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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tom Brady

Josh McDaniels not concerned about Tom Brady’s negative comments after win

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots came away with a hard-fought road win over a potential playoff team in Philadelphia on Sunday, but you never would have known it by the way Tom Brady acted after the game. Some have viewed that as selfishness from the six-time Super Bowl champion, but offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels insists it is not a concern.

During a conference call with the media on Tuesday, McDaniels was asked about Brady’s demeanor and open frustration with the Patriots offense following a 17-10 victory. He said that is an illustration of the 42-year-old’s “desire to be perfect in everything he does.

“When you don’t do as well as you’d like to do personally, or as a unit, you’re frustrated with your output. But at the same time, understanding in the big picture, our No. 1 goal, and the most important thing for all of us, is to contribute to wins,” McDaniels said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “I think there were many things the other day we did that helped contribute to that, and there were certainly things we did that we want to do better going forward.”

McDaniels pointed to the fact that there have been other times when the Patriots put up around 40 points and Brady still seems aggravated.

“I don’t ever take that as a negative,” the coach said. “I understand he wants to go out there and do what we all do, which is to put a lot of points on the board every week.”

The Patriots were terrible offensively in Philadelphia, but their defense continued to dominate like it has for much of the season. Brady and company managed to score only one touchdown and had continued struggles in the red zone, and the quarterback seemed irritated when he spoke with the media for less than two minutes following the game. When asked if he was discouraged despite the win and improving to 9-1, Brady said “we just played for three hours” and “I think everyone is a little tired.”

As WEEI’s Ryan Hannable notes, Brady made similar remarks after New England’s 16-10 win at Buffalo earlier in the season.

Brady is a perfectionist, and that is not going to change. That’s one of the main reasons he is the greatest quarterback of all time. Both he and Bill Belichick never seem fully satisfied until they’re hoisting the Lombardi trophy, and that mentality has served them well. There are going to be games when the defense needs the offense to pick up the slack, and Brady wants to be ready for those — even if he has essentially admitted there could be more issues going forward. A player holding himself to a high standard in both victory and defeat is not something that should be considered a problem.

Tom Brady says offense is not the strength of the 2019 Patriots

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots have been an offensive juggernaut for the better part of the past decade, but the makeup of their current squad is more similar to what we saw during the early part of the Tom Brady era. Following another uninspiring offensive performance on Sunday, the 42-year-old quarterback acknowledged that.

In his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” Monday morning, Brady sounded like he has accepted that the Patriots’ offense is not going to be very good this year. He said defense and special teams are the strengths of the team, and the offense just needs to take advantage when opportunities present themselves.

Earlier in the season, Brady often spoke about how the Patriots needed to get better offensively. He usually said things like “we’re not where we want to be,” but his latest remarks indicate he knows there may not be a fix.

Brady threw the ball a whopping 47 times against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, and he completed just 26 passes for 216 yards and no touchdowns. New England only mustered 17 points, but their defense shut the Eagles out in the second half. It was the same type of performance we have seen all year from Belichick’s defense aside from their one slip-up against the Baltimore Ravens prior to the bye week.

The good news for the Patriots is defense is typically more important than offense in the postseason, especially when you secure home-field advantage. If they can somehow improve in pass protection and run blocking, that would go a long way toward being able to move the ball more efficiently. They also may have to break out a few more trick plays like the one they executed on Sunday, but 17 points should be enough most weeks with how dominant their defense has been.

Tom Brady shares thoughts on Colin Kaepernick getting NFL workout

Tom Brady

There has been a wide difference of opinions about whether or not the workout the NFL set up for Colin Kaepernick will actually give the quarterback a better chance to impress teams, but Tom Brady views it as a positive.

In his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio Thursday night, Brady was asked about Kaepernick’s workout, which is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on Saturday. He praised Kaepernick for his mental toughness and said he thinks the event will be a good opportunity.

“I think being a pro quarterback is very challenging in and of itself,” Brady said, as transcribed by Ryan Hannable of WEEI.com. “To have time off is a challenge, but Colin has overcome a lot of challenges in his career. He’s always found a way to produce. He’s very mentally tough. I think it’s pretty cool that he’s getting that opportunity.”

The NFL announced on Thursday that 11 teams have committed to send representatives to Kaepernick’s workout, and that number could grow by Saturday. Critics will say the league only organized the event as a PR stunt, but Kaepernick had not received a call from a team in a long time prior to now. Even if he feels the NFL’s interests are self-serving, he still has an opportunity to showcase his skills in front of people who matter.

While Brady has done his best to not share any of his personal beliefs on social injustice issues or national anthem protests, he has been publicly supportive of Kaepernick in the past.

Tom Brady says he is not expecting Rob Gronkowski to return

Rob Gronkowski

The subject of Rob Gronkowski’s potential return to the New England Patriots this season is something that won’t die. The topic was revitalized over the weekend when NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport said Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Gronk the team wanted the tight end back for the stretch run of the season.

That report led to more questions about Gronk’s potential return, but Tom Brady is not counting on it. The Patriots quarterback said on Westwood One Monday night that he is not expecting Gronk to return.

Gronk retired after winning the Super Bowl last season. His age (30) couple with his ability to still be a solid playmaker last season, has led to plenty of rumors about his possible return. However, Gronk started a job with FOX this fall and also said last month he does not have the itch to return.

The possibility of Gronk’s return may be a fun topic to consider, but it seems unlikely to happen.

Lamar Jackson told Tom Brady he’s the ‘GOAT’ after Ravens-Patriots game

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson was the best player on the field when the Baltimore Ravens thumped the New England Patriots Sunday night, but he clearly has a great deal of respect for the quarterback he was playing against. For evidence of that, look no further than the brief conversation Jackson had with Tom Brady on the field following the game.

Brady sought out Jackson after the former Louisville star led the Ravens to a 37-20 win, and he told Jackson he “played great.” Jackson responded by reminding Brady that he is the “GOAT,” or greatest of all time.

Jackson was better than Brady on Sunday. He was extremely efficient throwing the ball, completing 17-of-23 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown. He also made a huge impact in the running game by racking up 61 rushing yards and scoring two touchdowns on the ground. Jackson did all that against a Patriots defense that many are saying is one of the best in NFL history.

The only thing more impressive than Jackson’s on-field performance was the way he handled himself afterword. While he called Brady the “GOAT” and said it was “pretty cool” going against him in primetime, he added that the only thing that matters to him is winning.

“It’s pretty cool, but I don’t care about the person I’m playing against and I don’t care if it’s a prime-time game or a 1 o’clock game,” Jackson said, per Michael Silver of NFL.com. “I’m just trying to win. That’s all that matters.”

Brady clearly has the respect of his opponents, which we also saw with the gift Odell Beckham Jr. gave him following New England’s win over the Cleveland Browns. He has earned that, but it won’t be long before he is passing the torch. If Jackson continues to play like he did on Sunday, he could be the recipient.

No, Tom Brady did not throw Odell Beckham’s cleats into the trash

Tom Brady

Odell Beckham Jr presented Tom Brady with a very thoughtful gift after the Cleveland Browns visited the New England Patriots on Sunday, and one particular photoshop meme of the exchange had some gullible fans thinking Brady essentially spit in the star wide receiver’s face. Obviously, that did not happen.

Beckham gave Brady a pair of goat hair cleats, which was a reference to Brady being the greatest of all time. Brady said in radio interviews that he appreciated the gesture, but a hilarious photoshop from Barstool Sports depicted the six-time Super Bowl champion throwing the cleats into the garbage as he walked off the field.

Believe it or not, some of the responses to the video indicated people were duped. Brady, however, praised Beckham for being so thoughtful in his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” Monday.

“I have them. That was pretty cool. That was very, very nice of him,” Brady said. “It’s pretty unique. I have never had anyone do that for me. It was very thoughtful. I certainly appreciate it.”

Brady also said his son is a big fan of Beckham’s, and he stuck around long after Sunday’s game ended so he could bring him to meet the receiver in person.

This isn’t the first time we have seen an example of the mutual respect between Brady and Beckham, so it was pretty obvious that Brady didn’t actually toss a gift from OBJ into a trash can in the middle of Gillette Stadium. Some people will believe anything they see on the internet.

Report: Tom Brady’s relationship with Bill Belichick has been ‘terrific’ this season

Bill Belichick

One of the biggest reasons people think Tom Brady could eventually leave the New England Patriots to play for another team is that Bill Belichick is determined to prove he can win without No. 12, but that does not necessarily mean the two future Hall of Famers are at odds.

There has been plenty of talk in the past about Brady and Belichick not getting along, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Sunday that a source told him the relationship between the two has been in a “terrific” place this season. While Schefter said earlier in the week that he believes Brady is setting himself up to move on from the Patriots, the insider’s tone seemed different on Sunday.

“One person said to me this week, with Robert Kraft being the way he is, don’t ever underestimate him when it gets to the moment of truth in the offseason,” Schefter said. “The same person said Tom’s relationship with Bill Belichick this year has been ‘terrific,’ which some people have questioned and wondered about in the past.

“They think, in the end, when (Brady is) forced to look into the abyss and decide whether to to take the jump to retire or go somewhere else, they don’t know if those men will actually let him do it.”

Brady and Belichick have not always seen eye-to-eye, but that would be true of any coach and quarterback who spent two decades together. Winning can cure a lot of things, and the Patriots have won six Super Bowls in total and two in the last three years. One particular exchange between Brady and Belichick in the postseason last year seemed very telling, and Belichick has gone out of his way to praise Brady this season when the 42-year-old has hit personal milestones.

While Brady’s contract is set up in a way that he could leave New England, we still doubt very much that it will happen.