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#pounditFriday, September 18, 2020

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones: Fans turning away from Cowboys over anthem protests is ‘huge issue’

Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys kick off their regular season in just five days, and Jerry Jones has yet to explicitly say whether he will change his policy on national anthem protests.

During his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday, Jones once again spoke about the importance of players being able to express themselves but doing it in a “sensitive” manner. He also said it would be a “huge issue” if Cowboys fans turned away from the team over national anthem protests.

“That is a huge issue — huge,” Jones said. “You know by just the nature of the way that I run the team how much I appreciate the interest that’s in the Dallas Cowboys. Now I know there’s interest just because they want to see us get beat, but still the big interest is there. I’m very sensitive to that. That’s exactly why I’ve said that I want our players to be very sensitive to just how important it is to the majority of our fans, more than any other team, the majority of our fans how sensitive they are recognizing what this great country is and what this flag stands for.”

Jones did, however, once again hint that he will allow players to kneel.

“I would expect the Cowboys to show great sensitivity and I hope fans will receive it — however each individual presents it — that it’s a genuine ask for help,” he said. “Because right now in our society, we got some things we need to address.”

Jones seemed to indicate recently that the Cowboys would do something during the national anthem other than kneeling, but some Dallas players have already said they will kneel.

Though he may loosen up, Jones has had a strict view on national anthem protests for several years. He told players at one point that they would not be playing for the Cowboys if they kneeled during the anthem, and we saw one player change his approach to anthem protests after being traded to Dallas last year.

Jerry Jones hints Cowboys will do something other than kneel during anthem?

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones has yet to explicitly say that he will allow Dallas Cowboys players to protest during the national anthem this season. While he appears to have softened his stance, Jones still will not commit to giving players his blessing to kneel.

During his appearance on 105.3 The Fan Friday, Jones was asked about defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford saying this week that Cowboys players “definitely have a green light” to protest during the national anthem. The 77-year-old danced around the topic.

“We all do understand where I stand relative to the national anthem and the flag,” Jones said. “On the other hand, I really do recognize our times we’re in. I recognize the ability of the Cowboys to use the visibility and interest we have to support the players. As I’ve said earlier, we’ll come down in a way that gives us a chance to move the ball forward. Move the ball positively forward.”

Jones called the Cowboys the “most visible thing there is in all of television in any discipline.” He said he wants players to have the opportunity to use that platform for the “issues they need help on.” However, Jones still spoke about respecting the flag.

“So how do we do that? We’ll do that by showing the grace to the millions that are sensitive and that the flag is a symbol of the best of America. But also recognize the times we’re in and the need for social justice,” he added. “There will be no angst between and the players and no angst between me and the fans.”

It seems like Jones wants the Cowboys to find a way to express themselves that doesn’t include kneeling during the anthem. We doubt players are going to settle for that, especially after what newcomer Dontari Poe said about the topic.

Jones has had a strict view on national anthem protests for several years. He told players at one point that they would not be playing for the Cowboys if they kneeled during the anthem, and we saw one player change his approach to anthem protests after being traded to Dallas last year.

You can hear Jones’ full remarks from Friday below:

Jerry Jones plays coy with rumors linking Earl Thomas to Cowboys

Jerry Jones

It’s hard to figure out exactly how much interest the Dallas Cowboys have in Earl Thomas, and that is clearly the way owner Jerry Jones wants it.

The Cowboys were mentioned as the favorite to sign Thomas as soon as he was released by the Baltimore Ravens. However, reports quickly indicated they are not planning to pursue the Pro Bowl safety. Jones seemed bothered by the fact that his team was no longer considered in the running, and he played coy once again when asked about the rumors on Tuesday.

New Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has said how important the locker room dynamic is to him. While Thomas could undoubtedly make a difference on the field, it’s impossible to ignore the circumstances surrounding his exit from Baltimore.

You can never rule out Jones signing a star player, but the Cowboys probably would have signed Thomas by now. If McCarthy doesn’t want him, Jones would be wise to not step on his coach’s toes — at least not yet.

Jerry Jones reveals how grandsons helped him with Cowboys’ draft pick

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones sometimes likes to lean on his family when making key roster decisions. It seems that happened again during April’s NFL Draft.

The Cowboys selected wide receiver CeeDee Lamb when he unexpectedly fell to them at No. 17. Jones indicated that the Cowboys had been ready to pick LSU defensive lineman K’Lavon Chaisson, and when both were on the board, Jones’ grandsons both had something to say.

Jones clearly believes in signs, because he’s been fixated on Lamb and No. 88 for a while.

Jones’ family members have intervened in draft decisions before, and have been proven right with time. We’ll see if this one works out as well.

Jerry Jones thinks inconsistent NFL crowd standards are fair

A growing topic of conversation in the NFL has been whether it’s fair for some teams to have fans in their home stadiums and some not to. A number of NFL coaches have worries, but Jerry Jones doesn’t think it’s a problem.

Jones has made it clear that he intends to host fans at AT&T Stadium this season. On Tuesday, he added that he has permission from the Governor of Texas to do so. He also dismissed concerns about whether that’s fair or not, saying games can be great with or without crowds.

“Absolutely (it’s fair). The benefit of crowds are important to sports,” Jones said, via Josh Clark of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. “On the other hand, is it possible to have great games without it … you saw one the other night in basketball. But it’s fair. We’ve made up our minds this thing isn’t going to be one way or another. Surely, about evening up everything that could be competitive, you’ve got to have to adapt to the virus. Attendance being one of them. To the end that we can get fans enjoying these games with an experience similar to the thing they’ve come accustomed (to) is a big step in the right direction.”

A growing chorus of coaches believe the league’s lack of consistency on the issue of fan attendance isn’t fair. The NFL has shown no indication that it will be stepping in to mandate anything. Ultimately, it’s probably going to be up to franchises, and teams will have to adapt.

Jerry Jones shoots down reports that Cowboys are out on Earl Thomas

Numerous reports on Tuesday indicated the Dallas Cowboys have decided not to pursue Earl Thomas, but team owner Jerry Jones says those reports are premature.

Jones said during his appearance on 105.3 The Fan that the team will not make a decision until meeting with Thomas and his representatives. He was very blunt when asked about the report that the Cowboys will not pursue Thomas.

The Cowboys have been linked to Thomas for several years now, and we know how much Jones loves star players. Thomas infamously went into the Dallas locker room after a game a few years ago and told then-head coach Jason Garrett to “come and get me.” There have been numerous reports of the Cowboys trying to trade for him since.

New Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy indicated on Monday that he is happy with the roster the way it is. McCarthy also has a close relationship with Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider, who knows plenty about Thomas and the issues he has had in the locker room.

All indications are that the Baltimore Ravens released Thomas over much more than a practice altercation with a teammate. Still, Jones clearly is not ready to rule out signing him.

Dontari Poe will kneel during anthem regardless of Jerry Jones’ policy

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has yet to say if he will change his policy on national anthem protests this season, but one of the team’s newest acquisitions is not waiting for Jones to announce a final decision.

Dontari Poe, who signed a two-year deal with Dallas back in March, says he will be kneeling during the national anthem in Week 1. The veteran defensive tackle told Bleacher Report last month that he is willing to become the first Cowboys player to do so. Poe said Sunday after practice that his feelings haven’t changed. He also wants to have a conversation with Jones about the topic.

“I do still plan on kneeling, but we haven’t had the conversation yet,” Poe said, via the Cowboys’ official website. “But we did have a team meeting where he kind of expressed a couple of feelings and he always told us that he has an open door for us to talk to him at any time, so I look forward to taking advantage of that and just getting in his ear and seeing how he’s feeling about it.”

Poe was critical of Jones in July for his silence on the subject.

“His silence definitely means a lot because in any other situation [he] will have something to say about most things,” he said. “I was once a proponent of doing stuff behind closed doors, and doing what I need to do not out in the forefront. … So hopefully he is doing that, but who knows what he is doing. … Personally, I would hope that he comes out and says, ‘OK, I am willing to help, I am willing to fight, and I am willing to be with y’all.'”

Those remarks came before Jones addressed the topic, though he didn’t say a whole lot. Jones said a couple weeks ago that he has not decided on an official anthem policy but indicated he is open to change.

Jones has had a strict view on national anthem protests for several years. He explicitly told players at one point that they would not be playing for the Cowboys if they kneeled during the anthem, and we saw one player change his approach to anthem protests after being traded to Dallas last year. Poe has no interest in doing the same, though it seems likely Jones will change his stance.

Jerry Jones has not decided if he will let players kneel for national anthem

A significant number of NFL players are expected to kneel during the national anthem when the 2020 season begins, and many have wondered if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will change his stance on anthem protests. As of now, he is not ready to commit to doing that.

Jones was asked during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday whether or not he will require players to stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner” this season like he has in the past. He said no decision has been made but indicated he is open to changing his policy.

Jones has had a strict view on national anthem protests for several years. He explicitly told players at one point that they would not be playing for the Cowboys if they kneeled during the anthem, and we saw one player change his approach to anthem protests after being traded to Dallas last year.

The Cowboys will likely have an internal discussion about how to handle the anthem, but Jones saying “that was then” may have been a hint that he is willing to alter his stance.

Dez Bryant singles out Jerry Jones, Jason Witten for skipping Texas protests

Dez Bryant
Many NFL owners, coaches, and front offices have taken part in protests against racism and injustice as something of a show of solidarity with players. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys is not one of them.

Jones was one of the more vocal opponents of players who knelt during the national anthem to protest injustice previously, and has been fairly quiet over the last week as protests have spread throughout the country following the death of George Floyd. Former Cowboy Dez Bryant took notice of that, and urged him, his son Stephen, and former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to take part in what looked like a bit of criticism.

It’s not really clear why Witten is included here, but he and Bryant were teammates for eight seasons, so there may be some behind-the-scenes stuff there.

Bryant has been pretty critical of the Cowboys lately, though this is entirely different to basic football criticism. The ex-receiver seems to want Jones to participate.

LeBron James has contract offer from Jerry Jones framed in his office

LeBron James

LeBron James will be remembered as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, but the three-time champion was also a star football player in high school. His incredible strength and athletic ability have led to many a hypothetical discussion about how he would fare in the NFL, and there was a point when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was willing to give LeBron a chance to showcase his skills on the gridiron.

During the latest episode of UNINTERRUPTED’s “WRTS: After Party,” LeBron admitted he has dreamed about playing in the NFL. He said he actually started training to play football during the NBA lockout in 2011. LeBron’s business partner Maverick Carter was then asked if he ever got the call from LeBron about potentially playing in the NFL, and Carter said he knows James received a formal contract offer from Jerry Jones. LeBron framed the paperwork and hung it in his office.

There was a lot of talk about LeBron giving football a shot in 2011, so we’re not surprised Jones made him a contract offer. Jones obviously knew there was virtually no chance James would accept the deal, so it was probably nothing more than a PR stunt. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did something similar when he sent LeBron a customized gift the same year.

While there’s a lot more to playing in the NFL than being strong and fast, we’ve even heard football stars say they think LeBron would be a monster in the league. We’ll never know for sure.