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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Sumo Wrestlers Probed for Fixing Matches

Wrestling matches being fixed? Now there’s a shocker! It’s one thing if it’s the WWE and people love the events because of the hype and spectacle, but it’s completely different when you’re talking about something as sacred and full of pageantry as sumo wrestling in Japan.

The latest scandal involving sumo wrestlers was uncovered because of a previous probe into shady sumo dealings.

While investigating several wrestlers a year ago to see if they were illegally betting on baseball games, emails were uncovered that suggested wrestlers were communicating pre-fight. The Mainichi Daily News says “e-mails even apparently go so far as to list amounts to be paid and bank account numbers, as well as how exactly the fixed bouts would unfold in the ring.”

First U.S. baseball is rocked by the steroids era, and now we’re learning that the sacred culture of Japanese sumo wrestling is no different from Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels breaking chairs on each other’s back. Somewhere in Japan, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy just committed suicide.

Major League II Started Big Ball Dance, Not Sam Cassell or Eddie House

I’m not sure what’s more upsetting, the lack of knowledge regarding the origin of the “Big Ball Dance,” or that the NBA actually fines people for doing it. See, the origin of the Big Ball Dance dates back to 1994 and the release of Major League II. In the movie, Pedro Cerrano has made a transition from hot-head to peaceful lover, and a slump ensues. Japanese import Isuro Kamikaze Tanaka mocks Cerrano for being a sissy, and tells him one day in the locker room that he needs to sack up. Tanaka uses a dictionary to find the Japanese translation of balls and comically ends up saying Cerrano “has no marbles.”

The “no marbles” chant is used to goad Cerrano the rest of the movie. Angered by the taunts, Cerrano winds up hitting monster home runs and does the “Big Ball Dance” as a way to shut Tanaka up (as you can see above). The whole marbles thing is one aspect of the movie that was memorable, and that made it funny and cute. Every time I see an NBA player use that celebration, I think back to Major League II and laugh. But apparently someone in the commissioner’s office is clueless and taking things all the wrong way.


Fans Create Vince Lombardi Super Bowl XLV Snow Trophy

Jimmy Traina featured this replica Vince Lombardi Trophy made out of snow at SI Hot Clicks and damn, is it impressive. Anthony DeMeo tweeted out the pic and says credit for the sculpture goes to craig lotito of staten island, ny and shoutout to his sons craig jr., michael, and joseph.

All I know is that I keep hearing from Del about how bad the snowstorm has been in the New England area. Alright Del, now you know what you have to live up to. I expect a snow replica of Cowboys Stadium on the double.

Pete Carroll Fake Arrest of Everson Griffen Video Was Truly Ahead of Its Time

When Everson Griffen was an innocent student at USC, Pete Carroll decided to play an innocent April Fool’s joke on his big defensive end. Carroll had a prank set up that involved police officers interrupting a team meeting and claiming they had video of Griffen “physically assaulting a freshman.” The officers fake arrested him, but the video turned out to be footage of Griffen pancaking a freshman offensive lineman. Check it out:

Years later, Griffen would go on to be arrested twice in one week and Tasered for grabbing an officer’s nuts.  Pete Carroll: psychic who could see the future, or voodoo specialist who put a hex on his player?  I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Paul Pierce Gatorade Video Proves He Must Be a Powerade Guy

Considering Paul Pierce had a Gatorade sitting in front of him at a Celtics postgame press conference last week, I’m assuming there must be some sort of sponsorship deal in place. We all know nothing is free these days, so Gatorade must be paying to have their products sitting on the press table in front of the superstars after games. Maybe they should ask for some money back. Check out the Paul Pierce Gatorade video and pay close attention to his reaction:

Man, I really want to run out and try that stuff now. He looked so refreshed after that sip.  Thanks to Sports by Brooks Live for the video.

Tracy Morgan Sarah Palin Video – ‘Great Masturbation Material’

During the pregame show for the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat game on TNT Thursday night, Charles Barkley and the gang were joined by actor and comedian Tracy Morgan.  Personally, I don’t think this guy is funny.  I’ve seen his work a few times on 30 Rock and I’m always annoyed.  Something about a guy who makes money playing dumb just gets under my skin.

However, anyone that makes crude comments on the air that make everyone uncomfortable is okay in my book.  When we think of things that shouldn’t have been said or done on the air on TNT, we immediately think of Barkley.  This time it was Morgan providing the awkwardness when he called Sarah Palin “good masturbation material.”  Have a look at the video:

I love how Morgan reiterated it just in case we didn’t hear him clearly the first time.  Congratulations, Chuck — you’re off the hook for once.

2011 Pro Bowl or NHL All-Star Game, I Will Not be Watching Either One

Remember when the All-Star Game meant something? I don’t either. There was a time when something impactful actually happened at these exhibitions, like the 1964 NBA All-Star Game, when the players threatened to not take the floor in the final minutes before tip-off unless a pension plan was hashed out by then-league president Walter Kennedy. Baseball used to be so enamored with its best players that it used to have two all-star games a season. As far as sports history goes, that might as well have been a Wilt Chamberlain’s harem-worth of years ago.

Baseball’s mid-summer classic was once the stuff of legends. Carl Hubbell didn’t need a telescope to strike out Ruth, Gehrig, and Foxx to get himself out of a jam. Pete Rose famously torpedoed Ray Fosse, and they’re trying to convince us that NOW it counts? How about Reggie Jackson’s home-run, the ball yet another entity leaving Detroit in warp-speed fashion. The modern version of baseball’s grand exhibition has given us rosters that coincidentally look plagiarized from the Mitchell Report or the infamous 2002 game, which was apparently played with soccer rules. A year later, MLB decided that the only way to ensure that “this time it counts” was to enable the winning league to garner home-field advantage in the World Series. I wonder if the Giants sent Matt Capps a ring, World Series share, or a Blockbuster gift certificate yet.

The NBA’s all-star bonanza has had its Magic moments (’92), but more or less, the only East versus (Delonte) West moments of any intrigue already occurred during the last offseason. If wearing sunglasses indoors or bling is your thing, then give it a watch. Prediction: East 170 West 168 (or vice versa). (Not shown: defense, interest.)