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Friday, May 29, 2020


Curb Your Enthusiasm returning for 9th season calls for a celebration

Larry David Curb

It’s been four years, nine months, three days and 17 hours since we were blessed with our last episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” not that we’re counting. And today we got some of our best news in years — Curb will be returning for a 9th season.

HBO announced Tuesday that beloved comedy show Curb starring our man LD will return for a ninth season.

“We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of CURB and can’t wait to see what he has planned,” said Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming.

Larry David of course joked about his return in his typical self-deprecating fashion. “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”

Since the last season aired in 2011, LD gave us “Clear History,” an underrated movie by all means and definitely satisfying if you’re a Curb fan. It was like a bonus few episodes. But that was in 2013, and three years have passed since then. Getting Curb back is a true treat.

First airing in 2000, Curb is HBO’s longest running show. There were hints from JB Smoove last week on Rich Eisen’s show that Larry was getting restless and perhaps interested in relaunching the show. His decision to do so is a gift to fans everywhere.

Thank you, oh thank you, LD.

Erlich Bachman selling his Pied Piper shares is a storyline I cannot get behind

Erlich Bachman

“Silicon Valley” is among my favorite shows on TV right now, along with its HBO partner, “Veep.” The third season has been good so far, delivering compelling storylines in the development of Pied Piper while, more importantly, entertaining us with their great jokes. But there is one storyline that came out in episode 8 of season 3 that just really bothers me: Erlich Bachman selling his shares in Pied Piper.

I cannot believe that the writers/directors/producers/creators of this show really expected us viewers to believe that Erlich would methodically drive 99 yards, four yards at a time, eating up 10 minutes of clock time, only to punt once reaching the 1-yard line by selling his shares in Pied Piper right before the product release. Seriously. It’s like Erlich hit the first 14 games on a 15-team parlay — winning one leg of the parlay each week of the show — and instead of waiting to see if he hits the 15th and wins a huge $800,000 payout, he decides the risk is too great and sells the ticket for $100,000.

Not only was this storyline frustrating because Lucy is pulling the football away at the worst possible time, but also because it is so inconsistent with Erlich’s character.

Over three seasons, we’ve learned that Erlich is not just funny, but also wise. He’s like an eccentric Yoda of sorts. He is the most knowledgeable of the crew in terms of starting and selling a business in Silicon Valley. He tends to have good ideas and recognize things before the other characters do. He’s even a bit of a master manipulator who can see angles others cannot. He already sold one business — Aviato — which enabled him to buy his home and start his incubator. If there’s one thing he values, it’s his ownership stake in his startups. That’s why he started the incubator!!!

Sure, watching Erlich throw a million dollar party on Alcatraz only to find out that night that his company was broke was hilarious, and somewhat a dose of Karma for the way he took advantage of Big Head. But there is no way Erlich would have been foolish enough to sell any of his shares of Pied Piper right before the company released its product.

His outstanding bills to party vendors came out to around $750,000. This was money owed to party vendors, nothing else. If they had already waited a few weeks to be paid, why couldn’t he have asked for another month or two extension until after Pied Piper’s product release? After that point, he could have possibly cashed out on them with more negotiating leverage with Laurie rather than desperation. Or — and this is more likely — why didn’t he just seek out a loan using his Pied Piper shares as collateral? That would have satisfied his immediate debts while allowing him to keep his grand prize. It’s just not believable that Erlich’s last resort would have been to sell his 10 percent stake for $700K just to cover party bills.

Oh yeah, and you’re telling me his large house in Silicon Valley is only worth $500-something thousand? No way that house is not worth at least a million in today’s real estate climate. That alone should have covered his party bills.

I understand that they could do some funny things storyline-wise by making Erlich Richard’s employee and a PR guy, but the way they went about doing it was such a betrayal of Erlich’s character, not to mention a huge disappointment. Big Head had been set up on the show all along as an idiot. Had a character like him sold his entire stake in Pied Piper before release because of the party, that would have made sense. Just not Erlich. He’s way too smart for that.

The NFL would probably hit JK Simmons with a random drug test after seeing this

JK Simmons ripped

If you thought JK Simmons was muscular and intimidating in “Whiplash,” just wait til you see what he looks like now.

The Oscar-winning actor is training for his role as Commissioner Gordon in “Justice League,” and this pic posted to Instagram by his trainer, Aaron Williamson, has gone viral. Though many think Simmons is getting ripped for his movie role, Williamson told The Hollywood Reporter that Simmons just has his own fitness goals, and he wants to open himself up for playing roles that involve him in a tank top.

Oh, and before you say anything about why Simmons is only curling tiny 10-pound weights in the pic, his trainer says it was the end of a 50-rep drop set. I certainly wouldn’t question that.

It is pretty crazy though to see a 61-year-old actor looking like LaRon Landry.

‘Space Jam’ director warns against sequel

LeBron James Space Jam

The director of “Space Jam” has warned against making a sequel to the movie, which is already in the works.

Joe Pytka, who directed “Space Jam,” told The Hollywood Reporter that he does not think there are the kinds of basketball stars and personalities who will have the same appeal Michael Jordan had.

“Don’t do it. It’s doomed. Michael Jordan was the biggest star on the planet,” Pytka told THR.

Though Jordan was that big of a star, one could argue that LeBron James, who will star in the remake, is equally as big. James has played in six NBA Finals and won four MVP awards. He is also a global icon just like MJ. But Pytka’s point is somewhat valid, as Steph Curry is arguably surpassing James as the best player in the sport. If the film takes a few years to be made, by that point James might be even less of a star.

In Pytka’s eyes, it’s not even solely about the star; the athletes in the supporting cast are also critical.

“When we did Space Jam, there was a perfect storm of players and ex-players available — Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing,” Pytka told The Hollywood Reporter. “They all had a persona that complemented the film. There are none around like that now.”

Does Pytka have a valid point? Possibly. Or maybe this is just more of the same type of thinking that led Tracy McGrady to say the current league is “watered down.”

Perhaps we’ll see whether Pytka’s words come true when the movie comes out. “Space Jam” was a big hit at the box office, and the power of Michael Jordan was a huge reason why. James may not be able to replicate that.

H/T Diamond Leung

‘Space Jam’ sequel starring LeBron James is reportedly happening

LeBron James Space Jam

The rumors are apparently true: “Space Jam 2” is reportedly happening, and LeBron James will be starring.

According to Rebecca Ford of the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin, who has directed four “Fast & Furious” movies, is in talks to direct the Warner Bros. film, which will star James. The script will be written by Andrew Dodge.

It is reportedly very early in the process, so there is no timetable for a release and no information on any further details.

The rumors have been flying for almost a year now, when James partnered up with Warner Bros. at the same time the company filed new trademarks for “Space Jam.” As of March, it was claimed that James hadn’t even discussed “Space Jam 2” with Warner in any detail, but that appears to have changed.

Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan to appear on ‘The Bachelorette’

Jordan Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ younger brother Jordan will be a candidate on season 12 of “The Bachelorette” according to reports.

Jordan Rodgers is 27 and retired from pro football last year. He attended Butte College like his brother and then transferred to Vanderbilt to play quarterback. He signed with the Jaguars in 2013 as an undrafted free agent and had stints with the Bucs, Dolphins and BC Lions.

Jordan will be among the candidates vying for bachelorette Caila Quinn. Here are some photos of him that have many women excited:


Antonio Brown reportedly joining Von Miller on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Antonio Brown celebration

The upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars” will feature plenty of NFL star power, as Antonio Brown is reportedly joining Von Miller as a contestant on the show.

Miller was in Los Angeles this week and was said to be training for the show, those his reps would not confirm the rumors. On Friday, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported that both Miller and Brown will be named as part of the season 22 cast when it is announced next week.

As we have learned from Brown’s end zone celebrations (video here), the dude loves to get his groove on. The same is true of Miller, who even danced for LBS at the Super Bowl last month.

If you’re a fan of the NFL and “Dancing With the Stars,” season 22 was made just for you.