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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rob Gronkowski

Report: Patriots ‘tentatively planning’ for Rob Gronkowski to play in 2019

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski still has not made a decision about whether or not he will play next season, but the New England Patriots apparently feel there is a decent chance he will be back.

Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said this week that Gronk truly still has not made up his mind, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Patriots are “tentatively planning” to have the star tight end back. He also notes that people close to Gronk believe he wants to keep playing.

This is the second consecutive offseason that Gronkowski has openly contemplated retirement, and many believe the fact that the Patriots won the Super Bowl will inspire him to call it a career. However, Gronk is very close with Tom Brady, and one line of thinking is that the quarterback will be able to convince him to return for one more run. Brady and Gronkowski even hinted after the Super Bowl that Gronk will return in 2019.

If Gronkowski does decided to play, former Patriots star Willie McGinest floated an interesting theory about how he might go about it.

Could Rob Gronkowski skip most of 2019 and play late in season?

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski still has yet to publicly reveal whether or not he intends to play in 2019, but one former player who is well connected within the New England Patriots organization has an interesting theory about what the star tight end may do.

Willie McGinest, an NFL Network analyst who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots from 1994-2005, predicted on Tuesday that Gronkowski will begin the season retired and end up returning late in the year.

“I think he’s gonna to start out the season being retired,” McGinest said. “I think he’s gonna get the itch. I think he’s gonna be in great shape and he’s probably gonna have that feeling that, ‘Hey, I want to come back.’”

McGinest stressed that he did not have inside information, but it’s worth noting that the former linebacker is the one who introduced Tom Brady to his personal trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero. Gronkowski also trains with Guerrero, so McGinest may have more knowledge of the situation than he is letting on.

“This is just my own assessment. Later on, deep in the season, he could possibly come back and play,” he added.

This is the second consecutive offseason that Gronkowski has openly contemplated retirement, so the Patriots would be right to question his level of motivation if he did decide to return. While Gronk may have dropped a hint immediately after the Super Bowl that he plans to play in 2019, giving him a special set of circumstances where he can skip training camp and miss the majority of the season might not play well in the locker room. That would be for Bill Belichick to decide.

Rob Gronkowski’s agent says TE still hasn’t made retirement decision

Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots fans are waiting to hear if Rob Gronkowski plans to play another season in 2019, and apparently the tight end’s agent has no more information about the situation than we do.

Drew Rosenhaus appeared on ESPN’s “NFL Live” Monday, and he said Gronkowski still hadn’t made a decision about his playing future as of Sunday night.

Gronkowski openly contemplated retirement after the Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl last year, so it was widely assumed that this past championship run would be his last one in New England. However, the five-time Pro Bowler appeared to drop a hint recently that he could return for one more season.

With or without Gronkowski, the Patriots will likely address the tight end position in the draft. Gronk’s role in the passing game was cut back drastically last year, and there’s no reason to expect him to return to his old form in 2019 even if he does play.

Report: Rob Gronkowski has still been a regular at Patriots facility

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is once again openly contemplating retirement heading into the offseason, but there has been at least one positive sign for New England Patriots fans who are hoping the star tight end will return in 2019.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Gronkowski has still been a regular at Gillette Stadium since the Patriots won the Super Bowl two weeks ago. While some of that could have to do with him receiving treatment for a thigh injury he suffered, Reiss believes it also indicates Gronk is “in a good place with how the season ended, both team-wise and personally.”

Gronkowski has reportedly had some issues with Bill Belichick over the past two years, and we all know about his extensive injury history. There had been talk that Gronk would have retired following last year’s Super Bowl if the Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, so many believe he plans to call it a career now.

However, immediately after the Pats beat the Los Angeles Rams, Gronkowski and Tom Brady appeared to drop a hint that the All-Pro could return for another run at a championship. Gronkowki and Brady have a very close relationship, so it would not be a surprise if the quarterback can convince one of his favorite teammates to play another year.

Rob Gronkowski hints he will be back with Patriots in 2019?

Rob Gronkowski

Like he did a year ago, Rob Gronkowski is once again openly contemplating retirement after another hard-fought battle in the Super Bowl. But even with the New England Patriots coming out on top this time, it does not sound like a guarantee that the star tight end will be calling it a career.

Not long after the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams to win their sixth Super Bowl in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era, Brady shared another one of his patented videos with Gronk that seemed to be directed toward the haters. However, this one may have had an additional message.

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If you really want to read into things, you could make the argument that Gronk’s hand gestures at the beginning of the video were his way of saying he is weighing his options. Both he and Brady appear to be contemplating something before looking at each other, smiling and nodding their heads. The clip then ends with the message “To be continued…”

We already know Brady isn’t going anywhere despite having more championship rings than he can fit on one hand, and there’s a line of thinking that he might be able to convince Gronkowski to give it one more go. Gronk has one year remaining on his contract and a base salary of $9 million for 2019.

Given the way he described his physical condition after the Super Bowl, it would hardly be a surprise if Gronkowski decides to retire.

Rob Gronkowski says he will make retirement decision in a week or two

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski’s playing future was a major topic of interest entering the Super Bowl, and it continues to be one afterwards.

The New England Patriots tight end said after winning Super Bowl LIII on Sunday that he will make a decision on retirement in the next week or two.

Compare that to Tom Brady, who made clear that he will continue to play and is not retiring.

Retirement rumors dogged Gronkowski during last year’s Super Bowl and was a topic during the offseason. He decided to return for another season, but after winning it all, you have to figure it would be a good time for Gronk to finally walk away. He played hurt all season, has dealt with multiple injuries throughout his career, and he’s a future Hall of Famer. What more does he have to prove?

Rob Gronkowski comes up limping after catch

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski was a big factor in the New England Patriots’ offense early in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but he did take some punishment.

After making a catch on third-and-long in the second quarter, Gronkowski was taken down by two Los Angeles Rams defenders. His left knee seemed to take a shot as he was tackled and he came up limping.

One good sign is that Gronk waved off the team’s trainer after hitting the sideline.

Gronkowski has battled injuries all season, dealing with back and heel/Achilles issues. Seeing him come up limping so early in the game was a concern.

Gronk had four catches for 40 yards in the early going. New England kicked a field goal after Gronk’s catch to take a 3-0 lead.