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Aaron Rodgers

Packers GM responds to report that Aaron Rodgers wants him fired

Aaron Rodgers

It seems like there are several reasons Aaron Rodgers is frustrated with the Green Bay Packers, but apparently the job Brian Gutekunst has done as general manager of the team is at the top of his list. Despite that, Gutekunst is not giving up on trying to salvage the relationship.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported over the weekend that Rodgers wants Gutekunst fired and is “adamant” that he will not return to the Packers with the GM still in charge. Peter King of NBC Sports asked Gutekunst about that report on Sunday.

“(You) never want to see those things or read those things,” Gutekunst said. “He’s never said that to me and he never said that publicly … At the same time, I’m a lifelong scout, and we work all year for (the NFL Draft). We couldn’t let this distract us from the task at hand.”

Gutekunst was also asked if he believes the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers is tarnished beyond repair.

“No, I don’t think so at all. That’s my opinion and that’s the organization’s opinion,” Gutekunst said. “We want Aaron to be our quarterback. We’re pretty resolute with that … We want to leave every avenue open for that to happen.”

The Packers insist they are not going to trade Rodgers even as rumors swirl that the 37-year-old is willing to retire if he doesn’t get his way. A lot could change in the next few months, but Rodgers’ discontent has been brewing for quite some time.

Obviously, Rodgers was not happy that the Packers traded up to draft quarterback Jordan Love last year. He has admitted as much, and the biggest issue seems to be that the plans were not communicated to him ahead of time. The same was true when the Packers made some significant changes three years ago.

Rodgers did briefly speak to NBC’s Mike Tirico about the drama in Green Bay. You can read what he had to say here.

Aaron Rodgers experiencing same issue Brett Favre had

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is clearly unhappy that the Green Bay Packers drafted quarterback Jordan Love last year. The irony of the situation is that there is no player in the NFL who understands what it is like to be in Love’s position more than Rodgers.

Rodgers, of course, was drafted by Green Bay in the first round back in 2005. Brett Favre was still the face of the Packers at the time, and it would be an understatement to characterize the relationship between the two quarterbacks as icy. Andrew Brandt, who was an executive with the Packers at the time, described how Favre felt at the time.

As Brandt said, Rodgers probably knows exactly how Favre felt now. The Packers are still committed to Rodgers, who is coming off another MVP season. However, it goes without saying that they plan to hand the reigns over to Love at some point. Rodgers wants to be the one to decide when that happens, hence the stalemate.

Favre has expressed regret over the way his tenure in Green Bay came to an end. Rodgers could be headed down the exact same path, as he reportedly wants out and is willing to go to some serious lengths to get his way.

Aaron Rodgers reportedly ‘intrigued’ by idea of playing for this team

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is said to be so frustrated with the Packers that he would rather retire than return to Green Bay, but there are other teams the three-time MVP is willing to play for. Are the Las Vegas Raiders one of them?

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on “SportsCenter” Sunday that Rodgers is “intrigued” by the possibility of playing for Jon Gruden and the Raiders.

“He is reportedly intrigued by the Raiders as well, so they have to be on this list,” Fowler said, via Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report. “They’re happy with Derek Carr; nothing’s going on right now, and they very well could extend Derek Carr sometime soon. But the Raiders look into every single quarterback situation. … They looked at past free agents or trade options. So, Jon Gruden is sort of always lurking. You can’t discount them.”

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock made it clear recently that the team is happy with Carr. Las Vegas also did not move up in the draft for a quarterback despite some speculation over the past few weeks.

Obviously, the availability of Rodgers could change how the Raiders view things. Gruden would undoubtedly be excited about the prospect of coaching one of the greatest players of all time. Cost would still be a factor, and it’s unclear if the Packers would even consider trading Rodgers.

Rodgers reportedly wants one thing to happen before he even considers returning to Green Bay.

Mike Tirico reveals what Aaron Rodgers told him about Packers rift

Aaron Rodgers

The quarterback at the center of the NFL world is at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, but he’s not willing to talk on camera yet.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was in attendance at Churchill Downs on Saturday as rumors and reports about his rift with the organization continued to spread. According to NBC’s Mike Tirico, who is hosting the network’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby, Rodgers declined to speak on camera but did chat privately.

Tirico characterized Rodgers as “disappointed” that reports about the conflict had gone public, and that he expressed “how much he loves Green Bay” multiple times.

Rodgers isn’t pouring fuel on the fire publicly. With reports like this one in the media, he doesn’t really need to. The speculation will continue to rage until Rodgers says something about it, which he’s consciously opting against doing right now.

Did Broncos pass on Justin Fields due to Aaron Rodgers situation?

Broncos logo

The Denver Broncos had the opportunity to select either Justin Fields or Mac Jones when both quarterbacks were still on the board, but they passed. There may be a clear reason for that.

There was some surprise when the Broncos, picking at No. 9, decided to pass on a quarterback and select defensive back Patrick Surtain II instead. There had been some thinking that the Broncos would be tempted to take Fields and trade Drew Lock if the scenario presented itself.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, that may have to do with the developing situation around Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rapoport says that the Broncos would be one of Rodgers’ “preferred destinations” if he was to leave Green Bay, and Denver’s decision to pass on Fields could be seen as the team keeping its options open in case the Packers become more open to letting their quarterback go.

For now, the chances of the Broncos landing Rodgers appear quite low. The Packers continue to state that they’re committed to him and want to make things work. However, with each passing day, things seem to get worse and worse between the Packers and their quarterback, and someone’s hand will be forced eventually.

Report: Aaron Rodgers wants Packers GM Brian Gutekunst fired

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ latest reported demand of the Green Bay Packers would be his biggest one yet.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Rodgers is “adamant” that he will not return to the team as long as Brian Gutekunst remains the team’s general manager. A source from Rodgers’ camp told Robinson that reconciliation may be impossible as long as Gutekunst remains in his post, and Rodgers would be willing to consider holding out or even retiring if the GM remains.

“The ball is in Mark’s court,” the source said, referring to Packers CEO Mark Murphy.

The source of Rodgers’ dissatisfaction with Gutekunst stems from last year’s decision to draft quarterback Jordan Love in the first round, particularly without communicating it to Rodgers in advance. Rodgers has believed ever since that Gutekunst planned to move on from him after 2020 until Rodgers posted an MVP season. Rodgers asked the Packers for a new contract with new guaranteed money to cover at least the next two years, but the Packers countered with a simple restructure, further poisoning the well.

A player asking his team to fire the GM is a massive demand, even for someone of Rodgers’ stature. It’s also one the Packers seem unlikely to agree to. Based on Murphy’s latest comments, it seems most likely that the team to call Rodgers’ bluff and dare him to follow through on his threats.

Packers CEO weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ future with team

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy is attempting to quiet down the drama surrounding quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In the introduction to his monthly Q&A with fans on the team’s official website, Murphy addressed the reports that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. Murphy wrote that the Packers have flown out to meet with Rodgers and are trying to address his concerns, and fully expect him to be with the team in 2021.

“This is an issue that we have been working on for several months,” Murphy wrote. “Brian Gutekunst, Matt LaFleur and I have flown out on a number of occasions to meet with Aaron. We are very much aware of Aaron’s concerns and have been working with him (and his agent Dave Dunn) to resolve them.

“We remain committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond. He is not only a tremendously talented player, but has developed into a true leader for us. The relationship that Aaron has forged with Matt and the other offensive coaches has propelled us to the brink of the Super Bowl in two straight years. We look forward to competing for another Super Bowl championship with Aaron as our leader.”

The problem for Murphy is that the Packers aren’t willing to show Rodgers their commitment beyond 2021. Reports indicate that Rodgers has had contract talks with Green Bay, but they did not go well. That year-to-year plan is part of Rodgers’ anger.

Murphy is also said to be aware of the Packers executive Rodgers most has a problem with. If he wants to fix the situation, drastic measures may be required.

Report: Aaron Rodgers willing to consider retirement instead of playing for Packers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ relationship with the Green Bay Packers appears so fractured that the quarterback wants the general manager fired, and he’s threatening to retire if that does not happen.

A source close to Rodgers told Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports that the quarterback is “adamant” about not returning to the Packers as long as Brian Gutekunst remains GM. The source also indicated that Rodgers is willing to consider drastic options, from holding out of training camp to retirement, in order to avoid playing for Green Bay again.

Rodgers’ unhappiness with the Packers is rooted toward Gutekunst, particularly over last year’s first-round pick of Jordan Love and the lack of communication surrounding it. This is an issue that Gutekunst, the team’s GM since 2018, has acknowledged the Packers should have done better with. Rodgers believes Gutekunst’s plan was to move on from Rodgers after the 2020 season, but that the quarterback’s MVP campaign complicated things. The source believes that a Rodgers reconciliation with the Packers is unlikely as long as Gutekunst remains GM, and that team president Mark Murphy is aware of this.

This is in line with other reporting we’ve heard on the situation. The Packers are likely prepared to call Rodgers’ bluff here, as Gutekunst seems fairly well-entrenched. If he’s serious about his threats, though, this is likely to turn into an even bigger public showdown between the two sides.

Here is what Aaron Rodgers has told some teammates about Packers situation

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers may eventually find a way to convince Aaron Rodgers to remain with the team, but all signs continue to point to the star quarterback wanting out of Green Bay.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Friday that Rodgers’ discontent with the Packers is “legitimate.” The three-time MVP has reportedly gone as far as telling teammates he will not return to Green Bay in 2021.

“He’s told some teammates and players within the team that he doesn’t plan to return,” Schefter said. “Whether he follows up on that, we’ll see how the summer unfolds. We’ll see if it changes, but that’s how he feels.”

Schefter reiterated that one of the main sources of Rodgers’ frustration is that the Packers traded up in the draft last year to select quarterback Jordan Love. Rodgers was more bothered by Green Bay executives keeping him in the dark over the pick than he was about the pick itself.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said Thursday that there is zero chance Rodgers will be traded, but he essentially admitted the team mishandled the Love situation last year.

Rodgers and the Packers have also been at odds over the quarterback’s contract this offseason. You can read an explanation of what has reportedly occurred with those negotiations here.

A lot can change in several months, but Rodgers is clearly digging his heels in. The Packers are going to have to work hard to change his mind.

Aaron Rodgers’ agent once helped star QB force a trade

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with the Green Bay Packers and reportedly wants a trade. While the team insists he is not going anywhere, Rodgers’ representation is experienced when it comes to star quarterbacks forcing their way to a new team.

Rodgers is represented by agent Dave Dunn. As Ian Rapoport of NFL Media noted on Friday, Dunn is the same agent who represented Carson Palmer when Palmer was traded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders back in 2011.

The Bengals were a losing franchise steeped in turmoil when Palmer wanted out, so the two situations are not identical. Still, the fact that Rodgers has the same agent as Palmer gives Packers fans one more thing to feel uneasy about.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has said there is zero chance the team will trade Rodgers. He did, however, admit he could have done one thing differently with regard to the three-time MVP a year ago.