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Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers takes issue with Packers’ hotel policy

Aaron Rodgers gets ready to throw

Aaron Rodgers is at the point in his career where he needs to put more effort into making sure his body is ready on game day, and he does not feel the NFL is putting him in the best position to do that.

After the Green Bay Packers defeated Washington on Sunday, Rodgers credited two members of his team’s medical staff for tending to his achy back.

“I do have to give a big shout-out to (athletic trainer) Nate Weir and (chiropractor) Mike Zoelle; I woke up this morning and my back was killing me,” Rodgers said, via ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “It was all locked up and I came in here early, and I’m thankful for those guys taking care of me in order to go out and play today.”

Rodgers said his back was a little stiff over the weekend. He blamed the NFL’s policy that requires players to sleep in a hotel even before home games.

“My back was a little stiff Saturday, and maybe you guys know this or don’t know this, but there’s an antiquated procedural thing in our league where the most important night of sleep, we stay at a hotel, and I don’t want to blame it on the hotel — it’s a nice hotel — but my bed at the house that I’m sleeping in every other night of my time here in Green Bay would probably be a little bit of a better option, I think, and that’s just my opinion,” he said.

Rodgers completed 27 of 35 passes for 274 yards and three touchdowns in Green Bay’s 24-10 win over Washington. The training staff must have really worked some magic.

Prior to last season, NFL teams were not required to have players sleep in hotels the night before games, but many of them did. That was to prevent players from getting into trouble and, in theory, keep them more focused. The league then made it a rule due to COVID-19 protocols.

For now, Rodgers will have to deal with it. He’ll just have to keep the Packers’ training staff on speed dial. Either that, or he might want to starting bringing his own mattress to the hotel.

Aaron Rodgers takes funny shot at ex-QB over risky play

Aaron Rodgers

One of the most dangerous plays for a quarterback is throwing from the back of the end zone due to the risk of a safety. One former quarterback is the poster child for that.

Former quarterback and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky infamously scrambled out of the back of the end zone in a 2008 game for the Detroit Lions. Orlovsky is a good sport about it, but it’s one of the strangest and most bizarre moments in recent NFL history.

So when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers found himself in a similar situation Sunday, Orlovsky crossed his mind. Orlovsky posted a picture of Rodgers dodging a tackle near the back of the end zone in Sunday’s game, making fun of himself over the infamous 2008 play. Unlike Orlovsky, however, Rodgers had the presence of mind to throw the ball away before taking a sack or running out of the end zone.

It meant Rodgers could have a little fun with it.

Orlovsky won’t mind. He has a sense of humor about the whole thing. If that counts as his legacy, so be it.

Jack Coan goes viral for amazing impressions of NFL QBs

Jack Coan does an impression

Notre Dame quarterback Jack Coan went viral this week for a great video where he does impressions of famous NFL quarterbacks.

Coan posted the video on social media and it received attention online. NBC even aired it during Saturday night’s Fighting Irish game against USC.

The video shows Coan in Notre Dame’s locker room. He does impressions of Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

Those were pretty great. The Manning impression might have been the funniest and most accurate. The Brady had the best detail with the follow through.

Coan is a senior transfer from Wisconsin. He entered Saturday’s win over USC with 1,208 passing yards, 10 touchdowns and three interceptions.

How did you like his impressions and which was the best?

Aaron Rodgers blasts ‘woke cancel culture’

Aaron Rodgers gets ready to throw

Aaron Rodgers made headlines on Sunday when he savagely trolled Chicago Bears fans, and the reigning MVP has made it clear that he doesn’t care if anyone had a problem with it.

Rodgers scored a key rushing touchdown late in the fourth quarter of Green Bay’s 24-14 win over the Bears. He did his token championship belt celebration before yelling “I still own you!” at the fans (video here). During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers criticized the “PC woke culture” that may have taken issue with it.

“There’s a PC woke culture that exists, and there’s a cancel culture at the same time,” Rodgers said. “And it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal miserability or distaste for their own situations or life, or maybe just enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.”

Rodgers said he is happy he has a platform that allows him to call out the group of people that “gets off on shrinking people, keeping them small, keeping them in a box, (and) quieting them through cancellation.” You can hear more of his thoughts below, but beware that the clip contains inappropriate language:

Rodgers added that he misses the days when trash talk was “more normalized.”

“Somebody can pay for a ticket and say whatever the hell they want — which I think they should be able to, that’s fine — but the one time you say something back to them and it gets caught on a hot mic .. now I’ve disrespected an entire city and organization and my own organization,” he said.

While Rodgers’ overall message about cancel culture makes sense, it seems like he was talking to a very small minority in this situation. Most people thought the way he roasted fans at Soldier Field was hilarious. Even one Bears player had a surprising admission about it.

Rodgers likely just used the buzz from his trash talk as an opportunity to discuss something else he feels strongly about.

H/T People

Aaron Rodgers reveals which fanbase he thinks talks the best trash

Aaron Rodgers gets ready to throw

Aaron Rodgers has seen (and heard) it all in his 17 NFL seasons. Now he is tipping his cap to one particular fanbase as the proverbial kings of trash talk.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback told reporters on Wednesday that he thinks fans of the Philadelphia Eagles talk the best trash.

“There’s some places we’ve been that have some rowdy fans,” said Rodgers, per Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Philly, I think, might be the best trash talkers.”

The reigning NFL MVP also shared a great story about his first-ever game in Philly. Rodgers said that the same fan kept yelling the same thing at him — “Hey Rodgers, get the splinters out of your a–.” — and never stopped.

“By the time the 3rd quarter happened, I was impressed he still had it,” Rodgers joked. “So I turned and gave him a little wave.”

The 37-year-old Rodgers had an elite trash-talk moment with an opposing fanbase last week. But even those fans apparently cannot hold a candle to Eagles fans. Rodgers has gone a solid 4-2 in six career games against the Eagles, so he has probably heard plenty of venom from the Philly faithful.

Those fans are also especially tough on opposing quarterbacks. One Rodgers contemporary recently made clear that he is not a fan of Eagles Nation.

Bears player has surprising admission about Aaron Rodgers roasting fans

Aaron Rodgers Bears taunt

Aaron Rodgers continued his dominance of the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and he was not exactly humble about it. The Green Bay Packers star had some savage trash talk for fans at Soldier Field, but we know one player on the home team who did not lose sleep over it.

Rodgers scored a key rushing touchdown late in the fourth quarter of Green Bay’s 24-14 win over the Bears. He did his token championship belt celebration before yelling “I still own you!” at the fans (video here). Bears tight end Cole Kmet was asked on Wednesday how he felt about the trash talk, and he admitted Rodgers is “not totally wrong.”

No, he certainly is not. With the win, Rodgers improved to 22-4 in his career against the Bears. He has now won 10 of his last 11 against his division rival at Soldier Field. Rodgers has owned Chicago throughout his career, and that dominance continued on Sunday.

For what it’s worth, Rodgers says he had a good reason for trolling the fans so hard.

Tom Brady has hilarious take on Aaron Rodgers taunting Bears fans

Tom Brady

Aaron Rodgers brought us one of the best moments of Week 6 when he ruthlessly taunted Chicago Bears fans, and Tom Brady seemed to enjoy it as much as anyone.

During the latest episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast on SiriusXM Radio, Brady sarcastically congratulated Rodgers on becoming a “shareholder of the Bears.”

“I saw a clip of him really enthusiastically telling the crowd how happy he is to own Soldier Field. That’s really great stuff,” Brady joked. “He owns the (Milwaukee) Bucks now and part of Solider Field. He’s got a great career beyond football.”

Rodgers gave the Packers a two-score lead in their win over the Bears on Sunday with a rushing touchdown late in the fourth quarter. After the play, microphones caught the reigning MVP clearly yelling “I still own you!” at the fans. You can see the video here.

While he may not have expected the trash talk to be picked up and go viral, Rodgers said he had a good reason for going at Bears fans so hard.

Brady and Rodgers have been trading funny barbs since before they played against one another in “The Match” over the summer. We’ll anxiously await Rodgers’ latest response.

Aaron Rodgers named Bears’ owner in funny Wikipedia edit

Aaron Rodgers taunts Bears fans

It did not take long for Aaron Rodgers to trash talk himself into becoming the actual owner of the Chicago Bears … at least on Wikipedia.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback delivered the viral moment of the week when he taunted Bears fans during Sunday’s divisional win over Chicago. Rodgers scrambled for a key rushing touchdown late in the fourth quarter and rubbed it in by telling the home fans, “I still own you!”

The Chicago Bears’ Wikipedia page reflected just as much after the game. In light of Rodgers’ taunt, he was briefly listed as the owner of the Bears.

Another funny edit had Bears head coach Matt Nagy listed on Wikipedia as Rodgers’ son.

Though the taunt served as a bit of revenge, in reality, Rodgers can make a pretty strong case to be Bears owner. He is now 22-5 against them for his NFL career. Regardless, the reigning NFL MVP Rodgers probably prefers this Wikipedia edit to the last one that he was a part of.

Aaron Rodgers reveals why he ruthlessly taunted Bears fans

Aaron Rodgers Bears taunt

Aaron Rodgers showed no mercy to Chicago Bears fans after he scored a big touchdown late in Sunday’s game, but the Green Bay Packers star says his trash talk was a response to a not-so-friendly gesture from someone in the stands at Soldier Field.

Rodgers scored a rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter that essentially sealed the win for the Packers. After the play, microphones caught the reigning MVP clearly yelling “I still own you!” at the fans.

Rodgers was asked about the savage trash talk after Green Bay’s 24-14 victory. He joked that he “blacked out” but then revealed that a woman who was seated in the front row flipped him the double bird.

We’re guessing Rodgers probably had no love for Bears fans to begin with. He reminded us of that earlier this week when asked if he would ever play for Chicago. The woman flipping him off must have just sealed the deal.

Video: Aaron Rodgers savagely trash talks Bears fans after touchdown

Aaron Rodgers taunts Bears fans

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has no love for the Chicago Bears, as was once again evidenced Sunday.

Rodgers scored a vital rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bears, extending the Packers’ lead to ten points. To say Rodgers was pumped up after scoring would be an understatement. First, he flashed the championship belt. Then, field mics caught Rodgers screaming in the direction of Bears fans, very clearly: “I still own you!”

The Packers and the Bears are long-standing rivals. Rodgers has gleefully embraced that. The quarterback came into Sunday’s game with a 20-5 lifetime record against Chicago. The 55 passing touchdowns he had thrown against them were his most against any opponent.

Rodgers definitely leans into how much Bears fans don’t like him. It was even a topic of conversation coming into the game, with the quarterback eagerly stirring the pot some more.