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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer responds to latest disturbing allegations against Ohio State

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer has once again found himself on the defensive in the wake of a report that includes disturbing allegations against the Ohio State football program, and he is responding in familiar fashion.

LeBron Grimes, the father of former Ohio State wide receiver Trevon Grimes, told Brett McMurphy of WatchStadium that his son transferred to Florida following an altercation with former Buckeyes assistant Zach Smith, during which LeBron says Smith called his son the N-word. Ohio State confirmed that there was an “interaction” between Smith and Grimes but said there was no racist language used. Both Meyer and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith have vehemently denied that the incident took place.

McMurphy’s report also outlines how Grimes was declared eligible to play immediately at Florida, which was by way of a hardship waiver because his mother, Leah, was diagnosed with an illness. Details were shared about how Meyer and some Ohio State players and staffers flew to Florida last year to meet with Grimes and his mother. LeBron said the meeting had to do with Ohio State trying to keep Trevon quiet about the incident with Smith, telling him they would allow him to transfer anywhere if he did not come forward about it. An Ohio State spokesman said Meyer flew to Florida because Trevon was struggling after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Both Leah and Trevon declined to comment on the visit, but McMurphy’s report went on to share some information about Leah’s troubled past. Meyer indicated he felt that was unethical of McMurphy and said legal action could be taken.

McMurphy was the same reporter who broke the story about Meyer keeping Smith on his staff despite multiple domestic violence allegations against the former Ohio State assistant. Meyer was defiant in responding to the original report but later ended up being suspended for his knowledge of the incidents.

Urban Meyer says he will be at Ohio State next season

Urban Meyer

Off-field controversy and a recent health scare have ensured that Urban Meyer’s long-term future at Ohio State is a bit murky, but that’s not the case to him.

On Monday, Meyer made clear that he has no intention of quitting, and he fully anticipates being the coach of the Buckeyes next season.

Meyer has downplayed his recent health scare, but rumors persist that all is not right within the Ohio State football program. That said, it’s nearly impossible to see the school forcing him out unless something publicly changes, and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be walking away himself.

Report: Friction exists within Ohio State football program

Urban Meyer

Ohio State’s loss to Purdue over the weekend may only be the manifestation of much greater problems going on within the Buckeyes’ football program.

Football Scoop’s Scott Roussel reported on Monday that he continues to hear about supposed friction going on between Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith. He says the friction extends to their respective superiors, and there is also friction within the football program.

Additionally, former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit, who is a top college football analyst for ESPN, made note of Meyer’s concerning sideline demeanor on Monday.

“He doesn’t look the way he’s looked since he’s been at Ohio State,” Herbstreit said on “The Dan Patrick Show” Monday. “He looks, the word I’ve used is ‘anguished.’ He looks frustrated. Very emotional and erratic.”

Herbstreit referenced Meyer going to a knee during Ohio State’s win over Indiana, which was attributed to ongoing headache issues the head coach has experienced.

Beyond the health issues, Meyer has been embattled ever since Ohio State launched an investigation into his handling of former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Meyer was placed on leave, suspended three games, and then allowed to return to his full-time duties as the team’s head coach. The school seemed to buy Meyer’s lies based on their statement of findings.

One high-profile college football figure predicted in August that this would be Meyer’s last season as Ohio State’s head coach. The Buckeyes reportedly have even discussed a head coach-in-waiting deal with one of their assistants.

Urban Meyer: Health issue is ‘something we have to monitor’

Urban Meyer sideline

Urban Meyer went down to the ground during Ohio State’s win over Indiana on Saturday with what he later described as a headache, but the Buckeyes coach does not sound overly concerned about the health issue.

While speaking with reporters on Monday, Meyer referenced the surgery he had to remove fluid from a cyst on his brain back in 2014. He indicated that the headache he experienced on Saturday was related to that.

“I’ve been dealing with that cyst for many years,” Meyer said, via Dave Biddle of 247Sports.com. “We had surgery several years ago. When it does take place, they give me some medicine. I feel fine now. It’s something we have to monitor.”

Meyer was asked if he thought about getting surgery again, but he said he plans to “just get by with what we’re doing” for the time being.

Between the 2014 procedure and the chest pains he experienced before he left Florida in 2010, Meyer has a history of health-related problems. He has been publicly accused of exaggerating the issues to get what he wants in his career, which is something his family has passionately defended him over.

Urban Meyer explains why he went to ground during game

Urban Meyer sideline

Urban Meyer clarified what happened to him during the fourth quarter of Ohio State’s win over Indiana on Saturday.

Meyer was seen going to the ground on the sidelines after a fourth quarter touchdown pass by Dwayne Haskins. FOX initially reported that Meyer collided with another staffer on the sideline, causing him to go to a knee. However, Meyer said after the game that he went to the ground because of a headache, not a collision.

Meyer has a history of health problems. He left his job at Florida after the 2010 season because of health issues — he was experiencing chest pains. Then in 2014 he had surgery to remove fluid from a cyst on his brain.

Meyer’s Buckeyes won 49-26 to improve to 6-0.

Urban Meyer goes down on sideline during Ohio State game

Urban Meyer sideline

Urban Meyer went down to a knee during the fourth quarter of Ohio State’s game against Indiana on Saturday.

According to FOX reporter Bruce Feldman, Meyer spotted an open receiver and was trying to get Dwayne Haskins to throw it there. FOX reported that Meyer was running down the sideline and collided with a staffer, leading him to go down.

Haskins had thrown a 17-yard touchdown pass to Terry McLaurin on the play to make it 42-26.

Meyer stepped down at Florida due to health issues, leading some to panic that he had suffered a health scare. However, FOX’s reporting made it seem like he went down because of a collision.

Tim Tebow: Nick Saban has separated himself from Urban Meyer

Nick Saban

Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are widely considered to be the two best coaches in college football, but you might be surprised to hear which one of Meyer’s former players feels the former has pulled away from the latter in terms of greatness.

Tim Tebow, who won two national championships playing under Meyer at Florida, was asked during an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday what separates Saban from coaches like Meyer. The former Gators quarterback didn’t exactly show any bias.

“Look at what Coach Meyer has been able to do. He’s been able to get to the top of the mountain a lot of times, but hasn’t been able to sustain it as much — and a lot of other coaches in college football,” Tebow said, as transcribed by Brad Crawford of 247 Sports. “The Chip Kellys and the different ones that can get there, but how do you keep it there? That’s why I think Nick Saban has separated himself.”

Saban has won six national championships, with five coming at Alabama since 2009. Meyer won two at Florida and has won one with Ohio State. Saban has also managed to avoid controversy for the most part, which has not been the case with Meyer.

While Tebow probably would not want to get into the latest drama involving Meyer at Ohio State, it will certainly be a factor when comparing Meyer’s legacy to Saban’s. The Alabama coach truly is in a class of his own, and Tebow’s admission of that says a lot.