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#pounditSunday, November 29, 2020

Dak Prescott

No, Jerry Jones did not take massive swipe at Dak Prescott over INT

Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made some comments on his weekly radio interview on Tuesday that have set the NFL world on fire, but they are being widely misrepresented.

In his spot on 105.3 The Fan, Jones was asked a question about the Kansas City Chiefs and whether he sees a gap between them and the Cowboys. He said he does, which is reasonable considering they are the defending Super Bowl champs and just beat arguably the second-best team in the NFL to improve to 3-0. That led to Jones praising Mahomes and Russell Wilson, who just led the Seattle Seahawks to a win over Dallas on Sunday.

For full context, let’s start with Jones’ remarks about Mahomes and Wilson:

“Obviously with (Mahomes), who I think is at the highest level right now because of his natural ability to make plays and his mobility — this guy’s very quick and elusive and can get in and out of situations with his feet and buy time,” Jones said. “(Wilson) is that kind of nature. He has great ability to get in and out and then make the play.”

Jones then added Prescott to the same category. He said Prescott’s ability to keep a play alive and get a pass off is what led to him getting a pass off (that happened to be intercepted) at the end of the game against Seattle. The Cowboys owner said Tony Romo had that same skillset.

“That play Dak made at the end of the game that got intercepted. The result of Dak’s ability that let him get that ball off was really great and outstanding,” Jones said. “These guys have that ability a lot. They’re very quick-footed and they have a unique ability to possibly take their eyes away from the field for a minute and then immediately focus back and see. Romo had that. He could turn his back on it and turn around and — hand-eye — and get it done quick. So those are things that show up with these guys. They’re buying time with their instincts and their feet.”

Here’s the play Jones was referring to:

Since Jones brought up Prescott’s interception, many jumped to the conclusion that he was saying Mahomes, Wilson and Romo would have made the play when Prescott could not. That is almost certainly not what Jones meant. In reality, he was just citing that specific play as an example of how Prescott — like Mahomes and Wilson — has the rare ability to keep plays alive. Jones likely meant that other quarterbacks would have been sacked in that situation, whereas Prescott was still able to get a throw off. The result was just a poor one.

If Jones throwing shade at his current or former players is something you enjoy, these comments will probably excite you a bit more. That was not the case here. You can hear the full portion of the interview below:

Aaron Rodgers praises Dak Prescott for talking about his depression, anxiety

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday praised fellow quarterback Dak Prescott for opening up about his depression and anxiety.

In an interview published earlier this month, Prescott admitted he felt anxious and depressed early in the quarantine period.

Prescott’s admission led to criticism from one pundit who felt the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s words could hurt him on the field.

Rodgers was asked during a Wednesday press conference about Prescott and shared his thoughts.

“I think it’s great. I saw what Dak said, I applaud him,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s phenomenal, him speaking out, because that’s true courage and that’s true strength. It’s not a weakness at all. And anybody who attacks it … other people’s opinions of ourselves have rnothing to do with us. And other people’s opinions of Dak have nothing to do with him. Those are their own insecurities to deal with their own s–t, probably.”

Rodgers seemed to be taking a shot at a certain FS1 personality with the remark.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback talked about the stigma surrounding mental health discussions.

“There’s a weird stigma around it — weakness — to either ask for help or admit you’re struggling with things, or admit negative thoughts about yourself,” Rodgers said. “I think the strength is taking care of yourself and taking care of your mind and understanding how important your thoughts are because they become things … and understanding how important positivity is, and your attitude, and waking up each day with the right focus and the right mindset. Taking time to be quiet during the day, allow your brain to rewire itself.”

Rodgers isn’t the only NFL player who appreciated Prescott’s candor. After the Cowboys’ Week 2 game, an opponent approached Prescott to talk about it.

Below is a video of Rodgers sharing his thoughts.

Video: Hayden Hurst appreciated Dak Prescott talking about his depression

Dak Prescott Hayden Hurst

Hayden Hurst and Dak Prescott shared a nice exchange after Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons.

Prescott’s Cowboys came back to beat Hurst’s Falcons 40-39. After the game, Hurst approached the Cowboys quarterback and thanked him for opening up about his depression.

Prescott admitted in a recently published interview that he experienced anxiety and depression early during the nationwide quarantine period.

Hurst dealt with depression and had a suicide attempt, which is why he especially appreciates Prescott opening up. The Cowboys quarterback told the Falcons tight end that they should collaborate on something.

Prescott dealt with some criticism for opening up about his feelings, but Hurst’s comments show plenty of people respect the quarterback for his actions.

Dak Prescott sets record in Cowboys’ incredible win over Falcons

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off such a miraculous win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday that the record Dak Prescott set may be overlooked.

The Cowboys got the ball back trailing 39-30 with roughly three minutes remaining in the game. They were able to put together a quick touchdown drive, but they still needed to recover an onside kick to have a chance at winning. They did just that on an insane play.

Prescott then manufactured a drive that was capped off by a game-winning 46-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein. The drive added to a huge day in which the Cowboys quarterback threw for 450 yards and a touchdown and added another three scores on the ground.

As ESPN’s Ed Werder noted, Prescott became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 400-plus yards and score three rushing touchdowns in a game. Only one player previously had 300 passing yards and three rushing touchdowns, and that happened in 1963.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy dodged a bullet with the incredible comeback. He had already been criticized for attempting two fake punts in the game that were both unsuccessful, so the win saved him a lot of headaches.

Meanwhile, Prescott is playing under the franchise tag in 2020. Games like the one he had on Sunday are exactly what Stephen Jones was talking about when he recently complimented Prescott on the way he handled contract talks.

Stephen Jones makes admission about Dak Prescott’s contract stance

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys were not prepared to meet Dak Prescott’s contract demands during negotiations this past offseason. Now a key figure in the organization is admitting that Prescott handled his situation perfectly.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones admitted that Prescott had been right to bet on himself.

“He’s bet on himself and bet wisely,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Charean Williams of ProFootballTalk. “He’s answered every bell, every call. I think anyone would tell you. I think Dak would tell you. I think his agent would tell you. We’ve put some very, very generous offers on the table. It’s more a principal-type situation on length of term. I think everyone’s got their hand around that’s the problem, and obviously we want a long-term deal because we can spread the money out over more years and give us more years under the salary cap so we can keep these young team, these young players that we have in and around Dak.

“At the same time, he wants a shorter-term deal because he sees how successful the league has been,” Jones added. “The sooner you come up for contract, the sooner you will come up for a bigger raise. That’s been the history of the NFL. So he’s not at fault either. Have nothing but respect for where he’s been and up to this point, I don’t think it’s hurt anybody. He’s obviously made a lot of money this year, and we all know he’s going to make a whole lot more money in the future, and certainly we want it to be right here in Dallas.”

Prescott turned down pretty hefty offers over the contract length. At the time, it was reported that the Cowboys were stunned by his contract stance. At least publicly, Jones is saying he gets it.

Both sides have suggested that they’re optimistic a long-term deal can get done after the season. It sounds like the Cowboys now know what to expect from those negotiations.

Skip Bayless tries to clarify remarks about Dak Prescott’s depression

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless was heavily criticized on Thursday for some comments he made about Dak Prescott’s depression reveal, and the media personality has since tried to clarify the remarks.

During Friday’s edition of “Undisputed” on FOX Sports 1, Bayless said he wanted to emphasize that what he said about Prescott pertained only to the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s revelation that he suffered from depression related to the pandemic. Bayless also said he understands clinical depression is “very real” and said anyone suffering from it should seek help.

“What I’m told was misconstrued by many — the only Dak depression I addressed on yesterday’s show was from an interview he taped with Graham Bensinger,” Bayless said. “Dak said that depression happened soon after the pandemic hit, early in the quarantine. I said yesterday that if Dak needed help for pandemic depression, he should have sought counseling then.”

Skip’s concern was clearly that some felt he was downplaying the depression Prescott has experienced in the wake of his brother’s suicide. Prescott’s brother Jace shot himself on April 24, which was early on in the coronavirus pandemic. However, Dak said he had already been suffering from depression related to the pandemic before Jace committed suicide.

Bayless said Thursday that he has no sympathy for Prescott because he’s supposed to be the leader of an NFL team. Prescott and his brother Tad responded to the criticism, and Dez Bryant and others also unloaded on Bayless.

Dez Bryant rips Skip Bayless for depression comments

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was among those who had a strong reaction to Skip Bayless’ comments about Dak Prescott.

Prescott revealed in an interview published Wednesday that he dealt with depression related to the COVID-19 quarantines. Bayless, a host on FS1, was critical of Prescott for revealing this information. He acknowledged he was leaving himself open to criticism for his opinion, and he received the criticism from Bryant.

The former Dallas Cowboys receiver had some harsh comments.

“I get on twitter to laugh joke & spit real life s— with people but I’m being very clear with you skip bayless… F— YOU….I pray you never have to face mental illness or anything close to what people face with when they have mental health concerns.. you’ll fold like a b—-,” Bryant said (profanity edited by LBS).

Bayless received widespread criticism for his comments, which is not unusual for him. He embraces the hate and often tries to stoke it with his contrary opinions.

Bryant played in the NFL from 2010-2017 and was teammates with Prescott on the Cowboys for 2016 and 2017.

Dak Prescott, brother Tad respond to Skip Bayless depression criticism

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott and his brother Tad responded on Thursday to criticism from Skip Bayless about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback going public about his battles with depression.

Prescott revealed in an interview published on Wednesday that he dealt with depression related to COVID-19 quarantines. Bayless, a TV host on FS1, said that Prescott revealing his depression was a competitive disadvantage.

Dak responded on Thursday and said that being open about his issues is an example of good leadership.

“No, I think that is a fake leader. Being a real leader is about being genuine and being real,” Prescott said, via David Helman. “As I said, if I wouldn’t have talked about those things to the people I did, I wouldn’t have realized my friends and a lot more people go through them. And they are as common as they are.

“I don’t think for one second — leaders or not — I don’t care how big a person you are, if you are not mentally healthy and you are not thinking the right way, then you are not going to be able to lead people the right way. Before I even lead I have to make sure my mind is in the right place to do that and lead people to where they want to be. I think that is important – to be vulnerable, to be genuine and to be transparent. That goes a long way when you are a leader and your voice is being heard by so many and you can inspire.”

Dak’s brother Tad also wrote about the matter on Twitter and thanked people for their support.

Bayless was criticized widely throughout social media for his comments. You can watch and read what he said here.

Skip Bayless ripped over Dak Prescott depression comments

Skip Bayless

FS1 TV host Skip Bayless was criticized throughout social media on Thursday over his comments about Dak Prescott’s depression reveal.

Prescott talked about his brother’s suicide in an interview that was published on Wednesday. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback also shared that he was depressed early in the quarantine period related to the coronavirus.

On his “Undisputed” show with co-host Shannon Sharpe, Bayless said he had no sympathy for Prescott revealing that he dealt with depression. Bayless fully realized he was opening himself up for significant criticism with his comments and even prefaced that.

“I’m going to ask our audience to feel free to condemn me if you choose as cold-blooded and insensitive on this issue. I have deep compassion for clinical depression. But when it comes to quarterback of an NFL team, it’s the ultimate leadership position in sports. You’re commanding a lot of young men … and some older men. They’re all looking at you to be their CEO. Because of all that, I don’t have sympathy for him going public with ‘I got depressed. I suffered depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn’t even go work out.’ Look, he’s the quarterback of America’s Team,” Bayless said.

Bayless believes it was a competitive disadvantage for Prescott to reveal his depression battles publicly because he believes opposing players could use it against the quarterback.

Bayless was taken apart on social media by critics for being unsympathetic towards those dealing with depression.

Bayless’ entire shtick is to say outrageous things and get attention for them. He gets paid millions of dollars to do this.

Do you think he feels badly about his comments? Not at all. This was planned out. He even issued a caveat before sharing his opinion. This is exactly why some of his colleagues despise him and find him so unprofessional. This is nothing new for the host.

Dak Prescott talks about brother Jace dying from suicide

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott discussed the death of his late brother Jace during an interview that was published on Wednesday.

Dak and oldest brother Tad both spoke with Graham Bensinger about the April 24 death of Jace, who was the middle of the three brothers. Though Jace’s death at the age of 31 is listed as an active investigation by the Pinehurst Police Department, the brothers said Jace shot himself in the head.

Dak’s story of how he learned the news is surprising. The quarterback admits he was battling anxiety and depression during the early parts of the coronavirus quarantine and was having trouble sleeping. The day his father called to tell him the terrible news, Dak missed the calls because he was sleeping. He said the night of sleep he had was his best in years.

When he did learn the news, he was emotional.

“I mean, obviously tears and tears and tears,” Dak Prescott told Bensinger. “I mean, I sat there and tried to gather what had happened, and wanted to ask why for so many reasons … and as much as you want to ask why as much as this, I mean, I know my brother, and as we said, he had a lot of burdens on him.”

Dak says that Jace was their mother’s main caretaker when she battled colon cancer before dying in 2013. Dak believes Jace carried a huge burden from taking care of their mother.

Tad says that when he heard the news that Jace shot himself, he figured it was accidental. He couldn’t believe it hearing that Jace shot himself in the head.

Tad has experienced grief and felt like he didn’t do enough to prevent Jace’s death.

“For him to be in so much pain. Me not to recognize it … I had seen him three days before it happened, and everything seemed fine.”

In addition to the death of their brother, Dak and Tad have dealt with the frustration of the quarterback’s contract situation. Even Tad has called out the Cowboys about it.