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#pounditSunday, March 7, 2021

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has record INT-free streak come to an end

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers had not thrown an interception in nine games entering Sunday’s contest against the Chicago Bears, but that streak came to an end during another tough game for the Green Bay Packers.

In the second half, Rodgers threw an interception for the first time in 402 passing attempts.

Rodgers hasn’t been at his best this season, and the results the Packers have seen reflect that. However, he has done a remarkable job of protecting the ball. That was quite the impressive streak.

In addition to having his impressive INT-free streak come to an end, Rodgers was also sacked by a defender who only used his back. It wasn’t a good day for the veteran quarterback.

Olivia Munn shares thoughts on Aaron Rodgers reconciling with parents

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has had a strained relationship with several members of his immediate family for quite some time, including his parents. Olivia Munn saw that first-hand when she was dating the star quarterback, and she is pleased to hear that it may no longer be the case.

Earlier in the week, Rodgers subtly revealed that he was spending time with his parents for his 35th birthday when he was asked how he found out about former Packers coach Mike McCarthy being fired.

“I found out I’m sure the same way most of you found out,” he said. “I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday.”

That actually turned out to be pretty significant news for Rodgers’ personal life. After he and Munn broke up, the actress confirmed that Rodgers’ relationship with his parents began to sour back in 2014. TMZ caught up with Munn this week and informed her about Rodgers saying his parents were in town to celebrate his birthday, and she said it was great news.

“If that’s true, it’s amazing,” Munn said. “It’s long overdue.”

Ed Rodgers, Aaron’s father, confirmed in an interview nearly two years ago that the two-time NFL MVP does not speak with members of his family, so something must have changed. Aaron’s brother Jordan also aired out some more Rodgers family drama on social media recently, which is even more reason why people were surprised to hear that Rodgers was spending time with his parents.

Rodgers hasn’t really said much about his personal life and has criticized his brother for making it public, so it’s unlikely he will comment on the situation.

Packers OLB coach Winston Moss fired same day as Aaron Rodgers tweet

Green Bay Packers logo

Green Bay Packers outside linebackers coach Winston Moss was fired on Tuesday, the same day he sent a tweet about leadership for the team.

Moss had been a coach under Mike McCarthy during the former head coach’s entire Packers tenure. Early Tuesday, he sent a tweet about team leadership. He said the Packers need someone who will hold Aaron Rodgers and everybody else accountable.

9.5 hours after sending the tweet, Moss shared that he had been fired. The news was confirmed by multiple reporters.

Interim head coach Joe Philbin had the support of management in firing Moss.

There has been some thinking that Rodgers pushed for McCarthy’s firing. Moss seemed to show which side he was on.

Aaron Rodgers opens up about relationship with Mike McCarthy

Aaron Rodgers

There have been numerous reports that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy were not on the same page prior to the head coach being fired by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but Rodgers insists the relationship between the two was — and still is — in a good place.

While speaking with reporters on Monday, Rodgers described McCarthy’s dismissal as “tough” and spoke about how the two have established a close friendship off the field. The quarterback also admitted he was frustrated by some of the reports about him and McCarthy clashing.

Rodgers said he had not yet reached out to McCarthy as of Monday afternoon, but he planned later in the day.

Even if his personal relationship with McCarthy is still on solid ground, Rodgers has been openly critical of Green Bay’s offensive approach on multiple occasions this season. He also seemed irritated with one of the changes that was made to the Packers’ coaching staff over the offseason. Between those remarks and the rumblings that he and McCarthy weren’t agreeing on playcalling, it’s hard to believe Rodgers won’t welcome the latest change from a football perspective.

Packers president downplays Aaron Rodgers’ role in coaching moves

Aaron Rodgers

Monday’s overriding message from the Green Bay Packers is that Aaron Rodgers didn’t get Mike McCarthy fired and won’t get a new head coach hired.

Packers president Mark Murphy pushed back against chatter that Rodgers was a major catalyst in McCarthy’s firing Sunday. He also said that, while Rodgers was free to offer input, he would not be a decisive figure in the team’s upcoming coaching search.

It’s understandable why the Packers would want to have this out there, but given the tension between McCarthy and Rodgers, there’s no way the quarterback’s thinking won’t be taken into account during the hiring process. Maybe he won’t be involved, but Green Bay will make certain that Rodgers is comfortable with their hire.

Walmart pledges $1 million to wildfire relief on behalf of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was hoping to inspire others to make donations toward rebuilding the areas in California that have been ravaged by wildfires in recent weeks, and it appears the attention he has brought to the cause is having a huge impact.

Rodgers announced last week that he is donating $1 million to aid in recovery and rebuilding in areas affected by the wildfires near his hometown of Chico, Calif., and State Farm teamed up with him to donate $1 for every retweet Rodgers gets up to 1 million. On Thursday, Walmart announced that Rodgers inspired the company to make a $1 million donation of its own.

Though Rodgers’ younger brother used the wildfire pledge as an opportunity to air out more family drama, there’s no debating the power of a star athlete attaching his name to a good cause. JJ Watt was able to raise an astronomical amount of money for Hurricane Harvey victims in the Houston area, and Rodgers appears to be well on his way to doing the same for those affected by the devastating California fires.

Report: Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy clashing over playcalling

Aaron Rodgers

The struggles of the Packers this season have made clear that there are major problems in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has expressed concerns with the team, going back to some of the coaching staff and personnel moves over the offseason, to more issues during the season.

According to a report, one sore spot is the way Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy have been clashing over playcalling.

SI’s Kalyn Kahler wrote a must-read piece on the subject. Kahler says that Rodgers has the approval to change plays called by McCarthy as he sees fit. Sometimes Rodgers really takes advantage of that, according to Kahler.

“McCarthy might call the same play three times in a game, without the play actually being run as he called it. And if McCarthy calls a play that Rodgers doesn’t like early in the game, that can sour the mood for the rest of the game. Several sources familiar with the inner workings of the organization say that it devolved into a competition over who can call the better play, and both want the credit when things go right.”

Kahler adds that Rodgers has been frustrated at times when McCarthy has missed some offensive meetings due to his other responsibilities. The story says that McCarthy does not do much to change things from year-to-year, implying that he may be falling behind the times, which is an observation so many others have made.

Fewer than two weeks ago, a report said that there was a growing sense McCarthy would be replaced by the Packers after the season. Rodgers and McCarthy have been working together since McCarthy became the team’s head coach in 2006. That was Rodgers’ second year in the league.

Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan publicly airs out more family drama

Aaron Rodgers

The complicated relationship between Aaron Rodgers and his brother Jordan is something that has been discussed quite a bit over the past year, but the drama seemingly took an ugly turn on Wednesday.

Not long after Aaron announced that he is donating $1 million to aid with wildfire relief and recovery in Northern California, Jordan took to Twitter with a troubling accusation against the Green Bay Packers star. The younger Rodgers implied in a tweet that his and Aaron’s mother was home alone not far from the fires and Aaron didn’t even call to check in on her.

Aaron is said to have a strained relationship with most of his immediate family, and the issues have been going on for years. There had been talk that his ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn contributed to the family problems, but she said the drama began before the two even met.

While Aaron has commented very little on his personal life, his father confirmed last year that the QB does not speak to his parents. That was after Jordan made things public by discussing the family issues on a reality TV show.

All of that was tame compared to what Jordan tweeted on Wednesday.

Aaron Rodgers donating $1 million to California wildfire relief

Aaron Rodgers

Like so many other NFL players and professional athletes, Aaron Rodgers has felt the impact of the devastating California wildfires on a personal level. The Camp Fire in Northern California that has left dozens of people dead and hundreds others missing is burning right near Rodgers’ hometown of Chico, and the Green Bay Packers quarterback has decided to take action.

On Wednesday, Rodgers announced that he is donating $1 million to aid in recovery and rebuilding in areas affected by the wildfires. His longtime endorsement partner State Farm will also donate $1 up to $1 million for every retweet Rodgers’ social media post gets.

While athletes and celebrities oftentimes prefer to remain out of the spotlight when making charitable donations, the circumstances with a natural disaster are different. By rallying people to join him, Rodgers is hoping he can help do for Northern California what JJ Watt was able to do for the Houston area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Donating $1 million sounds like a great start.

Report details how furious Aaron Rodgers was with Ty Montgomery

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers were in excellent position to hand the Los Angeles Rams their first loss of the season on Sunday, but an inexplicable error by running back Ty Montgomery resulted in them handing the game away. It was clear Aaron Rodgers was furious by the way he reacted, but it’s fair to wonder if Montgomery will every be forgiven by his teammates.

The Rams had kicked a field goal to go up 29-27 and were kicking off with 2:05 remaining. In theory, that should have been plenty of time for Rodgers to lead one of his patented game-winning drives, but he never got a chance to touch the ball. Montgomery fielded the kickoff in the end zone and chose to run it out, and he fumbled to give L.A. the ball at the Green Bay 21.

After the game, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Montgomery was specifically instructed to take a knee in the end zone. Some brief footage from the FOX broadcast showed a disgusted Rodgers on the sideline, and one coach described how angry the quarterback was to Michael Silver of

“Aaron was hot,” the coach said. “And he had a right to be. He yelled, ‘Take a f—ing knee!’ He was very, very mad.”

To make matters worse, it sounds like Montgomery may have chosen to ignore orders from the coaching staff because he was angry over being pulled off the field on Green Bay’s previous offensive drive. Several players and coaches told Silver that Montgomery threw a “tantrum” after that, and at least one believed it played a role in his decision to take the kick return out of the end zone.

“They took him out (the previous drive) for a play and he slammed his helmet and threw a fit,” one Packers player said. “Then (before the kickoff) they told him to take a knee, and he ran it out anyway. You know what that was? That was him saying, ‘I’m gonna do me.’ It’s a f—– joke.”

Montgomery’s intention obviously was not to fumble, but that’s precisely why he was told to take a knee. If you have an opportunity to give one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time the ball back with two minutes remaining needing a field goal, you take the guarantee.

If you saw what Rodgers did in Green Bay’s previous game, you can understand why he was so livid. There’s a chance the Rams would have stopped the Packers, but because of Montgomery we’ll never know.