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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Cam Newton

Report: Panthers expect Cam Newton to pass physical in March

Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers is likely to remain murky for a while longer, but some clarity may be coming next month.

According to Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic, the Panthers believe Newton will be able to pass a physical and be cleared for some football activity in March. That aligns with the time when the Panthers will have to make a decision on Newton’s future.

The Panthers will take it slow with Newton, knowing that his Lisfranc injury was a serious one. The team may keep him limited through spring workouts in April and May.

Carolina could save $19 million by cutting Newton ahead of next season. Whether they will remains an open question. Ownership has maintained that Newton’s health will have a big say in whether he’s brought back or not, making the physical and these upcoming workouts hugely important to Newton’s chances of remaining with the organization. He’s made very clear he wants to, but that decision is out of his hands at this point.

Panthers owner David Tepper gives update on Cam Newton’s future

Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers remains unclear based on comments made by owner David Tepper on Tuesday.

Tepper said Newton’s future with the organization essentially comes down to health, and the team will make no determination whether he will stay or go until they have clarity on how he is physically.

Newton had trouble with his left foot all season, and it limited him to just two games. He’s only played a full 16 game season once since the end of 2015, and it’s no surprise that the Panthers want to know that he’ll be able to play a full season before committing to him.

The quarterback has been confident that he’ll be back with Carolina in 2020. The Panthers clearly aren’t ready to agree with that assessment yet. He’s owed $18.6 million next season, and the team may still look into a trade if they can get a good return.

Cam Newton expects to return to Panthers despite trade rumors

Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers has been in doubt for quite a while, but the quarterback certainly thinks he’ll be staying with the franchise.

Newton spoke to CBS Sports Network’s “Tiki and Tierney” and said he “absolutely” expects to remain with Carolina in 2020, adding that he feels that he has a lot to prove to the organization and to himself.

Newton has consistently felt optimistic about his future with Carolina. The organization itself has been much more tight-lipped. He’s due $18.6 million next season, which is reasonable for an NFL starting quarterback. Their decision may ultimately come down to what kind of return they get in a trade, if anything.

Newton played in only two games last season due to a foot injury. He has had just one winning season since being named NFL MVP in 2015, and turns 31 in May.

Matt Rhule dodges questions about Cam Newton’s future with Panthers

Matt Rhule

Anyone hoping for clarity on Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers in Matt Rhule’s introductory press conference came away disappointed on Wednesday.

While the new Carolina head coach praised Newton and seemed enthusiastic about the quarterback’s attitude, Rhule said he does not plan to make any major announcements about the long-term future of any player until meeting and speaking with owner David Tepper and GM Marty Hurney.

On the surface, Newton would seem to be an ideal fit to run Rhule’s offense, but one can understand the coach not wanting to box himself in with some sort of public pronouncement on day one of the job.

Last we heard, the Panthers were undecided on Newton. It made sense to hold off on any decisions until the new coach was in place.

Newton is due to make $18.6 million next season, and a decision is due by March.

5 potential destinations for veteran NFL QBs likely on the move in 2020

Cam Newton tie

The NFL is a vicious business sometimes. More than a handful of veteran quarterbacks with a history of proven success are about to find that out firsthand.

What have you done for me lately? The answer to that question is what keeps people employed or leads to a pink slip. The good news is that one team’s trash can be another’s treasure.

With that in mind, here’s a look at five veteran quarterbacks who could be on the move in 2020, and where they might ultimately land.

5. Cam Newton, Chicago Bears

The Carolina Panthers will likely look to trade Newton this offseason, but are said to be looking for a substantial haul in return. That desire could make the former MVP difficult to move. But if Carolina is legitimately committed to moving on from the quarterback, those trade demands are bound to come down. If and when they do, the Bears are the most obvious potential destination for Newton; the two sides have been connected via rumor and speculation for a month. And while Mitchell Trubisky has played better of late, the Bears are unlikely to hitch their wagon to him long term. The possibility remains that Trubisky is merely on a hot streak, opening the door to a quarterback change in 2020. A combination of Cam Newton and a dominant defense may be too much for Chicago to pass up.

4. Marcus Mariota, Miami Dolphins

It’s clear that Mariota’s time with the Tennessee Titans is over, especially now that Ryan Tannehill is playing well and earning himself a new deal in 2020. So how ironic and fitting would it be if Mariota were to sign with the Dolphins, Tannehill’s old team, in 2020? I’m not suggesting it just to be cute, either. As odd as it would be for the two to swap places that way, it would actually make some sense. Tannehill has proven that a change of scenery can sometimes spark improved play, and with Miami having soured on Josh Rosen and unlikely to hang onto Ryan Fitzpatrick long term, a dual-threat player like Mariota may be just what the doctor ordered. Signing Mariota would also save Miami from having to invest a first-round pick into a quarterback, although they might do so anyway — and it’s likely the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner would come at a very team-friendly price.

3. Eli Manning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Manning is in the final year of his contract with the New York Giants, and it’s no secret to anyone that he’ll be gone after the season. Whether that means Manning retires or looks to play elsewhere remains to be seen, but if it’s the latter, there will be a few suitors for the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Many assume reuniting with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville would be the most logical step for Manning, but with Jameis Winston possible out in Tampa Bay, Manning could be an interesting potential option for Bruce Arians & Co. The team is built to compete, has a talented supporting cast, and would fit Manning’s style. It would also allow Tampa Bay to draft their future quarterback and have him learn under Manning for a year or two.

2. Philip Rivers, Carolina Panthers

Rivers’ time with the Los Angeles Chargers appears to be winding down, and retirement could be an option this offseason. If not, Rivers will be among the hottest veteran quarterback commodities. Unfortunately for Rivers, there will be an overwhelming amount of competition for just a few jobs, so he’ll need to find the right fit. And assuming the Panthers move on from Newton as expected, Carolina may ultimately prove to be his destination. With a new head coach incoming and Kyle Allen not viewed as the answer, Carolina could opt for a player with Rivers’ pedigree in hopes of putting them over the top and back into playoff contention. Not to mention, Rivers is a noted family man who played his college ball at NC State, so returning home may be an ideal scenario for him.

1. Tom Brady, Denver Broncos

No one genuinely believes the New England Patriots and Tom Brady will part ways after this season, but more and more evidence continues to pile up suggesting that a split could happen. And if there is a separation, even at the age of 42, Brady immediately becomes the No. 1 free agent target in all of football. Enter John Elway and the Broncos, who, despite having invested in rookie Drew Lock, would welcome Brady with open arms knowing that they’d become immediate Super Bowl contenders. A move to Denver would also pair Brady with Mike Munchak, who is one of the most successful offensive line coaches in football, providing Brady with all the protection he could possibly need to continue his NFL domination. I know, I know … it all sounds so crazy, but as Tom Brady Sr. recently said, even Joe Montana went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Anything is possible.

Panthers reportedly have not made decision about Cam Newton’s future

Cam Newton tie

It has been widely reported that the Panthers will look to trade Cam Newton this offseason, but that is not a decision the team has made yet. While Kyle Allen looked at one point like he was stating his case to be the quarterback of the future in Carolina, things appear to be less certain as the season winds down.

Newton recently underwent surgery to repair the foot injury that cost him the majority of the 2019 season, and Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman was told by a source that the Panthers have not made any decisions about whether or not they will part ways with the former NFL MVP. Injuries have obviously been a major factor in Newton’s declining performance in recent seasons, so it makes sense for Carolina to wait and see how healthy he looks after his foot is healed.

Early indications have been that Newton will be fully healthy by March, which is when the Panthers must decide if they want to keep him on the roster and guarantee his $18.6 million salary for 2020. Of course, they could still trade him after that, and plenty of teams would be interested as long as the foot injury is no longer an issue.

Newton’s $18.6 million salary for next season is a bargain for a starting quarterback, especially one with his skillset. He’s also still only 30, which is why it sounds like the Panthers will need to be blown away by an offer if they move him. Carolina could decide it is too risky to give Newton a contract extension given his injury history, in which case trading him may be the best option.

If Newton is healthy, he can certainly help a contending team. The Chicago Bears have been mentioned frequently as a potential suitor for him, but other teams are sure to be interested as well.

Panthers will reportedly keep Cam Newton if return is not significant

The Carolina Panthers have already begun making big changes by firing head coach Ron Rivera, and there has been a lot of talk about a Cam Newton trade coming next. However, it is not exactly a guarantee that the former NFL MVP will be playing for a new team in 2020.

Newton is scheduled to undergo surgery in the coming days to repair the foot injury has sidelined him for almost the entire 2019 season. The goal is for him to be fully healthy in March, which is when the Panthers have to decide if they want to keep him on the roster and guarantee his $18.6 million salary for 2020. While Carolina is planning to explore trade possibilities, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that they have not ruled out keeping Newton if the return is not significant.

Assuming doctors declare Newton fully healthy, there should be at least one or two teams that are willing to part with a high draft pick for the 30-year-old. While the injury concerns surrounding Newton are valid, he can be a game-changing talent under the right circumstances. The Kansas City Chiefs traded Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins two years ago for a third-round pick and starting cornerback Kendall Fuller, and the Denver Broncos acquired Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens last offseason for a fourth-round pick. Newton should fetch more than that.

Newton’s $18.6 million salary for next season is a value for a starting quarterback, but he will likely want an extension if and when he is healthy. He recently indicated he wants to remain in Carolina, though his reaction to the Rivera firing makes you wonder if he has since changed his mind.