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Jim Harbaugh

Anquan Boldin: Jim Tomsula won’t be as tough as Jim Harbaugh

Jim Tomsula 49ers

There were a lot of rumors that players in the San Francisco 49ers locker room did not like ex-head coach Jim Harbaugh or had tired of his ways. A comment from Anquan Boldin suggests that not all the players were in love with the coach.

The Niners on Wednesday promoted defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. Boldin, who has played with the Niners the past two seasons, spoke positively about the move.

“I think it’s a good move,” Boldin said in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s “He’s a guy that everybody is familiar with. He’s a guy that has a pretty good feel for the locker room, so I think it’s a good move.”

Boldin described Tomsula as a “great coach” and highlighted the continuity the team will be able to maintain as a key factor in keeping the coach. He also mentioned a difference between Tomsula and Harbaugh.

“He’ll be the same way, but I just think he has a pretty good feel for the locker room,” Boldin said. “Not saying coach Harbaugh didn’t. I don’t think coach Tomsula will be as tough as coach Harbaugh was.”

Well now we’re starting to hear a player on record talking about not loving Harbaugh. Tough does not always correlate with a bad coach; coaches’ goals are to win, not be beloved. In fact, Boldin was actually on record in March saying his relationship with Harbaugh is good. But this might lend some credence to some of those reports about Harbaugh’s act wearing thin with the players.

Doug Baldwin on Jim Harbaugh going to Michigan: ‘Go Buckeyes’

Doug Baldwin Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin played for Jim Harbaugh in college. That’s probably why he’s rooting against Michigan’s newest coach.

Baldwin and Harbaugh did not exactly get along at Stanford. When asked on Wednesday how he feels about Harbaugh’s new gig, Baldwin sent very mixed signals.

“I wish him the best of luck,” Baldwin said, per Terry Blount of “He’s anxious to get that program turned around and do some great things at Michigan. I wish him the best.

“And go Buckeyes.”

Before last year’s NFC Championship Game, Baldwin admitted that he wanted to transfer from Stanford to Vanderbilt while he was playing for Harbaugh. He had the paperwork filled out and everything, but his mother insisted he stick it out at Stanford.

“Jim and I did not have the best relationship while I was at Stanford,” Baldwin said back in January. “I was immature, a young athlete who thought I knew everything. We clashed at times. I was dealing with injuries and that also prevented me from performing the way I wanted to on the field. So a lot of things went into it.

“But I actually thank him now for the adversity he helped me through, so to speak. He made me who I am today, a better person and a better football player. It’s nothing against him personally.”

From the sound of it, Baldwin struggled to get along with Harbaugh for the same reasons some of the San Francisco 49ers clashed with him. It’s obvious there is still no love lost.

Jim Harbaugh forced out by 49ers owner Jed York

Jim Harbaugh

You will probably never see a direct quote from Jim Harbaugh saying so, but you better believe the head coach feels that he was pushed out in San Francisco by 49ers owner Jed York.

It has been a long time since the firing of a coach has been met with such disbelief and disagreement (perhaps when Marty Schottenheimer was canned by the Chargers following a 14-2 season is close). That is because it is unanimously agreed that Harbaugh, who did tremendous work at USD and Stanford before leading the 49ers to three conference championship games in four seasons, is one of the best football coaches at any level.

So why would the 49ers part ways with him? Because York no longer wanted him around.

SI’s Michael Rosenberg seems to be pretty tight with Harbaugh and has written a few articles on the coach throughout the season. As Pro Football Talk points out, Rosenberg wrote an article blaming York for the firing and problems surrounding the team. He also had an inside look at Harbaugh’s transition to Michigan.

In that article, Rosenberg included this paragraph about the situation:

He leaves a situation in San Francisco that got needlessly ugly, with the owner, Jed York, ultimately forcing him out. There were stories about players hating him and him being impossible to work with, even though anybody who watched his San Francisco finale could see that the 49ers played as hard as any team in the league for their coach, to the very end.

Though Harbaugh is not quoted, Rosenberg presents the information as if it is fact, and we know he is telling things from Harbaugh’s side. Like we said, this is probably as close as we’ll get to Harbaugh going on the record about the matter.

In fact, Harbaugh said after he was let go that he was proud he never got into an anonymous sources battle with the team. He also asked reporters if they knew who was leaking all the negative stories about him, perhaps an indication that he hopes the public knows the 49ers front office — likely York and GM Trent Baalke — were portraying the coach negatively in the media to help justify his eventual dismissal.

For all the negative things said about Harbaugh, it is impressive that he chose not to fight back in that manner even though the front office was making him look bad.

Raiders offered Jim Harbaugh more money than Michigan

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

When Jim Harbaugh accepted a job as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, he reportedly turned down more money from Michigan and chose to jump to the NFL level. The exact opposite happened this time around.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that the Oakland Raiders offered Harbaugh more money than what Michigan is paying him.

“The Raiders were interested,” Garafolo said Monday night. “They offered more money than Michigan. Jim Harbaugh left more money on the table to go to Michigan. The Raiders were willing to make him what the 49ers were not willing to make him, and that is the equivalent of a Super Bowl-winning coach.”

And the gap sounds fairly significant. According to John U. Bacon of the New York Times, Harbaugh’s contract with Michigan will pay him roughly $5 million per season plus incentives. He was apparently more worried about his assistants being compensated than he was about being one of the highest-paid coaches in the country.

If the Raiders were willing to pay Harbaugh like a Super Bowl-winning coach, they were probably going to make him one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL. Pete Carroll, Sean Payton and Bill Belichick are among that class, and they make roughly $8 million per season. We don’t know what the “incentives” are in Harbaugh’s contract with Michigan, but it’s doubtful he will make anything close to that without winning a national championship every year.

Apparently this report could not have been more false. Harbaugh wanted to return to his alma mater in a bad way.

Jim Harbaugh wants to know who from 49ers leaked stories to media

Jim Harbaugh reaction

Jim Harbaugh never stood a chance with the San Francisco 49ers in 2014, and a leaky locker room didn’t help. The Niners had to attempt to remain focused in a tough NFC West division while countless stories about Harbaugh losing his locker room surfaced. Who was the rat?

One theory is that 49ers GM Trent Baalke and owner Jed York may have planted most of the negative information about Harbaugh. After all, they needed to have a reason to part ways with a head coach who went 44-19 in four seasons, reached the NFC Championship Game three times and the Super Bowl once.

As Harbaugh said farewell to his former team on Sunday, he asked Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News if he knew who the sources were who leaked all the nasty stories.

He told me he was proud he didn’t get involved in the “off-the-record battles” this season, and asked if me if I knew who those “off-the-record people” were.

I told Harbaugh that I think we both know who they probably were. He said I should write a story on this, and I told him I pretty much already have.

But I’ll say it here again: I believe York and Baalke are the most likely people to have leaked so often and so bitterly about Harbaugh through all of this season.

Even if Baalke and York did leak some stories, they probably weren’t responsible for all of them. At one point, Baalke even said publicly that rumors of friction between him and Harbaugh were completely untrue.

Stories like this one may have even come from Harbaugh’s former players, as some of them are said to have not agreed with his “college mentality.”

In any event, winning was not enough to keep Harbaugh around in San Francisco. And with Harbaugh set to be introduced as the next head coach at Michigan, many feel he has accepted the position he was destined to hold.

Detroit Free Press mixes up Harbaugh brothers


I will be the first to admit that I used to mix up the Harbaugh brothers all the time. When Jim first took the head coaching job with the San Francisco 49ers, I accidentally referred to him as John more than once. But I never mixed up their faces. The same cannot be said for the Detroit Free Press.

On Monday morning, the front page of the Detroit Free Press indicated that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is set to become the next head coach at Michigan.


The Free Press apologized for the gaffe.

Don’t worry, Wolverines fans. The last we heard it is still Jim Harbaugh who is expected to take Ann Arbor by storm, and this is when it may become official.

It should be noted that the Ravens snuck into the playoffs on Sunday with a win over the Browns and a Chargers’ loss to the Chiefs. That would be kind of awkward if John Harbaugh left his team in the middle of a postseason run to take his brother’s job.

H/T Gregg Doyel

Jim Harbaugh to be introduced at Michigan basketball game Tuesday

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

The San Francisco 49ers gave Jim Harbaugh a Gatorade bath after closing out their Week 17 victory over the Arizona Cardinals knowing full well that this was his last game as head coach of the team.

Not long after the game ended, the Niners made it official with a statement announcing the two sides mutually agreed to part ways.

Next up is the inevitable announcement that Harbaugh will be taking over at Michigan.

FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman says Harbaugh is set to fly with his wife to Ann Arbor on a private plane Monday morning. Feldman says the plan is to introduce Harbaugh as the program’s next head coach at Tuesday’s basketball game against Illinois.

Though no contract has officially been announced/signed, the talk is that Harbaugh will receive a 6-year deal paying him around $48 million. That sort of money would be a raise over the current $5 million annual salary he is averaging with the 49ers, and would make him one of the highest-paid coaches in pro and college football.

In the end, it seems as if Harbaugh realized that his coaching style is better suited for college football where players are more inclined to listen to him, and where his act is less likely to get stale thanks to players cycling in and out of his program more quickly.

He is one of the best head coaches at any level and should have Michigan back at the top where it belongs. His battles with Urban Meyer on the field and in recruiting should be epic!

Photo: Twitter/nezzy21

Report: Niners expect Jim Harbaugh to take Michigan job

Jim Harbaugh reaction

Jim Harbaugh to Michigan is looking more likely by the day.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, multiple members of the San Francisco 49ers staff and at least one other NFL source expect Harbaugh to accept Michigan’s offer as soon as the NFL season concludes.

“That’s what everybody on staff believes is going to happen this week,” one of the sources reportedly told Cole. “Jim has figured out that his style is best-suited for the college game. His shtick works better with young guys who are gone after three or four years.”

Multiple reports over the past week or so have indicated that Harbaugh will return to his alma mater. One of them indicated that Michigan has already offered Harbaugh more than $8 million per season, and Cole’s sources believe that report is accurate.

Michigan’s brass is supposedly in the Bay Area this weekend to meet with Harbaugh, and at this point it looks like they could be hammering out the final details of their arrangement. If people close to the situation believe Harbaugh has already made up his mind, the Wolverines may not be in California to plead with their former quarterback.

After seeing what Harbaugh did in 2011, we’ll remain slightly skeptical until an official announcement is made. That said, some reports from credible sources are starting to make it seem like Michigan will get its wish.

H/T CBS Sports

Michigan brass in Bay Area for Jim Harbaugh pursuit

Jim HarbaughMichigan is apparently preparing to put the full-court press on Jim Harbaugh this weekend.

FOX college football reporter Bruce Feldman says Michigan brass and a search firm will be in the Bay Area this weekend as part of their pursuit of the coach.

Harbaugh is still under contract through 2015, but it is widely expected that he will not be back with the 49ers next season. His split with the team is expected to be announced within a few days after the season ends Sunday.

Harbaugh’s 49ers host the Arizona Cardinals in the afternoon Sunday. We doubt that the focused coach will meet with Michigan’s representatives for any significant amount of time as he prepares for his last game, but they will be close enough to meet with him perhaps as early as Sunday night.

Though Harbaugh would certainly return Michigan to the upper-echelon of college football, the school cannot push him to take the position. If Harbaugh’s heart is not in the job, things will not go well. And after seeing what Harbaugh reportedly did in 2011, there’s no reason to believe he won’t do it again.

Trent Baalke confirms Michigan contacted 49ers about Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh reaction

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke confirmed on Monday what many of us already knew — that Michigan is interested in hiring Jim Harbaugh to be its next head coach.

During his weekly appearance on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, Baalke said the Niners recently got a call from Michigan regarding their coach.

“As long as it’s handled correctly, (it’s OK), and I think the University of Michigan, in reaching out, did handle it correctly,” Baalke said, as transcribed by Mark Snyder of The Detroit Free Press. “As I look at it, it’s very simple: He’s the head football coach of the San Francisco 49ers. You read reports, not just on coach (Harbaugh) but on a lot of coaches. … We heard the same thing last year, with the University of Texas and USC and a couple others making overtures to him. He’s a good football coach, and people want good football coaches.

“Anytime there’s an opportunity for a place like a University of Michigan or the University of Texas to look into good football coaches, they do that. That’s to be expected. You’d rather have somebody that’s coveted than somebody that’s not.”

The Wolverines want Harbaugh badly. Baalke would not comment on the report that Michigan has already made a formal offer to Harbaugh, but that’s not really relevant. If Harbaugh wants to return to his alma mater, he can practically name his price.

Tuesday happened to be Harbaugh’s birthday, and the folks at Michigan didn’t forget.

I’m sure there was nothing more to that than wishing a former Wolverines quarterback a happy birthday, right?

Harbaugh reportedly turned down more money from Michigan in 2011 to take the job with the Niners. Some say he wants to remain in the NFL and stay close to his roots on the west coast. As we have learned on numerous occasions in the past, what “some say” isn’t always what ends up happening.