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#pounditThursday, October 29, 2020

Rex Ryan

Cardinals OL Justin Pugh responds to criticism from Lamarcus Joyner, Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan

The Arizona Cardinals have an entirely new look on offense this year under first-year head coach Kliff Kingsbury, and some people around the NFL have been openly skeptical about the chances it has of succeeding. Veteran offensive lineman Justin Pugh does not seem too concerned.

Oakland Raiders cornerback Lamarcus Joyner called Arizona’s up-tempo offense “pretty boy football” during his team’s preseason game against the Cardinals last week. Pugh joked that he didn’t mind the remark because “we’ve got some good-looking guys, man.” Joyner sacked Kyler Murray during the game, but Pugh didn’t think that was anything to feel proud of.

“If you want to troll, you better make sure you come correct, because I will correct you,” Pugh said, via Shane Dale of ABC 15 in Arizona. “It’s easy to talk smack when it’s third and 17 and you’re a (defensive back) and you know things are going to happen in your favor. I would love to see those same things be said when it’s third and (short) and we can run right at them. But when you don’t put yourself in a good situation to succeed, obviously people are going to have negative comments.”

Rex Ryan has been another critic of the Cardinals during the preseason, calling their offense boring and predicting that they will “get whipped” in Week 1. Pugh isn’t sweating that, either.

“I think we’ve seen through Rex Ryan’s career, he always says things to grab your attention,” Pugh said. “He’s on TV now. You have to say things to kind of get people riled up, so I get that. … That’s something that is part of this league — guys are going to talk. And if you don’t have success, guys are going to keep talking, so we’ve got to go out there and we’ve got to shut them up.”

The results for Murray have been mixed in the preseason, and he was called for a couple of controversial penalties that he may have to watch out for. Still, a lot of people believe he and Kingsbury are a perfect fit for each other. There will be some growing pains, but it’s too early to judge whether or not Kingsbury’s air raid offense will work at the NFL level.

Watch: Rex Ryan zings himself with feet joke on live TV

Rex Ryan

Say what you will about Rex Ryan, but one thing the man has never been lacking is a sense of humor. He gave us another great reminder of that on Friday when he cracked a perfectly timed joke at his own expense.

Feet have been a topic of discussion this offseason because of the nasty blister problem Antonio Brown is dealing with, and it came up again during ESPN’s “Get Up” on Friday morning when an ex-NFL player shared how he used to remove his toenails completely before the season so they wouldn’t get banged up. Sam Ponder was disgusted and said “we gotta quit talking about feet.”

Take it away, Rex:

For those of you who don’t get the reference, Ryan was the subject of foot fetish talk a few years back when him and his wife were supposedly featured in some bizarre YouTube videos. Ryan has since been mocked by his own twin brother over his love of feet, and he has done a great job of owning it.

Never change, Rex.

Report: Ex-Miami players pushing for Rex Ryan to coach Hurricanes

Rex Ryan

Some former Miami Hurricane players want a big but risky name as the school’s next coach.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, some former players are privately pushing the school to reach out to former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan to replace the retiring Mark Richt. Jackson adds that Ryan would be interested in the opportunity if it is presented to him.

The big question is whether Miami would be interested. They’ve had this coaching search thrust upon them out of the blue, so they’re still trying to figure out which direction they intend to go in. That said, Ryan certainly comes with a reputation, though his last college experience came in 1999 as Kansas State’s defensive coordinator.

Ryan has hinted at a return to coaching, and this would be quite the opportunity for him. For Miami, though, it might be too big a risk to take.

Did Rex Ryan suggest he will make coaching return to NFL in 2019?

Rex Ryan

Did Rex Ryan suggest that he will be making his coaching return to the NFL in 2019?

Ryan is now an ESPN analyst after being fired by the Buffalo Bills late in the 2016 season. During ESPN’s “Get Up” on Monday morning, Ryan was providing some analysis and criticism of the New England Patriots’ defense on the final play against the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan said that if any coach other than Bill Belichick had committed the mistake of putting a tight end like Rob Gronkowski out there and playing for a Hail Mary, that coach would be crucified. He also said he didn’t worry about giving such tough criticism, noting that he’ll return to football next year.

“Guess what,” Ryan said. “You know what? I’ll probably get back into football next year, and I don’t care if I make everybody mad at me or whatever. I could care less.”

Was Ryan making just a simple off-handed remark, or was he tipping his hand about his plans? We will see. Ryan has not been mentioned in connection with any jobs since his firing by the Bills, though he and his brother have made some headlines.

Rex Ryan rips Todd Bowles, Jets for handling of Sam Darnold

Very few people know more about the pressures and difficulties of coaching in New York than Rex Ryan, but that never stops the former Jets coach from speaking his mind about a position he held for six seasons.

On Monday morning, Ryan blasted the Jets for their embarrassing 41-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills the day before. Ryan, who was fired by New York following a 4-12 season in 2014, called out Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan for always talking about the future, noting how the team has mishandled first-round pick Sam Darnold in his rookie season.

“He’s supposed to get better and ascend, right?” Ryan said. “Who the hell’s coaching him? I never saw it. He’s not ascending. Part of it is playcalling and all this stuff.”

Ryan then specifically criticized the Jets’ coaching staff for the approach they took against the Miami Dolphins earlier this season, noting that they gave Darnold no chance to succeed by going with empty backfields against a dominant pass-rusher like Cameron Wake.

As someone who knows what it’s like to be a dead man walking with the Jets, Ryan also said Todd Bowles is going to be fired and everyone else on the coaching staff should go with him.

“They’re gonna blow it up, and I hope they get it right,” he said. “Bring somebody in who understands the community, gets that kind of passion, can relate to the fan base and all that and never, ever have a performance like this again.”

While Sunday’s loss was the type that can lead to rash decisions, the Jets reportedly have no plans to make any significant changes before the end of the season. That said, it’s obvious from the way their CEO reacted after the Buffalo loss that something is going to be done.

Geno Smith blasts ‘coward’ Rex Ryan

Geno Smith

Geno Smith let loose on Rex Ryan after Sunday’s loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Smith was controversially named the New York Giants’ starter for the team’s game against the Raiders, which they lost 24-17. Smith was 21 of 34 for 212 yards and a touchdown in the game. Afterwards, he blasted Ryan, his former coach with the New York Jets.

“I did see one of my ex-coaches say he didn’t want me to be his quarterback,” Smith said after Sunday’s game, via Newsday’s Bob Glauber. “That really upset me. I saved his job in 2013. We fought our a– for him both years. For him to say that shows how much of a coward he is.”

Here’s what Ryan said to set off Smith.

That wasn’t the first time Ryan talked about his quarterbacks with the Jets. Back in October, Ryan notably was critical of Mark Sanchez. And here’s what he said about Smith.

“I don’t think we helped Geno by any stretch of the imagination,” Ryan said, via ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “We never added anything that could help him. And he didn’t help himself, either. It was that combination.”

Hey, it’s not like Rex is wrong about that. He never did have a good quarterback while he was with the Jets, yet they still won a fair amount. Meanwhile, Smith is best suited as an NFL backup, though he’s absolutely correct that his play at the end of 2013 helped give Rex another year with the Jets.

Rex Ryan says he knew Mark Sanchez would never be a franchise quarterback

Mark Sanchez

A lot of people pinned their hopes on Mark Sanchez to become the franchise quarterback of the New York Jets, but apparently his coach wasn’t one of them.

Former Jets coach Rex Ryan, now with ESPN, said recently that he never believed Sanchez could become the franchise quarterback some felt he was destined to be.

“With Sanchez, I knew he wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win with,” Ryan told Rich Cimini of ESPN. “The guys coming out in this year’s class have a much higher rating than Mark had — and Mark was OK.”

Ultimately, Ryan said Sanchez ended up having to go because he never improved enough, particularly with his decision-making and avoiding mistakes.

“With Sanchez, we just couldn’t have it anymore,” Ryan said. “The boneheaded interceptions, especially in the red zone, it was mind boggling. Unfortunately, Mark never really got better. I think that was the disappointing thing to me.”

Ultimately, those boneheaded errors will be Sanchez’s Jets legacy. Ryan seemed to believe that the quarterback could evolve into a competent game manager — but it sure sounds like he was always fated to be a disappointment given the high expectations that surrounded him.

H/T CBS Sports

Rex and Rob Ryan avoid charges in Margaritaville fight

Rex Rob Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan and his twin brother Rob were involved in a physical altercation at a Margaritaville restaurant several months ago, and the man on the other end of the scuffle wanted the former NFL coaches to be charged with assault. That is reportedly not going to happen.

A Nashville police spokesperson told TMZ that the district attorney has decided to close the case rather than moving forward with assault charges.

It was unclear exactly why the June altercation began, but a video appeared to show that Rob got physical with a fellow Margaritaville patron and Rex spilled a drink on the man. Rex stood up to confront the man, and it looked like he spilled the drink after someone bumped his arm. An eyewitness had told Larry Brown Sports that someone threw a drink on Rex, but there was nothing in the footage that was made public that showed that happening.

Neither Ryan brother is coaching in the NFL this season. Rex has been working as an analyst at ESPN.

Rob Ryan takes shot at brother Rex over foot fetish

Rex Rob Ryan Bills

Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan are always taking shots at one another, but the latest may have been the best.

In an appearance on FS1’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd Tuesday, Rob Ryan was asked if he is offended by people saying he looks like Jeff Bridges’ character in the hit comedy “The Big Lebowski.” That led Rob into a story about how he met Bridges on vacation recently, and the next thing you know he was taking a shot at his brother Rex over the former NFL head coach’s infamous foot fetish.

As Rob was trying to find the photo of him and Bridges on his phone, Cowherd made a joke about him not showing any inappropriate photos on the air. That inspired this gem:

As many of you know, Rex Ryan’s wife Michelle was supposedly featured in some foot fetish YouTube videos years back, and a voice that sounded like Rex’s could be heard in the background. To his credit, Rex has embraced his love for his wife’s feet and even may have had a photo on his desk bragging about it.

Whether it’s a well-timed fat joke or a foot fetish joke that comes out of nowhere, the Ryan brothers always deliver.

Report: Rex Ryan dedicated 2016 season to trying to save brother Rob’s reputation

Rex Rob Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan was apparently trying to do more than just help his twin brother out when he hired Rob to his coaching staff with the Buffalo Bills last season.

Gay Myers of the New York Daily News was told by a source that Rex “dedicated the 2016 season to resurrecting the reputation of his brother Rob.” While Rob was not formally given the title of defensive coordinator with the Bills, he was essentially the co-head coach and was given plenty of power over the team.

According to the report, Buffalo’s staff became “dysfunctional” because Rex was so concerned with propping up his brother. Meyers notes that Rex came across like a “coach with a death wish” with the way he carried himself behind closed doors.

Rob Ryan was fired by the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys before being hired by his brother. Like Rex, Rob is a defensive-minded coach. With two supposed defensive gurus at the helm, the Bills finished in the middle of the NFL in both total team defense and points allowed per game last season.

When we heard reports like this one toward the end of the season, it became clear that the Ryan brothers may have dug their own graves together. You have to commend Rex for trying to help out his family, but it proved costly in the end.

H/T Pro Football Talk