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Sunday, July 12, 2020


South Park takes shot at LeBron James over China comments

LeBron James

LeBron James has faced plenty of backlash since he made disappointing remarks about the NBA’s situation with China earlier in the week, and you knew it wouldn’t be long before “South Park” got in on the act.

The latest episode of “South Park,” which aired on Wednesday night,” took aim at LeBron for being afraid to support freedom of speech when his bank account could be directly impacted. As Deadline pointed out, the episode was about the plant-based food craze where substitutes are replacing meat. Cartman confronted students who were protesting in favor of the movement at South Park Elementary, and it’s clear his message was a shot at LeBron from the writers.

This isn’t the first time “South Park” has addressed the ongoings in China. In an episode earlier this month, the show took aim at Hollywood studios for allowing Chinese censorship to impact the content they are producing. One of the characters in the show shouted “F— the Chinese government” during a recent episode, and creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone issued a mock apology that ridiculed the NBA.

“Like the NBA, we welcome Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts. We too love money more than freedom and democracy,” the apology statement said.

In his first public comments about the China situation, LeBron said he believed Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey should have thought about the impact his tweet of support for Hong Kong protestors would have on others — i.e. LeBron and other NBA stars. He has since tried to backtrack, but several prominent people inside and outside the NBA community have criticized LeBron for his hypocritical stance.

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Jennifer Lopez, Shakira to perform at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Super Bowl LIV

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been announced as the performers for this season’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The 2020 Super Bowl will take place on February 2 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The NFL, Pepsi and Roc Nation announced Thursday that J. Lo and Shakira would be performing. The announcement came through Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, which recently partnered with the NFL to help provide music selections for their events. Roc Nation is co-producing the show.

“These two remarkable artists are setting a new precedent for what this show can become, and we’re confident that this will be an incredible performance for the ages,” Pepsi Vice President of Marketing Todd Kaplan said in a statement.

J. Lo is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, so the only way to make the show complete would be a cameo from the former MLB player.

Watch: Blake Griffin’s roast of Caitlyn Jenner was legendary

Blake Griffin Pistons

Comedy Central is airing a roast of Alec Baldwin on Sunday, and one clip from Blake Griffin taking it to Caitlyn Jenner during the program has already made the rounds because of the savage jokes.

The roasters of Baldwin include Robert De Niro, Joel McHale, Chris Redd, Jeff Ross, Ken Jeong, Nikki Glaser, Caroline Rhea, Adam Carolla, Jenner and Griffin. During his time on the mic, Griffin had some great lines, including a few directed at Jenner.

“On behalf of the entire NBA, and half of the rappers on the Billboard charts, I want to thank you for giving your daughters their daddy issues,” Griffin joked in one of his zingers.

Griffin would know – he has dated Kendall Jenner in the past, one of Caitlyn’s daughters with Kris Jenner.

Kendall Jenner has also been rumored to date the following NBA players:
D’Angelo Russell
Chandler Parsons
Jordan Clarkson
Ben Simmons

The Kendall Jenner jokes seem to be great material for the roasts; Jeff Ross got Blake with a really good zinger about her last year.

John C. Reilly to play Jerry Buss in HBO’s Showtime Lakers project

Jerry Buss

HBO has a pilot in the works on the Showtime Lakers, and they just recast one of the leading roles.

John C. Reilly will be playing the role of former Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, according to a report from Deadline. Reilly replaces Michael Shannon, who was previously cast in the role but left the project due to creative differences, the report says.

The pilot is based off Jeff Pearlman’s book about the Showtime Lakers, “Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s.”

Buss, who died in 2013, bought the Lakers in 1979 and wanted the team to have an up-tempo style of play to attract fans. He had superstars on his team and the plan worked. The Lakers won five championships during that time, became a staple of the Los Angeles cultural fabric and an international sports brand.

It’s unclear when the pilot is set to air, but it sounds like programming many sports fans will not want to miss.

Actor Robbie Amell posts redemption video after catching heat for his football throw

Robbie Amell

Actor Robbie Amell posted a redemption video on Monday night after catching heat throughout the day for his embarrassing football throwing in a movie.

Amell starred in 2015 high school romantic comedy “The Duff” as the “star quarterback.” NFL writer Marcus Mosher posted a clip on Twitter Monday showing Amell’s character in the movie throwing the football. The passes were pretty pathetic looking.

The clip was widely circulated and even seen by FS1 Colin Cowherd, who called it “brutal” and joked he might lead his show with it. Amell saw that and responded by defending himself. Amell said he essentially short-armed the ball because the passes had to be caught by a production assistant who was only a few feet away.

Amell wasn’t about to go out with everyone on the internet thinking he had such a weak arm, so he posted this redemption video on Twitter:

Yup, he’s got an arm.

Amell actually said in an interview that he had previously messed around about his throwing ability before showing off for the film’s director.

“I messed with our director who said ‘Can you throw a football?’ I’m like ‘Of course’. I’m right-handed but just to mess with him I threw it with my left hand with really terrible form and I saw his jaw hit the ground. I said ‘Let me do another one’ and I just launched a bullet right into his chest,” Amell told Kidzworld in a 2015 interview.

We’ve now seen the evidence. Case closed.

Watch: Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith brought the energy on ‘First Take’

Michael Irvin was a guest host across from Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take” Monday morning, and oh boy, did he bring the energy.

The former Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver was all kinds of hyped when debating Smith on the program. When they started talking about the Cleveland Browns, Irvin said he thought the Odell Beckham Jr.-Jarvis Landry partnership would work — comparing their friendship to how friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade flourished together in Miami. There was so much electricity in the room it almost looked like your TV screen would combust:

Is there any wonder how Irvin developed his reputation as “The Playmaker”? He is magnetic.

Irvin says he is headed next to Dallas Cowboys camp in Oxnard, Calif.

Maybe while there he can show Jerry Jones how to really answer a question.

Details of reported cast for ‘Space Jam 2’ revealed

LeBron James Space Jam

Details regarding the anticipated cast for “Space Jam 2” have been revealed, and one of LeBron James’ new teammates is expected to join him in the film.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported on Wednesday that Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson are among the NBA players expected to have key roles in the movie, alongside LeBron, who will star in the film. Charania further says WNBA stars Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike will have key roles, with several other NBA and WNBA players appearing.

“Space Jam 2” has been discussed for several years, with LeBron’s film company working to put together a sequel despite warnings against it. A previous report said James was having a hard time securing stars for the film, with one MVP candidate saying he preferred to practice instead. Getting Lillard, Thompson and Davis on board shows there were still plenty of other players interested.

The movie was set to film this summer and has a July 2021 release date.

Beyond trying to prepare for their upcoming season together on the Lakers, Davis and James will first attempt to develop chemistry on the screen.