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Friday, February 22, 2019

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Marina Barrett, Memphis Cheerleader, Goes Nuts When Team Wins (Video)

There’s a big difference between celebrating a victory and endangering your teammates.  Marina Barrett, a cheerleader from Memphis University, flirted with the line last week when her squad won the 2011 UDA College Nationals last week.  Check out the Marina Barrett freak out video where she nearly killed several of her teammates in celebration, courtesy of Ted Williams Head:

I can assure you that video was not doctored or sped up in any way.  That young lady actually reacted like that, and she will be faced with the consequences for the rest of her life when dozens of YouTube videos are created in her honor.


Horse Semen Shots Offered as Energy Boosters in New Zealand

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. It’s so bizarre and out there, it’s really hard to know where to start. Alright, how’s this: as you’re brushing aside images of Nacho Libre eating the eagle’s egg and the dudes in Beerfest drinking ram’s urine, we present this story of a wildfoods festival in New Zealand where they plan to sell horse semen shots as an energy booster.

The shots will go for $10, and they will debut at the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika, New Zealand. The good news is you won’t be drinking the splooge straight up — it will be offered in cherry, licorice or banoffee pie flavors.

The Festival organizer joked that the national rugby team was using the shots as an energy booster, but that’s not factual. It was this supposed performance-enhancing tie-in that was trumpeted by Ben Maller that turned out to be incorrect.

Instead, this is merely just a fun product intended to gross people out and outdo all the other outrageous items at the festival. Now you know what to add to your bucket list (and I’m talking about attending the festival, not chugging the juice).

Pau Gasol Impersonator Michael Fanter (Video) Charging Too Much Money

How much would be willing to pay for the services of someone who looks exactly like Pau Gasol?  if he could play basketball like Gasol and you were an NBA general manager, the answer would probably be an enormous sum of money.  If you’re looking for an act for your daughter’s birthday party, Pau Gasol impersonator Michael Fanter is probably charging too much — unless your name is Bill Gates and you’re a huge Laker fan.

Deadspin recently reached out to Fanter’s spokesperson to get price for him to appear at their “15-year-old daughter’s birthday party.”  The spokesperson said Fanter would gladly take the job for $600 an hour, which is a discount from the going rate of $1,500 just for an appearance.  Do you think this is worth that much dough?

The guy looks exactly like Pau Gasol, but so what? He isn’t Pau Gasol. He’s not a phenomenal basketball player. He doesn’t talk like him. He doesn’t know Kobe Bryant.  He doesn’t even have the authentic satchel. In short, I don’t get it. Good for him for finding an impression he can master — at least physically. However, I don’t think this is Fanter’s ticket to Beverly Hills.

Charlie Sheen Goes Allen Iverson in Recent Interview (Video)

Charlie Sheen has been on full tilt lately and providing the public with an abundance of hilarious entertainment — not the Two and a Half Men type, either.  Unfortunately very little of it has had anything to do with sports, so we haven’t had an opportunity to share it with you.  Last week, Sheen told a radio interviewer that the only thing he’s addicted to is winning.  While hilarious, not all “winning” references are sports blog worthy.  However, 15 seconds of his interview with the Today Show Monday morning opened the window for us to bring you some Charlie.  Check out the video of Charlie Sheen’s Allen Iverson reference:

Is this guy in touch with reality or what?  Addicted to winning and clearly knows his sports history.  All you LBS nuts should embrace the Sheen.

Andrei Kirilenko Repping the Justin Bieber Haircut, Heckled by Pacers Fans

Man, that Justin Bieber is quite the trend-setter.  The guy just one day decides he wants the worst haircut in the male post-wig era and athletes and celebrities from all over the globe are mesmerized enough to follow suit.  Since Tom Brady’s hair has grown beyond Beiber status, the pop star might need another target for his rap songs about his hair.  He may have found one from Utah.  Check out Andrei Kirilenko’s Justin Bieber haircut:

Word has it Kirilenko has already been hearing it from the fans.  Accoring to SLAM Online via Ben Maller, Pacers fans were chanting “Justin Bieber” as he ran up and down the court in Indiana on Friday night.  Needless to say, the Bieber legend continues to grow with each passing day.

Denver’s Dave Makowski Scores Full-Ice, Shorthanded Goal (Video)

When a team is 4-24-4, it’s probably safe to assume there are many, many things that have gone wrong over the course of the season. That could mean stupid penalties, a lack of goal scoring, or poor goalkeeping. It could also mean allowing full-ice shorthanded goals. Michigan Tech (the lousy team) was trailing Denver University, 2-1, in the second period on Saturday when they were given a power play opportunity. They did what any team who has won four games all season would do — let up a shorthanded goal that was shot the entire length of the ice. Check out the Dave Makowski shorthanded goal video:\

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that was probably the most embarrassing moment of Michigan Tech goalie Kevin Genoe’s career. Keep your head up, Kevin. It happens to the best of them. Actually, it kind of doesn’t.  Thanks to Deadspin for the video.

Legedu Naanee Ineligible for High Life Sponsorship After Resisting Arrest

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So Miller High Life, the sponsor of this post, is all about the common people. They’re the Official Beer of YOU — the average working man. See, they’re not into flashy folks who like to spend $500 on a bottle of champagne that tastes like something from the $10 rack just because it’s expensive. They’re not down with the athletes that go all third person on us and think their importance is greater than the rest of ours. They’re all about the average man, and they’re looking for suggestions of people to sponsor — so help them out. While I don’t have any suggestions off hand of whom they should sponsor, I can suggest someone who’s High Life contract just went up in pepper spray-fueled flames.

Legedu Naanee.