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Monday, August 19, 2019

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Did Dez Bryant Wear His Pants Too Low and Cause a Scene at the Mall?

Young Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant really got caught with his pants down this time — literally.  Like a 14-year-old boy who dribbled a ball one too many times or knocked things off the shelf in a sporting goods store, Bryant was allegedly told to leave his local mall and not return for three months. The reason: he and some friends were wearing their pants too low and refused to pull them up.

According to WFAA.com, via The Big Lead, Bryant gave a “profanity laced” response to the off-duty police officers at NorthPark Center in Dallas who asked him and his friends to pull their pants up.

“What the (expletive) are you stopping me, like I stole something,” Bryant said amidst his spaz according to WFAA. “I’m not leaving until my attorney and my representative get here.”

Bryant was then escorted to his vehicle, but rather than leaving he decided to do the mature adult thing.  According to police, he parked his car in a fire lane and refused to move.  The warning, however, stands.  If Bryant was to return to the mall within the next 90 days police would have every right to arrest him.

Considering this is the same rookie that refused to go along with some mild hazing in the form of carrying shoulder pads, it should surprise no one that Bryant refused to pull his pants up.

Boston Sports Fans Named Top 5 Most Loyal Across All Sports

Boston sports fans are similar to New York and Philly sports fans in that they’re very passionate and widely disliked because of it. But if there is one quality that Boston sports fans have it’s that they’re extremely loyal. Brand Keys conducted its annual sports loyalty test and Patriots, Spurs, Phillies, and Red Wings fans all were number one in their respective sports. Hardball Talk via Philly Sports Daily noted that the positive ranking for Phillies fans was a nice contrast to GQ which named the Eagles and Phillies fans the meanest last week. But the thread that stood out most to me was that the fans of all four major sports teams in Boston were in the Top 5.

In the NFL, the Patriots fans were ranked as the most loyal ahead of the Steelers, Colts, Packers, and Jets in that order. Celtics fans were named the fourth most loyal, behind the Spurs, Lakers, and Mavs fans but ahead of the Suns. Red Sox fans were named third most loyal behind Phillies and Yankees fans, but ahead of Giants and Dodgers fans who were 4th and 5th. And in the NHL, Bruins fans were 5th most loyal behind the Red Wings, Flyers, Sharks and Canucks. Not all teams’ fans seemed to be included in the surveys, but it still gives us a pretty good idea of something we probably already knew, that Boston fans are enthusiastic and extremely loyal.

Anyway, getting back to Phillies fans, this is great news for their reputation. Most of us know them for horrendous antics like this, this, this, and this. Way to redeem yourselves, Phillies fans!

Mark Cuban Uses Foot Cream on His Face to Look Young

Normally when we bring up Mark Cuban, it’s to talk about how he called a fellow owner a name, made fun of the Miami Heat, or got into it with a player’s mom. Not this time.  Right now it’s all about the 52-year-old’s beauty secrets.  Ben Maller called our attention to the following blurb from the NY Daily News on Sunday morning:

When Mark Cuban taped a guest spot on the upcoming season of ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank,” panelist Barbara Corcoran asked the billionaire how he stays so young-looking. Cuban said his first girlfriend told him to use foot cream on his face, and he still does. Barbara invited Cuban to the April 5 book party for “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into A Billion Dollar Business,” which she co-wrote with Bruce Littlefield. Maybe he’ll share more beauty secrets if he goes.

I really don’t have anything to add to that. That is all.

Rulon Gardner: Wrestling with Weight Loss

Athletes are seen as symbols of health, fitness, and immortality in American society. They are what everyone wants to be physically. Kids pretend to be their favorite athlete when playing in the front yard.

Rulon Gardner was one of those role models in 2000 and 2004, competing for the United States in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympic Games. He won two medals, a bronze and the coveted, immortalized gold medal in 2000. Despite his already large, muscular stature, Gardner was larger than life.

After his Olympic career ended, Gardner became a wrestling coach and opened up a gym to pass on the championship knowledge he obtained. But he also stepped away from wrestling, and that included leaving behind his strict training regimen. Rulon tried MMA and fought in Pride for a short while, but before long he stopped competing altogether. Gardner stopped working out yet he continued to eat the high calorie meals he was used to consuming during his wrestling days.

Before long, Gardner found himself at a crossroads when he was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. He needed a custom-made tuxedo because of his size.

One night while eating a with his wife, he saw himself on TV couldn’t believe it was him. At that time he knew something had to be done.


Cris Collinsworth Rescued from Floating Restaurant That Broke Loose

I suppose this isn’t the strangest thing I’ve heard on a Saturday morning — maybe. When Jeff Ruby’s Waterfront restaurant broke free and starting drifting down the Ohio River on Friday evening, firefighters were called to rescue 83 patrons who were dining inside the restaurant.  Among the rescued was Sunday Night Football’s Cris Collinsworth.

According to the Associated Press, via Pro Football Talk, the barge-sitting restaurant traveled 85-to-100 feet down the flowing river before getting caught up on a bridge.  A rear line kept tension on the barge until emergency personnel arrived, at which point they proceeded to rescue the patrons one by one using life vests and “precariously perched ladders and ropes.”

We’re happy to hear that Collinsworth — who was reportedly not wearing his cat costume — and the other patrons got out safely. If you ask me, this incident proves that there’s really no need for restaurants to sit on top of an actual river.  The view is just fine from spots along the river bank.  I don’t see the need to challenge mother nature while you’re trying to sit down for a nice meal.  Hey, that’s just me.

Orlando Magic Mascot Stuff Thrown Out of Nets Game

Last time we had a mascot-fan incident, it was the Vanderbilt Commodore popping a fan in the face and giving him a bloody nose (watch the video). We don’t have a video of the latest run-in between a mascot and a fan, but we have insight from a couple of reporters.

Orlando Magic mascot “Stuff” was thrown out of the Prudential Center for scrapping with a fan. Several mascots gathered in New Jersey to celebrate the Nets’ mascot’s birthday but the party didn’t last long. According to Nets reporter Stefan Bondy, a “classless fan allegedly threw beer on Orlando Magic mascot, leading to scuffle at the Rock.” Clippers reporter Lisa Dillman said “Sounded like he was ejected too, escorted down the tunnel by security.”

Dillman also got in the line of the night joking “Frankly, am very curious to read @STUFF_Mascot first’s tweet on the topic. Maybe David Stern has ordered him to not comment.” The quip was quite appropriate given the ongoing quarrel between Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and David Stern. All I know is that this certainly seems to be the season for mascots gone crazy.

Larry Drew Rap Video Shows He’s a Worse Rapper Than Player

Former North Carolina point guard Larry Drew has hit a rough patch in his life. Since he quit the Tar Heels team in February, they went on to eight of nine games and lock down the ACC regular season championship. Then, he decided to spit a rap at his 21st birthday bash — one that may be the worst we’ve heard since Martellus Bennett gave it a go a couple years back.  The only thing worse than making a fool of yourself trying to freestyle is doing so with no beats, no interest from the crowd, and using the “woe is me” card about your sad playing career. He covered all of that, as you can see in the Larry Drew rap video (courtesy of TwitVid user DaveEmoney):

In case you couldn’t make out what he was saying because the crowd was chatting amongst themselves, Sporting News highlighted a couple of the rhymes he laid down.

“Everything that I’m hearing is untrue. The media, they’ll talk, but they’ll never confront you.”

“The past three years, I can’t let loose. I’m not making all of the moves that I want to.”

“They tried to tell me just to play my role, but who’s going to stick to a script that’s got typos?”

Poor form, Larry.  Poor form.  I’m truly sorry you have to share a name with this guy, L.B.