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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tom Brady

Randy Moss has one concern about Tom Brady playing for Bucs

Randy Moss

Randy Moss knows firsthand just what Tom Brady is capable of. But the Hall of Fame wide receiver has one concern about his ex-teammate playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Moss appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Tuesday morning and shared that he is concerned about the protection Brady will have from Tampa Bay’s offensive line.

“I think my biggest concern for Tom — you’ve seen what he has, as far as his weapons. I’m not concerned about the running game. I’m concerned about Tom’s protection,” Moss said, via 247 Sports. “They were unable to protect Jameis Winston for so long. If you compare quarterbacks, Jameis and Tom are not mobile quarterbacks. So, if they couldn’t protect Jameis, how are they going to protect Tom Brady?

“I think that’s my biggest concern for me going into the season with the Tampa Bay Bucs.”

Tampa Bay was 22nd in the NFL last season with 2.9 sacks allowed per game. They seemed to recognize the issues with their line, which may have played a role in their decision to select Tristan Wirfs with their first-round pick this year.

Despite the offensive line, Moss still thinks the Bucs have a lot of “upside.”

In Tampa, Brady may have his best wide receivers since he teamed with Moss on the Patriots from 2007-2010. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are among the best receivers in the league. The Bucs also have some capable tight ends in OJ Howard, Cameron Brate, and Rob Gronkowski.

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Tom Brady’s agent Don Yee defends workouts as necessary to prepare for season

Tom Brady’s agent is defending his clients for participating in workouts with teammates despite the advisement from the NFL Players Association.

On June 20, the NFLPA’s medical doctor advised against players working out together due to concerns over COVID-19 cases. Brady seemed to respond via Instagram, quoting President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In comments to Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel, Don Yee, who is the agent for players like Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo and Julian Edelman, defended the players for doing what is necessary to stay sharp as players.

“The players — who have to perform in front of millions — have to get ready somehow, especially since the game itself is fast, dangerous and violent,” Yee said. “If they hibernated 100 percent, they’ll be less safe.”

Yee believes that the players will be held by critics to their usual standards for their on-field performance, which puts the players in a place where they feel they need to workout and prepare.

“Any rusty performance will be criticized,” Yee said. “[Yet] if they try to prepare even a little, they’re criticized.”

Brady has been working out with some of his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates at a high school in Tampa. Garoppolo has been practicing with some of his San Francisco 49ers teammates in the Bay Area, which even resulted in an injury to a player.

Byron Leftwich talks what his offensive philosophy will be with Tom Brady

Byron Leftwich is entering his second season as Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator, and this will be his first time working with Tom Brady.

Leftwich, 40, was a first-round draft pick by Jacksonville in 2003 and is similar in age to Brady, who is 43 and was drafted in 2000. The two can relate to each other based on beginning their NFL careers around the same time, which they regard as a different era of football.

According to what he told ESPN’s Jenna Laine for an article, Leftwich plans to collaborate with Brady to work towards the future Hall of Famer’s strengths and preferences when it comes to designing the Buccaneers’ offense.

“My philosophy — and which I believe (Bruce Arians’) philosophy is also — is that every quarterback I’ve ever been around has a role in the offense. I don’t just call plays; I don’t just come up with plays – I come with plays always with the quarterback in mind,” Leftwich said, via ESPN. “So there’ll be some things that’s different here and there; obviously we want to know everything that Tom knows. Any time you’ve got a guy like this leading your team at the quarterback position, you want to know and put him in the best position possible all the time.”

Leftwich says they aim to find out what plays likes/executes best and run with those. They will likely run similar packages to what Brady used in New England and utilize running backs and tight ends in the passing game. The whole article is worth a read.

Arians is not known for utilizing tight ends in most of the offenses he has coached, but he has said the team plans to use multiple tight end formations, which plays to Brady’s strength. Now that Tampa Bay has added Rob Gronkowski to a group that already includes Cameron Brate and OJ Howard, such an approach makes sense.

Brady meanwhile is working hard to develop relationships with his new teammates and reportedly is already being embraced as a team leader.

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Tom Brady had funny reaction to Julian Edelman welcoming Cam Newton to Patriots

Tom Brady

Tom Brady chose to leave Julian Edelman behind when the six-time Super Bowl champion signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the New England Patriots may have helped Edelman move on more quickly by signing Cam Newton. Dare we say Brady is a tad jealous?

Edelman welcomed Newton to the Patriots with a very clever Instagram post on Tuesday. While Brady is the one who chose to sign with a new team rather than remaining with Edelman, seeing his ex with a new flame may have bothered No. 12 a bit.

Brady and Edelman have had one of the strongest bromances in sports over the years. There was speculation that Edelman might even want out of New England after Brady signed with the Bucs, but apparently Edelman is ready to prove he can perform at a high level without his buddy. Depending upon how things go this season, perhaps Brady will be the one missing Edelman and not the other way around.

Tom Brady seems to approve of Cam Newton joining Patriots

Tom Brady seems to approve of his apparent successor with the New England Patriots.

Brady has mostly been keeping quiet as he prepares for his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by working out with teammates. He did grant us a brief glimpse of his reaction to Cam Newton signing with New England in an Instagram comment he left Sunday night.

Brady and Newton are both Under Armour quarterbacks. Given Brady’s brand loyalty, it’s no big surprise that he’s playing up that angle, but he definitely seems to approve. Don’t expect any further feedback from Brady here, as it’s pretty clear he’s moved on from the Patriots and is handling his own business now.

One thing is for sure — Newton will bring a very different dynamic to the Patriots than Brady did. A lot of people think that is a good thing.

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Tom Brady’s throwing coach said QB told him ‘football’s fun again’

There was a lot of talk about the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick souring over the past few years, and much of that was overblown. There was some truth to it, however, which is why we are already seeing signs that the six-time Super Bowl champion feels rejuvenated in Tampa Bay.

The Patriots have been all about business since Belichick took over as head coach in 2000, and that can take a toll on some players. That approach may have been one of the reasons Brady wanted to sign with the Buccaneers this offseason. For evidence of that, look no further than a recent comment from Brady that was passed along by the quarterback’s longtime throwing coach.

In an interview with GQ, Brady’s throwing coach Tom House recalled how excited Brady was when Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to sign with the Bucs.

“I think the most fun texts we’ve had is when Gronk signed,” House said, according to Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston. “Tom texted me and said, ‘Football’s fun again.’”

Did that mean football feels “fun again” for Brady because he’s reunited with Gronk, or was it a reference to Belichick taking the fun out of the game? Probably both.

Gronkowski appeared to butt heads with Belichick before the tight end retired, and it seemed like that had a lot to do with Gronk growing tired of Belichick’s culture. Of course, the culture Belichick built in New England — with the help of Brady — turned the Patriots into one of the most successful franchises in sports.

Brady will turn 43 in August. He has nothing left to prove from a legacy standpoint, so it would not be a surprise if he left New England in search of more fun. That doesn’t mean he wishes he left the Patriots sooner, but it could be the reason he seems so enthusiastic about working out with his new teammates. A fresh start can be exciting, and Brady is experiencing that first-hand.

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Did Tom Brady respond on Instagram to coronavirus critics?

Tom Brady posted a message on his Instagram story Thursday that some are interpreting as a response to criticism he’s received for continuing to hold workouts with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates.

The NFLPA’s medical director, Dr. Thom Mayer, put out a statement over the weekend advising players not to work out together.

The statement was advice, not a mandate, and it’s something Brady and his teammates are not following. They continue to work out together and train in Florida as they prepare for the upcoming season.

On Thursday, Brady posted an FDR quote: “only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” on Instagram, which some are interpreting as a response.

Maybe Brady just likes the quote and wanted to share it. Maybe it’s unrelated to his workouts. But some think it has to do with his and his teammates’ mentality behind working out despite the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps he has his teammates have analyzed the statistics and feel they are at a very low risk of suffering significant health consequences, and have weighed that against their desire to improve as players and a team, and decided to continue their workouts.

The Bucs reportedly feel it’s up to the players to decide what to do so long as they’re not breaking laws.

Brady signed with the Bucs in March and likely feels heightened motivation to learn a new system and form cohesion with his new teammates while working on a limited time schedule before the season begins. He reportedly is already being embraced as a team leader.

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