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Monday, November 18, 2019

Peyton Manning

Report: Jets not considering Peyton Manning as GM

Peyton Manning

The rumors linking Peyton Manning to the New York Jets’ general manager job appear to have little substance to them.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, Manning is not under consideration for the vacant position. Rapoport notes that there is little reason Manning would accept the job, and the links appear to come simply from Manning and Adam Gase having a good relationship.

In the past, it has been suggested that a front office job is Manning’s major ambition. However, he’d want it to be the right situation. The Jets, who look chaotic from the outside, are probably not that landing spot, and even if the Jets were interested, Manning probably knows it.

Peyton Manning counseled Justin Herbert on NFL Draft decision

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert surprised many by opting to return to Oregon for his senior season, passing up the chance to be the best quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft pool. It turns out he got some advice along the way from someone who’d know the process quite well.

Herbert said he spoke with Peyton Manning as he was making his decision on his future.

“I kind of talked to Peyton Manning a little bit,” Herbert told Chantel Jennings of The Athletic. “He offered some really good advice. He’s a guy who has done an incredible job. I have so much respect for him, and if there’s anyone who I could emulate, it’d be him. He just offered some great advice.”

Manning essentially told Herbert to push aside emotion and feelings and consider the short- and long-term ramifications of each choice. That led Herbert to decide to play one final year in college — the same decision Manning made in 1996.

Herbert had another iconic quarterback eyeing his progress during the season, and his stock was high. Ultimately, though, he’s elected to put off the NFL for a year. It worked out for Manning, and Herbert can only hope that he’s anywhere close to as successful.

Peyton Manning’s son is a huge Rams fan

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was among the prominent figures in attendance for Saturday’s NFC playoff game between the Rams and Dallas Cowboys in Los Angeles. Apparently that is owed to the fandom of Manning’s son, Marshall.

During the first quarter of the game, FOX’s telecast mentioned that Manning was there with his son, who had a Todd Gurley jersey on. The LA Times’ Sam Farmer has more of that story. He says Manning told his son he would take him to whatever sporting event the boy wanted to attend. Marshall chose the Rams game and is wearing a Todd Gurley jersey in the first half and switching to Aaron Donald for the second half.

Marshall Manning sounds like a pretty big fan. Knowing the way talent runs in the family, maybe Sean McVay will be coaching Marshal in about 15 years.

Peyton Manning believes in new Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt

Peyton Manning

Tennessee Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt has the backing of one of his school’s most famous alumni.

Former Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning things Pruitt is the right man to lead the program forward, and he told CBS Sports during Saturday’s game that fans should give him time to implement his culture at the school.

“He’s an SEC veteran. He’s been around winning programs, of course played at Alabama,” Manning said. “I played against Jeremy. I love his passion, his intensity. We’ve got to give him a chance to develop his culture, develop his team, but I believe in him and I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

Pruitt has shown he’s not afraid to take on the existing culture at Tennessee. The results on the field aren’t there yet, but nobody really expected the Volunteers to turn around overnight.

Peyton Manning expects Drew Brees to break his records

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning knows that some of his passing records won’t last, and he figures Drew Brees is next in line to break them.

Manning spoke from his Manning Passing Academy on Friday and talked with The Times-Picayune. The New Orleans paper asked Manning about Brees being on his tail for some of the passing records, and Manning handled the questions with grace.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘if’; it’s just a matter of ‘when.’ He deserves it, and he’s been a great player for a long time,” Manning said of Brees breaking his records.

“When he breaks the touchdown record … he will get it next year if not this year. I know when he breaks any of these records it’s not going to mean as much if the Saints don’t win the game that day. He certainly deserves it.”

Brees trails Manning and Brett Favre in career passing yards by just under 1,500 yards and should surpass that mark during the upcoming season. Brees and Tom Brady are tied for third in career passing touchdowns with 488 and are 20 behind Favre and 51 behind Manning. That record will probably stand for another year, as Manning said.

Even if those marks are surpasses, Manning will still have his name prevalent throughout the NFL record books, and at least he doesn’t seem to be bitter about his records being broken, unlike some others.

Report: Potential Panthers buyer recruiting Peyton Manning to ownership group

Peyton Manning

A potential buyer for the Carolina Panthers is reportedly the latest figure to try to get Peyton Manning back into football.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Ben Navarro, a Panthers ownership hopeful, has reached out to Manning and extended him an offer to join the potential ownership group.

Navarro, the CEO of Sherman Financial Group, is considered by some to be the likeliest buyer of the Panthers. Manning is said to be still considering his offer.

Manning has been turning down potential broadcasting jobs, but a role in an ownership group could be enticing to him. It may be even moreso if he gets some sort of say on the football side of things, though we know nothing about the nature of the offer and what it might entail.

Report: Peyton Manning was concerned about having to call Eli’s games

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning could have had his pick of broadcasting jobs for the upcoming season, but the NFL legend decided he is not ready to explore that career path just yet. Perhaps when his younger brother retires, Peyton will change his mind.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that one of the reasons Manning chose not to take a broadcasting gig was that he did not want to end up in the booth calling one of his brother Eli’s games. Peyton was so adamant about it that FOX reportedly tried to work out a situation where the New York Giants did not end up on Thursday night games if Manning was part of the broadcasting team. In that scenario, FOX would have to work with the NFL to make sure Giants games wound up on the network’s Sunday coverage.

While not wanting to call Eli’s games was not necessarily a deal-breaker for Manning, Marchand reports that it was “part of the process.” Plus, Manning is said to still have his eye on joining an NFL front office at some point, so broadcasting may not be his top choice for life after football.

Manning is a perfectionist who always strives to be the best at what he does, so you can understand why he would feel he can’t fulfill all of his job responsibilities without a willingness to criticize his brother. Based on the explanation Manning gave this week for passing on broadcasting gigs, it sounds like the door could still be open a few years down the road.