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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dak Prescott

Cowboys WR blames playcalling for Dak Prescott’s struggles

Dak Prescott

Frustration is mounting in Dallas as quarterback Dak Prescott continues to struggle, and players are beginning to place blame.

Wide receiver Allen Hurns blamed the playcalling for some of Prescott’s struggles, including his second interception on Sunday against the Houston Texans.

Dallas coaches, particularly offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, are not going to be happy to hear this. Cowboys receivers have tried to defend themselves for their part in these issues, but the questions haven’t stopped. They’re especially pertinent after Prescott threw for just 208 yards and two interceptions on Sunday night. While it’s a bad look to single out coaches, one must wonder if someone might take the fall for these ongoing issues.

10 NFL players who need a big turnaround

Dak Prescott

Through five week of the NFL season, we’re getting a much better sense of the contenders and teams that will be picking high in next year’s draft. Some players’ seasons have taken off, while others are struggling. For those in the latter group, there is still time for a turnaround.

Here’s a look at 10 players who badly need to turn things around.

Dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys

The Cowboys looked like they were set at the quarterback position for a very long time when Prescott burst onto the scene as a rookie in 2016, but he has been quite underwhelming since. Dallas has basically had no passing game this season, and that is one of the main reasons they are off to a 2-3 start. Prescott has just five touchdowns compared to four interceptions in five starts. Teams are challenging the Cowboys to throw by loading up to stop Ezekiel Elliott, and Prescott hasn’t looked up to the challenge. That could have a lot to do with not having playmakers like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to throw to, but Dak needs to pick things up if the Cowboys want to make a run at the postseason. Luckily the NFC East is in bad enough shape where there’s still time.


Jerry Jones still has ‘tremendous confidence’ in Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s confidence in quarterback Dak Prescott is unwavering despite an inauspicious start to the season.

Prescott struggled mightily as the Cowboys lost to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, but Jones, who has put the franchise in Prescott’s hands, isn’t sweating it.

Jones is right, for better or worse. The Cowboys have made quite clear that this is Prescott’s team, and they’ll go as far as he can take them. On Sunday, that wasn’t very far, as he threw for only 170 yards and failed to find the end zone. The New York Giants have already made clear that they’ll be targeting him on Sunday, so we’ll see if he can come up with a statement game.

Giants safety: Dak Prescott throwing means ‘better chance of winning’

Dak Prescott

The New York Giants feel pretty good about being able to stop Dak Prescott.

At least, that’s the take from Giants safety Landon Collins. Collins said Wednesday that the team is putting a lot of importance on stopping Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in Sunday night’s game, as the Giants feel like they can contain Prescott.

While this is pretty basic gameplanning, Collins’s remarks come in the aftermath of an extremely poor performance on Prescott’s part, as he threew for just 170 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of course, the Giants will be facing a motivated Elliott and it’s not unreasonable to think Prescott will be very eager to bounce back in this one.

Dak Prescott calls Cole Beasley his go-to receiver

Cole Beasley catch

Dak Prescott is entering his first NFL season without Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, and he has labeled Cole Beasley as his go-to receiver.

When the Cowboys released Bryant and saw Witten retire earlier this year, a void was created in the passing game. Bryant led the Cowboys in receiving yards four of the past six seasons, including in 2017. Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin are among the new faces Prescott has at his disposal this season. But the person who may get the most looks is holdover Cole Beasley.

Beasley is preparing for his seventh NFL season, all with the Cowboys. In 2016, he set career-highs with 75 receptions, 833 yards, and tied his career-high with five touchdown catches. As the main man in Dallas passing game, Beasley could be in line for his best season yet.

Dak Prescott stands by anthem comments despite backlash

Dak Prescott

If there is one thing you can say about Dak Prescott, it’s that he is not a flip-flopper.

Prescott is standing by his comments on the national anthem despite the backlash he has faced. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback said from training camp last month that he does not believe a football game is the “time or venue” for a protest.

“When you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the game, to the field, it takes away. It takes away from that. I’m up for taking the next step … and not just kneeling,” Prescott said in late July.

Prescott was the target of criticism from those who believe his viewpoint is impeding the social progress of African-Americans. One Raiders player took a shot at Dak over his comments. Then an Arlington artist made Prescott look bad with a mural depiction of him as being in the sunken place from the movie “Get Out.”

Prescott was asked about the mural on Sunday and said he knew he would face backlash and that he is not surprised.

“As I said, I made my statement. I stand by what I said. I just said some people may have misunderstood it or whatever. I feel strongly about what I said. And it is what it is.”

He also clarified that he is not opposed to the mission and goals of those who protest during the anthem; he just disagrees with the venue.

“I think there was a little misunderstanding of the fact of what I believe in,” Prescott said via the Star-Telegram. “I never said I didn’t believe in social injustice and things that were going on. I just said I didn’t think that the national anthem was the time. It’s two minutes out of our day that we could also be spending embracing what our country should be and what our country is going to be one day that we know that it’s not right now. That is the sad part about it. That it’s not.

“I respect everybody. And power to the people that kneel. That is what they believe in and they should be able to kneel. For me, the game of football has been such a peace. It’s a moment for me to be at peace and think about all the great things our country does have.”

The counter to that is that the issues of injustice are so serious, some players felt it was necessary to take that extreme measure to get attention and focus on the cause.

As we enter the 2018 season, the anthem issue remains at the forefront of discussions, which is something Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy about.

Raiders LB jabs Dak Prescott over anthem protest stance

Dak Prescott

Oakland Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead jabbed Dak Prescott over the quarterback’s stance on protests during the national anthem.

The anthem debate remains a hot one as the NFL and NFLPA have yet to come to an agreement on a policy that is satisfying for all. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been outspoken on the matter and wants a policy that makes players appear on the field for the anthem and standing.

Prescott, who is the Cowboys’ quarterback, is not about to cross Jones. He said from training camp on Friday that he does not believe the anthem is the time or venue for a protest.

Whitehead saw/heard Prescott’s comments and responded on Twitter Saturday. He joked that it sounds like Prescott is trying to avoid being controversial to avoid losing endorsements.

Whether protecting endorsements are a motivating factor in his public comments or not is something only Prescott could answer. But what we do know is that the quarterback for America’s Team has a ton of endorsement deals to protect.