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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski reveals what his plans are for retirement

Rob Gronkowski

There has been a lot of talk about Rob Gronkowski potentially returning late in the 2019 season to help the Patriots make a run at another Super Bowl, but he may be elbow-deep in dog poop by then.

Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston had a chance encounter with Gronkowski outside a charity event in Boston on Saturday, and he asked the former tight end about the possibility of his retirement lasting only until Thanksgiving. Gronk shook his head before revealing the big plans he has for himself now that his playing days are over.

“I’m into new opportunities,” Gronkowski said. “I was at CVS today with (my friend) Jim. Bagged all his stuff. I might do that, be a bagger. I might open a dog-walking business, be a dog-walker, I don’t know.”

Curran then informed Gronk that his friend just started a dog-walking business and might be looking for someone to clean up after the dogs.

“No doubt! Get a long stick with a scooper on the end and a handle. I just hit the trigger and it scoops it up. Then I reach back and drop it in a big bag on my back. Put all the poop in there and empty it every once in a while! So many ideas!” Gronkowski replied.

There have already been some gambling odds released for what Gronkowski’s next career move might be, and we can tell you pooper scooper and grocery bagger are not on the list. We’re guessing a guy who has supposedly saved every penny of his NFL salary and lived only off endorsements probably doesn’t need to get into anything like that, but you never know.

Mike Tomlin had great reaction to Rob Gronkowski retiring

Mike Tomlin

Rob Gronkowski may not have not have been quite as dominant of a presence in 2018 as he was in seasons before that, but rival coaches are still relieved that they no longer have to game-plan against him.

Gronkowski was an absolute nightmare for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the years, so no one is happier to see him leave than Mike Tomlin. Shortly after Gronk made his retirement announcement on Sunday, Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston had an entertaining exchange with Tomlin when he asked the coach if he wanted to come on the air to discuss the big news.

“Is he retiring?” Tomlin asked.

Curran informed him that the announcement had just been made official by the star tight end himself.

“Awesome!” Tomlin exclaimed.

The Steelers held Gronkowski in check in their only meeting with the Patriots last year, as he managed just 21 yards on two catches. That was the Gronk that had clearly lost a step, however. During New England’s win over the Steelers in 2017, he caught nine passes for 168 yards and a two-point conversion. He caught eight touchdown passes in seven career games against the Steelers and was held under 72 yards receiving just that one time, as noted by Matt Dolloff of 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Unfortunately for Tomlin, there appears to be at least a small chance Gronkowski’s retirement won’t be permanent.

Odds favor Rob Gronkowski signing with WWE as next career move

Rob Gronkowski WrestleMania

Rob Gronkowski should have no shortage of options for how to spend his time now that he has retired from football, but the one fans seem to talk about the most is a career in professional wrestling. Oddsmakers believe a stint in the WWE is a real possibility for the former New England Patriots star.

On Monday, online gambling site BetOnline.ag released some odds for what Gronkowski may do first with his life after football. Wrestling in the WWE topped the list, with becoming an NFL commentator a close second.

If you’re looking for more reason to speculate about Gronk getting into wrestling, you might point to the fact that the WWE was quick to congratulate him following Sunday’s retirement announcement.

Part of the reason Gronkowski is retiring before age 30 is that he has suffered so many injuries over the years, and wrestling in the WWE is still physically taxing. He may decide that he wants to do something a little less demanding, though his own agent has not ruled out the possibility of him playing football again.

Rob Gronkowski’s agent will not rule out TE returning late in 2019 season

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski officially announced his retirement from football on Sunday, but even the star tight end’s agent is not ruling out the possibility of a return at some point in 2019.

During a Monday appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up!,” Drew Rosenhaus said he would not be surprised if Gronkowski played “a few games” for the Patriots next season if they — and specifically Tom Brady — needed him and reached out.

Gronkowski’s emotional farewell on Instagram Sunday certainly made it seem as though his decision is permanent, but his agent would have a better idea of his thinking than most.

Interestingly enough, former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest recently floated the idea of Gronkowski skipping the offseason and the majority of 2019 before returning to play late in the year. The thinking is that the grind of training camp and a full season is too much for Gronk’s body to handle at this point, so it makes some sense. However, it’s unclear if Bill Belichick would be open to such an arrangement.

Gronkowski has a very close relationship with Brady, and it looked like the two were hinting after the Super Bowl that Gronk was planning to play in 2019. Perhaps there’s a scenario where that could still happen.

This stat shows why Rob Gronkowski is retiring at the perfect time

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is retiring from the NFL at the age of 29, but his decision has come at the absolute perfect time for the most Gronk of all reasons.

The New England Patriots tight end announced his retirement on Sunday in a lengthy Instagram post after nine career seasons, five Pro Bowl selections, and three Super Bowl rings. As NFL.com’s Graham Barfield noted, Gronkowski walks away from football as the all-time leader at his position in touchdowns per game, among other stats. He racked up 79 scores over 115 career contests, coming out to a touchdowns per game figure of … 0.69.

Gronkowski has been very open about his love for the number 69 over the years and even achieved another 69-themed statistical feat a little while back. He entered the 2018 campaign with 76 touchdowns in 102 games played (0.74 a contest), but his three scores in 13 games got him to the magic number.

You will have a hard time convincing us that such a poetic and perfectly Gronk ending did not at all factor into the decision to hang up his cleats.

Report: Patriots ‘tentatively planning’ for Rob Gronkowski to play in 2019

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski still has not made a decision about whether or not he will play next season, but the New England Patriots apparently feel there is a decent chance he will be back.

Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said this week that Gronk truly still has not made up his mind, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Patriots are “tentatively planning” to have the star tight end back. He also notes that people close to Gronk believe he wants to keep playing.

This is the second consecutive offseason that Gronkowski has openly contemplated retirement, and many believe the fact that the Patriots won the Super Bowl will inspire him to call it a career. However, Gronk is very close with Tom Brady, and one line of thinking is that the quarterback will be able to convince him to return for one more run. Brady and Gronkowski even hinted after the Super Bowl that Gronk will return in 2019.

If Gronkowski does decided to play, former Patriots star Willie McGinest floated an interesting theory about how he might go about it.

Could Rob Gronkowski skip most of 2019 and play late in season?

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski still has yet to publicly reveal whether or not he intends to play in 2019, but one former player who is well connected within the New England Patriots organization has an interesting theory about what the star tight end may do.

Willie McGinest, an NFL Network analyst who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots from 1994-2005, predicted on Tuesday that Gronkowski will begin the season retired and end up returning late in the year.

“I think he’s gonna to start out the season being retired,” McGinest said. “I think he’s gonna get the itch. I think he’s gonna be in great shape and he’s probably gonna have that feeling that, ‘Hey, I want to come back.’”

McGinest stressed that he did not have inside information, but it’s worth noting that the former linebacker is the one who introduced Tom Brady to his personal trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero. Gronkowski also trains with Guerrero, so McGinest may have more knowledge of the situation than he is letting on.

“This is just my own assessment. Later on, deep in the season, he could possibly come back and play,” he added.

This is the second consecutive offseason that Gronkowski has openly contemplated retirement, so the Patriots would be right to question his level of motivation if he did decide to return. While Gronk may have dropped a hint immediately after the Super Bowl that he plans to play in 2019, giving him a special set of circumstances where he can skip training camp and miss the majority of the season might not play well in the locker room. That would be for Bill Belichick to decide.