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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Peyton Manning

‘Peyton Manning Rule’ could prevent QBs from falling down, throwing pass


The NFL on Thursday released 19 proposed rule changes for the 2016 season, and one of them could wind up being nicknamed the “Peyton Manning Rule.”

One of the rules proposed by the Kansas City Chiefs was almost certainly inspired by an infamous play in the divisional round of the playoffs when Manning fell down — intentionally, it seemed — and sprung back up to complete a big pass late in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here’s the wording of the proposed rule change, via Pro Football Talk:

11. By Kansas City; to amend Rule 8, Section 1, Article 2 (Legal Forward Pass) to prohibit quarterbacks from falling to the ground, getting up, and throwing a forward pass.

Manning felt pressure in that game from Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward, and it clearly looked like he gave himself up because of it. Had a Steelers player jumped on him, they would have risked being flagged for unneccesary roughness. You can watch a video of the play here.

It should have been ruled a sack, and the proposed rule change aims to make that clearer. Steelers fans and their quarterback are almost certainly all for it.

We already have the “Tom Brady Rule” that prohibits defenders from diving at the knees of opposing quarterbacks. It’s only fitting that Manning gets his own rule, too.

Peyton Manning honored with gate at Denver airport


On Sunday, the suspense came to an end when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Peyton Manning would retire, bringing his Hall of Fame career to an end. Monday, Manning made it official with an emotional press conference, one he ended with an “Omaha.”

With Peyton riding off into the sunset, it’s time for the tributes and reflections of one of the great players in NFL history. Athough, DeAngelo Williams apparently didn’t get the memo.

Denver International Airport did and seized the moment. On Monday, it honored Manning by renaming Gate B18. “18 sure is a good number. Good luck in retirement #PeytonManning we’ll hold the gate for you @broncos @united” appeared along the above photo on the Twitter account for the airport.

As for where we will see Peyton Manning next, any of ESPN’s platforms would be the network’s preferred choice. Or, he could just kick back with a couple of ice cold Budweiser brews and enjoy retired life that way.

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Reporter Lindsay Jones blasted for asking Peyton Manning about sexual assault incident

Lindsay Jones

USA Today reporter Lindsay Jones is being crushed on Twitter by those who feel she was out of line for asking Peyton Manning about his sexual assault case during the quarterback’s retirement press conference on Monday.

In the middle of the news conference, Jones asked Manning for his thoughts on the sexual assault incident from his college days at Tennessee, which received renewed attention in the weeks leading up to and after the Super Bowl.

Here’s the question and answer from Manning:

Many felt that Manning’s farewell press conference, which was celebratory in nature and overall feel, was not the right time or place for such a question. Jones defended herself on Twitter for her choice:

She recognized that the line of questioning would make her the target of backlash from fans, and she was right.

Here is a sampling of the messages she received on Twitter in response:


Peyton Manning ends retirement presser with ‘Omaha’ (Video)


Peyton Manning officially announced his retirement from the NFL on Monday with an emotional speech, and he ended his ensuing press conference with a familiar term.


As he was leaving the podium, Manning thanked his former teammates and coaches before uttering his favorite pre-snap term.

Another great moment came when Manning gave ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen a shoutout, noting that his young daughter was paying attention to reports about her dad’s retirement plans.

Unfortunately, Manning did not provide an explanation for what “Omaha” means. One of his former teammates recently tried to explain the cadence, but it’s still pretty unclear. I’m sure that’s just the way Manning likes it.

DeAngelo Williams reminds us Peyton Manning was horrible in 2015

Peyton Manning

News of Peyton Manning’s impending retirement has been met with countless tributes to the Denver Broncos quarterback and stories about his remarkable career. DeAngelo Williams decided to go in a slightly different direction.

On Monday morning, Williams reminded his Twitter followers of how poorly Manning played in his final NFL season.

That tweet led to a sparring match with several Manning supporters, and Williams did not back down. In fact, he even compared Manning to Jimmy Clausen at one point.

Williams isn’t wrong. Manning’s skills were in rapid decline last season, and his foot injury didn’t help. He finished the regular season with a 9-17 TD-INT ratio and a career-low passer rating of 67.9. In the Super Bowl, Manning completed just 13-of-23 passes with an interception and no touchdowns in one of the worst championship performances in NFL history.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that Manning added a second Super Bowl ring to his Hall of Fame career. But as we learned with his tweet about Bill Belichick last month, Williams likes to stir up controversy on social media. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Report: Peyton Manning individually texted his teammates to share decision

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning added a personal touch to his retirement announcement and gave special consideration to his teammates.

According to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, Manning sent individual text messages to his Denver teammates on Saturday night to personally inform them of his decision to retire.

Full credit should be given to everyone involved, as nobody leaked anything before Sunday morning when the team confirmed the news.

Manning is known in NFL circles as a great teammate, and this will only add to that reputation. They’ve repaid that respect to him in kind in the past. That said, the news like didn’t come as a huge surprise to any of them, given that they reportedly already had an inkling that it was coming prior to the Super Bowl.

ESPN interested in hiring Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning would basically have his pick of potential employers if he decided to pursue a career in television now that he is retiring from the NFL, and that includes the World Wide Leader.

Shortly after the Broncos announced that Manning is set to retire, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz told Sporting News that the network would be interested in hiring Manning.

“If he decides to pursue a career as a commentator, we would certainly be open to exploring that possibility with him,” Krulewitz said.

When asked if ESPN would make room for Manning in the “Monday Night Football” broadcast booth by either dumping Jon Gruden or making a three-man team of Manning, Gruden and Mike Tirico, Krulewitz basically said to pump the breaks.

“That’s way way ahead of things,” he replied. “First he would have to decide if he wants to be a commentator. Then any conversation would ensue.”

Whatever Manning decides to do, it seems like he is not going to be away from the NFL for very long. He could take a year to do some work with a TV network, but he supposedly has a different long-term goal for himself.