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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dak Prescott

Michael Irvin: Cowboys would be ‘insane’ to replace Dak Prescott with Tom Brady

Dak Prescott

Michael Irvin helped give life to the rumor that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in replacing Dak Prescott with Tom Brady. Now he’s trashing the logic of that rumor.

Irvin said last week that he’d been told by “very significant people” that the Cowboys were considering letting Prescott leave and bringing Brady in to replace him. Now, Irving says that the “significant people” he spoke to were not affiliated with the Cowboys, that it would be “insane” for the franchise to do such a thing, and that Brady is finished as an elite quarterback.

“I said what somebody said. That should no way be taken as those are my thoughts on what should happen,” Irvin said, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Star-Telegram. “Ain’t no way in world that should happen. That would be insane. Are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind? It’s over for Tom.”

Expect Brady to use those words as motivation as he prepares for another NFL season. That aside, nobody seems to seriously think this is on the table. The Cowboys have made no secret of their desire to keep Prescott, and the two sides are going to try to work out a long-term deal. As for Brady, the consensus right now is that there’s only one team that could pull him away from the New England Patriots.

Report: Cowboys want to avoid franchise tag with Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott appears to be destined for the franchise tag with a long-term extension still not in place for the star quarterback, but the Dallas Cowboys remain hopeful that the situation will not get to that point.

Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones said again recently that the team is working hard to sign Prescott to a new deal, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Tuesday that Dallas still wants to reach an agreement before the March 10 deadline to use the franchise tag.

As Rapoport notes, the franchise tag deadline isn’t really a deadline, as players who are tagged still have until July 15 to work out a long-term agreement with their teams. Although, the Cowboys could use the franchise tag on another player — perhaps Amari Cooper — if they agree to a long-term contract with Prescott prior to March 10.

We have heard some wild rumors in recent days about the Cowboys possibly replacing Prescott, but there’s almost no chance of that happening. The two sides have been negotiating since before the start of last season, and the Cowboys consider Prescott their quarterback of the future.

While most players would rather not play under the franchise tag, the Cowboys know they have more than a year to work out a long-term deal with Prescott. Obviously, they would prefer to get something done well before that.

Mike McCarthy would rather have Dak Prescott than Tom Brady?

Dak Prescott

Tom Brady’s impending free agency has led to some wild hypothetical situations being thrown around, and one of them is Brady suiting up for the Cowboys in 2020. But even if Dallas had the opportunity to sign the six-time Super Bowl champion, new head coach Mike McCarthy does not sound interested.

Cowboys legend Michael Irvin told WEEI this week that he recently had a “shocking” conversation with some “very significant people” about the possibility of Brady in Dallas. However, Jane Slater of NFL Network reports that McCarthy would prefer to work with a younger quarterback and develop him, which likely means he would rather have Dak Prescott than Brady.

The Cowboys have said publicly on numerous occasions that they expect to sign Prescott to a long-term deal, so the idea of trading him for a year or two of Brady seems unrealistic. There is likely some intrigue there since Dallas has such a talented roster and Brady signing with the Cowboys would be arguably the biggest free agent acquisition in NFL history, but that doesn’t mean anything will come of it.

Prescott appears to be destined for the franchise tag this offseason, and we have heard some outrageous figures thrown around for how much the Cowboys might pay him. If Dallas waits until Patrick Mahomes signs an extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, the situation may get even more complicated.

Cowboys expected to use franchise tag on Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have said numerous times publicly that they want to sign Dak Prescott to a long-term contract extension, but it does not sound like the two sides are on the verge of an agreement.

The Cowboys are expected to use the franchise tag on Prescott this offseason, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. While neither side wants that to happen, the deadline for using the franchise tag is March 10, which is about a week before the start of free agency. Dallas obviously is not going to let Prescott become a free agent.

If the Cowboys do use the tag on Prescott, that will give them until July 15 to sign him to a multi-year extension. As Schefter notes, the fact that negotiations have been going on for so long is an indication that the two sides may disagree over Prescott’s value.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said near the end of the season that the Cowboys have an “aggressive offer” on the table to Prescott. We have heard some truly outrageous figures thrown around that probably will not end up being accurate, but the Cowboys may be motivated to get a deal done with Prescott before Patrick Mahomes signs an extension with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes is eligible to sign an extension with Kansas City this offseason, and he is expected to land a record-setting deal. If it works out, that will reset the quarterback market. Dallas could be better off signing Prescott to a long-term contract before that happens.

Stephen Jones: Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper extensions are Cowboys’ top priorities

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys’ top offseason priorities remain to keep what they already have.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones reaffirmed Tuesday that the team’s top priority is to sort out Dak Prescott’s contract, followed by retaining Amari Cooper.

Prescott would be a free agent, but the Cowboys are likely to franchise tag him at worst. The desire to keep Cooper is also interesting. He’s been the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver since his acquisition, but there appeared be some frustration with him toward the end of the season.

Both players promise to be quite expensive, and the Cowboys would be well-served to stop talking about this, as they have for months, and try to get something done as soon as possible.

Mike McCarthy hadn’t yet spoken with Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

Mike McCarthy had a whirlwind week with the Dallas Cowboys. He went from interviewing with the Cowboys and spending the night at Jerry Jones’ place to holding an introductory press conference on Wednesday. He’s worked on putting together a staff and has some strong coordinators in place.

But one thing McCarthy hadn’t yet done as of Friday was speak with the franchise quarterback. NFL Media’s Jane Slater asked McCarthy whether he had spoken with Dak Prescott, and the new head coach said no.

Prescott did not reach a contract extension with the Cowboys prior to or during the 2019 season and is set to be a free agent. If they are unable to reach a long-term agreement with Prescott, they could always use the franchise tag on him.

Dallas has no intent to let Prescott go.

McCarthy should get to know Prescott considering the quarterback will likely have a long and extremely lucrative future with the team.

Dak Prescott has great response to question about Jason Garrett’s contract

Dak Prescott

Jason Garrett does not have the type of job security with the Dallas Cowboys that Dak Prescott has earned this season, but the quarterback gave a great reminder on Thursday that he and his coach have one big thing in common.

Sunday could — and likely will — be Garrett’s last game as the head coach of the Cowboys if the team fails to make the playoffs. When asked about the situation, Prescott reminded reporters that he, too, has a contract that is set to expire after the season.

Prescott is scheduled to become a free agent, though there’s no way the Cowboys are going to allow that to happen. They’ll simply use the franchise tag on him if they’re unable to work out a long-term extension in time, but you have to admire Prescott’s self-awareness. While he knows the Cowboys aren’t going to let him walk, nothing is official yet.

Garrett has essentially been on the hot seat from the moment the season kicked off. Otherwise, the Cowboys would have signed him to an extension. He has repeatedly denied that the questions about him being fired have become a distraction for the team, but that’s tough to believe.

The Cowboys need to beat the Washington Redskins on Sunday and have the Eagles lose in order to make the playoffs. If they don’t, they will almost certainly part ways with Garrett. Prescott isn’t going anywhere, but that was a great response to what has probably become an annoying question.