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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Urban Meyer

Pat McAfee calls Urban Meyer a ‘bum’

Urban Meyer sparked a friendly feud with Pat McAfee earlier this month when he took a shot at the former Indianapolis Colts punter for the work he has done with ESPN’s “College GameDay,” and McAfee is not willing to let it go just yet.

McAfee jumped into the Brazos River during the ESPN pregame show before the Oklahoma-Baylor game last month, and Meyer apparently was not impressed. Meyer, who works for rival network FOX as part of its “Big Noon” pregame show, said he enjoys talking about actual football rather than jumping in bodies of water.

Fast-forward to Monday, when McAfee discussed the coaching rumors surrounding Meyer during ESPN’s “Get Up.” He made sure to begin his analysis by mentioning the shot Meyer took at him and calling the three-time national champion a “bum.”

“Urban Meyer took a shot at me out of nowhere when he was doing a very small interview for somebody, so I obviously think he’s a bum strictly because of that,” McAfee said.

McAfee then said he doubts Meyer could transition to the modern NFL because the relationship between coaches and players is too different from the college level, and he certainly isn’t alone in that thinking. He said much harsher things about Meyer after Meyer took the original swipe at him.

The line about remembering things is a call back to Ohio State’s lame explanation for why Meyer lied to the media about Zach Smith. The heart complications out of nowhere and completely fine since line is an allusion to Meyer leaving Florida because of heart issues only to sign on to coach at Ohio State less than a year later.

Both McAfee and Meyer are excellent at what they do, so the feud is kind of silly. That doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

Urban Meyer says he is ‘done coaching’ in response to Redskins rumors

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer attended Sunday’s game between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles as a guest of Daniel Snyder, which naturally sparked a surge of speculation about the three-time national champion coaching in the nation’s capital next season. According to Meyer, that is not going to happen.

According to a report, Meyer threw cold water on all of the rumors linking him to head coaching jobs at both the NFL and collegiate level. He told Brit Hume of FOX News that he thinks he is “done coaching.”

Meyer attended Saturday’s Army-Navy game, so heading to the Redskins game on Sunday to watch his former players like Dwayne Haskins, Terry McLaurin, and visit with Alex Smith made sense.

Meyer is said to be very happy with his TV job at FOX Sports, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reiterated that on Monday. History has taught us to never rule anything out with Meyer, but it is starting to seem like he will not be returning to the sideline in 2020, if he returns at all.

It would make little sense for Meyer to take the Redskins job when he has been linked to arguably the most prestigious coaching job in football, so it is no surprise he shot down the Washington rumors. However, there will be no way for him to convince some people that he is done coaching altogether. It seemed like Meyer was retiring for health reasons after he left Florida, and he later ended up at Ohio State.

Meyer is only 55, which is very young by coaching standards. Plenty of teams would be interested in hiring him even if he took another year or more off.

Terry McLaurin has explanation for Urban Meyer’s attendance at Redskins game

Urban Meyer

Washington Redskins wide receiver Terry McLaurin threw some cold water on those Urban Meyer-to-Washington rumors that emerged Sunday.

Speculation ran wild after Meyer was seen attending the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, reportedly as the guest of owner Dan Snyder. McLaurin, however, had a different story: Meyer was his guest, and the coach had come to support McLaurin and Dwayne Haskins, both of whom played for Meyer at Ohio State.

To be clear, it may be that the Redskins would like to hire Meyer as their head coach. We don’t really know. Another team linked to him may not be as interested as they initially seemed, which could open the door. Meyer would also be a big PR win for a Washington organization that doesn’t get many of those. Regardless of who Meyer was the guest of Sunday, the rumors are unlikely to quiet down now.

Urban Meyer sparks Redskins coaching rumors by attending game with Dan Snyder

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer has heard his name mentioned in connection with a number of high-profile coaching jobs at both the collegiate and NFL levels, and we can now add the Washington Redskins to that list.

Meyer was at FedEx Field on Sunday as a guest of owner Daniel Snyder, and JP Finlay of NBC Sports reports that the Redskins would love to hire the three-time national champion as their next head coach.

Meyer coached Redskins rookie Dwayne Haskins in college, so that is likely one of the reasons he attended Sunday’s game.

Meyer has been heavily linked to the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job, and it would seem like a no-brainer for him to choose them over Washington if he is offered a position by both teams. The Redskins are considered one of the most poorly run franchises in sports and are expected to have trouble landing a top head coaching candidate.

It would seem more reasonable for the Redskins to target another college coach they are said to be interested in, as it would be a major surprise if Meyer would want his first NFL head coaching gig to be with a team that has had so many problems over the years.

Jerry Jones hints that he won’t hire Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley?

Jerry Jones

Two of the hottest names that have been mentioned as potential head coaching candidates for the Dallas Cowboys have no experience at the NFL level, and most have assumed that would not deter Jerry Jones from hiring them given his history. However, Jones may have hinted on Friday that experience will be a factor in the decision making process if the Cowboys move on from Jason Garrett.

During an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Jones praised Lincoln Riley for the job he has done at Oklahoma and Matt Rhule for how quickly he has turned things around at Baylor. The Cowboys owner then made some interesting remarks about how difficult it is for college coaches to transition to the NFL.

For what it’s worth, Jones reminded listeners that Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 in his first season as the head coach in Dallas. Johnson only had collegiate coaching experience prior to that, and he went on to win two Super Bowls with the Cowboys. He was replaced by Barry Switzer, who also had zero NFL coaching experience but went 12-4 in his first season with a talented roster in Dallas and led the team to another Super Bowl championship in his second year on the job.

What does all that mean? Coaches that joined the Cowboys with no prior NFL coaching experience have combined to win three Lombardi trophies for Jones. If Riley wants the Dallas job, he could easily use that to pitch Jones, and there’s reason to believe it might work. The same can be said for Urban Meyer, who may actually have a better chance at landing the job than Riley.

It sounds like Jones’ first choice to replace Garrett is currently under contract with another NFL team, so he may decide to poke around the college ranks.

Urban Meyer would prefer not to face Clemson

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer knows just how important the rankings are for the College Football Playoff.

On FOX’s postgame show following the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday night, the analysts discussed who they thought should be #1 between Ohio State and LSU. Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush and Meyer all said Ohio State deserved the top spot, while Matt Leinart said LSU.

Meyer emphasized just how critical the rankings are.

“Do you guys realize how important this is? You wish you could somehow take the subjectivity out of it,” Meyer said.

Quinn jumped in and said that’s because Meyer doesn’t want to play Clemson.

“I think so,” Meyer said.

Clemson is 13-0, has mostly rolled its opponents, and is the defending national champs. Compare them to Oklahoma, which lost to Kansas State and had narrow victories over Iowa State, TCU, and Baylor twice towards the end of the season.

There is little doubt that facing Clemson is a more daunting matchup than Oklahoma, which is a big reason why who gets the top spot is so important. Here’s my argument for why LSU deserves the top spot.

Report: Cowboys have ‘very real interest’ in Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer

Barring a Super Bowl run, Jason Garrett’s time as Dallas Cowboys head coach seems like it will end after this season. Once he’s gone, the big question will become: who will replace him? The Cowboys apparently have a few names in mind.

NFL Media’s Jane Slater reported on Thursday night that the Cowboys have “very real interest” in Urban Meyer. She says Stephen Jones even spoke with Meyer recently. Slater says Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley remains a strong candidate, and that Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott is also a possibility.

Between those three names, it’s hard to imagine the Cowboys not making Meyer their top priority. He is one of the greatest coaches in college football history and has had success at every single stop, from Bowling Green and Utah to Florida and Ohio State.

The big issue with Meyer is his health. Not having to recruit year-round might be better on his health and allow him to focus more on coaching, which could make the NFL ideal for him. And keep this in mind: Meyer has already said he would “absolutely” take the job.