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Monday, September 16, 2019

Peyton Manning

Browns not commenting on Peyton Manning rumors

Peyton Manning

The Cleveland Browns are not commenting on rumors about Peyton Manning potentially joining the team’s front office.

Manning’s playing career is over, but there has been talk of him potentially returning to football as a front office member or broadcaster. The Colts reportedly tried to recruit him, but nothing happened there.

Last month, Jay Glazer reported that Manning would be a GM next year and mentioned a few possible teams, including the Browns. Couple that with a report that Manning was in Cleveland last month, and that’s enough to make things go crazy.

On Monday, Tony Dungy, Manning’s former coach in Indy, was on “The Dan Patrick Show” and talked about the possibility of Manning joining the Browns.

Browns Executive Vice President Sashi Brown was asked about the Manning rumors Monday and would not comment, though he did offer a smile.

Manning played college ball at Tennessee, where Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is a prominent donor/booster, giving them an additional tie to the future Hall of Famer. Would Manning be interested in taking on such a difficult task of turning around Cleveland’s franchise? That’s another question.

Jason Taylor shouts out Tom Brady, Peyton Manning in Hall of Fame speech

Jason Taylor, the former Miami Dolphins defensive end, is one of seven men who were inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday. Taylor was joined by Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Jerry Jones, Morten Andersen, and Kenny Easley.

Taylor, a third-round pick, was a six-time Pro Bowler. He won the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award in 2006. Saturday in Canton, Taylor gave an emotional speech that received acclaim on social media.


Kevin Durant was reportedly in on Peyton Manning’s ESPYs joke

Kevin Durant may have looked angry when Peyton Manning threw a well-timed zinger his way at the ESPYs Wednesday night, but apparently the Golden State Warriors star was just putting his acting skills to work.

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, Durant knew the joke was coming and was simply playing his part.

We suspected that might be the case. Though Durant kept a straight face, his mother Wanda was sitting next to him laughing hysterically.

The joke wasn’t all that offensive, and Durant just won an NBA championship. How could he possibly be mad about it? It became pretty obvious that his reaction was part of the joke when he sent this tweet, but now we have confirmation.

Twitter reacts to Peyton Manning roasting Kevin Durant during ESPYs monologue

During Peyton Manning’s hilarious monologue at the ESPYs Wednesday night — which included shots at Eli Manning, Phil Jackson, and Terrell Owens — the former NFL quarterback poked fun at Kevin Durant.

“Our (U.S.) gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them this year,” Manning said.

The camera naturally panned to Durant, and he was not impressed — at all. Durant was stone-faced. He looked both angry and hurt.

Then the moment got more awkward.

“I gotta tell you, I don’t think you’d start for that team, Kevin,” Manning said. “Russell Westbrook, what do you think?”

The camera panned to Westbrook, who was totally stoic — though his wife seemed to think it was funny.

Twitter exploded after the incredibly awkward and funny moment.

Peyton Manning describes his round of golf with Donald Trump

Peyton Manning hosted the ESPYs on Wednesday night, and he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the night before to hype up the event.

There were a number of gems in the interview. As we shared previously, Peyton shed some light on his perspective on fantasy football (hint: he’s not a huge fan). He also shared an interesting story about the time he played a round of golf with U.S. President Donald Trump about a month ago.

“I was in town, in D.C., for a banquet,” Manning said. “I was receiving a very nice award from Ford’s Theatre called the Lincoln Medal. So I was in town and the President and a lot of politicians were going to be at the banquet. So they knew I was going to be in town. The White House called and said, ‘Hey, the President would like to play golf with you on Sunday. Are you available?’”

Manning shared that a lot of people pressured him to say no, but he did it anyway.

“To me,” Manning said, “no matter what your beliefs are, I heard Arnold Palmer say one time, ‘If the President of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it. It’s a no-brainer.’ And it was a fantastic experience. I rode in the motorcade over there, and I’ve never felt safer playing golf. We had 30 golf carts behind us.”

Manning said he ended up having a great time.

“He was a great host,” Manning said. “He loves sports. We passed through a number of groups. He was very gracious. He took a picture with the groups we passed through. And so, I’ve had a chance to play with President Bush before. If President Obama or President Clinton asked me, I would be there in a heartbeat. It was just the experience of playing with the office, and I think it would have been almost un-American of me to say no.”

You can watch this part of the interview below:

Peyton Manning shares his thoughts on fantasy football

Peyton Manning is the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yardage and touchdowns, so it goes without saying that he is one of the greatest fantasy football players ever. Like many current and former NFL players, he seems to care very little about that.

Manning was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday night, and he was asked for his thoughts on being a fantasy football legend. He made it clear he prefers fans of “real” football to fans of the other game.

“There’s no doubt that fantasy football is extremely popular, and anything that gets people watching the game is good,” Manning said. “But, sometimes, a fantasy football owner’s and my goals were different. I’d be at an airport and somebody would say, ‘Hey great game yesterday.’ I’m like, ‘Ah we lost so…’ But they’re like, ‘Yeah but you threw five touchdowns.'”

Manning said the same was true of fans who would ask him “what happened last night?” after his team won a game 10-7.

“I like the diehard fans that are gonna watch their team no matter what and aren’t gonna turn the channel if their receiver on fantasy football is not in the game,” Manning added. “I like the diehards.”

It’s no surprise that Manning was a lot more kind to fantasy football players than some of the NFL players we have seen take things to the next level, but his overall message seemed similar. Most NFL players care about themselves and their teammates — not your Yahoo Sports fantasy league.

Jim Mora won’t attend Peyton Manning statue ceremony, still bitter over Colts exit

It’s been 16 years since Jim Mora Sr. was fired as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, but that apparently still hasn’t been enough time.

In an appearance on WNDE’s “Query & Schultz” Wednesday, Mora said that he was invited by Peyton Manning to attend his statue unveiling ceremony in Indianapolis this fall but turned down the invitation.

“I told him I wasn’t going to come,” said Mora, per Dakota Crawford of the Indy Star. “I had reasons. I would love to come back there, but because of the way I left the Colts, my relationship with [ex-general manager Bill] Polian, I don’t know. I just wouldn’t feel that I would feel comfortable being there.”

Mora coached the Colts for four seasons from 1998 to 2001, a stretch that also coincided with Manning’s first four seasons in the league. But Mora was fired after the 2001 season and wound up never coaching again.

The Colts aren’t exactly known for cordial breakups, and it sounds like Mora’s exit falls under that category as well, even after all these years.

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