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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning worked with Ryan Tannehill at Dolphins facility


Ryan Tannehill is coming off a fairly disappointing season in which many expected him to break out, but he is hoping Peyton Manning can help him take the next step in 2016.

Tannehill recently told Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald that Manning visited the Miami Dolphins headquarters this spring to meet with Adam Gase, who was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator during three of Manning’s four seasons with the Denver Broncos. During the visit, Manning also spent some time with Tannehill.

“It was really cool,” Tannehill said. “A guy that had his career, the living legend he is, coming off a Super Bowl winning season — it was really cool just to be able to sit and pick his brain about things he’s done in this offense and football things in general: snap counts, things you like, the way you want guys to run routes, little details about the game. We really just got to talk the game, which is something we both love.”

The meeting came before Tannehill and other Dolphins players were permitted to meet with their new coaching staff, so the 27-year-old felt like Manning helped him get a head start in his new offense.

“At that time, we weren’t able to meet with the coaches or anything, so I didn’t really have a great handle yet,” Tannehill explained. “So I wasn’t really able to dive into the playbook too much. So I had a few questions [for Manning]. If he comes back now, we can have a completely different conversation.”

Tannehill said it was nice to see how much “mutual respect” there is between Gase and Manning. The former Texas A&M star is hoping to replicate that, but reaching a Super Bowl will be a tall task.

We don’t know what to expect from Tannehill this upcoming season, but we know he must be glad to have one former teammate’s wife out of the picture. If Manning works with him again in the future, that can only help.

Peyton Manning agent says teams were interested before he retired


Peyton Manning may have retired, but it wasn’t because nobody wanted him on board, at least according to his agent.

Tom Condon spoke to “The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt” podcast, and revealed that Manning had interest from other NFL teams before ultimately electing to retire, according to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.

Condon didn’t divulge which teams, or even how many, had registered their interest, saying only that Denver was not one of the interested parties. He did note, though, that Manning had a lot of love and respect for the game and didn’t want to be a player who would “hopscotch” from team to team. Basically, it sounds like Manning wanted an offer he couldn’t refuse, and it never came.

Based on previous reporting, the Los Angeles Rams seem a good bet to have been one of the teams. While he apparently won’t be serving as a TV analyst in 2016, Manning doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to stay away from the game. Perhaps a front office role is in his future.

Peyton Manning reportedly told TV networks he is not interested

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has reportedly decided that he is not going to pursue a career as an NFL analyst, at least in the immediate future.

According to the New York Daily News, Manning has shown “no interest” in pursuing a job in television for the 2016 NFL season. His representatives have reportedly informed interested networks of the decision.

After playing football for the last 18 years and rehabbing from multiple neck surgeries, it’s possible Manning wants to take a year off to spend time with family. The two-time Super Bowl champion reportedly asked John Madden for advice on becoming an analyst, and Madden supposedly tried to steer him away from it.

Ultimately, Manning’s goal could be to follow in John Elway’s footsteps by pursuing a career in an NFL front office. We know of at least two teams that are said to have interest in hiring him if he decides to go that route.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Gatorade releases heartwearming Peyton Manning commercial


Gatorade has done it again.

Maybe you love Peyton Manning. Maybe he’s your favorite athlete of all time. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about him and are glad he retired. Maybe you think Manning used HGH and have labeled him a cheater. But no matter where you stand, you have to enjoy Gatorade’s latest gem of a commercial.

Gatorade put together a compilation of people who have been moved by personalized letters they received from Manning, and everyone from Derek Jeter to Tony Dungy to Peyton’s brother Eli and father Archie was featured. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was also in the ad with a letter he received after being diagnosed with cancer. It’s a must-watch.

If you remember the awesome commercial Gatorade put together when Jeter retired, you know it’s only fitting that they gave Manning the same treatment.

Report: Peyton Manning asked John Madden for advice about analyst job

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is trying to determine what his next career move will be now that he has retired from playing football, and many people expect him to end up in the broadcast booth. According to a report, Manning recently asked John Madden for some advice.

A source told The Big Lead that Manning spoke with Madden about Peyton’s impending decision. Madden, who won a Super Bowl as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, spent 29 seasons in the broadcast booth working for FOX, CBS, ESPN and NBC after he gave up coaching.

Interestingly enough, Madden reportedly told Manning that he would encourage him to either follow in John Elway’s footsteps by landing a front office job or purchase an ownership stake in an NFL team.

If Manning decides to give broadcasting a try, there has been chatter that he is strongly considering signing with CBS and could call games alongside Jim Nantz. However, there have been reports that Peyton’s ultimate goal is to join an NFL front office.

At this point, Manning can pretty much go wherever he chooses. ESPN is interested in hiring him, as are several other major networks. We also know of at least two teams that would be interested in offering Peyton a front office job, and there are likely more than that.

Whatever Manning decides, he likely won’t be away from the NFL for long.

Colts to retire Peyton Manning’s number, build statue


The Indianapolis Colts got their turn to honor Peyton Manning on Friday, and they’re going to memorialize his career in a big way.

Colts owner Jim Irsay announced at a Friday press conference that the team will be retiring Manning’s number 18 and erecting a statue of the quarterback outside Lucas Oil Stadium.

Manning was present at the press conference and was humbled by the news.

“I can’t tell you how honored and humbled by that two pieces of news,” Manning told reporters. “I really don’t know what to say. It was my honor and privilege to play for this organization for 14 years.”

Irsay couldn’t help but poke at Manning’s post-Super Bowl product shoutouts, either.

“It will be a destination spot for all of our fans…to leave cans of Budweiser or notes for (Manning),” Irsay said.

Manning may have gone out with the Broncos, but the majority of his career and reputation was built in Indianapolis. All he got in Denver was an airport gate, after all.

‘Peyton Manning Rule’ could prevent QBs from falling down, throwing pass


The NFL on Thursday released 19 proposed rule changes for the 2016 season, and one of them could wind up being nicknamed the “Peyton Manning Rule.”

One of the rules proposed by the Kansas City Chiefs was almost certainly inspired by an infamous play in the divisional round of the playoffs when Manning fell down — intentionally, it seemed — and sprung back up to complete a big pass late in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here’s the wording of the proposed rule change, via Pro Football Talk:

11. By Kansas City; to amend Rule 8, Section 1, Article 2 (Legal Forward Pass) to prohibit quarterbacks from falling to the ground, getting up, and throwing a forward pass.

Manning felt pressure in that game from Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward, and it clearly looked like he gave himself up because of it. Had a Steelers player jumped on him, they would have risked being flagged for unneccesary roughness. You can watch a video of the play here.

It should have been ruled a sack, and the proposed rule change aims to make that clearer. Steelers fans and their quarterback are almost certainly all for it.

We already have the “Tom Brady Rule” that prohibits defenders from diving at the knees of opposing quarterbacks. It’s only fitting that Manning gets his own rule, too.