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Monday, July 22, 2019

Cam Newton

Cam Newton expected to be full participant in training camp

Cam Newton tie

Cam Newton has been progressing well in his recovery from a surgical procedure he had on his shoulder following last season, and it does not sound like the quarterback is expected to have any limitations when the Carolina Panthers begin training camp in two weeks.

According to Brendan Marks of the Charlotte Observer, the plan is for Newton to be a full participant in training camp. That has been the target date for his return to full practices all along, and there’s no reason to believe anything has changed.

Newton dealt with shoulder soreness down the stretch last season and missed the final two games of the year. Doctors determined that the issue stemmed from a buildup of scar tissue and cartilage damage due to shoulder surgery he had in 2017, and he had an arthroscopic “clean-out” after the season. His rehab has gone well and he had not experienced any pain as of about a month ago.

Considering how bad his shoulder ailment was late last season, the Panthers will probably continue to play it safe with Newton right up until Week 1. They know their best chance of contending again is having the former MVP healthy.

Reason why Cam Newton was flying coach back from France revealed

Cam Newton

Cam Newton was in all likelihood the wealthiest person flying coach from Paris to the United States last week, but he has no one to blame but himself for getting stuck without extra legroom.

On Friday, a video shared on Twitter claimed to show Newton offering a man $1,500 to switch seats with him on his flight back from France so he could have extra legroom. The offer was rejected, and Newton appeared to be in disbelief. But why was he flying coach in the first place? According to Andy Slater, the Panthers quarterback missed his flight and the only way he could get back to Charlotte that day was with a coach seat on a flight that stopped over in Dallas.

That explains it.

Even though Newton had to purchase a coach seat, he probably figured there was no way someone would turn down over $1,000 just to swap with him. He was wrong.

Newton was in Paris to attend Men’s Fashion Week, which seems like exactly the type of event he would be interested in given some of the fashion statements he has made at his postgame press conferences. It’s unclear what caused him to miss his flight, but hopefully his legs weren’t too cramped up.

Cam Newton tried to pay man $1,500 to swap seats on flight, got turned down

Cam Newton

Cam Newton tried to pay someone $1,500 to swap seats with him on a plane flight and was turned down, according to a person on the flight.

A man named Eli Edwards shared video on Twitter Friday of Newton talking with someone at a seat on a plane flight. Edwards says that Newton offered the man $1,500 cash to swap seats on their flight. The Carolina Panthers quarterback was apparently trying to get extra leg room. Newton appeared to be sitting coach on the flight based on where he sat down after apparently being turned down.

Newton attended Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and appeared to be returning home from that event. Edwards was in Paris as well, though he was there proposing to his fiancee at the Women’s World Cup.

Between the proposal and his Newton video going viral, Edwards is having a huge week on social media.

As for why Newton wasn’t flying in business or first class, we’re wondering that too. Maybe he just jumped on a flight to get home early and figured he would just try to buy his way into a better seat, but the plan did not seem to work out.

The 2015 NFL MVP is working his way back from offseason shoulder surgery. He played in 14 games last season, throwing for 3,395 yards and 24 touchdowns.

Ex-Patriot thinks Cam Newton, Tom Brady have one key thing in common

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Wide receiver Chris Hogan played in three consecutive Super Bowls with Tom Brady before moving to the Carolina Panthers, where he hopes to record similar accomplishments with Cam Newton.

Hogan admitted that the two quarterbacks are very different in the way they play, but in his mind, they share one key factor in common.

“That competitive nature, it’s there,” Hogan said, via David Newton of ESPN. “When it comes time to strap on the pads and play football, their focus is on one goal and that’s winning football games.

“Cam wants to win. You can tell that right away from talking to him and being around him.”

Hogan hasn’t received a full view of Newton’s talents yet as the quarterback is still working his way back from shoulder surgery. A fully healthy Newton can certainly be a Super Bowl quarterback — he’s played in one, after all — but that health is a key factor.

Cam Newton will throw during drills for first time since surgery

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Cam Newton continues to ease himself back into action ahead of the 2019 season.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback is set to throw during all drills starting Tuesday during the team’s minicamp, according to Max Henson of the team’s official website. This will be the first time he has done so since undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder after the 2018 season.

Though Newton has yet to participate in team drills, Panthers head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion described the quarterback as “pain-free” and having achieved “every milestone” set for him in his recovery process.

Newton looks to be on schedule. He’s been doing other work to prepare him for this, and appears to be determined to be not only ready to play, but in peak form by the start of the regular season. He appears to be on his way to pulling it off.

Cam Newton takes big step in recovery from shoulder surgery

Cam Newton

Cam Newton has taken a big step in his recovery from shoulder surgery, according to a report.

Newton has begun throwing overhand with a regulation-sized football, the Charlotte Observer’s Jourdan Rodrigue reported on Twitter Thursday.

Newton underwent shoulder surgery in January after missing the Carolina Panthers’ final two regular season games due to his injury. He had to be replaced on a Hail Mary late in the season due to his lack of arm strength and shared in February just how bad it was.

The former No. 1 overall pick and league MVP is entering his ninth season in the NFL. He’s hoping to be ready by the time the Panthers begin training camp.

Cam Newton seems to approve of Panthers’ Will Grier pick

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One wildcard when a team with an established quarterback selects a young one in the NFL Draft is how the entrenched starter will react to it. In the case of the Carolina Panthers, the answer appears to be pretty well.

Carolina selected quarterback Will Grier with their third round selection in the draft. It seems to have been met with the approval of current starter Cam Newton, as the incumbent liked the Instagram post announcing the pick.

The reality is, unlike some other teams who have some doubt around their quarterback situations, Newton is entrenched and not going anywhere. Grier is no threat to his job, so Newton can pretty freely approve of such a depth move without worrying about his future.