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Friday, August 23, 2019

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Charlie Sheen Goes Allen Iverson in Recent Interview (Video)

Charlie Sheen has been on full tilt lately and providing the public with an abundance of hilarious entertainment — not the Two and a Half Men type, either.  Unfortunately very little of it has had anything to do with sports, so we haven’t had an opportunity to share it with you.  Last week, Sheen told a radio interviewer that the only thing he’s addicted to is winning.  While hilarious, not all “winning” references are sports blog worthy.  However, 15 seconds of his interview with the Today Show Monday morning opened the window for us to bring you some Charlie.  Check out the video of Charlie Sheen’s Allen Iverson reference:

Is this guy in touch with reality or what?  Addicted to winning and clearly knows his sports history.  All you LBS nuts should embrace the Sheen.

Andrei Kirilenko Repping the Justin Bieber Haircut, Heckled by Pacers Fans

Man, that Justin Bieber is quite the trend-setter.  The guy just one day decides he wants the worst haircut in the male post-wig era and athletes and celebrities from all over the globe are mesmerized enough to follow suit.  Since Tom Brady’s hair has grown beyond Beiber status, the pop star might need another target for his rap songs about his hair.  He may have found one from Utah.  Check out Andrei Kirilenko’s Justin Bieber haircut:

Word has it Kirilenko has already been hearing it from the fans.  Accoring to SLAM Online via Ben Maller, Pacers fans were chanting “Justin Bieber” as he ran up and down the court in Indiana on Friday night.  Needless to say, the Bieber legend continues to grow with each passing day.

Denver’s Dave Makowski Scores Full-Ice, Shorthanded Goal (Video)

When a team is 4-24-4, it’s probably safe to assume there are many, many things that have gone wrong over the course of the season. That could mean stupid penalties, a lack of goal scoring, or poor goalkeeping. It could also mean allowing full-ice shorthanded goals. Michigan Tech (the lousy team) was trailing Denver University, 2-1, in the second period on Saturday when they were given a power play opportunity. They did what any team who has won four games all season would do — let up a shorthanded goal that was shot the entire length of the ice. Check out the Dave Makowski shorthanded goal video:\

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that was probably the most embarrassing moment of Michigan Tech goalie Kevin Genoe’s career. Keep your head up, Kevin. It happens to the best of them. Actually, it kind of doesn’t.  Thanks to Deadspin for the video.

Legedu Naanee Ineligible for High Life Sponsorship After Resisting Arrest

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So Miller High Life, the sponsor of this post, is all about the common people. They’re the Official Beer of YOU — the average working man. See, they’re not into flashy folks who like to spend $500 on a bottle of champagne that tastes like something from the $10 rack just because it’s expensive. They’re not down with the athletes that go all third person on us and think their importance is greater than the rest of ours. They’re all about the average man, and they’re looking for suggestions of people to sponsor — so help them out. While I don’t have any suggestions off hand of whom they should sponsor, I can suggest someone who’s High Life contract just went up in pepper spray-fueled flames.

Legedu Naanee.


Joel Northrup May Forfeit State Wrestling Match Against Female Cassy Herkelman

Linn-Mar High School sophomore wrestler Joel Northrup is facing a major decision. The 103-pound wrestler made the Iowa Class 3A state tournament after posting a record of 33-4 this season. Unfortunately Northrup (pictured) got matched up with a girl in the first round, and he’s considering forfeiting his match.

Cassy Herkelman has made history by becoming the first female to qualify for the state wrestling tournament (another female, Megan Black, also did this year). Herkelman is 20-13 on the season, and The Des Moines Register says Northrup’s possible refusal to wrestle her is based on religious beliefs.

The two were actually scheduled to meet last month, but Northrop was replaced by a teammate who pinned Herkelman. If Northrup misses the tournament match, the best he can do is place third in the state, so the decision is obviously critical.

My man Jay Christensen of The Wiz of Odds who shared the story with LBS says the story has been front page news locally this week. That’s no surprise; this is the typical ethical quandary that people love to argue over. My advice to him would be to wrestle and win. End of story.

UPDATE: Northrup forfeited the match and released the following statement “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan (Black, the tournament’s other female entrant) and their accomplishments. However, wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times. As a matter of conscience and my faith, I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner. It is unfortunate that I have been placed in a situation not seen in most of the high school sports in Iowa.”

Report: Albert Haynesworth Accused of Sexual Abuse by Waitress

Albert Haynesworth has had plenty of football problems since joining the Washington Redskins.  He was said to be a lousy fit in their 3-4 defensive scheme early on.  He was deactivated for a game for being one minute late to practice.  Head coach Mike Shanahan eventually had enough of the $100 million man and suspended him for the remainder of the season.  Lately, Albert has been in trouble with the law.

Haynesworth was charged with assault over the weekend for a road rage incident that occurred on Feb. 2.  On Monday, sources told WRC-4 in Washington that he was accused of sexual abuse by a waitress working at the W Hotel in Washington.  Naturally, Haynesworth’s agent is denying that there is any truth to the allegations.

The report filed by the waitress states that “Subject 1” — whom WRC has reason to believe is Haynesworth — went to pay his bill with a credit card but asked if it was okay to stick the card in the waitress’s blouse near her breast area because her hands were full with glasses.  The report says she indicated it was okay, but the accused then starting pushing the card further to the left and touching her inappropriately.  Classy, huh?

Assuming this was Haynesworth, it should come as no surprise.  This is a guy that has gone out of his way to prove he’s one of the biggest morons in the NFL over the past year or so.  If indeed true, this latest piece of information would only add to his infamous legacy.

David Beckham Helps a Stranded Motorist

Be honest: when you see a motorist in trouble on the side of the road, what do you do?  If you keep on driving without even considering lending a hand, you’re like most people.  If you pull over and help a fellow citizen out, you’re more like David Beckham.

A stranded motorist, Paul Long, recently told Just Jared a tale about his being stranded in the middle of a roundabout only to have a generous gentleman pull over and lend a helping hand.  Maybe the people of Kansas City should reconsider their feelings?

“Cars were buzzing past and I had two kids in the back but no-one stopped, no-one came to help,” Long told Just Jared. “After 10 minutes I saw a car had pulled over into a lay-by in the distance. Its hazard lights came on. A figure got out, wearing a hoodie. As he got nearer it became apparent to me it was David Beckham,” he added. “He asked if we were OK and I said, ‘Could you give us a push over to the side?’ which he duly did.”

Say what you will about the pretty boy Englishman, but this isn’t a situation where Beckham knew cameras were watching and decided to partake in a charitable act. It was just a case of a multimillionaire showing he’s still down to earth. Give credit where credit is due.