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Friday, July 10, 2020

Darwin Nominees

Florida youth football coach Dion Robinson hits referee after game is called (Video)

During a recent youth football game in South Florida, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty ultimately resulted in the contest being called. Dion Robinson, a 43-year-old coach for the West Park Saints, became irate after the call went against his team and came onto the field with some of the other members of the coaching staff. The officials working the game decided to call it off because of the coaches’ behavior and get the children off the field.

As the referees were leaving the facility, Robinson ran over to the official who made the call, Andrew Keigans, and belted him across the face.

“I was shocked!” Keigans told NBC Miami on Tuesday. “I was like holy sh**. .. My buddy said ‘Drew just keep walking, don’t say nothing, just keep walking, don’t say nothing’ and that’s when he comes around and just, I actually turned right into it, if you see the video, I turn right into it and he got me in my ear.”


Baby photographed doing keg stand at Arizona State tailgate (Picture)

A picture of a baby doing a keg stand at an Arizona State tailgate is beginning to go viral, and police are investigating the matter.

The picture first appeared at TheDirty.com on Monday, and the website’s owner says an appalled student sent it in. The picture is said to have been taken before last Saturday’s Arizona State-Utah game.

“ASU police are looking into the posted photo. It’s not clear if this is a joke or an actual event that occurred. Police are contacting the website…” AZfamily.com reports.

Regardless of whether or not this was a joke, it’s pretty damn stupid. I’m not sure why any parents figured taking a baby in diapers and sticking a hose from a keg into its mouth is funny, but apparently they did. That’s pretty disturbing, but as we know, there are plenty of disturbed people in the world. The ones who orchestrated this photo are part of that group.

H/T Lost Lettermen

Harvey Updyke looking hopeless in latest mug shot (Picture)

On Monday we shared the story of alleged tree poisoner Harvey Updyke getting arrested on terrorizing charges after threatening the staff at a Lowe’s home improvement store when he was unable to get a full refund on his lawn mower. Now we get to share with you the best part: Updyke’s new mug shot.

There he is, our devout Alabama fan, looking all hopeless and depressed. Hair looking disheveled, mustache all long and unkempt, a general “this is what my life has come to” look across his face. That, my friends, is the look of a man who know he’s about to spend the next several years of his life in prison.

Updyke later took a plea deal for poisoning Toomer’s Oaks on the Auburn campus. He will spend six months in jail.
Photo via WSFA

Harvey Updyke arrested on terrorizing charges for lawnmower dispute

In a twist that will come as a shock to nobody, alleged tree poisoner Harvey Updyke was arrested last week for causing a disturbance at a home improvement store and allegedly threatening the staff.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Updyke was trying to return a lawnmower to the store but was only offered $110 in return. He apparently was demanding $150 for it, and he caused a scene when he was refused that amount.

The store manager had to call the police on him.

Updyke is set for trial Oct. 1 on charges of poisoning oak trees on Auburn University’s campus, and he indicated to the police that he had nothing to lose.

“He said he was going to prison anyway, he had a bad heart, and he didn’t care. He kept insinuating that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer,” a police spokesman said.

The Times-Picayune reports that the police report says Updyke said he would “come back and take care of everyone,” after the officer on scene told him he was not allowed back on the property.

The police report says that Updyke continued to tell the officer he would return to the store and “it would be his last time.”

Updyke was arrested because the officer felt the statements were said in a threatening manner (and be honest, you have a vision of Kevin Hart from “The 40 Year Old Virgin” in your head).

Old man Harv feels like his life is ending, so he’s not about to put up with any crap from a home improvement store while he’s still a free man. That is where it crosses the line for Updyke.

Floyd Mayweather involved in domestic dispute with baby mama Melissa Brim

Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly was involved in yet another domestic incident with one of the mothers of his children.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Melissa Brim, who has a daughter with Mayweather, called 911 on Sept. 9 to report she had a verbal argument with the boxer.

The Review-Journal says police went to Brim’s home in response to the call. Brim reportedly told police that Mayweather had taken some of her personal belongings, but someone returned them and she declined to press charges.

If you’re keeping track at home, this is at least the third time police have been called for an incident between Mayweather and Brim, though this did not involve violence unlike the previous two. Brim filed a lawsuit saying that Mayweather opened a car door into her jaw in 2001 and then hit her in the head and body multiple times in the car. Her lawsuit said Mayweather hit her in the neck in a separate incident five months later.

She dropped the suit in 2003, according to the Review-Journal, but Mayweather still pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic violence and one battery count.

Over the summer, Mayweather served two months in jail as part of his sentence for beating Josie Harris, the mother of his other children, in front of the kids. There’s no word on how this might affect Mayweather’s parole, but we’re guessing it will have no affect given the way the justice system has let him get off easily so many times in the past.

It’s time for the rundown of Floyd Mayweather’s legal problems:

H/T Marcus Vanderberg

Michael Turner arrested for DUI following Falcons’ win over Broncos

Michael Turner and the Falcons got off to a fast start against the Broncos on Monday night and never looked back. Turner scored a touchdown after Atlanta’s defense picked off Peyton Manning for the first time, which made him the franchise leader with 51 career touchdowns with the Falcons. There was a lot to celebrate after the game, but Turner should have done it responsibly.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Turner was arrested hours after the game and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol and speeding. He was released on $2,179 bond after about two hours in jail.

Obviously this is not good news for the 30-year-old Turner. He was already expected to see a decline in production this season, and a potential suspension could force him to fall behind and get into a situation he cannot recover from at his age.

Purdue kicks LB Dwayne Beckford off team after fourth arrest; he had bath salts

Purdue coach Danny Hope laid down the law on Wednesday, sending the message to his football team that three arrests in one year is acceptable, but a fourth is going too far. Just kidding.

Hope dismissed Dwayne Beckford from the team on Wednesday two days after the senior linebacker and team’s second-leading tackler a year ago was arrested for the fourth time in 14 months. Police arrested Beckford a week after they went to his apartment because of a verbal argument he had with a female acquaintance, the Journal & Courier reports.

Beckford turned himself into police on Monday after learning there were outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was charged with two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of a synthetic drug. What was the synthetic drug, you ask? Bath salts, which reportedly were found in his bedroom.

It appears as if Beckford was going for some sort of collegiate athlete record for arrests. Beckford has been arrested four times since last June, which is when he was charged for a misdemeanor related to a hit-and-run incident.

In December, Beckford was arrested for drunken driving and possession of marijuana. The New Jersey-native was suspended for the team’s bowl game and kicked out of school, but he had been taking classes elsewhere in hopes of rejoining the team.

It’s nice to see that Hope is taking such a harsh stance in opposition to this sort of tomfoolery. Nobody gets arrested five times on his watch!

H/T Sports by Brooks Live
Photo via Purdue Exponent