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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jameis Winston

Friend disputes Jameis Winston’s Uber story

Jameis Winston

The attorney for a friend of Jameis Winston spoke on the record to ESPN about the alleged Uber incident and seems to have shed some light on the matter.

Winston, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, reportedly is being suspended three games by the NFL for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. The violation has to do with an allegation he is facing from an Uber driver.

In Nov. 2017, a woman who said she drove Winston in an Uber in March 2016, claimed that she was groped by Winston while driving him. The woman claimed that Winston was placed into her car alone by a group of friends and told by them she would be driving someone famous. She told Buzzfeed in her initial story that Winston was acting inappropriately from the start of the drive by yelling at people. She says he grabbed her crotch while they were waiting in a drive-through line at a Mexican fastfood restaurant. She says she initially froze and then he finally removed his hand after she said something.

Winston denied the allegation, and then called into question some details about the event. He said that the woman was mistaken about how many people were in the car.

“The story falsely accuses me of making inappropriate contact with this driver. I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her,” Winston said in his statement.

Winston even got backup from another friend, his former college teammate, Ronald Darby. Darby vouched for Winston, saying he was in the car with Winston for their Uber ride and that they were in the backseat and nothing happened. The woman’s attorney says that is a lie.

So what to make of all this? Well, another man who was with Winston that night says that Winston and Darby appear to be talking about a different Uber ride.

Brandon Banks, a former Vanderbilt football player who is serving 15 years in prison for aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery for his role in a 2013 gang rape, says he was with Winston and Darby that night. Speaking on his client’s behalf, Banks’ attorney told ESPN that the three men were in an Uber ride together that evening, which was separate from the ride where Winston is accused of groping the driver.

“Brandon was never in the car with this victim,” the attorney told ESPN. “They were two different events, two different Uber drivers.”

If that is the case, then Winston and Darby appear to be lying intentionally to create confusion and distract from the accusation. Winston’s Uber account was suspended as a result of the matter.

Darby also defended Winston against the sexual assault allegation the quarterback faced at Florida State.

Report: Jameis Winston to be suspended three games

Jameis Winston

The NFL is planning to suspend Jameis Winston three games for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, according to a report.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared the news on the impending Winston suspension.

This report by Schefter comes a day after ESPN Tallahassee host Jeff Cameron reported that Winston was preparing to be suspended by the NFL. He had said that the suspension would be for failing to let them know about a 2016 incident with an Uber driver in Arizona.

Last year, a woman claimed she was groped by Winston while driving him in March 2016. There have been conflicting stories since the circumstances surrounding the story. Even if Winston was not charged, the NFL has the power to suspend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback on grounds of violating the personal conduct policy. He has the right to appeal the suspension.

Report: Jameis Winston preparing to be suspended

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston is preparing to be suspended by the NFL, according to a report.

Jeff Cameron, a host on 97.9 FM ESPN Radio in Tallahassee, said on air Wednesday that Winston will be suspended in connection to his 2016 Uber incident. Cameron’s comments were shared and transcribed by Bucs website JoeBucsFan.com.

“What he’ll be suspended over is a failure to report,” Cameron said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “And that’s frustrating. That’s a league obviously attempting, and understandably because they’ve made previous missteps, transgressions, they’re now apt to protect themselves to the nth degree and protect the shield and so on and so forth.

“… The league can’t worry about what’s real and what isn’t. They have to go by perception and PR and protect themselves.

“This is what I do know: The Winston camp is prepared for the NFL to levy a suspension of some kind. The thought from the Winston camp is that would be a maximum of three games. I do not know at this time whether or not they plan to appeal, and I do not know that three games is an accurate number. I’ve been told that would seem to be the maximum number of games that the suspension could be. It’s also likely that it’s less than that and it’s one game.”

Winston, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, was accused of sexually assaulting an Uber driver in Arizona in March 2016. Winston has said the accusations are false and there is even a dispute about the woman’s account of the what happened.

Winston faced numerous off-field issues during his time at Florida State, most notably a sexual assault allegation for which he was never criminally charged, though he did face a civil suit. Winston was suspended multiple times in college but he has not been suspended since turning pro.

Jameis Winston, girlfriend Breion Allen get engaged

Jameis Winston

A very busy offseason got a little more exciting for Jameis Winston over the weekend, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback announced that he and his longtime girlfriend are engaged.

Winston announced on social media Sunday morning that he proposed to his girlfriend Breion Allen.

The announcement comes just months after Winston and Allen revealed they are expecting their first child together.

Allen and Winston have been together for several years, and she stayed with the star QB through the disturbing allegations he faced at Florida State. Winston is hoping to finally take a big leap in his fourth NFL season with the Bucs, and it sounds like he will be plenty busy off the field as well.

Jameis Winston says he will make better use of DeSean Jackson in 2018

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers invested a lot in wide receiver DeSean Jackson last offseason. He didn’t have the best season, and his quarterback seems to believe he’s at least partly to blame.

On Friday, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston vowed to do better by Jackson, responding to an article questioning Jackson’s future with the organization with a defiant pledge.

Jackson made $12.5 million last year, but delivered only 50 catches, 668 yards, and three touchdowns. Only his injury-hit 2015 was worse from a statistical standpoint. For his part, Jackson has voiced a willingness to work things out with Winston as well, so it seems that will be a priority heading into 2018.

Carolina Panthers troll Jameis Winston on Twitter after win

Jameis Winston eat W

The Carolina Panthers added insult to injury on Sunday after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Carolina came back from down 19-15 to win 22-19 after scoring a with 39 seconds left. The win helped them clinch a playoff spot, which is a big deal. Carolina was obviously celebrating that fact, but they also took a jab at Bucs QB Jameis Winston via Twitter.

Check out this tweet they sent:

“Ate the W” is a reference to Winston, who talked about eating a W during a recent pregame speech.

Winston was widely mocked for his oddball speech, and now the Panthers are rubbing it in his face. Ouch.

Report: Relationship between Jameis Winston, Dirk Koetter ‘not in a good place’

Jameis Winston

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter is one of several names to watch on the hot seat heading into the offseason, and it’s fair to wonder if Jameis Winston would be happy to see him go.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the relationship between Winston and Koetter is currently not a very strong one. The two are apparently having both on- and off-field issues.

“I’m told the relationship between Jameis Winston and Koetter is not in a good place,” Rapoport said. “There is definitely some tension there. The reason why is actually two-fold. One, Winston didn’t feel fully supported as it relates to his injury. People didn’t know what he was playing through and how that contributed to his performance. Then, there are questions about just how predictable the offense is.”

Winston has been dealing with a painful shoulder injury for a good portion of the season, and that could have a lot to do with why he has not played well. If Rapoport’s report is accurate, he may feel that Koetter should have spent more time relaying that to the media as his quarterback was being criticized.

You can’t blame Koetter for being frustrated with Winston’s lack of progression over the past two years, whether injuries have played a role or not. If you remember, the coach aired some of that frustration publicly last year. That may not have sat well with Winston, either.

The Bucs are 4-8 this season after finishing 9-7 a year ago, so they have taken a step back. Would a healthy Winston have made a big difference? We’ll never know, and Koetter may not be around in 2018 to find out.