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#pounditTuesday, May 11, 2021

Aaron Rodgers

Ex-Packers WR confident Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love dynamic will work

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers using a high draft pick on a quarterback led many to speculate that the clock could be ticking on Aaron Rodgers, but one former teammate of Rodgers thinks that the two signal callers will get along just fine.

Speaking on Sunday with Josh Moser of WLUK, ex-Packers receiver James Jones expressed confidence that Rodgers would be able to make it work with Jordan Love, whom the Packers drafted in the first round at No. 26 overall.

“Me knowing Aaron, Aaron is confident in his abilities,” said Jones. “He feels like he’s the best player, the best quarterback in the world. So he’s not worried about somebody coming in there and taking his position … He’s not gonna go in there and be like, ‘I’m not gonna help this young kid, just because this young kid’s been drafted, and he’s behind me, and we play the same position.’

“I think the relationship is gonna be unbelievable,” added Jones. “And I’ve spoken with Aaron a bunch of times about this situation happening.”

Jones, who was teammates with Rodgers on the Packers for eight seasons, also drew a comparison to how the former MVP himself arrived in Green Bay as the No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart behind the revered Brett Favre.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot however, Rodgers is already offering his full support to the 21-year-old Love. At the same time, Rodgers, despite the fact that he will turn 37 later this year, seems poised to approach the season with the belief that he will not be beat out for the starting job any time soon.

Aaron Rodgers already had a phone call with Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers

Many wondered how Aaron Rodgers would receive Jordan Love, whom the Green Bay Packers selected with their first-round pick on Thursday night. Would Rodgers have a cold reaction to Love, who ostensibly was picked to eventually replace Rodgers at quarterback for Green Bay? Or would he welcome his new teammate?

For now, we know that Rodgers has at least reached out to Love.

Packers reporter Jason Wilde reported on Saturday that Rodgers called Love directly to talk.

Love told ESPN’s Maria Taylor that Rodgers congratulated him.

That’s a good start for their relationship.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is confident that Rodgers will be a “great mentor.”

If Love wants to really have some fun with Rodgers, he should call him “grandpa” when they first meet. And if you don’t understand that reference, make sure you read this.

Alex Rodriguez reacts to fitting names of Packers’ quarterbacks

Alex Rodriguez

The Green Bay Packers made headlines on Thursday night when they traded up to select former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love with the No. 26 overall pick in the draft. There were immediate questions about what the move meant to Aaron Rodgers’ future with the team, and whether the Packers had just recreated the Rodgers-Brett Favre situation from over a decade ago.

But there was one other detail that a Twitter user noticed: drafting Jordan Love gave the Packers A-Rod and J. Lo at quarterback.

The famous A-Rod, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez, is engaged to actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, who goes by J. Lo, making all too great of a coincidence.

Rodriguez seems to be converted to a Packers fan now, sort of:

The Packers will be hoping Rodgers and Love get along as well as A-Rod and J. Lo, but the odds are against it. Rodgers always has a chip on his shoulder and expressed as much last month when asked about the Packers possibly drafting a quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers had great quote about Packers possibly drafting quarterback

Aaron Rodgers

Long before the Green Bay Packers selected Jordan Love with the No. 26 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers knew there was a possibility his team would draft a quarterback. And he had a great comment about it.

In March, Rodgers spoke with “Wilde & Tausch” and was asked about the possibility of the Packers taking a quarterback.

His answer was on the money.

A quarterback isn’t taking Rodgers’ spot any time soon. And that’s what makes the pick so curious. Rodgers is 36 and led the Packers to a 13-3 season last year. Though he was not at his best, he still passed for 4,002 yards, 26 touchdowns and four interceptions. The chances of a drafted quarterback being better than him next season or the following season seems low.

The Packers may have invited a Jimmy Garoppolo-Tom Brady situation, and you saw how that worked out — New England got to a point where they could not afford to keep both quarterbacks, so they chose to trade Jimmy G. Maybe Green Bay will be ready to trade Rodgers after the upcoming season.

Aaron Rodgers barely escaped Peru before coronavirus border closure

Aaron Rodgers

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted pretty much everyone in some way, but it’s safe to say not many will have a story like the one Aaron Rodgers can tell.

On Friday, the Green Bay Packers quarterback joined “McAfee & Hawk: Sports Talk” and revealed that he was nearly stranded in Peru as the pandemic worsened. Rodgers and three companions were traveling South America and had to rush to the packed airport to get out of Peru just before the country closed its borders to try to slow the spread of the virus.

“That was quite the ordeal,” Rodgers said, via Kendra Meinert of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Have you seen the movie ‘Argo’? You have? The scene at the end where they’re racing to the airport. Nobody was chasing us, thankfully, or holding us. We didn’t have to speak Farsi to get back into the country, but there were some moments where we worried we were not going to get out. It was absolute pandemonium at the airport.”

Rodgers and his companions were fine, but he said they managed to get out of Peru 15 minutes before the airport closed due to weather conditions. He did not think they would have made it out had they been flying commercially.

The Packers quarterback has since returned to his California home. No word on whether he’s following an Uncle Rico-esque workout program there after his harrowing escape.

Aaron Rodgers responds to rumors about Packers drafting QB

Aaron Rodgers

Will the Green Bay Packers draft Aaron Rodgers’ heir apparent this year? There’s a chance.

Rodgers is 36, and while he’s still playing well, he knows better than anyone else that the Packers are a proactive organization. Rodgers was drafted and groomed as Brett Favre’s replacement, and there has been some speculation that Green Bay may begin searching for Rodgers’ replacement soon.

Rodgers isn’t worried. He said he’s ready to fend off any competition at the quarterback position, and would like to see the Packers draft someone who can help right away.

“I’m a realist; I know where we’re at as an org and I know where I’m at my career,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “I’m confident (he is) not going to beat me out anytime soon.”

One wonders if Rodgers would look at mentoring a potential protege the same way Ben Roethlisberger does. The Packers quarterback doesn’t want any backup, because he knows he can do the job and thinks he can keep doing it for some time to come. He’s probably right that Green Bay would be better off drafting immediate help at this point.

Aaron Rodgers issues lengthy statement about opposition to CBA proposal

Aaron Rodgers

The proposed CBA has been passed on to the players for a full vote, but several of those players have made it clear that they’re opposed to the proposal.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been one of the major dissenters in discussions about the current plan, and posted a statement outlining some of his objections to Twitter on Wednesday. Rodgers feels that the 17-game schedule was essentially forced on players, and argues that the league has not compensated for that extra game by adding more offseason recovery time for players.

Rodgers reportedly raised at least some of these issues in private as well.

Rodgers is definitely not the only one who feels this way. That said, the NFLPA is a huge organization, and a simple majority vote would pass the CBA proposal. It’s entirely possible the loudest voices here turn out to be a vocal minority.

Aaron Rodgers unhappy with new CBA, wants more offseason free time

Aaron Rodgers

The NFL and NFL Players Association are inching closer to a new collective bargaining agreement, but not all of the league’s most influential players are on board with the latest proposal.

Aaron Rodgers was one of the “biggest objectors” to the latest version of the CBA before the union voted to submit it for approval early Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Rodgers apparently wants the offseason schedule to be altered so players have more time to themselves.

A CBA is never going to totally satisfy both sides, and it doesn’t have to. By voting to submit the latest proposal for approval, the NFLPA has advanced the CBA talks to the stage where a simple majority of the roughly 2,000 players it impacts will need to sign off on it in order for it to be ratified. That means the new CBA could be agreed upon even if somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 players don’t approve of it.

There have been a number of other concerns with the new CBA, including the expansion of the regular season from 16 games to 17 games. While many players have been opposed to that, it is included in the latest proposal and seems like it is only a matter of time before a 17-game season is implemented.

Danica Patrick offers popsicles to Aaron Rodgers fan from funny video

Aaron Rodgers

Sometimes it pays to confess your love for your favorite athlete, especially immediately following a surgical procedure.

Diehard Green Bay Packers fan Callie Kessler was still under anesthesia when she was overcome with emotion while talking about how much she loves Aaron Rodgers. To her credit, Kessler had no shame and posted the video on her Twitter account. Beware that it contains some inappropriate language.

As you can see, Kessler tagged Rodgers in the post. That caught the attention of Rodgers’ longtime girlfriend Danica Patrick, and the NASCAR driver responded by telling Kessler that Patrick and Rodgers would love to buy her 400 popsicles.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a sports fan deliver a message to his or her favorite player while drugged out after surgery, but things don’t always work out. We’re glad Callie’s message made it into the right hands.

Report: Aaron Rodgers’ family ‘dismayed’ by QB’s comments about religion

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ family reportedly was bothered by the quarterback’s recent comments about religion.

Rodgers sat down with his girlfriend Danica Patrick for an interview on her “Pretty Intense” podcast. A video clip of Rodgers talking about his views on religion was posted to Patrick’s YouTube account on December 27.

In the interview, Rodgers talks about how religion was a big part of his life when he was younger and the structure within his community. However, he says he did not find connection with his Christian upbringing, and that began to become clear when he was high school.

“Rules and regulations and binary systems don’t really resonate with me,” Rodgers said.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback says he didn’t find church very welcoming. He says you could only bring certain people to church and had to dress a certain way. He also said he views religion as a crutch for some.

“Religion can be a crutch. Religion can be something people have to have to make themselves feel better. Because it’s binary, it’s us and them; it’s saved and unsaved; it’s heaven and hell; it’s enlightened and heathen; it’s holy and righteous and sinner; and that makes a lot of people feel better about themselves — ‘I’ve got Jesus and I’m saved,'” Rodgers told Patrick.

Rodgers questioned the existence of God.

“I don’t know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet…to a fiery hell. What type of loving, sensitive, omnipresent, omnipotent being wants to condemn most of his beautiful creation to a fiery hell at the end of all this?”

Rodgers’ thoughts apparently did not sit well with his family.

“They were dismayed,” an insider reportedly told People. “The family is very dedicated to their Christian faith.”

“To them, his comments are basically a slap in the face to the fundamentals of who they are. It’s basically him turning his back on everything they have taught him.”

Rodgers has had a strained relationship with his family over the past six or so years. Going back to 2016, we heard about him having issues with his family. Rodgers’ brother even confirmed the issues two years ago. It would not be a leap to figure that Rodgers’ differing beliefs from his family — including those on religion — have contributed to the strained relationships.