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Monday, February 17, 2020


Gardner Minshew attends Washington State game in jorts

Gardner Minshew swag

Gardner Minshew was back at the Palouse on Saturday night to watch his Washington State Cougars take on the UCLA Bruins, and the Jaguars quarterback was fashionable as usual.

Minshew, who starred at quarterback for Washington State last year, was wearing his typical headband and aviator sunglasses. He had an old school Washington State shirt on, and the best part was he was rocking jorts:

In a later interview with ESPN, Minshew said he cut the jorts himself.

Minshew has gone on to become the star of the moment in the NFL. An injury to Nick Foles opened up the Jacksonville Jaguars’ starting quarterback job to Minshew, who has taken advantage. He won his first career NFL game by beating the Titans on Thursday night.

With his popularity at a peak, there was a huge autograph line for Minshew prior to the game:

Minshew and others raised the flag before the game in Pullman:

Minshew is so hot right now that he received a $1 million offer from an adult entertainment company.

Old Gardner Minshew swag outfit photo goes viral ahead of Texans game

Gardner Minshew swag

An old photo of Gardner Minshew dripping swag went viral on Saturday, and it’s a must-see.

Back in March, Minshew shared this photo comparing himself and his style to Ryan Fitzpatrick as Conor McGregor.

Minshew, a sixth-round pick, will get his first career start as the Jacksonville Jaguars visit the Houston Texans Sunday. A few Twitter accounts shared the old Minshew photo and said that’s how he looked getting off the plane in Houston.

Minshew didn’t quite show that swag traveling to his first start, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t feeling it.

Minshew was 22/25 for 275 yards, two touchdowns and an interception filling in for the injured Nick Foles in a Week 1 loss against Kansas City. He needs to play like the guy who was confident enough to dress that boldly.

Minshew has become a legend since and was offered a $1 million endorsement deal by an adult company.

Odell Beckham plays against Titans wearing Richard Mille luxury watch

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Odell Beckham, Jr. made his regular season debut with his new team in style.

When Beckham took the field for the Cleveland Browns’ season opener against the Tennessee Titans, he did so wearing a luxury watch by Swiss manufacturer Richard Mille.

Leave it to Beckham to make a statement in the NFL’s opening weekend. There aren’t many who would have the audacity to pull this off but this is Odell Beckham Jr. we’re talking about. What do you even do for an encore after this? Let’s hope no one tries to snatch it off like Aqib Talib did to Michael Crabtree’s gold chain.

Look: Cam Newton does not disappoint with outfit before Week 1

Cam Newton hat outfit

Cam Newton is big on fashion and has a tendency to turn heads with his wardrobe selections on game day. The star quarterback did not disappoint before the Carolina Panthers kicked off their season on Sunday.

Newton showed up to Bank of America Stadium wearing an outfit that featured one of his signature hats, some Harry Potter-style glasses, a scarf, and some variation of a suit that had short sleeves and shorts. You have to see it to believe it:

Even though his team lost, Newton wore the outfit after the game, where he received much more attention.

Twitter had a field day after seeing Newton postgame.

Newton has made some very unique fashion statements since entering the NFL, but that was easily among the most outrageous.

If you remember, Tom Brady wore an eccentric hat to the New England Patriots’ preseason game against the Panthers last month, and people thought he might be trolling Newton. However, Brady later said he has even bigger fashion plans for the regular season. We doubt he can top Cam on Sunday.

Look: LeBron James now has custom Taco Tuesday T-shirts

LeBron James Taco Tuesday shirt

You knew it was coming: LeBron James Taco Tuesday merch. And that day has arrived.

LeBron James shared his customary Instagram videos on Tuesday. Only this week, his videos showed everyone at his house wearing custom T-shirts that featured LeBron’s face on them.

That’s it. It’s been decided. We need some more LeBron James Taco Tuesday gear. We need a full line of clothing. I’m talking hats, headbands and sweatshirts. We need LeBron wearing his Taco Tuesday Nike shoes for Tuesday games. We also need the official LeBron James Taco Tuesday restaurant. Lines would be out the door. Not just on Tuesdays, either. Every day.

Forget the King James branding. Forget the crown and the throne. This is LeBron’s new image, and it couldn’t be better. It blows away the Board Man Getting Paid.

New Balance releasing ‘Fun Guy’ T-shirt for Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard

New Balance is looking to capitalize on the stardom Kawhi Leonard has achieved by leading the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. In fact, they’re releasing a line of T-shirts for him on Friday.

New Balance tweeted Thursday about the “Fun Guy” T-shirts they will be releasing on Friday.

Why “Fun Guy” as the phrase of choice? Back at his introductory press conference with the Raptors in October, Leonard was asked about himself and shared that he is a “fun guy.”

That’s the same press conference where Leonard’s laugh went viral.

Leonard signed with New Balance last fall after previously being with Jordan Brand. The company has been promoting him heavily of late, even putting up a billboard in Oakland. Leonard is also suing Nike to try and gain control of his logo. Fun Guy is making big moves.

Odell Beckham Jr wears ridiculous outfit to Met Gala

Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham Jr may have worn the most talked-about outfit at the Met Gala on Monday night, one that was so weird it’s hard to even describe.

The former New York Giants wide receiver showed up to the premier Manhattan fashion event wearing a shorts and cutoffs version of a suit.

The outfit was odd and looked much different from say LeBron James’ short suit we’ve seen. It looked as if he was wearing a kilt underneath, and then he had on work boots for shoes.

A fan pointed out that Odell was going with the Fred Flintstone look:

Or maybe it was the Cleveland-inspired Rick Vaughn:

Most fans weren’t feeling the outfit.

GQ says Beckham was wearing a Thom Browne kilt, which explains why he looked fresh off the set of Braveheart 2.

Though fans didn’t like the outfit, it was probably a hit in the fashion world. The more bizarre your clothes, the more impressed the critics often are.