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Friday, July 10, 2020

Dak Prescott

Report: Dak Prescott still expected to sign extension with Cowboys despite stalemate

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have roughly one month to sign quarterback Dak Prescott to a long-term deal and avoid him playing the 2020 season on the franchise tag. Worryingly, there appears to be little progress toward that right now, but there’s no cause for concern yet.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano said on “SportsCenter” Wednesday that there is an expectation that talks will restart in the weeks to come, and the belief remains that the two sides will get a long-term deal done.

“The reason that the franchise players are the focus is that there’s a July 15 deadline to sign your franchise player — four weeks from today,” Graziano said, via Robbie Weinstein of 247 Sports. “If you don’t sign them by that deadline you can’t negotiate, by rule, an extension with them until after the season ends. So where it stands with Dak Prescott and the Cowboys is July 15 is the deadline, there have not been significant talks in recent weeks. The expectation is that those talks will ramp up prior to July 15 and that a deal will get done.”

The two sides have been close on money, but the Cowboys want a long-term deal while Prescott would prefer a shorter pact to hit free agency sooner. A four-year deal would allow Prescott to hit the open market again just before he turns 31, which would give him an opportunity to get another nice deal toward the end of his prime.

There is some expectation that talks might go right down to the wire, but there has yet to be any real indication that there’s a danger of nothing getting done.

Jay Glazer says Cowboys will ‘absolutely not’ allow Dak Prescott holdout

Dak Prescott

There has been plenty of talk that Dak Prescott could hold out of training camp and potentially beyond if he does not have a long-term contract extension in place prior to the season, but one NFL reporter is fully confident the team will not let it get to that point.

In his latest mailbag, Jay Glazer of The Athletic was asked a question about Andy Dalton potentially starting for the Cowboys if Prescott sits out Week 1. Glazer completely dismissed the idea of Prescott holding out.

“They won’t (let it get to that). Absolutely not. It’s not part of their plan,” Glazer wrote. “Dak Prescott will be a part of the Dallas Cowboys for a long, long time. They will get this worked out.”

Teams have until July 15 to work out long-term extensions with franchise tagged players, so that gives Prescott and the Cowboys less than a month to negotiate. While there have been indications that the two sides could drag out the contract talks until the deadline, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are in danger of not finding middle ground.

There is reportedly only one big issue in negotiations between Prescott and the Cowboys, which is certainly a good sign. Eventually, Dallas is going to make Prescott one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in football. Like Glazer said, it would be very surprising if they waited until next offseason to finalize something.

Michael Irvin: Cowboys owe Dak Prescott ‘back pay’ for last four years

Dak Prescott

Michael Irvin thinks it’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to pay Dak Prescott — and not just for his future production, either.

Irvin believes the Cowboys should pay Prescott because he has won for them over his first four NFL seasons — and because, in essence, they owe him for those four years, too.

“Dak has been not great, but perfect,” Irvin said on Wednesday’s “The Rich Eisen Show,” via the Dallas Morning News. “Not necessarily in wins and losses, of course. But I’m talking about just the person that he’s been. The kind of investment you want to make, the kind of guy you say ‘yeah, we hit it with this guy. We got him in the fourth round.’ You stole four years, so whatever he gets he deserves because you still owe him back pay.”

Obviously, most teams aren’t going to think this way. Irvin is right that Prescott has won — he’s 40-24 as a starter. More importantly, he’s still only 26, and still has a lot of his prime left.

Irvin’s point is well taken, but it doesn’t appear to be the money that’s holding up a potential deal between Prescott and the Cowboys.

Report: Dak Prescott negotiations could drag on until July deadline

Dak Prescott

It sounds like there should be no expectation of a quick resolution to Dak Prescott’s long-term contract situation.

The Dallas Cowboys have until July 15 to sort out a long-term deal with their franchise tagged quarterback. ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler said on Sunday’s edition of “SportsCenter” that it may take that long to get a deal done.

“I continue to hear, from sources, that Prescott and the Cowboys are both ready to drag this out to the July 15 franchise tag deadline if that’s the way it’s going to be,” Fowler said, via Garrett Stepien of 247 Sports. “And that’s the paste right now. It’s been slow over the last month, and they still have a gap in money and number of years on the contract. So Prescott’s willing to be patient as well.”

Fowler added that many around the league believe Prescott would sign if he got an offer for four years and somewhere around $35 million annually.

That’s pretty close to the offer that Prescott reportedly rejected. Ultimately, Prescott is digging in and pushing for a four-year deal while the Cowboys want five. This probably gets done when one side blinks.

Mike McCarthy confident Dak Prescott will be ready despite contract situation

Dak Prescott

How much of a distraction will Dak Prescott’s contract situation prove to be for the Dallas Cowboys? Coach Mike McCarthy is confident that it won’t be too much.

Prescott is currently franchise tagged by the Cowboys, and the two sides are locked in negotiations on a long-term deal. That’s not entirely ideal with a new head coach trying to implement his offense, but McCarthy isn’t worried about that.

There’s no indication that Prescott is in danger of not reporting to camp. The negotiations are stuck on one major issue, and it seems likely that something gets done at some point.

The 26-year-old quarterback threw for 4,902 yards last season. It’s understandable why many are intrigued to see how he does in McCarthy’s offense.

Troy Aikman shares thoughts on Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Troy Aikman has made his opinion on Dak Prescott very clear in the past, and the Dallas Cowboys legend reiterated his stance during a radio interview on Monday.

Aikman spoke with Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan about Prescott’s contract situation, and the three-time Super Bowl champion said he loves Prescott as a player and fully expects the Cowboys to sign the 26-year-old to a long-term deal.

“I love everything about him,” Aikman said. “I’m not saying anything the Cowboys don’t already know. They will pay him, he’s going to make a lot of money, and I think he’s going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys for a long long time, and continue to have a great career.”

Aikman said he has been “surprised” by how much discussion there has been surrounding Prescott’s contract negotiations with the Cowboys, as Dak is going to be with the team in 2020 whether he plays under the franchise tag or a new deal. However, Aikman clearly believes the Cowboys should bend in the negotiations if it becomes necessary.

“I think he’s a very unselfish player,” the FOX broadcaster said. “I wouldn’t say that about everybody; he only wants to win. … Dak truly doesn’t care about his stats. He just wants to win, he’s a leader, his teammates love him. So, I would pay him. He’s going to get paid.”

This is at least the second time Aikman has publicly urged the Cowboys to pay Prescott, so he obviously thinks very highly of him. With the way things stand, it would still be surprising if Prescott and the Cowboys failed to reach a long-term agreement by the July 15 deadline. There appears to be only one major disagreement between the two sides, so they should be able to sort through that.

Report: Cowboys’ offer to Dak Prescott would make him second-highest paid QB

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys still have another two months to work out a long-term contract extension, and there has been a lot of differing information about how close the two sides are to a deal. While there may still be a disagreement over the length of the contract, it doesn’t sound like Prescott should be dissatisfied with the dollar amount.

ESPN’s Todd Archer was told by sources that the Cowboys’ current offer to Prescott would make him the second-highest paid player in the NFL beyond only Russell Wilson. The guaranteed money, however, is on par with the $110 million guaranteed that Jared Goff got in his extension with the Los Angeles Rams. Wilson got $107 million from the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson’s average annual salary is $35 million, and Ben Roethlisberger is behind him at $34 million. Goff and Aaron Rodgers each make $33.5 million per year on their current deals, so the Cowboys have likely offered Prescott something close to $170 million over five years.

There have been numerous reports that the length of the Cowboys’ offer is the issue. Prescott, who is 26, would prefer to sign a four-year deal, but Dallas is offering five. While Jerry Jones prefers to give out longer contracts, Prescott is likely thinking about hitting free agency again when he’s 30 and the NFL salary cap has risen.

If Prescott and the Cowboys are only squabbling over a long-term extension being four or five years, that is a good sign that a deal will be in place before the July 15 deadline. One fellow star quarterback may think Prescott would be better off playing under the franchise tag, but it’s doubtful the Cowboys will let it come to that.