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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Odell Beckham

Baker Mayfield seems to think Odell Beckham wants to remain with Browns

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield spoke with the media on Wednesday and addressed Odell Beckham Jr.’s status with the Browns.

Beckham is having a poor season with Cleveland and playing through a sports hernia injury. He reportedly has told opponents to come get him. But what he’s telling opponents may be different from what he’s telling Mayfield.

Baker told reporters that he trusts Beckham and that he knows what the two talk about.

Mayfield’s comments seem to suggest the two are on good terms, or at least that Odell is telling him something different from what the rumors suggest.

The Browns made a big splash by trading for Beckham during the offseason and entered the year with plenty of hype. That all quickly came crashing down as the team struggled to start the season and has a losing record at 6-7.

Baker Mayfield trusts Odell Beckham ‘wholeheartedly’ amid exit rumors

Baker Mayfield

Odell Beckham’s future with the Cleveland Browns appears less and less clear with each passing week, but Baker Mayfield isn’t letting it bother him.

Mayfield said Wednesday he trusts Beckham “wholeheartedly” while declining to speak on whether he believes Beckham wants to be back with the Browns in 2020.

That question about Beckham’s future is a big one. Having reportedly told opponents he wants to leave Cleveland, it’s not really clear if he wants to stick with Mayfield as badly as his quarterback appears to want to stick with Beckham. Mayfield’s efforts to defend Beckham and his production actually led to him going a bit too far and having to apologize. The quarterback is being a good teammate, but the jury is out on whether Beckham is as committed to the partnership.

Beckham has caught 59 passes for 844 yards and only two touchdowns this season.

Browns have not considered shutting down Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham is playing through a sports hernia, and it sounds like he will continue to do so despite the team’s playoff hopes fading.

Coach Freddie Kitchens said Monday that the team has given no thought to shutting Beckham down for the season despite being hampered by the injury.

The extent of the injury was first publicly disclosed on Sunday, and that prompted a bit of Baker Mayfield-induced drama that led to a public apology. That’s kind of the theme of Beckham’s season — more drama than production. He has 844 receiving yards in 13 games, but just two touchdowns. He hasn’t had a huge impact on games the way he’s been capable of in the past, though part of that is probably down to the injury.

The Browns are 6-7 with three games to go. They essentially need to win out to make the playoffs, and they need several other results to go their way as well. Beckham will be a part of that stretch run, it seems, whether that’s helpful or not.

Baker Mayfield: Odell Beckham’s sports hernia ‘wasn’t handled right’

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield’s comments about the handling of wide receiver Odell Beckham’s sports hernia injury are sure to cause a stir.

As was reported Sunday, Beckham has played the entire season while dealing with a sports hernia he suffered during training camp. After Cleveland’s win over Cincinnati, Mayfield acknowledged the injury and suggested that it should have been surgically repaired at the time.

Mayfield stating that the injury “wasn’t handled right” is certainly going to cause some people to think he’s criticizing the Browns’ medical staff. We don’t know what went into the decision, and it may well have been Beckham who decided to play through the injury, but the quote is going to raise some eyebrows.

Beckham had another modest day on Sunday, catching just two passes for 39 yards. He and Mayfield simply haven’t really formed the rapport that they hoped and expected when the Browns acquired the wide receiver.

UPDATE: Mayfield took to Twitter to apologize for his remarks less than an hour after making them.

Report: Odell Beckham has told opponents he wants out of Cleveland

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Odell Beckham Jr hinted earlier in the week that he may not be thrilled with his current situation in Cleveland, and apparently that is something he has been telling opposing players and coaches throughout the season.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Sunday that Beckham has spoken with players and coaches on other teams before and during Browns games this year and encouraged them to try trading for him during the offseason. Glazer added that he does not see the relationship between Beckham and the Browns ending well after their first season together.

“Throughout this year, Odell Beckham has actually told other players and coaches before games and during games, ‘Hey, come get me. Come get me,'” Glazer said.

Remember, Glazer was one of the first to report that the New York Giants were looking to trade Beckham, and many people thought that was farfetched since they had just signed him to a massive contract extension. We all know how that one turned out.

Beckham said earlier in the week that he is unsure if he will be with the Browns next season or if he will even want to be, though he later took to Twitter in an attempt to clarify the remarks. His first season in Cleveland has had plenty of ups and downs, and an injury he has been dealing with that is reportedly significant has had a lot to do with that. Still, all indications are that OBJ would welcome a trade if the Browns want to move him.

Report: Odell Beckham playing through ‘serious’ injury that will require surgery

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Odell Beckham Jr has been battling an injury since training camp, and apparently it is one that is serious enough to require surgery.

Beckham has been listed on the Cleveland Browns’ injury report the entire season, sometimes with a hip ailment and more recently with a groin injury. He has not missed a game, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Sunday that Beckham has been dealing with “a serious and often painful sports hernia injury.” He will have to undergo surgery when the season ends.

Sports hernias are often characterized as hip or groin injuries, so it has likely been the same injury for Beckham since the preseason. He has missed a significant amount of practice time and alluded to his health being an issue on a few different occasions.

“Been banged up all year since whatever happened in camp,” Beckham said this week. “Playing through whatever it is, just trying to make it through to Sunday. Any time Sunday comes around, I’m going to give the team everything I have.”

While Beckham is still on pace for a 1,000-yard season, he has not established the type of chemistry with Baker Mayfield that the Browns had hoped he would. As Rapoport notes, the amount of practice time the star receiver has missed is clearly a factor.

Beckham was the subject of trade rumors prior to the deadline, and there has been speculation that the Browns could look to move him this offseason. OBJ didn’t exactly throw cold water on that talk with some comments he made earlier in the week, but it is even less likely that he will be traded if he needs to undergo surgery.

Odell Beckham Jr tries to clarify comments about his future with Browns

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Odell Beckham Jr was asked about his future with the Cleveland Browns this week, and his response was not exactly that of a player who seems thrilled with his current situation. However, the star receiver insists the remarks were blown out of proportion.

Beckham told reporters on Wednesday that he is unsure if he will still be with the Browns in 2020. Perhaps more telling, he said he can’t predict “whether I’m going to want to be here.” That was the part of his response that many focused on, and OBJ took to Twitter on Wednesday in an attempt to clarify.

Beckham was speaking from the perspective of a player who signed a massive contract extension with a team (the New York Giants) only to be traded shortly thereafter, so his point was likely that there’s no way to predict what will happen from one season to the next in the NFL. Still, Browns fans probably wanted to hear him say something like, “I want to finish my career in Cleveland.”

While he is still on pace for a 1,000-yard season, Beckham has not been able to establish the type of chemistry with Baker Mayfield that he had hoped for. He showed some frustration over not getting the ball earlier in the season, and the Browns have been one of the most disappointing teams in football this year. It’s not out of the question that significant changes could be coming this offseason, which is likely why OBJ says he is unsure of how things are going to unfold.