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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bill Belichick

Watch: Bill Belichick snubs young Lions fans

Bill Belichick Lions fans

Bill Belichick has never had a reputation for being a friendly guy, but his treatment of a couple of young Detroit Lions fans before Sunday night’s game took things a bit too far.

As Belichick was walking onto the field at Ford Field before the New England Patriots’ game against the Lions, the Pats head coach snubbed two Lions fans who had their hands out for a high-five:

There’s no way you can tell me he didn’t see them either. He did, he just chose to ignore them.

If that’s what he needs to do to maintain his edge on game day, so be it. But that’s not going to stop us from calling out his jerk behavior.

Bill Belichick praises ‘smart kid’ Josh Gordon

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick refused to discuss anything related to Josh Gordon earlier in the week, insisting the trade involving the star wide receiver had not been finalized despite both the Patriots and the Browns announcing it. But on Friday, Belichick finally admitted he has a new wide receiver.

Belichick began his press conference by mentioning that the Patriots have added two players to the roster — Gordon and defensive back Cyrus Jones. He later referred to Gordon as a “smart kid” and said he has “picked up a lot” since coming to New England.

That may not have sounded like a lot, but it was probably about as much insight from Belichick as we will hear until Gordon actually plays a game. One national writer was already highly critical of the Patriots for taking a chance on Gordon, and some felt Belichick was dodging questions about the trade for reasons like that. Apparently the trade really wasn’t completely finalized as of Wednesday. Or, Belichick may have just needed an extra two days to come up with that long-winded analysis of the deal.

Here’s why Bill Belichick was able to avoid Josh Gordon questions

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick probably isn’t all that anxious to discuss the trade that is sending Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns to his New England Patriots, and the coach somehow found a way to avoid any and all questions about Gordon on Wednesday.

By all indications, the trade has been finalized. Heck, even the Patriots themselves have been hyping it up for more than 24 hours.

Both the Patriots and Browns announced the trade on Monday, and it appeared on the NFL’s personnel wire on Tuesday. That typically means a deal has been finalized, but here’s a sampling of what reporters got when they asked Belichick about Gordon on Wednesday:

How is it that Belichick gets away with this? According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, there has been a tweak in the language with the Gordon trade. Initially, it was reported that the Patriots would send a fifth-round pick to the Browns and get back a seventh-round pick down the road if Gordon is not active for at least 10 games in New England this season. As it turns out, the Pats are getting that seventh-round pick regardless.

So, that answers that. Belichick will again be bombarded with questions about Gordon on Thursday, and he’ll really have no excuse not to answer them. But for a coach who has treated us to some phenomenal zingers when he doesn’t feel like talking, any loophole to not provide insight is bound to be exploited.

Bill Belichick zings reporter over question about roster cuts

Bill Belichick

NFL teams are getting ready to trim their rosters from 90 to 53 players in advance of the Sept. 1 deadline, which means several veterans will be changing uniforms in the coming days. Preparing for that is a big part of a coach’s job during the preseason, as Bill Belichick so eloquently put it on Tuesday.

When a reporter asked Belichick if his coaching staff has been monitoring other teams for potential free agents that could become available, the Patriots coach delivered a fantastic zinger.

For those of you who are wondering, Belichick was likely referring to a popular dessert sold by the New England-based restaurant chain Friendly’s.

As usual, Belichick is in midseason form very early on. He already got a rise out of the media with his joke about the Hall of Fame Game earlier this offseason, and the watermelon roll reference won’t be the last of it.

Bill Belichick dismisses same Alex Guerrero question that angered Tom Brady

Bill Belichick

Alex Guerrero may have regained some of his privileges with the New England Patriots in advance of the 2018 season, but don’t expect either Tom Brady or Bill Belichick to go into detail about the arrangement between the trainer and the team.

On Monday morning, Brady cut his weekly appearance on WEEI short when he was asked several questions about Guerrero being on the Patriots’ team flight to Carolina for a preseason game last week. The star quarterback said “I’m not getting into all that” when asked if there has been a change in the relationship between Guerrero and Belichick from last year. When pressed with a couple of follow-up questions about the same topic, Brady bailed.

A few hours later, Belichick was asked a similar question while meeting with the media.

There were reports last year that Guerrero had been banned from traveling with the team and being on the sidelines, as he is not an employee of the Patriots organization. He does, however, run the TB12 Performance Center that is headquartered at Gillette Stadium, and several Patriots players receive treatment there.

Between Guerrero flying on the team plane to Carolina and a report we heard about his whereabouts during offseason workouts, it seems like someone has made an effort to keep the peace between Brady’s guru and Belichick. That said, it’s no surprise no one is willing to talk about it publicly.

Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero travels on team plane with Patriots

Tom Brady

One of the main reasons for the alleged rift between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is that Brady’s personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, had his access to the team limited at some point in the past year. Has Belichick decided to lighten up in advance of the 2018 season?

Michael Giardi of NFL Network shared an interesting piece of information on Thursday when he reported that Guerrero was aboard the Patriots’ official plane for the team’s trip to Carolina to face the Panthers.

While that may not sound significant, it represents a change from the arrangement that existed at some point last year. Right around the time ESPN released its bombshell story about the power struggle within the Patriots organization, Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe reported that Guerrero has been “banned from boarding Patriots jets” and had his sideline access revoked. The trainer was also prohibited from working with any member of the team other than Brady at his private suite at Gillette Stadium.

It’s entirely possible that Belichick has lightened up with restricting Guerrero, and there’s also a chance Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a hand in it. Between Guerrero being on the team plane to Carolina and a report we heard about his whereabouts earlier this offseason, it seems like Belichick has tweaked some of the restrictions he had in place.

Bill Belichick takes in Red Sox game from owner’s box

Bill Belichick Red Sox

Even Bill Belichick has caught Red Sox fever.

Belichick took in Sunday night’s Red Sox-Yankees rivalry game at Fenway Park. He was a guest in owner John Henry’s box and was shown by ESPN chatting it up with Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski:

Belichick was joined at the game by his friend, former World Series-winning manager Tony La Russa.

Belichick’s New England Patriots recently opened up training camp and are scheduled to play their first preseason game on Thursday. They rank highly on our list of teams most likely to dethrone the Eagles as Super Bowl champs.