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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning won’t rule out working in NFL front office

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has been highly sought after for a variety of jobs since he retired from playing, and working as a front office executive is one of them. While the future Hall of Famer is not considering that career path at the moment, he sounds like he could be open to it down the road.

TMZ caught up with Manning in Beverly Hills this week, and the first question he was asked is “when are you going to start running a team?” He hesitated at first, but he stopped short of ruling it out.

“I kind of like being a fan. It’s just fun to be a football fan,” Manning said. “I get to go to a lot of games, see the Broncos play, see the Colts play, see the Giants play. I’m kind of enjoying doing that part of it right now, so we’ll see.”

Manning has already been linked to multiple front office openings with teams, and many believe he will eventually try to take the same path John Elway took after he retired. He could also have his pick of TV jobs, though he recently indicated he may never get into that line of work.

Whatever he decides to do, Manning will find suitors. Even if he has no front office experience, he has been around football long enough and is a big enough influence that numerous teams would love to have him.

Peyton Manning has high praise for Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

It’s fair to say Peyton Manning is a big fan of one of the NFL’s great young quarterbacks.

Manning spoke to NBC Sports’ Peter King for “The Peter King Podcast,” opening up about Kansas City Chiefs sensation Patrick Mahomes. It’s safe to say Manning was impressed, even comparing Mahomes to Denver Broncos great John Elway.

“I think some of the ability to sprint left, throw back right, he’s got a little Elway in him,” Manning said. “Elway was kind of famous for that. The Broncos actually started designing plays to sprint left and throw back right. Mahomes is still improvising.”

It’s kind of funny to see Mahomes getting Elway comparisons when Elway himself is searching for the next great Broncos quarterback in the same division. Regardless, Manning’s assessment reinforces what most already think: Mahomes is a special talent who will be entertaining NFL fans for years to come.

Tom Brady posts funny photo with old rival Peyton Manning

Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were two of the biggest rivals in NFL history when both were still playing — at least in the eyes of fans and the media. Patriots fans loved to hate Manning while Colts and Broncos followers loathed Brady, but the two future Hall of Famers never got wrapped up in that off the field.

On Wednesday, Brady provided a great reminder of that when he shared a selfie of him and Manning on social media and joked that “we were friends the whole time.”

Brady and Manning have never had anything but good things to say about one another, and that is not just because they’re both classy. They developed a genuine friendship over the years, even if Brady was once caught being brutally honest about the end of Manning’s career. Brady has had more success in terms of championships, but he and Peyton have plenty in common. It makes sense that they share a close bond, no matter how weird it may be for football fans.

Peyton Manning talks about turning down Monday Night Football job

Peyton Manning

ESPN will not be hiring a new on-air personality to replace Jason Witten on the “Monday Night Football” broadcast this year, but that was hardly Plan A. Their top choice likely would have been Peyton Manning taking the job, and the future Hall of Famer all but confirmed on Monday that he was offered it.

Manning said he had a “great” conversation with ESPN executives about a potential career in broadcasting, but he simply isn’t ready to pursue that yet. In fact, he said he may never be.

Manning is likely being recruited by every major network for an analyst role, and it was previously reported that ESPN was willing to pay him more than the insane salary Jon Gruden was getting when he worked in the “Monday Night Football” booth. Considering Manning made about $250 million on the field during his career and millions more in endorsements, money probably isn’t going to be a deciding factor for him.

There has been talk of Manning potentially being interested in working as a front office executive, so perhaps TV isn’t what he wants to do with his life after football.

Peyton Manning says he was never contacted about Jets’ GM job

Peyton Manning

Despite a lot of conjecture, it does not appear Peyton Manning was ever in the frame for the New York Jets’ general manager job.

Manning himself told the New York Post on Wednesday that no one ever contacted him about the position — and he had doubts about his qualifications anyway.

This is in line with what was reported after an initial round of rumors linking Manning to the job. That mostly seemed to come out of uninformed speculation simply because Manning and Jets head coach Adam Gase have a good relationship.

We’ll leave it to everyone else to judge Manning’s qualifications. The job isn’t going to be his whether he wants it or not — and he’d probably prefer a healthier, more stable situation for his first executive position anyway.

Report: Jets not considering Peyton Manning as GM

Peyton Manning

The rumors linking Peyton Manning to the New York Jets’ general manager job appear to have little substance to them.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, Manning is not under consideration for the vacant position. Rapoport notes that there is little reason Manning would accept the job, and the links appear to come simply from Manning and Adam Gase having a good relationship.

In the past, it has been suggested that a front office job is Manning’s major ambition. However, he’d want it to be the right situation. The Jets, who look chaotic from the outside, are probably not that landing spot, and even if the Jets were interested, Manning probably knows it.

Peyton Manning counseled Justin Herbert on NFL Draft decision

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert surprised many by opting to return to Oregon for his senior season, passing up the chance to be the best quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft pool. It turns out he got some advice along the way from someone who’d know the process quite well.

Herbert said he spoke with Peyton Manning as he was making his decision on his future.

“I kind of talked to Peyton Manning a little bit,” Herbert told Chantel Jennings of The Athletic. “He offered some really good advice. He’s a guy who has done an incredible job. I have so much respect for him, and if there’s anyone who I could emulate, it’d be him. He just offered some great advice.”

Manning essentially told Herbert to push aside emotion and feelings and consider the short- and long-term ramifications of each choice. That led Herbert to decide to play one final year in college — the same decision Manning made in 1996.

Herbert had another iconic quarterback eyeing his progress during the season, and his stock was high. Ultimately, though, he’s elected to put off the NFL for a year. It worked out for Manning, and Herbert can only hope that he’s anywhere close to as successful.