up 50-3 in the fourth quarter.

So why did Kiffin do all that? He says it was prompted by an Akron official talking trash.

Love him or hate him, this is the exact kind of behavior that makes Kiffin so polarizing. Well, that and his constant Nick Saban trolling.