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#pounditTuesday, July 27, 2021

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan tried to trade for Odell Beckham in 2014

Rex Ryan

Odell Beckham Jr., New York Jet? If Rex Ryan had gotten his way, it could have happened.

The current Bills coach admitted that he’d tried to trade for the Giants’ star wide receiver in 2014, when questions were being raised about Beckham’s durability as he dealt with ongoing hamstring issues.

Ryan made the remarks while refuting the belief that his current star receiver, Sammy Watkins, is injury-prone.

“Has he missed a little time? Yeah. Big deal,” Ryan said of Watkins, via SI’s Don Banks. “He and everyone else. The [Odell] Beckham kid came out the same year, and he missed how many games with a hamstring issue? Believe me, I was trying to trade for him when he had the hamstring. I was reading the [New York] papers, and I was like, ‘Well, hell, we’ll take him.’ But Sammy’s not even going to miss any time. He’s going to be ready to roll when it matters.”

We’re guessing those efforts did not go very far. The Giants almost certainly weren’t keen on giving up on Beckham so soon, particularly to Ryan’s Jets, but you can’t blame him for trying. The Giants were right to exercise patience with Odell. He played on two bad hamstrings, healed up, and hasn’t really dealt with significant injury problems since, all while becoming one of the best receivers in the game.

Rex Ryan hopes Ryan Fitzpatrick leaves Jets

Rex Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan can’t help but to speak his mind on what the New York Jets are doing, and he hopes they lose Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Bills coach was full of praise for Fitzpatrick when speaking about the quarterback at the NFL owners’ meetings during the week.

“I hope he goes somewhere else, I do,” Ryan said, via ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “He’s tougher than hell. What’s lost in it is, he might have played poorly against us — it might have been a bad day (in Week 17) — but I think they won five straight with him and he was lighting it up, probably the most yards in the history of that franchise. We’ll see. Like I said, I hope they lose him.”

Fitzpatrick was 102 yards short of the “most yards in the history of that franchise,” but he did have a very good season.

Still, what’s Rex up to here? You know he loves getting the better of the his former team – remember how he reacted when his Bills beat them in East Rutherford last season? He’s had plenty of success against Fitzpatrick in his career, but he’s probably hoping that the Jets get left in the dust at the quarterback position and have to throw someone like Mike Glennon – or even Geno Smith – out to the wolves. Can you blame him?

Report: Rob Ryan joining Rex Ryan’s staff in Buffalo

Rex Rob Ryan

Just when you thought the shenanigans with Rex Ryan in Buffalo could not get any more out of hand, this happens.

FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that Rob Ryan will join twin brother Rex’s staff with the Bills.

When it comes to all-time twin pairings in the workplace, this one is going to have to move up the charts. Forget the Bryan brothers, or the Olsen twins, or even those twins from 22 Jump Street. OK, maybe not the twins from 22 Jump Street. But the Ryan bros coaching the same defense? Oh yeah, that’s going to be a blast.

I guess this is what happens when Rob’s unemployed for longer than five minutes — he has to crawl to his brother for work. Let the fat jokes commence!

Report: Rex Ryan will be coaching for his job in 2016

Rex Ryan Bills

The Buffalo Bills have no interest in sticking with Rex Ryan beyond 2016 if he produces another mediocre season, according to a report.

The Bills finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs this season after Ryan came in with his usual rah-rah cliches and guaranteed the team would still be playing after Week 17. Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reports that Bills owner Terry Pegula sat down with Ryan and GM Doug Whaley last week and essentially put them on notice.

A team source told The News that Pegula met with Whaley and Ryan about a week ago to review the 2015 season and look ahead.

During the session, the source said, Pegula gave Whaley and Ryan an ultimatum: make the necessary fixes to get the team into the playoffs in the 2016 season or be fired.

Firing Ryan after just two seasons could be extremely costly for the Bills, as he has four years remaining on a deal that guarantees him more than $27 million. If Buffalo fails to make the playoffs again, Ryan would have a difficult time finding another head coaching job. And if he didn’t, the Bills would be on the hook for a whole lot of cash.

Pegula said in a statement last week that a “stable foundation” is critical to the success of an NFL franchise, but he is obviously not willing to be very patient with Ryan and the current regime.

The most troubling part of the 2015 season for the Bills was the obvious lack of trust between Rex and some of his players, most notably Mario Williams. Ryan’s lame excuses for why his team lost games aren’t going to work next year.

Rex Ryan admits he is bothered by criticism from his players

Rex Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan has a reputation for being a players’ coach, so it’s not too surprising that he admitted he was bothered by criticism from his players.

Amid a disappointing 7-8 season that saw his Buffalo Bills get eliminated from playoff contention two weeks ago, Ryan said he regretted having such a big mouth about predictions for his teams. Now he concedes it hurts him to have his players openly question him.

“When you look at it, I’ve never had a negative—I’ve never been looked at as the problem. That bothers me. No doubt about it. Now, I haven’t said anything publicly until now about it, but, sure, that one bothered me,” Ryan said this week via’s Dom Cosentino.

Going back to October, Buffalo star Mario Williams first openly questioned Rex Ryan’s scheme and the way he was using the team’s stellar personnel. Marcell Dareus jumped into the mix and agreed with Williams, leading Rex to respond to both of them. As if the criticism from Williams and Dareus weren’t enough, then you had Corey Graham saying the team’s play-calling has been all over the place.

When you’re a head coach who prides himself on defense and being player-friendly, hearing that sort of criticism has to hurt. It’s no surprise Ryan admits he was bothered by it all.

Rex Ryan regrets playoff guarantee: ‘I let my mouth get ahead of everything’

Rex Ryan Bills

Let Rex Ryan serve as your daily reminder that you should never count your chickens before they hatch.

Earlier this week, the Bills head coach, known as much for his brash, outspoken personality as he is for his defensive brilliance, expressed regret for his preseason guarantee that the team would make the playoffs.

“I think we got a great thing going here. We just didn’t produce the wins I thought we would,” said Ryan to WGR 550 radio in Buffalo per ESPN. “The thing that kind of gives this team a black eye when we’re looking at it, is that I let my mouth get ahead of everything. And I think if I would have come in there and just said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna compete,’ and do all that stuff, maybe we wouldn’t have such a bad feeling about this team.

“This team doesn’t deserve that,” the 53-year-old Ryan continued. “This team has fought, and they’ve played extremely hard. We’ve had a lot of things happen this year where we’ve felt, where we’ve came up short. There’s no question about it. But I think I could have handled it differently.”

Ryan’s hubris was indeed his ultimate downfall with the Bills at 7-8 on the season and Ryan’s hallowed defense ranking just 20th in the NFL in total yards allowed (per ESPN). They were eliminated from postseason contention with a 35-25 loss to the Redskins in Week 15. While the Bills could still potentially play spoilers to the Jets’ playoff hopes in Week 17, it’s become abundantly clear that Ryan, who has engaged in more than his fair share of trash talk and shenanigans this year, was served some humble pie at the dinner table this holiday season.

At least Ryan is hinting that he’s making like Scrooge and seeing the errors in his ways. But knowing Ryan, he’ll probably revert back to his old antics within a few months.


Rex Ryan names LeSean McCoy Bills’ lone captain against Eagles

Rex Ryan Bills

In this week’s edition of Rex Ryan having fun with captains, LeSean McCoy is Buffalo’s lone captain on Sunday against his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yes, Rex has done this before. But the blatancy and the spotlight here is unparalleled.

Just to pile on, McCoy did this, too:

No, this is not the least bit surprising. McCoy’s departure from Philadelphia was not a pretty one, and he still harbors enough resentment against Chip Kelly that he reportedly hung up on him this week. And Ryan is one of the league’s biggest trolls, and he’s used his captaincies like this at least three times already this season. Whatever the case, Bill Cowher won’t approve.

Rex Ryan cracks cruel fat joke about brother Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan Rex RyanFormer New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has been working with his brother Rex and the Buffalo Bills this week, but it does not sound like Rex is ready to hire his twin for a full-time role with the team.

Why? Because there’s not enough space to fit him.

When a reporter asked Rex if Rob will be joining the Bills in Philadelphia this weekend, the head coach said there is no chance.

“No, absolutely not. There’s not enough room on the sideline,” Rex quipped, per Mike Rodak of

That ain’t right. Rex used to be as big as — if not bigger than — his brother before the lap band surgery, but he apparently feels he spent enough on the procedure to give him the right to throw stones. While Rex recently said he thinks coaching with Rob would be fun, he made this week’s trip to Buffalo seem very temporary.

“He’s had a great trip. Let’s see, this morning he goes to the dentist, gets a filling. Got to go back later today for a root canal,” Rex joked. “So he’s having a heck of a trip here so far.”

Rex loves taking shots at Rob, and he has given him an even harder time in the past. The reality is he’s not going to add a full-time coach to his staff 12 games into the season, but he was probably happy to let his brother come in and help out during the week. If the Bills beat the Eagles, Rob will probably be back for another week of preparation on Monday.

Rex Ryan complains about lack of replays available against Chiefs

Rex Ryan Bills

The Buffalo Bills suffered another loss on Sunday, and Rex Ryan came up with a new excuse for his team’s struggles — the lack of replays available, of course.

In the second quarter, Ryan elected to not challenge a questionable 37-yard reception by Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. It looked like Maclin trapped the ball against the ground, but Ryan said he never challenged it because his staff wasn’t able to see a replay of it.

“The 37-yarder, I wasn’t aware of it because again, I wasn’t seeing the video on it, and again, so from my vantage point, I thought he caught the ball,” Ryan said, per Mike Rodak of “That was from my vantage point. Obviously, I would have challenged it if I would have known there was any question whatsoever on a 37-yard play that flipped the game. We were in complete control of that game and then they threw some balls over our heads. Obviously I would have challenged [that].”

Ryan said his coaches in the booth did not have access to replay on close plays to determine whether they should challenge.

“A lot of times everybody will be up there, but I’m not saying anybody in particular is advising me because it never worked out,” he said. “Every decision is my decision, and so it’s my responsibility.

“It’s not [like] where this guy has that job to do it, or whatever. There’s other jobs in there. And if you don’t show the replay, then he can’t see it either. So it doesn’t matter. If you can’t see a replay, then how is anybody up there going to know to challenge or not?”

Ryan lost a challenge in the third quarter on a pass that was called incomplete to Bills receiver Robert Woods. That may have influenced him to not throw the red flag on the last play of the same quarter when Alex Smith got a favorable run on a scramble. Ryan also opted to not challenge an incompletion to Buffalo receiver Chris Hogan, which may have been a catch. He used his final challenge flag two plays later when he thought Tyrod Taylor got a bad spot after running on 4th down.

It’s hard to say if a lack of replay availability cost the Bills. What is clear is that Ryan had a very tough day with challenges, and that is his responsibility. This isn’t the first time we have heard Rex fire off lame excuses after a loss.

Rex Ryan on interference penalty: Would Bill Belichick have been flagged?


Rex Ryan was assessed a 15-yard penalty during that bizarre inadvertent whistle fiasco Monday night after an official ruled that he interfered with the play by standing in the white area on the sideline. The Buffalo Bills coach took it personally, because he doesn’t think his counterpart would have been flagged if it happened on the other side of the field.

On Tuesday, a clearly frustrated Ryan told reporters that he was simply running toward the play to tell one of his players to close the gap on Tom Brady.

“I was telling my guy, ‘Come get him, come get him.’ Trying to cut him off. And I’m just trying to get my guy to close the gap on him, and that’s really what happened,” Ryan explained, per Mike Rodak of “But I wasn’t on the field of play. OK, I was in the white. I got news for you: a lot of times coaches are in the white. I certainly didn’t interfere with the official, I can tell you that much.”

Then came the accusation of unfair treatment.

“And it’s hard not to take it personal because are you going to flag Bill Belichick on this?” Ryan asked. “I don’t know.”

If you haven’t seen the play, we have a video and explanation of it here. The officiating crew basically screwed up all around, as the whistle obviously shouldn’t have been blown and then Danny Amendola probably shouldn’t have been awarded a catch since the inadvertent whistle was blown while the ball was in the air.

But if we’re playing the “what if” card, we should note that fans would be completely up in arms if something Belichick did may or may not have resulted in an official inadvertently blowing his whistle. As you can see in this video, Ryan was very close to the official and shouted something.

Would the flag have been thrown on Belichick? Who knows, but the controversy would last a lot longer if it was Belichick standing near the official who blew the whistle.