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Rex Ryan

Did Rex Ryan make referee blow inadvertent whistle?


The “inadvertent whistle” play from Monday night’s Patriots-Bills game will go down as one of the worst blemishes for NFL officials during the 2015 season. Could it have been avoided if Rex Ryan wasn’t screaming in the face of the guy who was responsible for it?

After referee Gene Steratore sorted out the debacle and awarded Danny Amendola a reception (video here), Rex Ryan was assessed a 15-yard penalty for interfering with an official during a play. As Matt Chatham of Football By Football notes, that interference may have directly led to the “inadvertent” whistle.

Here’s another angle of Ryan walking up to the official in the middle of the play:

Mistakes happen, but can you just imagine if Bill Belichick was that close to an NFL official who accidentally blew his whistle? We would still be talking about this in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and everyone would be saying the Patriots were “at it again.”

The NFL is probably glad the Patriots ended up winning, because it looked like Danny Amendola could have potentially scored a touchdown on that play. Although, the Bills also fell victim to a terrible call later in the game. It was just a bad night all around for the league.

Tom Brady uses ‘Rex Ryan’ as audible call (Video)

Tom Brady audible

Not only is Tom Brady performing as the top quarterback in the NFL, but he also can troll with the best of ’em too.

During the New England Patriots’ opening drive against the Buffalo Bills on “Monday Night Football,” microphones caught Brady calling out “Rex Ryan” as an audible.

Commentator Jon Gruden speculated that “Rex Ryan” was a call meaning to tell the offense the play was going to the right. Sure enough, a handoff to LeGarrette Blount went to the right.

We know based on another hilarious past incident that Bill Belichick doesn’t like when his players troll Ryan, so this makes you wonder whether the head coach approved the line call.

Whatever the case, you can be certain that the fans appreciated it.

Rex Ryan blasts media for bringing up his record against Patriots

Rex Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan had himself a banner day on Thursday. After he was done dropping an S-bomb on live television, he held a conference call with the New England media. Rex wasn’t thrilled with the line of questioning, to say the least.

In particular, Ryan didn’t respond well when a reporter reminded him that his teams have lost eight of their last nine games against the Patriots. When Tom E. Curran of asked Rex why he was so irritated, he didn’t hold back.

“I just like the way you guys spin everything,” he said. “You put everything I say, you take whatever it is … Hey you guys put it out there the way you want to. I understand it. You guys that have covered this matchup for years and years, we got no business being on the same field. That’s what you said. I’ve lost seven of eight against them. So don’t talk to me. I’m sitting back here, I’ll answer your question whatever, but I don’t know why you even bother.”

Before that, Ryan became irritated when he was asked why he talks about the Patriots so much — even when his team isn’t going up against them.

“The only reason I talk about them is that they’re the No. 1 team in our division,” he said. “That’s where we want to be. I know you guys say I’m obsessed with them and all that but you guys are obsessed with them, not me. I want to beat them. But you’re the ones who talk about them every single day.”

Wait, so the New England media talks about the Patriots every single day? Strange.

We’d like to say Ryan was in rare form, but in reality it was more of the same. He is always worried about what the Patriots are doing, and you can see a perfect example of that here. In fact, Rex even crowned the Patriots the 2015 AFC East champions when he met with the national media on Thursday.

“Right now we’re second in the division,” he said, via Pro Football Talk. “We’re gonna do whatever we can. Does that give us the opportunity to win the division? No. They’re gonna win the division. I don’t see them losing four games. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it happening.”

Monday night in Foxboro should be another fun one.

Rex Ryan drops S-bomb while talking about Bill Belichick (Video)

Rex Ryan was asked on Thursday about his relationship with Bill Belichick, and the Buffalo Bills coach got so wrapped up in his answer that he forgot he was on live television.

While discussing his interactions with Belichick, who used to be Rex’s twin brother Rob’s boss, Ryan dropped an S-bomb.

“My twin brother coached under him, so I feel like I know him. Maybe it’s a twin deal, I don’t know,” Ryan said. “When we see him it’s not like we go up and, ‘Hey, we’re gonna walk across and, oh sh**, there’s…'”

Ryan immediately looked embarrassed and tried to correct himself, but the damage was done. He then smirked and walked away from the podium for a brief moment.


Rex isn’t exactly a stranger to foul language, and this classic F-bomb from last season is a reminder of that. It’s only fitting that he would curse on live TV while talking about the Patriots.

Video via The Big Lead

New York Daily News burns Rex Ryan with ‘Porky’s Revenge’ cover

Rex Ryan

Now matter how much weight Rex Ryan loses, he will always be a chubster to the New York media.

After Ryan’s Buffalo Bills went to MetLife Stadium and beat the New York Jets 22-17 Thursday night, the New York Daily News commemorated the occasion with an insulting newspaper cover:

Classic ’80s movie reference.

Of course, if Rex is Porky, then does that make Ryan Fitzpatrick Pee Wee? Hard to say, but that cover sure was a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever seen one.

Let’s go live to Rex for his reaction:

Bill Cowher rips Rex Ryan for making ‘mockery’ of NFL captains

Bill-Cowher-Dolphins-CoachRex Ryan made headlines by naming IK Enemkpali a captain for the Buffalo Bills’ game against the New York Jets on Thursday night, a move that many viewed as a troll job. Though it elicited some laughs from the fans and media, one person who did not find the decision too funny was Bill Cowher.

The former Super Bowl-winning head coach believes Ryan is making a “mockery” of what is a sacred honor among football teams.

“The captain tag is something that every head coach in this league takes seriously,” Cowher said on NFL Network before Thursday’s Bills-Jets game. “The captain tag is something that players vote on, head coaches they give their title to. It requires a player that you think exemplifies leadership. You earn that. Rex Ryan has made a mockery of it and to me it’s annoying.

“I’m just saying that to put that out there. It’s not always about Rex. Everything isn’t about Rex. You used the platform to talk about Clemson. What does that got to do with this game? The game is being played by players on the field. It’s not about him. It’s about the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets playing for a game that’s got playoff implications. Again players like him, media loves him — that element of that bothers me.”

This has been the same story with Rex all along. Some people find his antics cute and funny, and I certainly have been in that boat. I’ve felt that the guy takes his job seriously but not himself nor dealing with the media. He keeps it light.

But by naming Richie Incognito a captain against the Dolphins and Enemkpali the same against the Jets, Ryan is sending a message that he endorses what those guys did (bully a teammate and punch one, respectively). It’s one thing to sign a player and give him a second chance, but it’s another to make a joke of their past actions, which is what Rex is doing, and something Cowher disapproves of.

Calvin Pryor criticizes ‘disrespectful’ Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan decided to troll his former team by making IK Enemkpali a captain for the Buffalo Bills’ game against the New York Jets on Thursday night.

When asked about the move Tuesday, Jets safety Calvin Pryor called Ryan “disrespectful” for his actions.

What makes the move disrespectful? Enemkpali is the former Jets player who punched Geno Smith, breaking his jaw.

“I don’t know why you guys are surprised. I really don’t. I don’t think you are surprised. No one should be surprised,” Pryor said of Ryan’s decision, via Newsday’s Kimberley A. Martin.

Pryor was then asked some more questions about the man who coached the Jets for six seasons, taking them to two AFC Championship Games. Keep in mind that Pryor was the team’s first-round pick in 2014, a group Ryan was critical of.

Pryor’s first season with the Jets was Ryan’s last with the team. The two also had a bit of an exchange over Ryan wearing a Clemson helmet to a press conference.

Rex Ryan wears Clemson helmet to press conference, trolls Jets safety


As usual, Rex Ryan’s Tuesday morning press conference was an experience, as the always entertaining Bills coach turned up in a Clemson football helmet and let loose on everything from the top-ranked Tigers to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard.

Ryan stepped to the podium wearing the helmet in support of his son Seth, who plays for the team.

Ryan then proceeded to put on a show.

Ryan was inevitably asked about the response to his naming of IK Enemkpali as a captain for Buffalo’s upcoming game against the Jets, saying he was “shocked” by the reaction and that it was “never a thing of disrespect.” Ryan also let everyone know that he’s not terribly fond of Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s choice of facial hair.

Naturally, Ryan’s antics were making the rounds everywhere, and Jets safety Calvin Pryor took note.

Since Ryan was still speaking, a reporter was able to ask him for a rebuttal, and it was priceless.

Well done, Rex. You showed him.

Rex Ryan to make IK Enemkpali a captain against Jets

IK Inemkpali

Rex Ryan has made it a running joke this season to make opponents feel awkward by naming certain players captains, and he is already planning to outdo himself when he makes his first trip to New York to face his former team.

During his Monday press conference, Ryan revealed that he will make linebacker I.K. Enemkpali a co-captain against the Jets this weekend.

As many of you know, Enemkpali is the player who broke Geno Smith’s jaw during a locker room altercation before the season. He was promptly released by the Jets, and Ryan was quick to sign him.

You may have also noticed that Rex loves trolling opponents. On Sunday, he made Richie Incognito and several other former Miami Dolphins players co-captains. Rex pulled a similar stunt when he sent this crew out for the coin toss against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

Apparently nothing is off-limits for Rex. Either that, or he must agree with this take on why Smith got punched.

Rex Ryan uses ex-Dolphins as captains against Miami

Rex Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan had some fun with the rivalry between the Dolphins and Bills on Sunday. For the second time this season, the Bills coach selected three former Miami players as his captains.

Ryan, perhaps for motivation and perhaps for a few laughs, tapped three former Dolphins in his ranks – Richie Incognito, Dan Carpenter, and Charles Clay – as the Buffalo captains. He did the same two weeks earlier when the Bills played Miami the first time.

This isn’t the first time Rex has used his captain selections to troll an opponent. He pulled a similar move against former Bills coach Doug Marrone earlier in the season.

H/T Deadspin