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Jennifer Lopez scrubs Alex Rodriguez from her Instagram

Jennifer Lopez

It has now been four months since Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced they have called off their engagement, and J-Lo appears to have taken yet another step toward leaving the former MLB star in her past.

Several people who follow Lopez noticed over the weekend that the 52-year-old has deleted most of the Instagram photos and videos she previously had that featured her and Rodriguez together. She has also unfollowed her ex-fiance. A-Rod was still following Lopez on Instagram as of Sunday evening.

Lopez did, however, leave some posts up that featured Rodriguez and her kids and vice versa.

Since breaking up with A-Rod, Lopez has gotten back together with Ben Affleck. The two have made little to no effort to hide their rekindled relationship. Rodriguez may have also moved on, as he has recently been spotted spending a lot of time with NFL on CBS reporter Melanie Collins.

It would appear that J-Lo wants nothing to do with A-Rod, though she is supposedly hanging onto something extremely valuable that he gave to her.

Rachel Uchitel reveals Tiger Woods’ final message to her

Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel recently revealed the final message Tiger Woods sent to her.

Uchitel, the most well-known Woods mistress, has gone public recently. She complained that she has entered bankruptcy after running out of the money she received in an $8 million settlement from Tiger’s people. She only was paid $5 million, because she violated terms that would have brought her an additional three million. After legal fees and taxes, she was left with $2 million, which has run out.

Uchitel vented in a recent interview to The New York Times that Woods’ people are again coming after her because they say she violated terms of her original nondisclosure agreement by appearing in the HBO documentary, “Tiger.”

Uchitel was interviewed for the documentary in 2019 to tell her side of things. The documentary was released in 2021.

In the documentary, Uchitel discussed her relationship with Woods and revealed the final message the golfer sent her.

By that point in 2009, Woods was flying Uchitel to different parts of the world to accompany him while he was on the road for golf tournaments. They had a sexual relationship, and Uchitel says Woods even told her he loved her.

But their relationship became public after the National Enquirer published a story in Nov. 2009 about them being together. Uchitel and Tiger were initially concerned, but they organized a phone call with Tiger’s then-wife, Elin Nordegren, to assuage her. During the call, they told Elin that the relationship was not sexual. Elin supposedly believed them. However, two days later, Elin went through Tiger’s phone while he was asleep and found out the truth (full details here). That episode led to the infamous car crash that sparked weeks of tabloid stories and the uncovering of the Tiger Woods sex scandal.

Believing that Elin had initially believed their explanation, Rachel says she and Tiger talked a few days later. Uchitel felt things with him were never better.

However, things blew up after Elin discovered the affair, leading to the car crash and unraveling of Woods’ affairs.

Uchitel says she was unable to reach Tiger thereafter.

“None of the people around Tiger would answer my phone calls,” she complained in the documentary.

That made Uchitel question their entire relationship. She was prepared to tell her story to the media via a press conference before Tiger finally called her. Then Uchitel shared the final message Tiger told her.

“It was the first time that I spoke to him since the accident. He told me that his lawyers were going to call about a settlement of confidentiality. He said to me, ‘get as much as you can.’ And I think to him, that was his only way to love me at the time,” Uchitel says.

So that’s it. After all that, the last thing Woods told Uchitel was to get as much money as she could. That was his way of apologizing to her.

Uchitel wanted $10 million. She ended up with $5 million up front, with an additional million paid out annually over the next three years, for a total of $8 million. She ended up losing the final three million after committing a violation. Now she says Tiger’s people want repayment of the original $5 million for her appearance in the documentary. Uchitel feels she has very few options left, which is why she finally went public about the story. What happens next in the saga is unknown.

Ex-Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel having financial problems despite $8 million settlement

Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel was at the center of the Tiger Woods scandal more than a decade ago when it was revealed that she and several other women had affairs with the 15-time major champion. The situation resulted in a massive settlement for Uchitel, but she is now struggling financially.

The New York Times published a story about Uchitel on Monday. In it, the former cocktail waitress explained how she signed a nondisclosure agreement with Woods that promised her a payment of $5 million and $1 million annually for three years after.

“I’m not an idiot, I’m not a hooker, I’m not a prostitute,” Uchitel said. “I was and am a very smart girl and that’s why I negotiated $8 million, because I knew it was going to affect my life.”

The $8 million didn’t go very far, however. Uchitel explained that she only received a cut of the money due to taxes and legal fees. When she signed on to do “Celebrity Rehab” in 2010, Woods’ legal team demanded that she pay back the money she had received. Uchitel agreed to give up the additional $3 million she was owed.

Uchitel took part in HBO’s “Tiger” documentary, which was released earlier this year. She said she was threatened by Woods’ lawyer Michael Holtz over that.

“If you get a job, I’ll come after your wages. If you get married, I’ll go after your joint bank account,” Uchitel says Holtz told her. “I will come after you for the rest of your life.”

Uchitel says she has opened and closed two children’s clothing stores, and both are in debt. She filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Holtz attended the bankruptcy meeting in May.

Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren may have blown the lid off the cheating scandal by sending fake text messages to Uchitel. A lot of people said Uchitel would be set for life after taking her “hush money,” but that obviously did not turn out to be the case.

H/T OK! Magazine

Oscar De La Hoya dating Holly Sonders

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has been training for his upcoming fight against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort, but he has also found plenty of time to focus on his personal life. The Hall of Fame boxer has a new girlfriend, and she’s someone with whom you may be quite familiar.

De La Hoya is dating former college golfer and TV personality Holly Sonders. The two hit it off at a boxing event in June when Sonders interviewed De La Hoya, and TMZ says they have been “inseparable” since.

De La Hoya and Sonders recently took a trip to Pebble Beach together, where they played some golf. The 44-year-old mentioned Sonders when TMZ asked about his Sept. 11 fight against Belfort.

“Healthy, not drinking, no nothing, I’m just with my beautiful woman, Holly,” he said. “And I’m gonna f—ing knock that motherf—er out. You want to f—ing see a real fight? I’m gonna knock that motherf—er out.”

Sonders previously dated famous professional gambler Dave Oancea, aka “Vegas Dave.” The two announced that they were engaged in late 2019 but later split.

Sonders really became famous when she worked for the Golf Channel and later covered the sport for FOX. She defended herself against critics after an interview with Jordan Spieth years ago. She now has a site where she sells premium adult content.

Alex Rodriguez, Melanie Collins continue relationship on Ibiza vacation

Melanie Collins

Alex Rodriguez and Melanie Collins may be “just friends” for now, but a relationship between them sure seems to be budding.

The NFL on CBS reporter was photographed hanging out with A-Rod for the former baseball player’s birthday in St. Tropez during the week. Page Six reported that they were told the pair are just friends for now. But the way they have kept going suggests there may be something more to it.

Several days after A-Rod’s birthday, he and Collins were photographed in Ibiza. The two were together with another couple — Eric and Jessie James Decker.

Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez broke up earlier this year, reportedly over her trust issues. J-Lo has already rebounded with Ben Affleck, while it seems Rodriguez is starting to move on as well.

What’s amazing is that A-Rod went from being photographed in Ibiza to announcing “Sunday Night Baseball” between the Rays and Red Sox just days apart.

Report dishes on Alex Rodriguez and reporter Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins

Alex Rodriguez has been spotted with Melanie Collins while on vacation in St. Tropez, but are they dating? That’s the question.

Rodriguez turned 46 on Tuesday and had a birthday bash on the island. According to Page Six, Rodriguez and Collins were introduced through mutual friends Eric and Jessie James Decker, who also are at the island.

Page Six says that despite Rodriguez and Collins hanging out while in St. Tropez, they are just friends.

Some people are thinking otherwise after Collins and A-Rod were photographed on a jet ski together.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, Rodriguez’s ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez happens to be in St. Tropez with Ben Affleck. Lopez dumped Rodriguez earlier this year, reportedly over trust issues. Lopez and Affleck, who dated several years earlier, have since resumed a relationship.

Rodriguez serves as an MLB analyst in addition to his numerous business interests. Collins is a reporter for the NFL on CBS and a Golf Channel host.

PJ Washington deletes tweet amid drama with girlfriend Brittany Renner

PJ Washington

PJ Washington appears to be in some bad shape with girlfriend Brittany Renner.

Washington and Renner welcomed a baby boy on May 5. But two months later, their relationship seems to be over.

Washington and Renner unfollowed each other on Instagram this month. They also scrubbed photos of the other from their respective accounts.

Last week, they both posted messages on their Instagram Story seemingly addressing the relationship. Renner shared a message expressing optimism that something better might be coming. Washington seemed to take a shot at Renner.

“You can never build a kingdom with someone who still craves attention from the village,” Washington wrote.

Then on Monday, Washington seemed to address the relationship again.

He wrote “you was faking it all along,” but later deleted the tweet.

What does this all mean? Many people thought the tweet was about Renner and that Washington feels like he was duped by the woman. They just had a child together and are now broken up and will have to arrange difficulties such as child support and custody. Many also think Washington got played by the Renner, suggesting she targeted him.

Renner has said on video before how easy it is for a woman to capture money from an athlete.

Washington is 22 and just completed his second season in the NBA after playing at Kentucky in college. The 2019 first-round pick averaged 12.9 points per game with the Hornets last season.

Girlfriend Anna Monroe done with Floyd Mayweather after photos with another woman?

Anna Monroe

Floyd Mayweather Jr. stepping out with one of his girlfriends apparently caused some friction for another one of his girlfriends.

Mayweather was photographed with Gallienne Nabila last week. She was wearing a large ring that had some thinking it may have been for an engagement.

Mayweather insists he is not engaged, but the photos alone were enough to bother one of his other girlfriends.

According to The Sun, Anna Monroe, who thought she was Floyd’s fiancee, was “devastated” by the photos. She reportedly is telling friends that she is “done” with him. The Sun claimed in January that Mayweather proposed to Monroe, but he recently denied the engagement.

Something may have turned for Mayweather though. He asked Monroe to move out while he prepared for his June boxing exhibition match against Logan Paul. She does not have any references to Mayweather on her Instagram profile. She also has moved back into her old apartment, according to the report.

Mayweather has four children by two women and has never been married. The 44-year-old retired from professional boxing with an undefeated 50-0 record. He continues to fight in lucrative exhibitions here and there.

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. engaged to girlfriend Gallienne Nabila?

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Depending on whom you ask, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be engaged to two different women, one woman, or no women at all. But if the undefeated boxer recently propose to his off-and-on girlfriend Gallienne Nabila, it does not look like he is making a huge effort to hide it.

Mayweather and Nabila, who recently reconnected after dating a while back, were spotted walking down 5th Avenue in New York this week. Floyd had his arm wrapped around Nabila, and Gallienne had a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger.

According to Radar, Mayweather and Nabila have dated off-and-on for at least two years. Gallienne was also spotted with what appeared to be an engagement ring in 2019, but she and Floyd obviously never got married.

Believe it or not, this is the second engagement rumor for Mayweather in a matter of weeks. The 44-year-old responded this week to rumors that he and Anna Monroe, who worked at Floyd’s Las Vegas strip club “The Girl Collection,” were engaged. Mayweather wrote on Instagram that he is “not engaged and have never been engaged or married.” He called the gossip “just rumors and lies.”

In other words, we’ve been down this road before. It’s unclear if the ring Nabila was wearing has anything to do with Mayweather, but history says he will not be getting married.

Mayweather has had plenty of girlfriends in the past, and he’s had seriously legal issues with some of them.

Ben Zobrist in ugly divorce proceedings after wife cheats on him with their pastor

Ben Zobrist wife Julianna

Ben Zobrist took a leave of absence from the Chicago Cubs roughly two years ago as he was going through a divorce with his wife Julianna. That split is still playing out, and to say it has gotten ugly would be an understatement.

According to court documents that were obtained by Phil Thompson of the Chicago Tribune, Julianna says her estranged husband was “guilty of failing to preserve marital assets” when he took his leave of absence and forfeited nearly $8 million. She is seeking an even split of the couple’s marital assets plus an additional $4 million, which is the amount she says she would have been entitled to if Ben didn’t take time off from playing.

Ben Zobrist called the claim “utterly absurd” and said through his legal team that his and Julianna’s marriage fell apart after Julianna had an affair with the couple’s former marriage counselor and pastor, Byron Yawn. Ben is suing Yawn for $6 million in a separate case for intentional infliction of emotional distress and defrauding the Zobrists’ charity.

Julianna admitted in her deposition that she “confessed her love for Pastor Yawn” in late 2018. She threw a retirement party for Yawn that year at the Zobrist farm and paid nearly $30,000 for it. Ben claims Julianna paid for the event by intentionally using an account that Ben typically did not keep track of.

Ben said Julianna admitted to having an “emotional affair” with Yawn in the spring of 2019. Ben was informed of the affair by Yawn’s ex-wife and decided in May that he “simply could not play baseball while his marriage and family were in limbo.”

The Zobrists initially tried to work through their issues with counseling in 2019, but Ben said Julianna kept in contact with Yawn even after promising not to. Ben says Julianna coaxed him into returning to the Cubs late in the 2019 season because she wanted half of the money he earned by playing.

“It appears that one of wife’s main motives in concealing her affair with Pastor while participating in marriage counseling was to coax husband back into playing baseball so he could further enrich the marital estate in which wife is expected to receive significant sums of money once the court equitably divides the estate,” Ben Zobrist’s memorandum claims. “One would be hard pressed to concoct a more deceitful, sinister, and otherwise inappropriate scheme than wife has devised in this divorce matter.”

Julianna eventually admitted to having a physical affair with Yawn in June 2020. The two are still together.

Ben and Julianna have two children together. Julianna wants primary custody while Ben is seeking a 50-50 split. You can read more of the explosive allegations from the divorce documents here.

The Cubs activated Zobrist from the restricted list on Sept. 1, 2019. He played in the final 21 games of the season and has not played since.