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#pounditSaturday, May 8, 2021

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant upset more athletes are not supporting Deshaun Watson

Dez Bryant

Deshaun Watson has now been formally accused of sexual assault by 19 women, and there are said to be several more who have had similar experiences with the Houston Texans quarterback. As far as Dez Bryant is concerned, that is no reason for Watson’s peers to stop supporting him.

In a recent Instagram post, Bryant expressed sympathy for Watson and said he is “sorry you have to go through this bro.” The free agent wide receiver said he hasn’t seen enough athletes come out and support Watson.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this bro and I mean it from the bottom of my heart,” Bryant wrote. “This needs attention so other athletes will get out of the mindset of ‘it won’t ever happen to them.’ A lot of powerful people truly believe they gave us our powers… they only provided a platform….True or not Deshaun Watson is his name.. athletes protecting your reputation should be your #1 priority

“I dont see enough athletes supporting you out loud and hoping the best outcome for all parties involved. Thats our problem… we support until proven guilty…”

Bryant included a screenshot of a story headline that says the Houston Police Department has not received any evidence against Watson. That doesn’t really mean much, as all of the 19 lawsuits that have been filed against Watson are civil in nature. None of the alleged victims have pressed charges.

You can understand why very few athletes have offered support for Watson. In addition to the 19 women who have filed lawsuits, one masseuse who isn’t seeking any financial compensation came forward this week and made some very disturbing allegations. While Watson continues to deny wrongdoing, it would be unwise of his peers to support him without knowing the facts.

Dez Bryant sends interesting tweet about Lamar Jackson’s struggles

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson had a down season in 2020 following his MVP campaign the year before, and there are a number of reasons for that. According to Dez Bryant, the primary ones are not the quarterback’s fault.

Bryant, who signed with the Ravens midway through last season, sent an interesting tweet on Saturday about the way Jackson struggled in 2020. The wide receiver said criticism of Jackson bothers him after Dez saw first-hand what Jackson had to “deal with.”

“All of this Lamar hate is starting to get on my nerves … just know I got to see first hand what he have to deal with … him being able to play QB is far from the issue,” Bryant wrote.

Bryant didn’t go into detail, but some fans speculated that he may have been referring to Baltimore’s offensive scheme. If you remember, Jackson made some comments midway through the season that indicated he felt the Ravens’ offense had become too predictable. You can see what he said here.

Jackson and Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman looked like a match made in heaven in 2019, but defenses seemed to figure them out last season. That could be complicating contract talks between Jackson and the team.

Even in a “down” year, Jackson still threw 26 touchdown passes compared to just nine interceptions. He also rushed for over 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns. Most people agree that Baltimore needs a play-making receiver, but head coach John Harbaugh says he won’t go overboard in trying to recruit one.

Dez Bryant wants to play for this NFL team

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is gearing up to play in 2021, and there’s one team in particular he’s hoping to sign with.

Bryant told TMZ Sports that he’d like to play for the Arizona Cardinals, teaming up with quarterback Kyler Murray and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

“I think they have a dope offense. I feel like they got a dope defense. I think they got a dope coach,” Bryant told TMZ. “If I had to choose, yeah, if that opportunity presented itself, I think I would take it.”

Bryant added he’d also be happy to return to the Dallas Cowboys, where he spent the first eight years of his career.

“I’ll tell you this, if it was possible, of course I’d be open to it if it was possible,” Bryant said of rejoining Dallas.

Bryant didn’t get the chance to show much in 2020, catching six passes — two of them touchdowns — with the Baltimore Ravens. He clearly still loves the game, but it’s not clear how much he has to offer at this point of his career. Maybe these comments will get him some notice.

Dez Bryant had emotional reaction to first touchdown in three years

Dez Bryant X

Dez Bryant is officially back after scoring his first touchdown in three years in Week 15, a moment he says made him emotional.

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver admitted he was trying not to cry after scoring in the Ravens’ blowout win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

“I had to hold back my tears, you know, because it was very emotional,” Bryant said after Sunday’s game. “That love is real. I’m not joking when I say that. These guys here, they are one hundred. They are amazing, phenomenal people. Win, lose, or draw, I swear, it’s love in my heart for Baltimore forever.”

There had to be a time Bryant wondered if he’d ever have a moment like that again. It hardly mattered that the 11-yard touchdown was his only catch of the day. It was very obviously a triumphant moment for him, and he’ll definitely feel like a contributor now.

Video: Dez Bryant scores first TD in over three years

Dez Bryant X

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant accomplished a huge milestone in his redemption tour on Sunday.

Bryant, who openly contemplated calling it quits earlier this month, caught a touchdown pass in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. His end zone celebration has not changed, as he immediately threw up the ‘X.’ Lamar Jackson did the same.

Bryant’s touchdown was his first since Dec. 17, 2017. He’s battled numerous injuries in recent years and finally made his way back to an NFL roster, so he must have been on top of the world after catching that pass.

Bryant was devastated earlier this month when he was pulled off the field during warmups against the Dallas Cowboys due to a positive COVID-19 test. He initially tweeted that he was giving up on the season, though he went back on that. It’s a good thing he stuck with it.

Dez Bryant provides update on his COVID-19 situation

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was pulled from the field during pregame warmups before the Baltimore Ravens’ game against the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night, but it remains unclear if the wide receiver ever actually had COVID-19.

Bryant was not permitted to play against his former team after two inconclusive COVID-19 tests and a positive point of care test. He revealed on Thursday that he has since tested negative for the coronavirus twice, and the results were the same on Friday.

“I tested negative again,” Bryant tweeted on Friday afternoon.

Bryant was understandably furious that he was not able to face the Cowboys. He initially said he was quitting for the remainder of the season, though he quickly went back on that. He later tried to explain why he was crushed, and he said Friday that he is just trying to understand the situation.

“I’m not trying to be a pain … I’m just looking for clarity dealing with covid … help me understand … I’m going to take this matter serious,” Bryant tweeted.

It’s unclear exactly what is going on. The Ravens placed Bryant on the reserve/COVID-19 on Thursday despite him claiming he has had multiple negative COVID-19 tests since Tuesday.

Bryant may have played his last game for the Ravens, which would be as unceremonious as it gets. You have to feel for him that he was unable to take part in his revenge game against Dallas.

Dez Bryant’s COVID-19 test may have been false positive

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was pulled off the field during warmups before the Baltimore Ravens’ game against the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night after he tested positive for COVID-19. With the way things have gone since, it seems likely the test was a false positive.

Bryant tweeted on Thursday that he has tested negative for the coronavirus on consecutive days, which presumably means Wednesday and Thursday. He expressed frustration over having to miss the big matchup against his former team.

“I tested negative back to back for covid and I’m not excited about it,” Bryant tweeted.

Bryant had not been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list as of Thursday afternoon, so all signs point toward his test having been a false positive.

There was some question about how Bryant was allowed to take part in pregame warmups if he tested positive, but we explained what happened here.

You can understand why Bryant is angry over the way things turned out, but he is not the first player to have a false positive test this season. That is simply one of the risks of playing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The timing, unfortunately, could not have been worse for the veteran receiver.

Bryant initially said on Twitter Tuesday that he is quitting on the season, but he quickly went back on that. He later tried to explain why he was so crushed.

Dez Bryant explains why he was so crushed about COVID-19 test

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was not allowed to play in Tuesday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys after he was pulled off the field during pregame warmups due to a positive COVID-19 test. That would frustrate any player, but the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver was devastated. He explained why on social media.

Bryant understandably had added motivation to suit up against his former team. He vented about the situation on Twitter all throughout the game, at one point claiming he is quitting on the remainder of the season. Bryant quickly went back on that, but he detailed why he was so crushed.

“This was more than just another game for me … It wasn’t about revenge … I didn’t need a catch … I wanted to make a point…,” Bryant tweeted early Wednesday morning.

The Cowboys cut Bryant prior to the 2018 season, and the road back to an NFL roster has been extremely long for him. He may have downplayed facing his former team earlier in the week, but the game was clearly important to him.

Bryant went several months unsigned after the Cowboys released him in 2018. He then signed with the New Orleans Saints but tore his Achilles in November 2018 before ever appearing in a game for them.

If you’re wondering why Bryant was allowed to participate in pregame warmups prior to being pulled, we have an explanation for that here.

Here is why Dez Bryant was allowed to participate in pregame warmups despite COVID situation

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was pulled off the field during pregame warmups about 30 minutes prior to kickoff between his Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, and we’re receiving more information about the situation. Namely, many are wondering why Bryant was allowed to participate in the warmups in the first place.

So here is what happened.

Bryant returned an inconclusive test on Tuesday morning, according to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert. A rerun of the test was also inconclusive, though the Ravens did not receive the results until the evening. Bryant was given a point of care test after the team learned the results of the second inconclusive test. The point of care test was positive. That is why Bryant was pulled off the field.

Why was the game allowed to take place despite Bryant being around his teammates while potentially positive for COVID-19? The NFL reviewed the situation to determine whether there were any high-risk close contacts. They decided there weren’t any.

High-risk contacts are defined as prolonged exposure (such as being within six feet of someone who is positive for more than 15 minutes). Bryant may have had brief interactions with players pregame, but those were not for extended periods of time where they would be flagged.

The Ravens had a bad COVID-19 outbreak that led their scheduled Thanksgiving game against the Steelers to be postponed three times. A consequence to that game’s postponement was the Ravens’ game against the Cowboys in Week 13 also being pushed back.

You can say that the NFL was not being cautious enough with its handling of the Bryant situation, but they proved a few weeks ago how careful they are.

Photo: AJ Guel/Flickr via CC-BY 2.0

Dez Bryant learns of positive COVID test minutes before kickoff

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant was pulled off the field shortly before kickoff of the Baltimore Ravens’ game on Tuesday due to a positive COVID-19 test.

Bryant wrote on Twitter about half an hour before kickoff about his positive.

“Tell me why they pull me from warming up so I can go get tested… my s— come back positive… I tested positive for Covid WTF,” Bryant wrote (profanity edited by LBS).

Bryant being pulled off the field before the game will bring up reminders of what happened with Justin Turner in the World Series. He was taken off the field late in the Dodgers’ clinching Game 6 due to a positive test.

There is often a lag in receiving results from tests, which would explain why Bryant would be allowed to participate in warmups.

The 32-year-old is in his first season with the Ravens and has four catches for 28 yards. This would have represented a “revenge game” for him against his former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Photo: AJ Guel/Flickr via CC-BY 2.0