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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Peyton Manning

Dolphins reached out to Peyton Manning about possible comeback

Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins were desperate for quarterback help when Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury late last season, and they apparently thought there was an outside chance they could convince Peyton Manning to embark on one more Super Bowl quest.

In an interview with the Times-Picayune on Friday, Archie Manning revealed that he witnessed a text message conversation between his son and Dolphins head coach Adam Gase.

“It started with Gase,” Archie Manning recalled. “He said, ‘Hey 18, Tannehill went down.’ He said, ‘I think he’s going to miss some time. The first question I’m going to get at the press conference in the morning is if I’m going to try to bring you to Miami. What do you want me to tell them?'”

Gase and Peyton Manning have some history together, as the former was the offensive coordinator for two seasons with the Denver Broncos while the latter was still there. Despite that, you can probably guess what Peyton’s response was.

“The text message came back from Peyton, ‘You tell them I could probably come play, but there’s no way I can miss carpool the next two weeks,'” Archie said. “So, he was done.”

Archie said before last season that he was asked several times if his son was truly retired, and the answer was always the same. Those who watched Peyton in the playoffs in his final season saw that the future Hall of Famer was out of gas, but Gase probably would have liked his chances better with Manning instead of Matt Moore. It was worth a shot.

Peyton Manning teaming up with Riddell helmets as ‘strategic advisor’

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is officially done playing in the NFL, but the future Hall of Famer is still landing endorsement deals.

On Wednesday, helmet manufacturer Ridell announced that it has partnered with Manning, who will serve the company as a “strategic advisor.”

“Riddell is one of the most recognizable brands in football and has long maintained its leadership position through meaningful improvements in player protection and game-tested innovation,” Manning said in a press release, via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “Riddell is also doing great work to educate the football community about new protective technology, the importance of proper equipment management, and coordinating initiatives that make new gear available to football programs in need. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to invest in the company and join #TeamRiddell to help reinforce the brand’s efforts in advancing the sport I love and believe in.”

As Florio notes, Riddell has decided to bring Manning on board at a time when the VICIS helmet — which has been billed as a safer helmet — is about to make its way into the NFL.

If you’re still into the whole Manning vs. Tom Brady debate even though the latter is the only one playing football next season, perhaps you should root for Brady to become the face of VICIS. Given the recent drama surrounding Brady’s melon, it might actually make some sense.

Peyton Manning sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ with Chris Stapleton (Video)

Peyton Manning

Fans attending country singer Chris Stapleton’s Tuesday night concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado got a little more than they bargained for when retired NFL superstar and future Pro Football Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, made a surprise appearance.

While enjoying his retirement, Manning decided to check out the show. And then he decided to take it a step further.

As Stapleton prepared to play hit song “Tennessee Whiskey,” which had previously reached No. 1 on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs chart, Manning opted to take the stage and join in.

The crowd, of course, went bonkers.

After years of listening to Manning belt out “Omaha,” there’s certainly a different feel to his country tone. And all things considered, he really wasn’t that bad.

Of course, it’s not the first time Peyton has showed off his pipes. He was caught singing “Rocky Top” at a Karaoke bar last year — a song he’s enjoyed since his days at the University of Tennessee.

Although Manning may not have a future as a successful country singer, it’s still better than his rap game.

Colts to unveil Peyton Manning statue, retire his jersey

Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest player in the history of the Indianapolis Colts organization, and the franchise is planning to honor him accordingly.

On Tuesday, the Colts announced that they will be unveiling a statue of Manning outside Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 7. The team will also retire Manning’s No. 18 jersey during halftime of its Week 5 game against the San Francisco 49ers the following day.

“I am humbled, and I am grateful to Jim and the Irsay family for this tremendous honor,” Manning said.

Manning will become the 14th member of the Colts’ Ring of Honor and the first in the Indianapolis era to have his jersey retired by the team.

“Peyton will always be a Colt,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said. “This will be an event our city, state and Colts fans around the world can celebrate and be proud of.”

Manning has not yet given any indication of what he will do with his life after football, though we know one area he is not interested in. Should he ever decide he wants to hold a front office role with the Colts the same way John Elway does with the Denver Broncos, the franchise would likely welcome him with open arms.

Dolphins signed Julius Thomas on recommendation from Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is still involved in the NFL — sort of.

The Miami Dolphins signed tight end Julius Thomas in part because of a recommendation from Manning, who played with him on the Denver Broncos.

Miami’s offensive coordinator, Clyde Christensen, served in the same role with Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in 2009 and 2010. When the Dolphins looked at Thomas, Christensen reached out to Manning, who linked up with Thomas for 24 touchdowns in 2013 and 2014.

“That (Thomas) figured it out,” Christensen said of what Manning told him, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “(Thomas’) figure-it-out factor was high. That’s what you look for. There’s a guy who came in and probably didn’t know a whole bunch about football, or played very little. His experience was very minimal, and then (he) came in and figured it out and then worked. (Manning) talked a lot about (Thomas asking), ‘Would you stay out and help me with this? Take me through this. Would you watch a little tape with me? Would you explain what you want on this?’ And he still does the same thing. I’ll see him in (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase’s office and his questions are right. His questions and his process are right, which as a coach, (is what) you’re looking for.”

Maybe Manning has a future in a front office after all. If the addition of Thomas pays off, the Dolphins will certainly be grateful for Manning’s input.

Report: Peyton Manning has no interest in broadcasting career

It doesn’t sound like Peyton Manning will be following Tony Romo into broadcasting.

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal told NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that people close to Manning believe the former quarterback does not want to broadcast.

“I haven’t actually talked to Peyton about this, but people who are close to him say he has no interest in being a sports broadcaster,” Ourand said, via Chris Wesseling of NFL Network. “He has little interest in traveling every Sunday. He has little interest in going into work every Sunday to do a studio show.”

Ourand said that Manning’s ultimate goal is still to enter a front office and run a team.

Manning has been linked to all sorts of interesting opportunities lately. The former quarterback, though, seems to know exactly what he wants, and it’s not any of this.

Peyton Manning says he is not interested in entering politics

What’s Peyton Manning going to do next? The answer isn’t clear, but according to him, it won’t be politics.

Manning was the keynote speaker at the Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and in his remarks, he said he had no interest in entering politics amid rumors that he might run for a Senate seat in Tennessee.

“I don’t know where that came from. Last week I was going to run a team, this week I going to apparently run for Senate, and next week I’ll be an astronaut,” Manning said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post. “I have no interest in the political world, but would like to continue serving communities.”

Manning added he has a “bucket list” of things he wants to accomplish before he moves on to the next stage of his career.

“The best advice I got was to not sign up for something full-time right away that you can’t commit to,” Manning said. “I’m taking my time and seeing what my options might be.”

It has been reported that Manning wants to run a team and may have had the chance to get involved in an organization close to his heart, but he hasn’t taken the leap. It seems that he’s still enjoying all that retirement has to offer and isn’t ready to take on a major role anywhere yet.